OLTL’s Brittany Underwood’s Message to Fans: ” You Guys Are the Best”

Ousted One Life to Live actress Brittany Underwood (Langston) thanked her fans via Twitter for their support.

You guys are the best, really and truly, thank you for all of the support through the years, it has really meant a lot to me :)

Thank you Brittany! We wish you nothing but the best.

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    There’s been a lot of bad stuff said about Brittany today on here and people are glad she’s leaving and they hope she takes a Ford brother with her.

    I for one love Brittany. We’ve watched her grow. She couldn’t stay the same Langstong forever.. cheating on Markko was awful and I hated that storyline but in reality..it happens around that age.. people change and grow and I think we saw BU portray that. I personally will miss her.

    As for the Ford brothers..I think there’s a lot that can be explored there.. if anyone should go it’s ECHO.. god knows ABC is paying a hefty salary for Kim Zimmer and a boring storyline so.. lose Echo and keep a Ford. (odd they’re all cars)

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    I loved Brittany on the show and met her at a fan event and she was so very sweet. I just don’t understand why they would get rid of her, or Jason Tam for that matter. I am so shocked. I’m sure Kristen Alderson is bummed out beyond belief. I am close to stopping watching this show again.

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    I love Brittany!!! She has always been great to her fans. I fell in love with her portrayal of Langston from the very start. I would be thrilled if another soap picked her up because I am already missing seeing her on my screen :( Great potential wasted.

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    I can’t believe she’s leaving. With all these departures of my favorite actresses/ characters over at ABC i feel like my hate for Frons is reaching Crazy Annie levels.

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