All My Children's Jennifer Bassey Plays Mom to Real World's Mike Manning in New Gay Flick

Been wondering what Jennifer Bassey has been up to since her scene-stealing character Marian Colby was sent off the funny farm on All My Children? I'll tell ya what, the hilarious thesp has been playing another diva-rrefic mom, this time in an indie gay flick called The Brothers Sinclair.

Starring The Real World D.C. alum Mike Manning and Steven Helmkamp, The Brothers Sinclair is the story of Scott (Helmkamp) and Jeffrey (Manning), a pair of gay brothers, who are pumped when they learn they've inherited their uncle's men's gym, that is until they learn it's a straight gym and a front for the mob! The low budget project is the brainchild of Ronny Jay and looks pretty funny. Watch the teaser, featuring Bassey as the bois' campy Mama, Vivian Sinclair, after the jump. I hope they make this into a weekly web series, I'd watch!

The Brothers Sinclair from Ronny Jay on Vimeo.


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It is a CRIME that AMC hasn't brought this woman back, but I don't know if she and Jamie Luner would have the same chemistry that she and Marcy Walker did.

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Marian Colby should have been in Pine Valley to slap some sense into her daughter and keep that mouthy Colby in line. Colby has needed someone to slap the BLEEP out of her for a long time, and who better than "Grandmother Dearest"?? And it would have added sooooo many layers to that "Cougar Town" knockoff storyline to have Marian around to point out to her SELF-RIGHTEOUS/SELF-SERVING daughter that sometimes forbidden fruit is WAY more tempting than one might think!!

What the hell is wrong with Julie Carruthers (aside from the obvious)??? She needs to bring Marian back STAT!!

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I just watched that entire video - and LOVED IT!

I wonder when it is coming out (no pun intended)? This is definitely a must-see! Jennifer Bassey was perfection as the Mom, all the guys were gorgeous, and Jamie, I totally agree with you; this would make a fantastically funny series!

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I don't love those boys but you gotta love Marian!