Nicholas Rodriguez Debuts On Empire!

Former One Life to Live alum Nicholas Rodriguez  makes his first appearance on the season finale of EmpireJust who is Rodriguez’s alter ego Landon?  Will Cane (Ryan Clardy) have a change of heart with Rodney (Christian Barber)? What will happen with Evan (Nick Lewis) and Marin (Kate Forsatz)? Find out after the jump!


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    Love the season finale! Guess I should watch OLTL more, cause I totally didn’t know who he was. The writing continues to be awesome, and I’m happy with anything that keeps Orlagh Cassidy and Tina Sloan on my screen.

  2. Profile photo of miamibeachguy

    Nic was so great on OLTL, especially when he had the storyline about the gay bashing. It is so important to tell stories like that. I still can’t believe they got rid of Nic, Kyle and Fish. Oh well.

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