BLIND ITEM: Soap Opera Hit With MASSIVE, 50 Percent Budget SLASH!

Numerous sources have confirmed to me that one of the six soaps still on the air was recently felled with a massive, 50 percent cut of its production budget. Keep checking back to Daytime Confidential as this story develops…

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    Sweet baby jesus! Here we go…

    Well I don’t think it’s Y&R because I believe it was reported that there was no budget cuts with last renewal. don’t think it was B&B so I am gonna go with one of the ABC Soaps….which one…I haven’t a clue but I would bet GH or AMC.

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    Restless Vixen

    Could this help explain some of the recent news items of actors leaving/quitting/getting fired?

    My money is on AMC or GH – but none of them would really surprise me at this point. The only way it could be OLTL is if they are purposely trying to cancel, which would be all kinds of wrong since they actually stay within the budget.

    OMG – this has been one hell of a week on the Soaps front! I think we all might need a good stiff drink to round off the week. Sheesh!

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    I think its ALL MY CHILDREN!
    They trying to look like the Young & the Restless and Bold & the Beautiful..But AMC spent way too much money on too many actors, the set, and the storyline sticks!
    So its AMC all the way…if its 0ltl that would be a big suprise….if its GH it make sense because of the horrible storyline of the bus crash….every year on GH is a crash, train, bus, hotel hostage, and they overdone themselves…Soap opra is about storylines, not comic books!

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    I’m going with GH on this one. Considering her long time tenure on the show, RH must have been expensive, and this would explain their new idiotic strategy of highlighting a bunch of inexpensive newbies (Siobhan, Abby, Lisa, even Michael to an extent).

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    It’s either GH, AMC, or B&B.

    GH: Big salaries + poor ratings.

    AMC: Poor ratings.

    B&B: Large cast.

    My bet is on GH. This is sad. Given that most of the cast took salary cuts, the question is will people be fired or have their salaries reduced again. Reduction of salary again may be very difficult for people with mortgages, etc. based on their current salaries.

    I doubt OLTL would need to slash its budget again since it’s supposedly the cheapest show on ABC now. But, who knows? The West Coast soaps get state tax credits.

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    Oh my gracious! This week keeps getting worse & worse for soaps. If the soap gods love me it’ll be either AMC or GH cause they are grossly over budget ALWAYS. If it’s OLTL then I may cry & pass out. Surely it’s not OLTL cause they are ALWAYS under budget.

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    All My Children. Don’t forget, the move to L.A. was not so that the show could save money, it was so that they could force some of the more expensive vets to quit, and then try to build the show around Rebecca Budig and Cameron Mathison.

    Now I hear that AMC is seriously in danger of cancellation, and that three characters will be absorbed into the two remaining ABC soaps. I really don’t want to see Kendall, Greenlee, or Ryan on OLTL or GH.

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    Days has already been cut to the bone and OLTL is always under-budget.
    AMC moved to SAVE money so I don’t think it’s them either.
    Y&R just went to New Orleans and the Cleaver house so I don’t think it’s them either.
    B&B? I doubt it.

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    I’m going to guess GH. Most of the others have had their budgets cut already. GH has had a much bigger budget, but lately it’s ratings have fallen hard, so I doubt ABC can justify it anymore.

    If it’s not GH, then I’d guess AMC.

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    If it turns out to be OLTL, then that’s a clear indicator ABC wants to get rid of it, and I’ll be pretty sad because it’s the only show I still watch consistently.

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    It can’t be OLTL. It is the best soap on tv now. I think the cast on that show are doing all they can to make it work. …

    I think it is GH. The show has gone downhill so for what they are paying some of them they should be #1. Yea, I know, I don’t know the salaries but something tells me that show has a lot of egos who wouldn’t stay if they were not getting the money. Again, my guess GH. Also like posted before, the other shows have cut costs.

    I guess it could be Y&R because it doesn’t get the ratings it did years ago and they may want to bring things in line.

