Kyle Lowder OUT at Bold and the Beautiful!

Kyle Lowder has been let go from The Bold and The Beautiful, according to Soap Opera Digest. Lowder portrayed Rick Forrester on the sudser for four years, and his last airdate has not been announced. Here’s what Lowder had to say about his separation from B&B:

Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer] called this morning and said he felt terrible that they haven’t been able to generate enough story for the character," reveals the actor. "He felt it was in everybody’s best interest that we go in different directions. From my standpoint, it’s an amicable situation. Obviously, it’s their choice, but at the same time, the story has been slow for over a year-and-a-half and like any professional in any line of work would do, you prepare yourself for the next step. So, it wasn’t a surprise that it was going to happen, but it was handled in the most respectful way and I have huge respect for Brad. I had a great four years there and I thank him for the opportunity. And now, onto the next thing.


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    This is sad because they could have done so much with Rick and Amber instead of the silly Amber/Liam pregnancy scam. Lowder and Adrienne Frantz had great chemistry. It would have been great to explore a reunion of Rick, Amber, and Eric.

    Unfortunately, with a half-hour show, there’s not much room to show all of the actors and with budget pressures, I can see why this might be happening.

    Luckily, it’s pilot season and he can audition for shows.

    Given the canvas at Days, I can’t see there being any room for him there.

    Frankly, I wish Brad hadn’t written Rick so over the top during the Rick & Ridge War. That really hurt Rick’s popularity.

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    Wow I almost forgot Kyle was still part of the cast.
    Lowder seems like a good enough actor but he never quite seemed like Rick Forrester. Maybe one day Bell will bring back the original actor after AMC gets cancelled.

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    I almost forgot about Kyle as well. I wish him well but I could think of some other people that could have been cut before him. Other than the storylines tackling the cancer, homeless and smoking issues, the rest is a snooze fest and is equivalent to kids in high school. I guess Bridget will be next.

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    I got to meet him at the B&B fan event in 2009 and he is indeed a sweetie pie.

    He hasn’t really been in any storylines lately other than pining for Jackie so I am not surprised. Still pisses me off though.

    Love you Kyle! You can sing to me anytime! :-)

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    I enjoyed him with Eileen Davidson’s Ashley and when he was faking a paralysis, but the awful, over the top histrionics with Ridgiculous really killed the character for me. I still see him as the Ham to Ridge’s Cheese.

    They needed to let Lowder go if they ever want to rebuild this character. I would love to see Jacob Young return somewhere down the line. He was the best Rick.

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    They barely wrote anything for him so its no
    surprise to me he’s been cut. The silly and quite ridiculous storyline with Jackie Owen re: Bridget’s baby….they showed him a bit with nuThomas I thought they would take that up as a rivalry between them….

    IA it would have made more sense with Amber/Rick however they may have felt that was played out but they didn’t even have scenes together…DOL can use him now.

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    Scott Novick

    I’m also with Joss about the missed Rick/Amber possibilities. They shared a few scenes together when Amber first returned, and Adrienne and Kyle had good chemistry together in those brief moments. It’s a shame we’ll never get to see where it could have gone.

    I also think that Amber’s history with Thomas could have played into the Rick/Thomas stuff that Brad teased briefly at the beginning of the Taboo story and then dropped. Amber was sitting on the sidelines for a while when she first came back and started mixing into story more around the time Adam Gregory took over as Thomas, so there could have been an interesting dynamic had they revisited Amber and Thomas, maybe even playing into the rivalry between Rick and Thomas. Instead, we got Rick chasing Jackie for laughs and Amber playing Sally Spectra Lite + fill-in-Steffy with Hope and her 20-something guys. And while Thomas is roughly in the same age bracket as Oliver and Liam, the history and the presence of Rick would have made him work better with Amber than Oliver and Liam IMO.

    I guess Brad wasn’t thinking long term when he teased to SOD in late 2010 that Amber and Rick would mix it up again sometime this year, or he thought he’d find some way to work Rick in until the combination of story dynamics and economics told him it wasn’t going to happen.

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    Hopefully down the line, Rick will be needed again and Kyle can come back. If Rick does, I hope Kyle is the one playing him. Jacob Young is busy on AMC. Justin T. is a good actor but he didn’t “do it” for me if you know what I mean and Kyle does. BIG TIME. :-)

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    I am sick of these writers missing inherent opportunities for GREAT storylines and then the actor pays for it by getting fired. Why not fire the writers?

    There has been PLENTY of storyline opportunity for Rick
    – Remind Taylor that she slept with Brooke’s son
    – Continuity on why Amber left Genoa City to go to LA in the first place
    – Renewed relationship with Amber and Lil D…the teen story could have moved forward without Amber in the middle of it.
    – Setup for more Brooke and Tawny fights

    Now we lose yet another of Brooke’s children….what will we get now? Another boyfriend for Steffy and Hope to fight over?

