DC #601: Bye Bye, Miss American Becky

On today’s Daytime Confidential emergency podcast Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Regan dive into the shocking news that CBS has fired Barbara Bloom, General Hospital fired Rebecca Herbst and Shelley Hennig and Jay Kenneth Johnson are leaving Days of our Lives.

The DC gang delves into CBS’ decision to get rid of daytime executive Barbara Bloom. Jamey dishes what he’s hearing about what led to the axe falling and recounts how a CBS representative called him furious for breaking the story. What will her departure mean for The Talk, The Young and Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful?

The other shocking news that Jamey broke on January 18 is that General Hospital had fired 13-year vet Rebecca Herbst. In statement, ABC later announced that the decision was “storyline dictated.” Jamey and Regan react, wondering what kind of storyline would dictate the departure of such a popular character. Why was Elizabeth wasted on Nikolas? Why couldn’t Elizabeth be the one to reveal Siobhan’s connection to the Balkan? What will happen to Elizabeth’s children?

What is happening to Days of our Lives’ young adult cast? This week it was revealed Shelley Hennig and Jay Kenneth Johnson are pulling up stakes and leaving Salem. The departure of the these two actors, with Mark Hapka, effectively wipes out Philip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie storyline. Should DAYS recast the characters or will the introduction of other characters fill the void?

With all of this week’s crazy developments it’s no wonder the DC gang is all worked up!

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  1. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Guys….GH does not want to write for the former core characters of the show or the families. They only want to write for a certain few aka the mob, new characters they bring in and with the occasional bone throw.

    They didnt want Liz with Lucky or Jason they want to write for new characters. We’ve been saying it for years.

  2. Profile photo of capwell

    I suspect (hope) that not all of these departures are real. We’re about to head into February sweeps, and maybe these announcements are TPTB’s idea of how to boost ratings. But then again, I also believe that rainbows are magical, so………..

  3. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I picked this up from a Becky fansite. The owner of the site wants to send a two part fan gift to Becky — A scrapbook of fan letters and a Donation to the Smile Train. More info than I can give can be found at the actual website: http://www.rebeccaherbst.org/i’ll-always-remember-you/

    They’re asking folks to help get the word out so others can participate if they choose, so I just wanted to post it here.

    That said, I am just eager, EAGER to listen to this podcast.

  4. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    Yes, Jamey thank you for finally calling out Vanessa. Sleepwalking does not do her performance justice. I still want to know, what is with that laugh she now has?

    With the two departures that occurred only hours ago, it looks like daytime has decided that the renewals mean it is time to clean house. I do not think this is finished by any means. Wow!

  5. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    I said previously on #600 but I’ll say it here. I was so close to crying when you guys said Becky broke down on set…Man I can’t muster the energy to watch GH, knowing the don’t give two sh**s about any viewers or what they think.

    Hell I barely watch Y&R b/c the massacre of Sharon to boost Adam but at least now she’s a fave pet to MAB now. Meaning it is unlikely they will fire her until Adam tires of her or MM leaves. I’m rambling, rambling over.

  6. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Thank you for this podcast. No matter the crap they tried to pull, once a Liz/Becky fan, always a Liz/Becky fan. So sad to hear that she broke down on the set. That just makes this whole thing sound even worse than what it already is. :cry: The douche of the century strikes again and I fear it will bit him in the a** big time, quite honestly. I know people usually say they won’t watch anymore if this or that happens, but with so many people being outraged at how they are treating this whole thing, I’m inclined to believe this time.

    B.Bloom should have been gone, but I guess it takes sleep… er knowing the higher ups to get things done ’round there!

    Phillip will always return to DOOL like he has in the past–hopefully another Real Worlder won’t take his place this time. But honestly, I haven’t cared for him since Chloe and the Goul Girl days. Sad, I know. Though I wish Jay Johnson the best, like I have before. As far as Shelley Henning/Stephanie, good luck to her elsewhere. She’s cute enough to get snapped up by any of these teen shows, GG, BH90210 redux, etc. And I could definitely see her on Pretty Little Liars. That show’s hot.

    But ZOMG, so right about VMG. I don’t know what has been up with her all this time, but… Hmm. If the rumors are true with her, let’s just say that as much as I love(d) Brenda and VMG, I don’t see anyone flipping their sh*t this go round.

  7. Profile photo of GAgal28

    Omgosh I’m SO crying. When Jamey said Becky broke down on set I lost it. That hurts my heart! She’s such a sweet spirited person & I’m just angry that they did that to her. So terrible & tacky of stupid ABC daytime. And btw, Steve & Becky doing a webisode would be great & that part of the podcast totally made me laugh.

  8. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I think the Brenda fans understand, Jamey; many of us don’t want to admit that we know it’s just not the same with Brenda anymore. And it’s sad, really. It’s hard to watch a character/actress you love and ask yourself “What the hell has happened???’

  9. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great podcast, guys!!!!

    I am with you, Jamey, I say WTH every Brenda comes on screen. Can’t wait for the next podcast. Love all of you guys!!!!!

  10. Profile photo of Saher89

    forgot to add, i just love the podcast, every bit of it was true!! you expressed each and every single one of my feelings about what has been done to RH by those gh losers. thanks!:)

  11. Profile photo of Saher89

    yeah, how RH cried on the set because of those jerks of writers, damn gh!! what they did to RH is going to bring the ratings down, and that is just what they deserve!!

