Guza on Vanessa Marcil Gionvinazzo: “On Contract Until The Middle of the Summer”

General Hospital scribe Bob Guza took to the pages of ABC Soaps in Depth to address internet rumors about Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo supposedly already wanting to jump off the Port Charles pier and swim outta town!

"As far as I know, we’ve got Vanessa for quite a while yet, " says GH headwriter Robert Guza Jr. "She signed a year deal, so I know we have her on contract until the middle of summer at the least."

To find out what Guza has to say about those pregnancy rumors, pick up this week’s ABC Soaps in Depth, on sale today.

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Call me whatever you want to, but I am just going to put it out there: If Vanessa DOES decide to jump ship, I won’t lose a minute’s sleep over it.

    I have nothing against her personally, but Guza is trying soooo hard to build the entire show around BRENDA, and it’s just not working for me. I am on Brenda overload and a part of me wishes she WOULD leave if it would give the show more balance and allow other characters to be taken off the backburner and given story.

    Guza SCREWED up her return story. Period.

    “The Brenda Show” has become TIRESOME.

  2. Profile photo of appleridge

    Got Me & Its Well Known At GH That Guza Not Only Writes But Has His Hat In Casting & Producing as Does Frons. JFP Is Just a figure Head But The Fact That she Let Them Do That To Her Is Unexusable & She Is To Blame For That and GH Sucking as well

  3. Profile photo of harlee490

    I have to agree with alstonboy4315, now I am not a loyal viewer of GH by no means but if I am home I will check it out just because of Laura Wright. I didn’t know the “Brenda” when she was originally on GH, but come on when I have peeked in on the show it was pretty boring but the high parts was when I saw Tracy, Luke, Michael, Diane (is a hoot, my favorite new character) watching her on “Cougar” made me watch and any scene that Laura Wright is in with whomever is kicking ass!! Laura acts circles around Vanessa. Laura is a better actress and I do have agree with what I have read about Vanessa being a very over rated soap actress.

  4. Profile photo of Luke

    The show had no balance before Brenda came back. It would just go back to the imbalance it was before. So its really a wash on whether she stays or go.

  5. Profile photo of caogra

    < <<

    We are not the only one not liking what we watch!

    The same source who told me that RH was>>>>>

    I don’t blame VM, I would run for the hills too!! What about all the Genie Francis rumors? If I were Genie, I would run away too. What a train wreck!

  6. Profile photo of arielade

    I’d want out of there if I were VM too. I never got to see VM on GH before she came back in 2010, but was it always this bad? I literally have to fast forward through her scenes with sonny, and can only watch her with other people. To be fair, I fast forward through most of sonny’s love scenes anyway, so that’s not VM’s fault!

  7. Profile photo of keanna

    I wouldn’t blame VMG one bit if she does leave, this is not the same Brenda I know from back in the day. Laura Wright (Carly) is mopping the floor with her.

    I still say she panicked and went back to GH, because she felt she wouldn’t get a pilot.

    GH is a sinking ship and I won’t lose any sleep if she decides to jump.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Call me whatever you want to, but I am just going to put it out there: If Vanessa DOES decide to jump ship, I won’t lose a minute’s sleep over it.Guza SCREWED up her return story. Period.
    “The Brenda Show” has become TIRESOME.[/quote]

    :star: :star: :star: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :star: :star: :star:
    You know, though I am fairly new here, I read alot of your posts. And I do enjoy them.
    Especially when you write how I feel about something!! Keep up the good work!! :beer:

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    A contract means NOTHING!!
    Bringing her back SUNK what little left of GH there was.

    She will be seldom seen I bet. (And hope!) The show is taking on so many new storylines, I can assure you, she won’t be the major one after sweeps. (I hope)

  10. Profile photo of Sam

    As a longtime GH watcher who stopped watching a while ago, I only came back because Brenda is one of the BEST characters on the show and I LOVE Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo!

    I was so happy she was coming back but the writing has been horrible and it isn’t fair to Brenda or VMG who can do amazing work. She is one of the best and won an Emmy last time she was on. Sorry I don’t want her to leave I want them to give her and the whole cast better writing. I hope she stays for a while because it sure wasn’t better before she came back and unless they make major changes then it won’t be any better if she leaves.

  11. Profile photo of mannym716

    As they say in my island, “Que se vaya pal carajo!” I was real excited for her comeback and then I actually sat down and watched. Vanessa GeographicaWatchamacallit Marcil, you owe me some internet bandwidth and some wasted hours. I’m sick of her dumbass-sweater-sleeve-pulling-glazed- doe-eyed-looking-self!

  12. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    It’s not Brenda that’s not working. It’s Brenda and Sonny. IMO, that ship has sailed. GH could save a lot of money by taking Maurice Bernard off contract and putting him on recurring.

  13. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I don’t blame Vanessa Guza wrote her return and it was horrible for her fans this isn’t the Brenda they remember…why she was brought back only to ruin a very popular character has many scratching their heads wondering “why?”

    ..its a classic Guza bait n switch…A lot of her fans I post with are not happy with the “writing” not (Vanessa) Brenda.

  14. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    Alstonboy, I’m not one for looking back, but I couldn’t agree more about Robin Christopher and 2003. ABC has never utilized this woman’s talents properly, and the one year they did she was robbed.

    Given the current climate, she’d be getting fired right now if she was still on one of their soaps.

  15. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I agree. I remember watching the Emmys that year and hoping that they’d call ANYONE’S name but Vanessa’s. She did some good work, don’t get me wrong, but her body of work didn’t even BEGIN to rival that of some of the other nominees in that category that year.