    So because the writers have no creativity or are being FORCED to focus on certain characters, the ACTOR loses the job?

    if my job is to be a writer (which means I should have some creativity), then that means – “i can’t come up with a story for you” should NOT be in my vocabulary. If the number of actors hired are too many for a 30 min show to be told effectively, then the casting director needs to have a talking to. Its one thing if the actor sucks, but they shouldn’t pay for the lack of creativity of the writing team.

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    This sucks big time! I loved the mother son chemistry that Kyle had going with KKL…..

    Why the hell didn’t they do something with Rick and Amber?

    And why haven’t they mixed in Rick in all the storys involving Bridget and Hope (and Brooke)???

    Rick has always been very protective of the females in his family and suddenly the big bro isn’t there when people are messing with his sisters???? I was really? WTF?

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    Scott Novick

    thecourt99, the casting director really has no say in decisions like this. Casting directors don’t create characters or decide what past characters come back. They get handed a character description by the head writer and then go out and find the person to fill that role. So if you have too many actors on a show, then you have too many characters, and that goes back to the writing staff – specifically, the leaders in that staff, since some writers’ jobs are just to take an outline from the top guys and turn it into a 20 minute script.

    In B&B’s case, there are four people who have some kind of say in the story decisions. There’s Brad Bell, of course, as head writer, and then his two co-head writers, Kay Alden and Michael Minnis, and his story consultant Patrick Mulcahey. The latter three have input, but at the end of the day, it’s Brad who has the final say what gets on the screen. So when it comes down to saying, “I don’t have story for you,” it’s that none of those four came up with something for that character that Brad felt compelling enough to put on the air over the other ideas they pitched.

    Yes, it’s sad that the actor is at the whim of the writing staff and loses his job if those in charge of the writing don’t feel the vibe for that character. But that’s the business. Lynn Marie Latham on Y&R dumped multi-year vet Eileen Davidson from that show because she just “didn’t get” Ashley Abbott, and it was only thanks to Brad Bell and B&B saving Eileen that Y&R, under a new producing regime, was able to right that wrong a year later. And it happens at every soap, and it’s sad every time I see it.

    Truthfully, I agree that I don’t get it. There were plenty of Rick ideas teased on screen that could have been followed up on, but weren’t. But for whatever reason, Brad and his crew only have so much story to tell in 250 20 minute episodes a year, and they obviously feel stronger about the other ideas they have over the ones for Rick. Are they right? Time will tell. And who knows? Maybe if things go south down the road, the direction might change and Rick – played by Kyle or someone else – will be back.

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    since Kyle originated the adult role of Brady, I think it would be a bit much to cast him as Brady’s twin/uncle Phillip. Besides Kyle isn’t as polished as Phillip. I instead think he could be easily cast as Julie’s grandson Scott Banning . And wouldn’t it be kinda cool to see if he and Nicole had some chemistry together. It has been a while since a husband and wife team have made it to supercouple status. It would be cute if it were Julie and Doug’s grandkid (well Julie’s anyway). He could play against Nicoles usual type (polished and rich) so she would imediately ignore him but he persists and then something happens where he is her knight in shining armor…. anyway that is my dreamcasting….

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    BRING RICK FORRESTER to Y&R and win Ashley Abbott’s love..a great triangle of Rick/Ashley/Tucker…he even can go after Chloe/or Jana!
    What a brainstorming idea..Bring a Forrester to Y&R!

    He can team with Ashley!

    Felicia Forrester to compete with Phyliss for Jack

    Thorne Forrester would be hot with Nikki Foster Bancroft Newman Abbott NewmaN forrester!…AND MAKE HER NIKKI ABBOTT NEWMAN FORRSETER!

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    Scott Novick – thanks for your insight…and if that’s the business, it sucks. The writers are able to get away with this crap because they are behind the scenes and they never pay for their own failures. that’s the long and short of it.

    and in soaps today…there are plenty of writing failures. they don’t even try anymore.

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    Not surprise! Kyle has no storyline for more than a year. Brad Bell only has 20 minutes and he prefers create new characters and storylines and leave Rick in a corner alone.

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    [quote=CHRISTOPHER]BRING RICK FORRESTER to Y&R and win Ashley Abbott’s love..a great triangle of Rick/Ashley/Tucker…he even can go after Chloe/or Jana!
    What a brainstorming idea..Bring a Forrester to Y&R!![/quote]

    Sheffer and Rauch have no use for Ashley. They only wrote for her when they could have a sicko fantasy about Adam terrorizing her.

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    This disappoints me. Lowder is extremely talented and I hope he ends up on another soap that I watch soon. And what a professional and classy statement that he made.

    Ryan- I totally agree that if Rick does return, it should be Kyle that plays him. As much as I love Jacob Young, of all the soap roles he has held, he is best suited as and IS JR CHANDLER.

    Christopher- GREAT idea to bring Rick to Y & R. I would like them to revisit Rick/Ashley and it would be nice to have a Forrester on canvas to shake up and mix it up with the Newmans and Abbots. It would be nice for Nick/Jack/Victor to see that they aren’t the only rich eligible hotshots in town.

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