Oprah’s Reveals Family Secret on Show

So what was Oprah’s “miracle of all miracles”? Today Oprah revealed on her show that she has a half-sister named Patricia. During the dramatic hour viewers learned how Patricia and her children have known the secret since 2007, but never attempted to profit from the revelation. Oprah said told viewers "She never once thought to sell the story." The emotional and riveting show may go down as one of the best family reunions Oprah has ever hosted.

In other Oprah news, the Daily Mail UK is reporting that OWN has pushed back the premiere date of Sandra Ferguson’s OWN series Finding Sarah because it is “boring.”

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    I’m back on the Oprah train. I watched this show a few hours ago. It was extremely powerful and actually made me tear up (not an easy thing to do). The previews of upcoming shows also have me hooked.

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    Sometimes I like Oprah and sometimes I don’t. I have a professor who went to college with Oprah and he had some very interesting stories to tell about her and they didn’t cast her in a good light. I sometimes think she exploits others for ratings, but at times she does highlight important issues.

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    I identify with Oprah at times because she comes from a screwed up family, has real issues that everyone faces (weight loss, relationship issues). She is always out there trying to better herself and help raise other people up. Is the woman perfect? Absolutely not. Neither is anyone else except Jesus and they killed him. Sometimes because her life is hectic, she gets off course. Sometimes she promotes the wrong cause because SHE hasn’t had enough time to do the work and depends on someone elses investigation. I do not believe for a minute that she elploits others. She is a reporter though and an interviewer. This means she does dig in and asks hard questions. Maybe that is exploitive to some.
    This woman has built a multi billion dollar organization. Obviously not by herself. However, she has put herself out there in front to be knocked down and take the punches. more than any other ceo of any corporation I ever heard of she is the face of her company. And the heart and soul and the director.
    One doesn’t need to “like” Oprah but she has earned RESPECT and admiration for her accoplishments.
    I was deeply touched by her story with her sister. I was especially touched by her admiration for her sisters integrity. Compared to Oprahs world, Pamela life is just normal but Oprah has found dignity in it. This to me is what Oprah does with everything she finds good in the world.

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    Whatever imperfections Oprah may have are far outweighed by the good she does. It’s a bit discouraging that some people feel entititled to judge someone who has really made a difference in the lives of so many. I don’t always like her, but I’m always aware of how important it is that we have a voice for the issues she talks about.

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