Lily’s Beloved Cane is Shot on The Young and the Restless!

Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) secret is out, and no one’s safe. This week on The Young and the Restless, Cane is shot while protecting Lily (Christel Khalil) and their children. Will the Aussie survive? Watch this week’s Y&R promo after the jump!

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    Oh wow! Looks like it’s going to be a good week for Y&R.
    This is the only story I’m enjoying right now and I’m not even a Cane/Lily fan (I can’t stand them actually) but this story has got me interested and I actually hope Cane does not die.

    Also, CK and DG have been killing their scenes lately. I normally don’t enjoy CK as Lily at all, but she can act, she’s proving that.

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    Okay, I admit that I find this to be SLIGHTLY interesting, but this is really a PITIFUL exit story for Daniel Goddard. And of course now I will have to listen to Lily CRY and WHINE incessantly for the next few months. Not looking forward to that……………

    Been there, done that, got the dead batteries in my remote control to prove it.

    Goodbye, Daniel—and may a better written character be around the corner for you.

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    All I know is that Daniel Goddard appears to be leaving Y&R. I am not sure if he’s going to get killed off or if it’s going to be a “witness protection program” type of thing, similar to Chance’s. But either way, I won’t miss the character. Good riddance!!!

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    Dear heavens, I read elsewhere that in regards to Cane and Lily, they are supposedly “going for the romanticism of Wuthering Heights”??? (That’s an exact quote, by the way.) Someone please explain to me what the hell that is supposed to mean and how the hell it’s supposed to occur with THEM? I’ve read that book many, MANY times and anyone whose read it knows it doesn’t in well. I love the story, but it’s downright depressing at best. Not to mention, Cane and Lily ain’t no Heathcliff and Catherine, so, what the what?????

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    If they are killing Cane i have to say i’m going to miss him even though I hated him most of the time ( especially with Lily). Would have rather had Lily die. Now she’s going to whine and whine for months. Please lord show mercy.

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    Thank you for giving me that REDONKULOUS quote. I needed a good laugh today. :party: :party: :party: :party: Cane and Lily don’t even belong in the same SENTENCE with the term “romanticism.” “Nausea-inducing” and “contrived” describe their relationship pretty well, but “romantic” just doesn’t seem to fit the bill. And I wish Maria would stop throwing out all of these pop culture references. The only pop culture references that seem to fit her writing style these days come from COMIC BOOKS. Perhaps she owns stock in Marvel Comics?????????

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    LOL, alstonboy, you are more than welcome for that one! I shouldn’t have to be the only one sitting back and chuckling my head off in regards to that information. I saw the quote and honestly thought it was a misprint and meant for another couple on the show, or at the very least a joke, but reread a few times, and realized it wasn’t. And the Comic Books comment you made in regards to Ma Bell is absolutely priceless! :bigsmile: :LOL:

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    You owe me a keyboard. :)

    I couldn’t help spewing my diet 7up all over as I read that awesomely inane comparison of Cane and Lily to Heathcliff and Cathy.

    If it was Maria that said that, then my non-existent respect for her storytelling abilities just went into negative territory.

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    If Colin turns out to be an nonredeemable villain and leaves the show and this s/l is yet another “I told you so” lesson from Katherine to Jill I am done with this show. DONE DONE DONE

    The Aussie guys have brought the Winter/Chancellors to life, nothing they can write will keep it going without them.

    They didn’t give Jill William Russ, and if they aren’t giving her Tristan Rogers, they will never ever give her a man. I’m going to give up. Giving Jill a “Murphy” at Kay’s age is not something I’m going to wait for. And if the Aussies go we will only see Jill once every couple a months anyway.

    So if anyone has any inside info, and that’s whats to come, please spill it, I don’t want to watch another day if there is no surprise turn in this story.

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    This promo looks INTENSE and actually has me excited to watch Y&R for once. It’s been a little boring for me lately but this looks good. I’m wondering if Cane is going to die because isn’t DG suppose to be exiting the show?!?

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    I have heard that they are killing of Cane. I have been so disappointed in how they are writing him. How any writers could turn this gorgeous guy into a wimp is beyond me…it’s a crime! But then, mentioning crimes… they have written for Sharon too… obviously when it comes to stupidity…these writers are very good at ruining characters.

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    LOL, baycity! Apologies for ruining your keyboard with that inane comparison of Lily/Cane and Heathcliff/Cathy. Let me know where to send the check!

    I was sitting here scratching my head when I read it and just couldn’t keep the info to myself because it sounded just too unbelievable to be true. But. It is. Picture me :puzzled: . I’m just glad I’m not the only one who thought, ‘ah, dur, say what???’ in regards to that info! Apparently, it’s supposed to be when he tells her about his past. Um, okay. Still not figuring out how this relates to Wuthering Heights, Ma Bell, nor how his telling her all about his past is “going for the romanticism” of it all.

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    Julia Pace Mitchell was on fire today. First time I gave a damn about the character and I’m so happy that the poor woman got a little bit of backstory!

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    I agree. I have not been a big fan of Julie Pace Mitchell in the past, who I have found to be slightly robotic in her line deliveries, but she has done a pretty decent job over the past few days. I definitely see improvement.

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    Disagree with the idea that the Aussie boys have brought life into the Chancellors/Winters. Blake is pointless and I have a feeling that Colin is about to be written into a corner.

