Wishful Casting: Melissa Claire Egan as Princess Greta on Days of Our Lives

I know a lot of you have been clamoring for a Wishful Casting for our darling Rebecca Herbst (soon-to-be ex-Liz, General Hospital). Don’t worry, it’s coming, however, while obsessively applying hand sanitizer just now, the muses caused a truly truly, truly outrageous Wishful Casting to pop in my head for exiting All My Children juggernaut Melissa Claire Egan.  I want to see the beauty join Days of Our Lives as once-virginal royal, Princess Greta Von Amberg!

When we last saw Greta (then played by Julianne Morris), she was leaving Salem after finding out Jack (Matthew Ashford) was only pretending to be gay. She also finally discovered her true paternity, of which she never revealed to the audience. What if Greta was yet another offspring of Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo) after all?

We all know what happens to people once they learn Stefano is their pappy; they go bat poop crazy and start stealing babies and mess. Remember Lexie’s (Renee Jones) drive down weirdo street? Egan has already proven she can go from sweet to cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in the time it takes to turn up your remote control so you can hear her antics better. I say she’d fit right in with brothers EJ (James Scott), Chad (Casey Deidrick) and big, black sister Lexie across the DiMera dining room table. Oh wait…they don’t have a dining room table. Anyhoo, you get my drift!

I don’t think Greta would be too pleased to see her new brother EJ involved with Nicole (Arianne Zucker)—the bitch who slept with Greta’s first love Eric Brady (Jensen Ackles). Maybe Greta can share her concerns with Eric’s kid stepbrother Brady (Eric Martsolf), leading to some chem-testing, just in time for Eric himself to return home (Dax Griffin? Thad Luckinbill? Rib Hillis?)
Or maybe the princess is suffering from some fatal malady that only Dr. Jonas (Shawn Christian) and his hairy chest can cure? What, never heard of "hair of the dog"? Then there’s always Rafe (Galen Gering). How would Sami (Alison Sweeney) react to seeing her beloved have to save the princess (Super Mario reference) from one foreign or domestic threat after another? I could so see Ejami teaming up to put a stop to that madness.  Who’s with me?

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    I like Melissa and I really want to see Greta back on DOOL, but I can’t see her in the role. I would actually really like Julianne Morris to return if possible. She was fabulous.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing MCE on DOOL in an original role, but I think she’d fit in more on OLTL or GH.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I think that Melissa is making the jump now to primetime and film because she probably feels that it’s her last chance to do so. The older a star gets, the less likely they are of “making it big”, so I am almost certain that she’s not going to join another soap anytime soon.

  3. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    Nice Wishful casting, but I agree with Alstonboy…Melissa Egan is probably not going to do another soap anytime soon. I think she would be excellent on some cable show, or even in movies. The AMC hair and makeup makes her look glam and glitz, but MCE always had that “every girl” quality that would make her good in indie films.

  4. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I don’t know I actually liked Julianne Morris as Greta and was an Eric/Greta fan. I wanted her to turn out to be John’s daughter, I was really pissed when they wrote her off without revealing who her father was especially after they let the viewers vote between John and Stefano.

    How about Becky Herbst? Sure she’s a little young but like DOOL actually thinks we’ll remember her age.

  5. Profile photo of mango

    Julianne Morris was wonderful as Greta. I don’t see her returning though. She just gave birth to her third child. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Julianne did have great chemistry with Jensen Ackles though. They were good friends off the screen and it showed. Heck, he even introduced her to her eventual husband :)

    One of Becky Herbst’s good friends, Natalia Livingston, is about to start her tenure at Days. With Wally Kurth already there, they could snap up Becky too.

  6. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    I’d love for Days to snatch up Becky. I’d really love it if she turned out to be Carly’s real daughter instead of Melanie (I don’t care if Becky is to old to be CC’s daughter anyone but Melanie!)

    I absolutely loved Eric/Greta, I was never a Nicole fan so when he left Greta for her it seemed like all he wanted was sex.

  7. Profile photo of qeeerm

    Iheard she doesn’t wanna do Daytime but if she comes back and isn’t on AMC she should go to GH. Think about the possibilities in a Triangle between JASAM or SCRUBS. MCE will rock.

  8. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    NO more Princesses…. No more please!

    How about instead Dr Noel Curtis daughter of Liz and Neal Curtis. She could she would have some ties to the Dimeras since Liz was once married to Tony. She would also have ties to the Horton and Brady clan since she partially grew up in Salem. The show spent alot of time on that girls birth and have not yet utilized the character. Maybe Liz could come along for a short time and sing to us too!

  9. Profile photo of cheryl85

    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t crazy about Greta back then. I thought the actress was ok but nothing awesome. But I would co-sign to this casting of MCE just to see her and Nicole go toe-to-toe. Those scenes would be something to watch.

  10. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=Y2Jin99]Erase this article please. If MCE left AMC just to go to crappy DOOL
    then something would seriously be wrong with her let alone Daytime.[/quote]
    Why the hell would she leave AMC and Annie for DOOL? I think the reason she left was to advance her career.

    I personally hope MCE returns to AMC next year.

  11. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I want AMC to recast Annie. I love the actress in the role, but I do think there are very capable actresses out there who could be just as enjoyable in the role. I do not see Greta fitting in right now in Salem.

  12. Profile photo of mrsa1107

    MCE leaving AMC is terrible news…….. heartbreaking actually!
    She has been such a gift over at AMC- and really the Annie/JR realtionship was the only thing they had working for awhile!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope she lands something in primetime, not DAYS.

    But as much as I like the actress- I also like the role of Annie- and hope they consider a recast.
    Any wishful casting for replacements for MCE????

    Here’s a few:
    ~ Laura Woodland
    ~ Marie Wilson
    ~ Liza Huber
    ~ Becky Herbst (just to reunite her and JY)
    ~ Erin Hershey
    ~ Alicia Leigh Willis

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    I’d bring Julianne Morris back as Greta—no need to recast when the original is available. Then I’d reveal her father to be Lawrence Alamain and that she’s Stefano’s granddaughter (Stefano is Lawrence’s bio father but they haven’t confirmed it onscreen yet). Yes, Gina said Greta’s father was in Salem at the time of her death, but Gina was on her deathbed so she could have been “confused”. I never liked the idea of either John or Stefano being Greta’s daddy.

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    ^^ Yes, the women on Days far out number the men. Bring on Andrew Donovan, Jeremy Horton, and Jackson Kiriakis! Recast Eric Brady with Thad Luckinbill or Forbes March or Dan Wells!

    And bring back Jack and Lucas while you’re at it! (Hell, it’s my fantasy!)

  15. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    Forbes March would be good as Eric. They have similar facial features. I wonder, though, if they won’t be bringing on any more cast members after Abby and Dario Hernandez come on the show. They may want to save money by not filling the void left by Nathan, Phillip, and Stephanie’s departures.

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