    Half budget is big….Think GL. When you think of it, they had loyal fans because they still were not far behind others on a shoestring. Remember Grady? Ashley? Daisey? Then for the last hurrah when they brought on the favs, it bounced back up. It all depends on loyalty when a show goes down, down, down. I guess they decided not to do that to ATWTs. They just cancelled it. Did I just say that?????

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    I think it is an ABC soap. Corday stated DOOL did not have to agree to any cuts when it got its renewal for two years. I hope it is not OLTL, but it does seem to be the red headed step child of ABC daytime.even though I feel like it is the best creatively. If it is AMC, will Susan Lucci agree to a paycut? GH seems to be the one I would think..but you never know in daytime.

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    With the economy being what it is I suppose the soaps are not bringing in the money the way they used to for the networks. I’m trying to imagine what would happen if my own personal budget were suddenly reduced by 50%: I’d have to cut out every non-essential item. That would explain some of the cast cuts that are being made. The problem for us fans is that the network executives don’t seem to really have a clue or just have a different take on which cast members are essential.

    The upshot is that the soaps will have to learn to make do with less. And so will fans.

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    I will think it GH or AMC. OLTL is always underbuget and Gary is running a tight ship over at DOOL by all a counts. My guess is GH or AMC. I will think GH becasue they boost a lot more bigger name actors. My guess is ABC views AMC looks (Hair, Make up, Production Design, ect) as too most of an asset to the show (that is way AMC usually has the most emmy noms) to make major cuts in those areas or about a year into the L.A move.

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    From the podcast I think Jamey said that OLTL is on budget and AMC always busted their budget.

    So it could be either AMC or GH.

    GH rating were in the crapper when it was time to renew the money for publicity.

    I also heard from Ravenbeauty that one ABC soap may be cancelled because of budget and rating and it’s either AMC or OLTL.

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    If all three ABC soaps were given 50% budget cut and reduced to half an hour, would it work out? They would not have to produce as much story and the cast could be smaller. Would it be smart economically for ABC to consider this? Back in the day, that is how all the soaps were. I would watch all three daily if that is was the case, because I’d have the time. I am just curious. I am not saying it would or wouldn’t be beneficial.

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    I think it’s either GH or AMC. GH is WAYYYYY over budget, but I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s AMC either, they made the move to L.A., but it is not working. Gary does run a tight ship at DAYS. Don’t know the situation with Y&R or B&B, but I doubt it’s either one of them.

    This has not been a good week for the soaps!!!!

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    IF AMC

    You think they brought Harltey on just to write Paul off the show? Would not surpise me if they left together, Amanda will be gone, Annie gone, I would assume they would want JR around but who knows. Maybe Bill be hearing rumors and be waiting to see if Jacob is free to write for Amber and Rick on B&B.

    If GH: We know the Actress who plays Maya has a pilot. And they seem full bent on Maxie and Matt so I wonder about Anderson. The SOD previews say something about girls still looking for Mr. Right for Alexis so have to worry about them right off Max. Can Robin and Partick leave town to work ont their marriage post Lisa?

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    Marland Fan

    Whichever show it is, it’s in “Guiding Light” trouble. There is no way it can operate the same way on that tight a budget. Something is going to have to give.

    I say cancel all the shows now and just be done with it, they are just prolonging the inevitable. There is absolutley no creativity in any of shows anymore. It’s the same old hack writers and producers recycling the same old plots. Put them out of their misery.

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    DOOL was given a 50% budget cut and the look of it is nothing like GL. They took a big hit with cast departures and for awhile the show struggled a bit, but Gary Tomlin has done a nice job of utilizing vets, like Victor, Maggie, and Caroline, telling umbrella stories, and bringing back fan faves, like Anna, Calliope, and Kayla, for story arcs. It’s not perfect, but it is a far, far, far cry from GL. It can be done. A smaller cast is better for soaps, imo.

