Days Of Our Lives’ Melissa Reeves: “Jack and Jennifer Were More Real”

Days of Our Lives fan favorite Melissa Reeves spoke with Damon L. Jacobs of We Love Soaps to give her thoughts as to why her character became one half of the popular Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer pairing.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Why do you think the fans gravitated to Jennifer & Jack and made them a “supercouple.”

Melissa Reeves: I think it was something so different from what they were used to seeing. Daytime used to be an escape into these fantasy relationships. Jack and Jennifer were more real. They bickered at each other, they made fun of each other. I think they just related more to our coupling. It wasn’t a romantic fantasy, we didn’t have the flowing clothes and the candles and the romantic bed scene. That didn’t quite work for our characters. We were the every day, “Life is hard, how are we going to get through it together” kind of coupling. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was funny. I think that is what they caught on to.

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    Bring back Jack!!! It astounds me that Days would be stupid enough to bring Jennifer back without her HUSBAND/SOULMATE Jack. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Who the hell wants to see Jennifer with Ben or Daniel or Rafe? The years have proven that the audience wants to see Jennifer with JACK!!!!!!!

    They brought back Jennifer without Jack in 2000 and it was a bust—Matthew Ashford returned a few months later. Days, PLEASE bring Matthew Ashford back ASAP!!! Reunite Jack and Jenn!!!!!!!!

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    Some of us never fell for this coupling. It was forced upon us by DAYS ever increasing need for heteronormativity in couplings. I like Jennifer being on my screen; I could care less if Jack is there or not.

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    It pisses me off to no end that Days will not put Chad and Will together. They have more chemistry than any other twosome on the show right now, and it would be sooo much fun to watch Stefano, Sami, and the rest of the crew react to their next generation being gay and involved with each other. Even before the reveal with Chad’s paternity it was a good idea–now it’s a slam dunk.

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    Jack and Jennifer are my favorite Days couple ever….it doesn’t make sense for Jennifer to be with anyone other than Jack! You’d think TPTB would have figured out that non J&J pairing are a flop…bring back Jack!!! Oh and when I say Jack…I mean Matthew Ashford!

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    They are just repeating the Colin/Brandon crap with Ben and Daniel…it’s ridiculous!! Just put her with Jack! Obviously the writers think couples have to constantly break up to be interesting…NOT true!! Just give them a good story! They are beyond love triangles and break ups!

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    Jennifer is such a terrific character. She has spunk and is so brave. She is willing to go out there on a limb for anyone that she cares about. Missy Reeves is a stunning woman who I have watched grow into a very good actress. She is so natural in her delivery. I want her on the show with or without Jack. I am sure she can have chemistry with anyone they choose to set her up with.

    Jack is more complex. He has done horible things to people. He raped Kayla when they were married. He has done underhanded things when he was a businessman. Jennifer made him want to be better. She disapproved and argued with him until he saw the light. That didn’t stop him from getting into trouble alot.

    Their chemistry has always been front and center. They are even chemical when they argue. Their arguements are always in the moment and never about old history. She is always battling for the good Jack and warding off the evil Jack. Jack always is always at war with his own demons. That is why he always made a great character because of his complexity.

    Jack and Jen where always one of my very favorite couples. On days they were my fav right after Doug and Julie (please bring them back!!!!!)

    However if I have to have one without the other, I will take the one.

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