AWESOMENESS: DAYS’ Eric Martsolf to Play Booster Gold on Smallville!

One of my top five fave interview subjects of all-time just landed a high profile gig.  According to, Eric Martsolf will be playing DC Comics character Booster Gold in an upcoming episode of Smallville!

 I can confirm rumors that Days of Our Lives actor Eric Martsolf will be playing Booster Gold, and I hear that they are expected to pick a Blue Beetle any moment now. You might want to keep checking back for updates…

First Justin Hartley, then his wife Lindsay and now Martsolf. The Smallville casting director must have loved himself or herself some Passions!

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    There are still enough episodes left for Juliet Mills or Ben Masters to guest star. I think the actor who plays T.C. is available. Last I heard, he was selling funeral plots.

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    This will be great, Eric will be reunited with Justin. And this time Eric will be able to hold his own against Justin, he’s learned so much since his Passions days.

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