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    Let’s focus on some of the positives: Y&R has been renewed for 3 years. DOOL & B&B have been renewed for 2 years. I am sorry to hear of the budget cut and I know it will mean big sacrifices, but it DOES NOT MEAN a soap is cancelled.

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    i did hear either 0ltl or AMC will be the show to cancel due to ratings…
    Bring Susan Lucci back to NY and on 0ltl and have her meet with Robin Strasser, Kim Zimmer and Erika Slezak…that will be big ratings… imagine… Echo DiSavoy vs. Dorian Lord
    Vicki Buchanan vs. Erica Kane
    That would be a big ratings…too many teeny boppers..the vets are seen less…so the rating r I think AMC will have a huge budget cut..
    Cancel that show and give us 2 hours of OLTL starring Susan Lucci with the 3 fabulious actresses…

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    With all the recent firings, I’m guessing it’s one of the ABC shows. We would’ve heard about budget slashes when Y&R, B&B and Days were renewed.

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    Hey CHRISTOPHER – what about also bringing David Canary into OLTL along with Susan and the others – They should use their damn heads – If they bring David to OLTL they will NEVER go off the air

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    I’m certain it’s AMC; the show needs to be put out of its misery. Never have I seen a show deteriorate to the degree this one has. Unpopular actors being shoved down throats, a disdain for the viewing audience, and the death nail writers from ATWT and GL have simply killed the show. There’s no story worth watching….no wonder certain actors are leaving. Jumping ship sounds like a sound move.

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    I think it is GH; Frons needs to find a new head writer and give MB, VMG and SB a rest if they’d listen to the fans they’d know how to fix it!

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    AMC moved to the West Coast to save money because of the state tax credits.

    GH has always had the highest budget on ABC from what I gather. If you look at the show, it hasn’t eliminated any of its big stars. People took pay cuts but ABC invested in bringing back Jonathan Jackson and Vanessa Marcil to no effect on ratings.

    So, with its ratings still in the crapper, I could see GH being forced to slash its budget. Same could be said of AMC.

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    I think its amc in an effort to save it or kill it…sink or swim time. They have the cast to cut.

    I cant see it being OLTL since they are meeting their budget and doing more with less already.

    I cant see it being GH since a. thats their flagship b. they are hoping for attention with James Franco post emmys and c. they would not have hired JJ, VMG and entered in to talks with GF if they knew that was coming down the pike. My guess is they might have been told to start trimming, and I am sure they are not being able to expand their payroll. I suspect we will see more firings on GH to make up for whats already spent.

    AMC – so many potential firings…I dont think it would be JY since they want to keep the chandlers and hes the last bastion. I could see them keeping hartly and letting amanda ride off with Jake – RPG had to be expensive and they got no ratings bump from him. Then Hartley can be for Tad. Wouldnt surprise me to see Liza written off – I like her but Luner has to be expensive.

    If AMC gets cancelled I dont see them writing Erica on to AMC when they already have 3 actresses in that age range and she would be too similar to Dorian. I see it being Kendall Ryan and Greenlee. I could see them reconnecting Rendall, which would allow erica to do cameos in NY, and sending Greenlee to GH either in a triangle with JaSam or with BrenSon. Would hate that…personally I would rather have herbst than Budig,unless they made greenless an altogether.

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    Jamey just posted on twitter that the show in question is not a NY show. Since OLTL is the only show still filming in NY, that eliminates it. I still think it’s an ABC show but I can’t decide if I think it’s GH or AMC. Both would be plausible for different reasons.

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    The more I think about it, the more I think it’s AMC.

    GH is rumored to be bringing back Genie Francis, so it doesn’t make sense that they would get a budget cut and then hire an expensive vet.

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    It’s soooooo GH!

    But rather than cut the budget by 50% how about getting rid of GUZA and PHELPS and keeping Rebecca Herbst.
    Jill Farren Phelps has not done GH a single favor since she took over the show from Wendy Riche. GH has done nothing but go downhill. Why does ABC insist on supporting failure? Time to cut the producers… NOT the budget.

