McKenzie Westmore ‘Faces Off’ This Wednesday on SyFy

Former All My Children and Passions star McKenzie Westmore has a new gig! This Wednesday, January 26, Westmore hosts Syfy’s new reality elimination competition Face Off. In Face Off contestants vie to become the next SFX artist, win a year’s supply of Alcone makeup and $100,000. Westmore’s father, Oscar winning makeup artist Michael Westmore, will make a surprise appearance as a guest judge. Watch Face Off promos after the jump.

Photo Credit: Syfy

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    I’m not a scifi person honestly, but it really is an art what these type of makeup artists do. I think I may check this out. LOL @ the “zombie” wearing Pittsburgh Steelers tee, even they are homers ;).

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    I like scripted TV, I use to love Sci-fi channel, I’m so tired of hearing about reality/competition shows. Cable is not cable anymore. My new love is my retro TV, they show classic TV shows that haven’t been seen in years. Like TV Land and Nike at Nite use to be. I’m old school, Cable TV has gone the way of the dodo.

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    I love you Sheridan Crane!!! You should have gotten Luis in the end—instead you got saddled with Antonio. Sad!

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    Marland Fan

    @craigcp Then you haven’t seen Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Closer, Burn Notice, etc. All fantastic shows, all on cable. Most people think we are in another gold age of television BECAUSE of shows on cable.

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