As The World Turns Alum Jordana Brewster Cast in Dallas Reboot!

Remember Hal Munson’s (the late Ben Hendrickson) long lost daughter Nikki on As The World Turns? Well you’re going to be seeing her again pretty soon! According to Deadline, Jordana Brewster has been cast in TNT’s upcoming Dallas sequel!

Brewster will be portraying the role of Elena, the "gorgeous daughter" of Southfork’s cook, who is "locked in a love triangle" with Bobby and Pam’s adopted son Christopher and ol’ JR’s boy John Ross.  As previously reported Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray have already signed on to reprise the roles of Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing respectively, and Larry Hagman has made a verbal committment and is expected to sign on soon, according to the blog. I cannot wait for this!

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    I am so on board with this! TV has been on many years now and it is about time that it mines its own history.
    My list of shows to bring back or to redo:
    The Carol Burnett Show same cast
    Bewitched redo
    Cheers (w/original cast)
    Twilight Zone
    The Brady Bunch the next generation
    Dynasty the next generation
    I Love Lucy staring Debra Messing as Lucy, Megan Mullaly as Ethyl.
    Mad about you (same cast)
    Married with children the next generation
    In the UK instead of back to back seasons, they skip years and such. I am not saying to do this but wouldn’t cheers 20 years later be a hoot?

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    I like this, Jordana’s got the looks and the talent. I’m with you, Jockteen, I can’t wait to see who they get to play Christopher and John Ross either.

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    Damn she is hot, can’t wait. Looking forward to it. What about Victoria Principal and Charlene Tilton? Only remake I’m looking forward too. Because they are including the original cast. I hope they bring back the kick ass theme music. Is anyone playing Miss Ellie? Please keep us updated, thanks.
    Here can keep up on the latest news There is a clip of Jordana Brewster on Letterman, talking about being on ATWT.

  4. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Ooh! I lurve, lurve, lurve, Jordana Brewster and like other’s have said, she’s so beautiful and can truly act! And I am so looking forward to this Dallas reboot. My mother watched the original, and I kid you not, she forced my dad to take her to Southfork Ranch for their honeymoon. She was THAT obsessed with the show! And with the reruns airing on the country music channel, I’ve been getting more and more into the original with her.

    She will be very happy to know that her Bobby’s making a return. As well as Sue Ellen and that dastardly J.R. Ewing! :bigsmile:

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]I hear a very popular West Coast daytime soap star is up for John Ross…[/quote]
    Is it someone on a soap now?
    Oh…I can’t even think who it might be.. (please no Tyler Christopher….please!)

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    [quote]My mother watched the original, and I kid you not, she forced my dad to take her to Southfork Ranch for their honeymoon. She was THAT obsessed with the show[/quote]
    I’ve actually been to Soutfork myself and it was so small, I was a little dissapointed.

    Do I have to fill out math quizesz every single time I post…draining!

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    LOL, troy. My mother said the same thing about Southfork. She was picturing it to be bigger than what it was, but boy was she excited to go. She still talks about it! I also hope TC doesn’t sign on. I’ve been sick of his Nikolas for years now because he phones it in. No change of scenery is going to make me want him on what could be a truly successful reboot.

    And I was also wondering about the frequent ‘math quizzes’. Are there many bots signing on??? I noticed some insane forums last week. Luckily, I still know that 10 + 3 = 13. Get any higher DC, and I might have to take my behind back to school! :LOL:

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    Both Tom Pelphrey and Billy Miller would be great for this project. I still have a soft spot for Tommy, though. I think he’s the best actor under 30 that soaps had in the 2000s.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Sounds like Billy Miller………..[/quote]
    That would actually be a great fit, since like Ryan-Scott mentioned, BJ is VERY Texas, lol.

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I would be happy with Billy or Tom Pelphrey. Heck, they can even throw in David Andrew Macdonald, who played Edmund on GL. I am sure he could pull off a convincing Southern accent. He doesn’t have an accent in real life and managed to convince people that he was British.

    There are probably at least a dozen actors out there who could pull off the role of a ‘country bumpkin’ (affectionately speaking, of course! :D :D ). I hope they find someone good!!!

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    :party: Is the original cast just going going to be in the pilot? Or are they going to be a regular? Back in the day Dallas had some hot women, looks like they are continuing that. ’80’s was such different times back then. I hope they can pull it off. Recent remakes have been disappointing. Hope they don’t bring back the ’80’s styles back then. I hope they spend more time at the ranch. And I too would like to hear the theme music again.

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