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    Well, I don’t mean to offend the GH fans but they tend to really push their big ticket performers. On OLTL, we sometimes go a couple of weeks without seeing Dorian and Viki, on AMC they are sending Lucci away for 4 months in the summer. GH? 4 days out of 5, you WILL see Brenda/Sonny/Jason so yeah they pay through the nose for that. (Meanwhile, Leslie Charleson cannot even be on the thanksgiving eppie. Bobbie is as good as dead). Then there are whole parts of the cast with little purpose – Brook Lynne, Nicholas, even Matt. Or Ethan. Most of these people have nothing to do most of the time. Then they keep bringing back James Franco. Some people like it but I am yet to see a big ratings benefit from it. Something has to give when you have on Sonny/Brenda/Jason almost every day. Sad to see RH go but they have had next to no story for her since she got back.

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    Want to save the most money ABC? Kick Brian Frons to the can. For the 12 years he’s been there, ABC daytime has had a huge decline. If he were in any other profession, he’d be fired long ago

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    Assuming it’s GH, there’s an easy solution (with lots of precedents):
    fire Frons, Phelps, and Guza, and replace them with underpaid newbies. If it’s good for the actors, it’s good for the managers, and newbies couldn’t do any worse by the show than Frons, Phelps, and Guza have

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    Marland Fan

    If rumors are true that GH is in talks with Genie Francis, that would most likely be the show’s last chance. If ratings don’t go up with her return, say goodbye to GH.

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    GIOGIO…Yes..DAVID CANERY should come to 0ltl with Susan Lucci…..
    CANCEL AMC get 2 hours of 0ne Life To LIVE…… Picture this fuck Brian Fron, Fire him,, he is the worst thing to ABC…he plays Daytime like a game, he bamouth GL, and ATWT awhile back…and than brings AMC to LA..brings Vanessa Marcil and Jackson back to GH…James Franco is a Joke..
    ABC is dead unless they get rid of Brian Fron…get rid of Vanessa Marcil, James Franco and all those teenyboppers…it will save money..focus on real characters base on General Hospital..make that the
    Grey Anatomy of Daytime..screw sonny and the mobs…so outdated…

    I LOVE DAYTIME! I LOVE CBS NBC and ABC just for OLTL! I watch every show and knows about every show….CBS DAYTIME is #1 for over 20 years.. (I miss my GL & ATWT) I love NBC for DAYS but I still pick ANOTHER WORLD ( I miss my Rachel & Karl and Cecile de Poulignac)..I LOVE ABC of the 70 to the early 90’s…ABC really killed the veterans the most of all daytime!

    AMC is the YOUNG and the Restless and Bold and the Beautiful wannabe..too many new characters….get rid of the new Liza Colby and those unexperince actors..look at Y&R, Victor, Nikki, Katherine, Jill, Lauren, Michael, Jack, Ashley, Tracy, Nick, Sharon, Phyllis and the list goes on..charact ers we know for years…AMC is killing the history, AMC is a joke….they tried to make Erica be the cougar to Cameron Matheson…that didnt work..
    AMC is trying to look like B&B ( Jackie and 0wen..gorgeous storyline) what Erica and Ryan was a joke.

    Every soaps has it themes:

    CBS: Bold and the Beautiful is about the Fashion World of glamour, the glitz, dramas…The Forrester family is the Carrington of Daytime..Stephanie vs. Brooke (a real CLASSIC!)
    Young and the Restless is about the Cosmetic World of 3 rich glamourous families that last for years, The Newmans vs. the Abbotss vs. the Chancellors. Victor vs. Jack, Katherine vs. Jill, a real CLASSIC!

