All My Children’s Finn Wittrock: “I Gave it a Year and Learned a Lot”

ABC Soaps In Depth talked with Finn Wittrock about his decision to depart All My Children. The actor opened up to the magazine and stated:
"I gave it a year and learned a lot. My time with the show was so valuable. But I sort of felt like Damon wasn’t grown up, and I felt he needed to go to college and make something of his life."

To find Wittrock’s thoughts on Damon and Liza’s (Jamie Luner) hook up click here.

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    I only watched the last week or so with his sleeping with Liza, but for my money he’s the best younger actor on any of the soaps I watch (OLTL, Y&R, B&B). This is a loss, but I think he’ll move on to bigger things.

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    Finn seems to be taking the SAME advice that he gives to Damon:

    Leaving the sinking ship that is becoming AMC and MAKING something of his life/career!!!! Until AMC gets new producers/writers, it’s never going to get much better than it is now, and that’s a DAYUM shame!!!!!


    I don’t think Finn has the right “look” to play Phillip Kiriakis. Besides, Jay Kenneth Johnson seems to leave every time the freaking WIND blows. He’ll be BROKE and back knocking on Ken Corday’s door within the next six months. I think they’d be better off keeping the role offscreen until that time comes.

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    Alstonboy: I think you’re right. He does look slightly like Jay Kenneth Johnson, but he may not have the “look.” Frankly, I’m ready for a rest from Stephanie, Phillip, and Nathan, although Mark Hapka is a great actor and I will miss him being on the show, being a Horton and all.

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    I’m going to really miss Finn. I thought he was the best young actor they had on there since Michael B. Jordan (Reggie Montgomery) plus he certainly was easy on the eyes. When they look good and can act, that’s a really, really nice combination. I wish him much future success.

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