General Hospital’s Annie Ilonzeh Cast as Kate in Charlie’s Angels Remake!

Will there be a new Maya Ward? Annie Ilonzeh, the one currently gracing our screens, has just landed the role of Kate in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels remake for ABC. has the news of the very first angel cast.

Ilonzeh will play Kate, a very smart and very athletic ex-cop and a master of martial arts. She is the most serious of our three Angels, but also knows how to let her hair down and have a great time.

Should General Hospital recast the role if Ilonzeh chooses to not try to pull double duty? Maya is a Quartermaine and married to a Spencer after all!

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    Every actress I like on daytime seems to be leaving at the same time! But she deserves her success. I hope the new Charlie’s Angels series does great.

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    Yes, I agree. I may not be a fan of Maya, but at least on this remake of Angels, she’ll get more exposure than I’m sure she would ever get on GH. As far as recasting Maya… it would be nice, just for the sake of the character and her tie to the Q’s and Spencers. But I fear that just like Ilonzeh, they may just bring her out every now and then to remind viewers that she exist. :puzzled:

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    Daniel St. John

    Good for her…I am really curious about who the other two Angels are gong to be too.
    I have been hoping in my own little heart of hearts that Natalie Mendoza would get cast on this show especially after she fled that disastrous Broadway Spiderman.

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    Great news for her, and I hope the pilot gets picked up. A Charlie’s Angels reboot is one of the few remakes that actually makes sense. The basic plot is one that can be worked no matter what year or decade it currently is.

    While Annie’s acting isn’t the most amazing on GH, I’ve seen her on Entourage. The role was very minimal, but she was actually good. I think daytime just wasn’t the right medium for her.

    I wonder if they’ll recast. I know Y&R’s former Lily, Davetta Sherwood, said she’d auditioned for the role of Maya Ward.

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    Congrats, they were never going to take the Maya character seriously anyway, so at least she gets to go to a show where they will at least attempt to develop her character. Much continued success, I hope the show gets picked up!

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