    NBC: DAYS of 0ur Lives is about the family of Salem, The Horton, the Bradys and the DiMeras..STEFANO DIMERA. VIVIEN ALAMAIN! BO & HOPE. Sami..The Gothic storylines, over the top dramas..Good vs. Evil…

    ABC: ALL MY CHILDREN…..okay…ERICA KANE was one of the most famous characters on now nothing….if ERICA KANE was on Y&R..she would be with a FABULOUS storyline with VICTOR NEWMAN against NIKKI..or marry JACK ABBOTT against ASHLEY ABBOTT’s wishes…that is a storyline!
    Jack Montgomery is dull as a dead Horse….that Chandler vs Cortlandt is nothing like the Newmans vs the Abbotts of Y&R..where is DAVID CANERY?! Where is JULIA BARR? Poor Tad Martin…adore him..he is no longer fun in Pine Valley! He is a poor man without a storyline….Tad Martin can be on Y&R very easily! He would fit perfectly… AMC is not the same AMC it was back in its heydays….AMC is really dead and I wouldnt be suprise if its in heaven very soon joing GL and ATWT….

    GENERAL HOSPITAL is a joke…no MORE QUATERMAINS? No LUKE & LAURA? No SCOTTY AND LUCY? NO HOSPITAL DRAMAS? just COMIC BOOKS: GUN SHOOTING> MOBS>>VIOLENCE,,,just teenyboppers , new faces..a nd don’t get me started with no Bobbie, no Monica? Carly sucks…Vanessa Marcils is a waste she came for money…SONNY is DULL, so 90’s! James Franco is nothing…GH is dying and dead as hell…..

    My vision is this ABC cancel AMC…give 0ltl two hours and will bring big bang ratings to daytime and to ABC……Erica Kane moves to Llanview..ADAm Chandler and Brooke English moves to Llanview..Sky Chandler moves to Llanview…This is the story..ERICA KANE vs. Dorian Lord.
    Echo DiSavoy vs. Vicki Buchanan
    Adam Chandler vs Clint Buchanan
    (love that Clint, bad Clint is the new JR Ewing!)
    Sky Chandler vs Blair Cramer
    problem solves..their is the storyline….0LTL is DRAMA the best on ABC…family..the Buchanans vs. the Cramers vs. the Chandlers!
    ABC listen to the fans! Make OLTL 2 hours and will save more money to rid the set, unexperience actors and bring those AMC characters back to NY and to 0ne Live to Live!

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    [quote=oneatatime]Assuming it’s GH, there’s an easy solution (with lots of precedents):
    fire Frons, Phelps, and Guza, and replace them with underpaid newbies. If it’s good for the actors, it’s good for the managers, and newbies couldn’t do any worse by the show than Frons, Phelps, and Guza have[/quote]


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    CHRISTOPHER – OH MY GOD!!! Adam Chandler vs Clint Buchanan – you see if the powers that be listen to us soaps would be on fire – and I agree about Franco. I get the shakes everytime I hear he’s due to come back.

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    If GH would just work their actors 3 days a week they would save a boatload of money. Most actors sign contracts that guarantee pay based on 3 work days a week. Networks have to pay out the nose when actors exceed the guarantees in their contracts. Of course it means actors other than SB, MB, VM would then get screentime for a change which actually might be healthy for the show.

    With that said I could see GH taking a 50% cut in their budget. I have a bad feeling AMC is the next soap on the chopping block.

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    Perhap u and I can write OLTL storylines! AMC has to go, OLTL a 2 hour soap,
    GH, their problem since Sonny Corinthos is the major star of the show…no ratings, just lacklusters!

    What CBS does is SMART! Keep the veterans alive and kicking for over twenty years…

    Like u agree..Picture this the TV WORLD would love this and SOAP FANS would love this!
    CLINT vs. ADAM would be like JR EWING vs. BLAKE CARRINGTON

    Prime Sopas,, like Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest & Knot Landing were about the veterans not teeny boppers…..STRONG STORYS means STRONG ACTORS!
    every characters I mentioned are EMMY WINNERS for their work!
    SO ABC wake up before FANS leaves dull stories, bad actors and not listening to us!