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    I am sick of Lily\Cane and her whining all the time…she actually produced a tears today..better effort. IF and that is a big IF they do kill Cane off this could actually be a blessing for Jess W. It could open up story for Jill and put a vengeful bitch back in her tank, an evil revenge mode…watch out Colin. Let Jill get a clue and she is hellbent on bringing down Colin.
    Or maybe its not Colin that order the hit but rival family and it comes out about Colin’s connection to organized crime and maybe this could redeem him because it been a wonderful surprise for me to enjoy this vet Tristan…didn’t know him from GH..knew about him and his standing in daytime and Tristan & Jess has chemistry and Jill wants Colin to use his influence to exact revenge. Let Jill go to a very dark place of her soul.

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    These writers better not kill off Cane! If they would just get off their behinds and show a little creativity these s/l’s wouldn’t be so boring. Oh my bad the only s/l that even gets a hint of creativity is Icky & Billy. It’s really sad b/c I like Billy but goodness he’s become so boring. Hell I’m rooting for Daniel to get his baby and put me out of my misery.

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    I don’t how the Jill/Colin story, SO FAR, is different from Jill/Ji Min, Jill/Tucker, Jill/whoever. Is Jill never allowed to find the right man and prove that old, 12-step biddy, Mrs. Chancellor, wrong for a change?

    How can a 60-year-woman with business smarts keep making the exact same mistake in her personal life? Maria Bell has been no better than LML in this regard, and it’s getting really tired.

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    I am gobsmacked by comments that refer to Lily as whiny and weak, when she is the STRONGEST woman on Y&R. Sure, she has had plenty to cry about thanks to this non-writing Regime but she holds steady and triumphs at each and every turn, unlike the other women, most of whom are far too old to be so weak and repulsive. And as for Lily Winters Ashby, CHRISTEL KHALIL HENSLEY is one of the BEST Actors on the Show and has a HUGE following, that is a fact! To say that CK should leave instead of DG (who incidentally isnt going anywhere) is ridiculous. The door should be shown to quite a few others, including but not limited to, MAB’s pets who all, with the exception of BM, suck canal water backwards and are all FF fodder!

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    Lily is THE whiniest character every in the history of Y&R. All this chick does is complain. And I don’t want to hear Lily whine and bi*ch for 4 months about “how honest Cane was” and listen to Neil tell her how strong she is and he will look after his “baby girl.” When Lily whines, it is really painful. The only weaker woman on the show is Sharon. However, I think CK did do a decent job the other day, so there is some hope.

    I wish DG could stay and that we could recast Lily. Lane was just too sappy and cheesy, IMO. So, will Blake leave the show or will he be Lily’s new mate?

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    When I stopped watching Y&R Cane was in some shit, I turn it on today, and he’s still in some shit. Boy has always seemed whinny to me. If they kill his behind off I will not miss him while I drool over nuNate.

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    If one more person fake dies on this show, I’m going to SCREAM! It’s so tired…right along with this storyline.

    Let’s start moving that Diane/Nick/Victor triangle along. That’s pretty interesting, although not the least bit surprising that Victor gets the upper hand.Don’t the writers EVER get tired of letting that egotistical jerk win?!

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    Boy, all the above comments are a very mixed bag … just like my thoughts on the whole deal.

    Cane has been written into a corner sort of, but he is redeemable (because he is not really a bad guy) if the oh so perfect Winters boys give him another chance. I kind of doubt he will die, but if he does that certainly gives Colin room to move on permanently with Jill for the time being.

    I also agree that Lily does seem to whine but not really all that much as far as I’m concerned and she is nowhere near in the same league as her insufferable aunt Olivia. I guess I agree with Brittany … to a point. Lily is strong but certainly not THE strongest Genoa City lady around.

    When all the pasta is strained here though … I really hope we don’t find more duplicated or similar story lines. We have enough of those already. We need something new and adventurous; like whole wheat or vegetable.

    (By the way … I didn’t know spammers and trollers were in a habit of bombarding sites like this; re the Math question.)

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    Your dislike of Olivia makes me chuckle. You are probably the only person I have ever known that doesn’t like the character. I am not criticizing you or attacking you for it, mind you, I just find it kinda funny. I have a silly sense of humor. Please don’t be offended. :) :) :) :)

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    I really hope Cane doesnt die! He is so much more interesting when hes scheming or trying to get out of trouble. Maybe they should team him up with paul and he can use his talents of creating new identities to catch bad guys!lol I mean he was able to live as “Philip” for a long time. I think he and Paul would work well together. Just a thought

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    alstonboy … good grief! That’s what this site is for … to express opinions and have them concurred or ripped apart (or anywhere in between). It’s fun when you don’t take it to heart, and I don’t. I don’t because I fully realize that many of my opinions are completely off the wall; but they are what I feel at the time. Plus you may have noticed that they quite often fluctuate.

    Regarding Olivia … I find that she is the most self righteous and opinionated of the self righteous and opinionated, She tries to run the lives of others and she drives men away with her sainthood. All that and heaven too because she also seems to be the most unrealistically talented multifaceted medical person around who can handle any given situation. The person is probably just fine but the character ….

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    Restless Vixen

    Completely agree with tedew WRT the Olivia character. I think Tonya Lee Williams is lovely, but I find Olivia to be a self-righteous stick in the mud.

    I don’t want Cane (nor Blake) to die, yet I don’t want Cane to become yet another Not!Death fake-out like so many characters on Y&R. Plus I’m tried of seeing tragic Lily meet yet another peril.

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    Cane dead? Well if it looks like he is then he probably really is. I actually doubt they’d dare use two witness protection stories at the same time. (But of course you never really do know, do you?)

    That whole Cane shooting episode was kind of odd. And the only reason Cane did not email Lily his confession is so that the hand written note could just disappear for a while until jeopardy is in the air all around. The whole Godfather III and Odessa Steps tributes did not really work all that well for me either.

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