  12. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Wish my hometown boy Jay good luck in the future! I have not been a big fan of Phillip since he was super soras’d in the late 90s. He skipped ahead about 16 years in one. EJ did too but atleast he did it out of town lol. But I think the show should focus more on his nephew Mr Brady Black. He is just as bio connected as Phillips character and I think recently with his new edginess, I like him alot more. As for Stephanie, ta ta!
    This whole whos the baby daddy story and this dizzying bed hopping story has been a big fat zero anyway. It can condense down to who ever is left, and let the people left go in different directions. Dr Dimples needs a hug and a certain Dr Lexie might just be there to do the hugging……
    Cloe decides to sing again. Maybe in a different venue more local or maybe recording……
    CC just needs a story. Hey I do like this new Kayla and Carly feud. Maybe it can be over a man or something. This could be quite interesting. Maybe a certain Mike Horton or David Banning?

    As for you poor GH fans and the Brenda thing…. Sometimes ya can’t go home again. Alot of water has passed under the bridge and Vanessa Marcil is simply not the same as she was all those years ago. It kind of reminds me of Brenda Dickson when she came back as Jill years ago on Young and the Restless. Something happened between her original stint and her return and whatever it was was not good. Her acting stank up the screen. She was totally a characture of Jill. She was trying to be Joan Collins I think. It was disconcerting and I for one was glad when she got canned. I have seen seemless returns and I have seen returns that simply went nowhere and I have seen returns that you wish you could take back. Hopefully it will rectify itself before it kills the show.

  13. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    Incredible podcast y’all. I laughed, I applauded, I got bleary-eyed. Whew, what an emotional week in soaps!

    Can’t wait to see how Y&R shakes out once Barbara Bloom’s sticky fingers are out the cookie jar.

    Jamey, if I was in Atlanta, I’d buy you a drink of whatever you want :-)

  14. Profile photo of melanie

    I’d love a web soap with RH and SB (and maybe a few other GH favs). I would definitely be willing to watch (and pay for) that. Sadly, I wonder if TIIC would let SB participate in such a venture – they seem seriously petty and vindictive. The whole idea that they have spent the last year and a half purposely trying to break down the character of Liz so that the fans would reject her is awful – but I believe it. If they really wanted to write her off why not write her a beautiful story consistent with her character’s history (and give her a real amount of notice so she could line up work). Yes, it would have still feel badly that RH lost her job but at least that would have honored the character. The way they have handled letting her go (w/r that was a good decision or not) was just disrespectful. I’m sure that somehow TIIC would feel that allowing SB to appear with RH would undermine their storyline dictates. Morons!!!

  15. Profile photo of maxsmom

    This was my first podcast, I have been so hungry for news of Rebecca Herbst, I made the effort to find and listen and was rewarded with the humor and poignancy. This will be the first of many.

  16. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    In light of the blind story, if GH is the budget slashed program, Rebeccca Herbst will be the first of many heads to role. Hopefully they utilize the cuts to reinvent the show in a less mobbish way. Something less cartoonish in nature. Hey how about a show about a hospital?

  17. Profile photo of engradypind

    If the idiots in charge really wanted to trim the budget and make cast cuts, they should have started not with the actors but with the hacks who are writing the drivel which is destroying the show. GH used to be better written, making more sense because history was at least paid lip service. Now we are subjected to character assassination in order to remove certain players from the show and to. . wait for it. .. you know it’s coming. . . to prop up some over exposed airhog actors. I don’t hold out much hope for this beloved show. The return of Vanessa Marcil as Brenda Barrett could have been exciting and meaningful. Instead it has devolved into turning back the clock and making Brenda look like an adolescent diva who is incapable of taking care of herself. Enter Jason. The chemistry between Burton and Marcil is palpable, but do the writers/producers do anything with it? Hell no. They are digging themselves into a big, big rut/hole trying to resurrect the screen magic that was a young Maurice Bernard and a young V. Marcil. It’s not there any more. This waste of time and effort continues despite viewers abandoning the show. Are the powers in charge so set on getting their own way that they refuse to see their errors? If GH insists on “cleaning house”, then for goodness sake, CLEAN FROM THE TOP!

  18. Profile photo of Lazlo

    Concerning Rebecca’s outing at GH, I think maybe its time for soaps here in the US to do this more often. After watching the UK soap EastEnders for the past few years, I’ve seen so many characters come and go. I think American soaps need to become more grounded and real. The writers are always try to top the last sensational never would happen in real life storyline, which in turn leads to plot holes and characters acting out of character.

  19. Profile photo of TheCreamTeam

    this is the first time I’ve listened to your pod cast, or any pod cast on soaps for that matter. Since I’ve learned about Rebecca Herbst being fired I’ve been looking every where for information. I can’t believe this is true!

    You know what else is true? I am finally done with GH. A lot of people say “I won’t watch if bla bla bla happens” but since I heard the news a week ago, Gh has been off my DVR. I haven’t even youtubed.

    Not missing it either. It just makes me too nauseous to tune in. Knowing what’s best for the show is not looked at because the agenda of an executive is more power than the show’s audience wounds me greatly.

    I wish Guza and Frons would read Douglas Morland’s Rules on how to not wreck a soap… maybe have all 10 rules tattooed to each others forhead….

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