    GH is overlybudget for being a Comic Book!
    AMC is dead on the life support..
    Everyone is breathing since we all have 0ne Life to Live!

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    It’s AMC. ABC moved the show to LA as a last ditch effort to save it and it’s failed.
    GH can do whatever it wants and ABC won’t punish it. Remember when AMC was the crown jewel in ABC’s daytime crown?
    As for OLTL, why would the network cancel their cheapest, most cost effective show? It makes no sense.
    As for Y&R and DAYS, they seem to be okay as they’ve been renewed. B&B has international cash coming in, so whatever happens with CBS, they can plug a budget deficit.
    Bye, AMC. It was nice knowing ya.
    A former fan

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    Something else that should be noted: Jill and Guza have to scale way back on their spectacle storylines. Sure, an occasional plane crash or a storm are soap staples, but for like 3-4 years, Jill would have a whole sweeps period devoted to a fire, a virus etc. etc., costing tons of money. It is great for lazy writers, you can throw however you want together under the guise of a crisis.
    Remember when they did the Carnival of Crapola in 2009? The installed real amusement rides and had hundreds of extras in the parking lot. I’m sure it cost a fortune. Real story? Not so much.

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    Really I think that Jamey is saying is that one soap is getting its budget cut in half, so the fact that OLTL is always under budget doesn’t mean that the OLTL budget itself will not be cut. That would just mean that they would need to cut their costs even further to stay at or below budget. But really I think it is GH. I think they spent a lot of money and must have been given the budget to bring back Brenda and really it has not helped in the ratings so they are probably getting whacked upside the head now and maybe that is why they are making drastic casting cuts.

  44. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I don’t know which one because I don’t watch them, but I bet $ it’s one of the ABC soaps because all three of them have lost major players: Herbst, Underwood and Egan.

  45. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    It is either AMC or GH obviously. They are the most bloated with bad ratings.
    GH is an easy fix. Get rid of the mob. Get rid of Guza. Focus in on the hospital with Robin as the new lead. Keep popular younger characters like Maxie, Lucky, Spinelli etc because they pull in the right dems. Keep just the bare minimum of vets ala Days. And reuse the hell out of any existing hospital/restaurant sets.Get that Sri Rao to write it.

    AMC needs to trim its cast anyway. Too many characters is too confusing. People come and go and noone even knows who they are. Focus in on the families and trim any orbital characters. Erica and daughters should be the focus. The Chandlers and Martins. thats it. Beautiful sets just learn to reuse what you got.

  46. Profile photo of craigcp

    Soaps are not long for this world sad to say. Nothing can be as bad as GL’s budget in it’s last days. If they start filming in real towns or in someones back yard. RIP. Anyone know how much GL budget was? Look what Hollywood has been dishing out lately 3D, CGI, remake crap movies, with no thought at all in the writing or acting. Saw my first 3D movie, sucked, Tron, fell asleep. Hard to hear the dialogue, and what I paid for that dumb ass movie and those damn glasses.

  47. Profile photo of drew770

    The bottom-line is Soaps are a business. They must stay under or on budget and must make profits. What’s disturbing is how soap producers and writers live in a bubble where they feel they can do anything they want no matter the on- going ramifications.
    After bring on tons of piss-poor characters and give us expensive but meaningless “event” episodes, then they cry when the network say “cut the budget or else”!!!
    How many of us fans go over budget at our jobs and expect to keep a paycheck?

    The writing is on the wall and it has been there for years. Cheap reality, talk and game shows are what’s in. Big budget soaps or other scripted series are out.

    All we have to do is look at cable to see the trend. A&E, Bravo and Discovery has seen huge boost in ratings when they decided to move from scripted to more reality shows.