    And I have no problem looking back. Truth is truth for me, no matter how old it is.

  16. Profile photo of ktuc

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Sonny and Dante need to be put on recurring status for at least 6 months while they restructure the show.[/quote]I’ll agree with this statement but I’d also add Jason unless he were to suddenly remember that he’s an actual Quartermaine! The Brenda that we have now is not the Brenda that I remember and VMG IS highly overrated!

  17. Profile photo of Set

    I’m going to be praying that she leaves as soon as that year is up!!!

    Sorry, but Brenda isn’t the messiah. She don’t walk on water. She sinks. Hard.

  18. Profile photo of capwell

    I don’t want this to be another negative post. GH is the one soap I feel bad about trashing.

    I’ve always been a Vanessa Marcil fan but I get the impression that Frons and Guza thought it would be enough to just bring her on and, magically, the show’s fortunes and ratings would rise again. She had no interaction with anybody from Port Charles when she came back a few months ago; and when she finally did, it felt anti-climactic. They’re now trying to make up for lost time by making the show all Brenda all the time. From the looks of things, that isn’t going to work.

    I’m just a fan, not a soap expert so I don’t know what ABC could do to fix this show, aside from trying to find a balance in its storylines. But the suggestions that I hear regularly from Jamey Giddens and others might go a long way towards getting people interested in watching GH again.

  19. Profile photo of appleridge

    Well VMG Signed A One Year Deal Maybe It States That She has to complete the One Year Deal and Cant Leave Earlier

    Plus ABC/GH is NEVER Gonna Release VMG. VMG will have to decide Not To Renew

  20. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Quite frankly, since they BOTCHED VMG’s return, crafting the show all around her, tossing out promo, after promo, after sickening promo (and I was a HUGE Brenda/VMG fan, but enough is enough), I don’t know why Genie would want to come back now. They keep doing this stunt casting with former faves, but they don’t understand that if the writing isn’t there, who is going to give a damn??? I could watch my favorite character all day long, but if they’re acting OUT of character, doing and saying things they would NEVER say and do (hello, Liz), why would I bother???

    And as far as VMG leaving, love her, but honestly, if she chose to leave on her own accord, I wouldn’t shed a tear. Making her Sonny’s apologist and excusing his abhorrent behavior should have been the last straw. I was excited for her to come back, but they pimped that mess like a ho in the streets. Too much time has passed, and for me, it ain’t good. JMHO. And as for the Emmy thing… Yeah, I have to admit *sigh* as I said, I love VMG, really, I love her. HOWEVER, RC deserved to win the Emmy that year. I’ve got that Emmy’s episode on tape and everytime I look at it (after fast forwarding past any and all things Wayne Brady), I see RC’s face when VMG won, and you can tell the woman was just downright stunned when VMG’s name was called. She got up and clapped with everyone else, being the classy woman she is, but still… IMHO RC deserved it that year.

  21. Profile photo of

    [quote=CHRISTOPHER]GUZA need to be FIRED! get rid of Vaness Marcil…waste of money![/quote]

    NO ARGUMENTS on that from me. Been saying that for 4 months.
    Nobody listened to me. :((

  22. Profile photo of Sam

    alstonboy43, sorry but I don’t think RC was robbed at all for the Emmy. VMG had a hell of a storyline to carry and I thought she was amazing. Not to mention her work for years before. Like when Sonny left her at the alter.

    I am glad she is back and I don’t want her to leave. I just want better writing because she and the rest of the cast and the audience deserve it.

  23. Profile photo of qeeerm

    I really dont know how she is a fan-favorite i find BRENDA annoying. Hopefully she doesnt re-new her contract and leaves by August. Countdown begins and 7 MONTHS TO GO.

  24. Profile photo of miamibeachguy

    I agree that she should stay now that she has finally come back or she should just go and not come back. It is very annoying to always here “she is coming back” and then she doesn’t because something better (which is just about anything else) comes along. If it is so difficult for her to make a long-term commitment, I think she should just leave. I actually like her as an actress but just think her coming and going and all the drama that surrounds her is getting ridiculous already.

  25. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    I agree with what a lot of people are saying with this not being the same Brenda. This is more like the Brenda of the 90’s rather then the Brenda that returned in 2003. Hell Sonny was more mature in the early 2000’s then he is now. Sonny and Brenda then had a snarky, flirty combative nature and weren’t acting like teens.

    I’ll never understand Guza (who looks a hell of a lot like Elton in this photo, no seriously he does) sees this Sonny and Brenda as an evolution of who they were 8 years ago.

  26. Profile photo of cheryl85

    As much as I love Brenda, this return hasn’t measured up to anything I expected. If she doesn’t come back after middle of the summer, I won’t be upset because the return has been a disappointment.

  27. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I am not a regular GH viewer, but can someone tell me what the appeal of Brenda is? I am a newer viewer and the character comes across as some spoiled, self-entitled, snotty, boring, glitter bi*ch. I just don’t see what the fuss is about. I also don’t see how VMG is that great of an actress. Maybe she has done some great work in the past, but I am not being moved by her now.

  28. Profile photo of

    [quote=Dyllan]I am not a regular GH viewer, but can someone tell me what the appeal of Brenda is? I also don’t see how VMG is that great of an actress. Maybe she has done some great work in the past, but I am not being moved by her now.[/quote]

    There is NO appeal. ZIPPO. She is not a great actress. I am hoping that she will be let out of her contract early and she will go away never to be heard from again.
    I will say though, back in 2003, I watched a clip the other day. I almost fell off the couch. She WAS so beautiful, she could have swept you away with her looks. Really.
    Totally different person back then, than she is right now.

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