DC #602: In Studio With Larry Flick on The Morning Jolt

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Regan are in-studio and hanging out with Larry Flick and Keith Price on The Morning Jolt With Larry Flick. During the three laugh-filled hours the DC/PC gang dish the latest in soap opera and celebrity news, including:

General Hospital fired Rebecca Herbst and Jamey reveals the latest he’s hearing and what may still be coming down the pipe. What is the latest Jamey is hearing? Why isn’t GH playing up the Elizabeth vs. Sam rivalry like The Bold and the Beautiful has used Brooke vs. Taylor? What has happened to the Brenda storyline on GH? Larry shares a story about his experience with Laura Wright. Would fans be into a Helena/Luke/Tracy triangle? Jamey reveals his dream storyline for boosting One Life to Live’s ratings, thinning the casts and giving its actors more amazing performances. Jamey and Jillian share their experiences about interacting with soap fans.

Larry has the DC gang in laughter at his comments about the Days of our Lives storyline involving Johnny’s eye surgery. Sami and EJ’s tumultuous relationship is heating up, but Jamey thinks that DAYS should bring back Allen to torment Will. DAYS has a lot to do to get back in fighting form as it wastes Crystal Chappell and its storylines stumble.

Larry reveals how his comments about Adam Lambert on Pop Confidential episode #21 stirred up quite the controversy. Jamey shares his Jameylicious dreams and how he’s going to make “licious” an empowerment tool. Larry asks for the PC gang’s thoughts on the Oscar nominations. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards stops by The Morning Jolt during the last half hour to talk about the show’s finale.

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  1. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Finally someone mentioned what I’ve been thinking all year….that Peter Reckell has gotten better were as Kristian has umm rested on her “laurels” I think that’s why I just plain ole enjoy Peter/Bo in other pairings or in storylines by himself because when he is in a storyline with Hope including adventure storylines he either is turned into a goof (he’s been held hostage by that chick from Santa Barbara for weeks now) or he’s just supporting Hope’s character like when she was Princess Gina or her pain over losing Zach. I just am a fan of Bo Brady, it feels like when Bo/Hope are together they can only be the same way forever, they never change or evolve.

  2. Profile photo of luverica

    I believe that Larry and Keith’s been watching AMC for as long as I have (1973). When talking about Melissa Leo, I’m surprised they didn’t mention her fantastic work as street bitch Linda Warner, Dr. Cliff Warner’s (Y&R Peter Bergman) street bitch sister. She was on fire in that role. She’s the reason, along with Andre Braugher, that I started watching NBC’s HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREET because I remembered her so well from AMC.

    Check out this YouTube clip. Now this is what you call a catfight. Plus, we have Marion, Myrtle, Tom (I miss my Richard Shoberg), and a much younger Erica and Tad. THIS is the AMC I remember and miss sooo much.


  3. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I now enjoy these podcast with Larry I didn’t get him at first but I hung in there and now I’m glad I did…I still think you should have a contest or something to have one of us fans join a podcast every now and again…that would be fun…

    Anyway….re: Elizabeth Webber.

    They aren’t playing up the rivalry of Elizabeth vs Sam because Frons makes sure that Guza writes Elizabeth to kiss Sam’s ass in every scene they are in…not only that there is no equality in the writing…Sam is Frons’ speed dial girl she is General Hospital and he’s already mandated that she is to be written only with a positive focus…

    Elizabeth has been written only with only a negative focus where is the drama in a rivalry like this…? Even Jack gets some writing on Y/R I mean he can’t win against Victor but he’s written well that won’t happen with Elizabeth…There has been plenty of opportunity especially when Sam was dating Lucky look how Elizabeth was written? Sam didn’t go after Jason she went after Elizabeth…where was Jason in the quad? Nowhere to be found…he threatened to cap her and it didn’t mean anything she kept on going messing with his then woman. Next thing I know she’s going camping with the kids.

    Sam was (is) Queen bee Elizabeth acquiesced let her see her kids hang out at her house kiss her ex park her car in her carport…quickertkhanthis she pat Sam on the head and all was well and Sam’s redemption via whitewashing began and hasn’t stopped.

    I don’t believe the budget crap or the storyline that they dictate one iota…Frons wants (Becky) Elizabeth gone…Becky is too popular for her own good..He doesn’t want her to be popular…look at the screen he’s written her to be the biggest loser and that will continue until she hits the exit door. When the writing didn’t put her in her place he showed her the door. Nothing on GH will supersede his love for Sam McCall. So the deck is stacked what is there to rival about? Elizabeth will get crappy writing getting the “AJ Treatment” and Sam will continue to be written to shit rainbows and tulips. Just like Brooklyn is getting the writing against her now…and Shioban will get the writing if she was pitted up against this newbie…they are being written “for” Elizabeth is being written “against.” e.g. AJ vs Jason, Ric vs. Sonny, Jax vs Sonny and/or Jason it use to be Lucky vs Jason…this kind of “treatment” for me makes a predictable boring rivalry

    Its political that’s it nothing will save Becky’s job and frankly as a Elizabeth/Becky fan from day one…

    I prefer her not to remain on a show that treats her like crap and shows their actors such extreme favoritism and disrespect. I am hoping that she gets picked up by a show who’s head of daytime isn’t “biased” against fans taking sides publically. I’m sick of seeing her crapped on by the triad of destruction. Becky is a beautiful person inside and out and deserves better than GH.

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