    Now, why GH, AMC or Y&R keep testing the network executives is beyond me!!! CBS dumped GL and ATWT without any fanfare and if the Bells think their soaps are safe because they are tops in ratings then they are living in a fool’s paradise.
    GH and AMC are in a better spot because they are owned the the network but ABC will not sit there and watch a rival network make better profits and not follow suit.

    GH and AMC better learn to cut the fat and get a clue before the days of AMC Daytime is full of talk shows from has been actors, re-boots of 60’s game shows or a daytime version of the Real Housewives of Chattanooga.

  48. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    For the few on here who thought it could be DOOL, I can officially say that is not the case. Jamey just tweeted that it is not the only soap on a network, which means it isn’t “Days of our Lives”. We know it isn’t OLTL, which is the only NYC soap, and it isn’t DOOL. There was no word of budget cuts when it came to Y&R and B&B’s renewals, so it has to be GH or AMC. While AMC isn’t doing well creatively or ratings wise, the cast is smaller than GH, so could it be okay $$? GH, which is doing a little better in the ratings, has amuch larger cast, though some of those characters are recurring. I honestly cannot choose between the two soaps.

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    [quote=miamibeachguy]Really I think that Jamey is saying is that one soap is getting its budget cut in half, so the fact that OLTL is always under budget doesn’t mean that the OLTL budget itself will not be cut. That would just mean that they would need to cut their costs even further to stay at or below budget. But really I think it is GH. I think they spent a lot of money and must have been given the budget to bring back Brenda and really it has not helped in the ratings so they are probably getting whacked upside the head now and maybe that is why they are making drastic casting cuts.[/quote]

    The thing about OLTL is that they have had numerous hires/recurring roles lately – Flo Lozano stayed, then they have Kim Zimmer on recurring, a new Joey on contract, Cutter on contract, Aubrey recurring (?), Ted King, Inez and the kids, Tuc Watkins recurring. Having said that, for the last few years, about March they do a big housecleaning. Cancel most of the stories and fire many people. The first casualty is Brittany Underwood. There was a rumor last week that Robin Strasser would go recurring. That would be the end on the show.

    GH, on the other hand, could trim some fat. As I said above, Jill has to do a few less disaster stories with expensive props and effects. She may have to ask SB, VM, MB, LW etc. to only be on 3 days a week instead of 4. They have to trim the cast. Ethan and Maya, for example, have no real purpose. Spinelli I have long been over, but that is just my opinion. Cut out the James Franco stunts. If there’s any fat to be trimmed at ABC daytime, it is at GH. The best thing would be to fire Frons, Phelps and Guza. I would accept Wendy Riche back as EP in a New York minute.

  50. Profile photo of gjr1969

    It is interesting that ABC announces the departure of 1 actress from each of the shows within a day or so, Becky Herbst on GH, Brittany Underwood on OLTL, Melissa Claire Egan on AMC. All were on the show for several years (although Becky is a true vet). So it is clear some directive came down and they all have to have their accounting in order by certain dates.

    I don’t see it being AMC. I think they have trimmed a good deal recently, sending Lucci away for 4 months a year. Lucci, Walt Wiley, Michael Knight, Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan and Jill Larson are the only long term vets still on the show. After that, you have people like Rebecca Budig, Cameron Matthison, Jacob Young. They have retained Vince Irrizary. They have nu-Scott and nu-Marissa coming in. I think they bet the farm of Greenlee/Ryan, and the whole world said, “Not again…” I think at AMC they need more of a different creative direction than cuts. But, just in my opinion, the first cut could be Bobbie Eakes. There, I said it. I do not find her to be the greatest actress, she has been with ever possible man on the show. I guess she has a good fan following but I just do not see her as this huge asset for the show. She is in the quadrangle with Jack/Erika/the Nouri character but I think this could be done with a cheaper actress. Again, just my 2 cents.

  51. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I guess any show could survive a drastic budget cut like that, but it could be kind of self-defeating too. The show ends up looking cheaply produced and old-fashioned which doesn’t really attract viewers.

    I keep hearing that it’s all about story, but I don’t really see the stories on Y&R as being that much better than those on DOOL. Y&R just looks better and this translates into it having a lot more viewers.

  52. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    I’m sorry to say I think it’s AMC. They moved the show cross county in hopes of saving money- and the reports say they didnt save what they expected to.

    The cast- although taleneted is a freakin mess of good actors with bad storylines.

    The reason why OLTL is always under budget is cause of Frank V. OLTL still has a large cast- big name soap stars- and film in NYC and manage to stay under budget. AMC needs to get rid of Julie C and bring on a business smart EP who will keep the show out of the red. Lisa De Cazotte was with the show back when they were in NY– I think I remeber hearing she was able to produce Night Shift under budget– so maybe AMC needs her to fill Julies shoes.

    What bothers me is that AMC is a mess- and I think they need some old characters back- which will cost money — I think the Skye (Robin C) should come back. I also think Annie should be recast with a named actress.

    But that show could cut some of its dead weight:
    ~ Randi
    ~ Brot
    ~ Krystal (although I like the actress & the original version of the role)

  53. Profile photo of jetty

    I’ve often said I would watch a soap with a black velvet backdrop set IF the acting and the stories were good. In the old days, some soaps DID have sets that consisted of a black backdrop and door/window frames hung on wires. I wish this would open up the eyes of TPTB to what viewers care about the most.

  54. Profile photo of syworld82

    GH.. they spend way too much money on advertising and not enough on the day to day writing storyline…They are not invested in.. and know what theyre audience is.. MOB storylines went out with 1990s and 2000’s.. It is 2011.. Theyre more worried about keeping Maurice and Steve as Mob members..

  55. Profile photo of luverica

    mrsa1107, I so want Frons to be replaced. I don’t think any soap on ABC Daytime has a chance in hell of going back to its consistent greatness as long as Frons is in charge. The only reason I wouldn’t replace Frons with Valenti is the way Valenti folded on OLTL’s Kish. Granted its just one thing but I consider it a major thing and it just sticks in my craw.

    Frank should’ve fought harder for what could’ve been the next great soap super couple. Plus, add Nick (Nicholas Rodriguez) and the sympathetic way he played the third wheel and you could’ve had the next big soap triangle. I’m sorry but I lost a lot of respect for Valenti because of that.

  56. Profile photo of llanviewlover

    AMC is the soap that seems to be doing the worst creatively, but GH has a far larger budget — so it could be the one getting a 50 percent budget cut to bring it in line with the other ABC soaps.

    As for the comments regarding ending AMC and expanding OLTL to two hours, I for one would be very opposed to expanding OLTL. This is the only soap I watch and it’s hard enough to devote the time required to watch the show every day in its current one-hour format. Expanding it would be a bad move IMO, and I don’t think it’s even needed. The show could cut a lot of fat, fold in a few key AMC actors and have a must-see program every single day.

    Alternatively, I wonder if the network would consider shortening AMC to a half-hour and adding either a half-hour game or talk show or giving that time back to the affiliates. It would be interesting to have another half-hour program that could compete against B&B and it would be a better alternative for the fans than cancelling the show.

  57. Profile photo of Mandolin

    I would think it would be GH since they have a huge cast and a bigger budget ( it would seem, higher production standards than others) ….otherwise AMC. AMC is unwatchable for me. I’m interested in individual character /performances on GH but overall it’s also something I can’t stomach….

    It may be that I am just tiring of melodrama overall…which is not a bad thing , for me .

  58. Profile photo of Linda Cox
    Linda Cox

    Erica and Caleb interesting, she needs new love interest to keep it interesting. Caleb is mysterious. Somebody commented he was “unfriendly and acted haughty”. Hello. He just came back into society. Like, this show is supposed to have some element of reality to it; not everybody is supposed to act the same. It’s a DRAMA. He’s not trying to win a popularity contest. He’s playing the part he was HIRED to play. (Get it yet?)

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