Chuck Pratt’s The Lying Game Not Picked Up, “Still in Contention” at ABC Family

It’s hard out there for Chuck Pratt. While ABC Family has picked up three new scripted series, the former daytime scribe’s project The Lying Game wasn’t one of them. According to Deadline, The Lying Game, based on the novel by the same name from Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard, is "still in contention" as ABC Family and Alloy Entertainment (the company behind PLL, Gossip Girl, etc.) look at budget and other issues. This is the second Pratt series, with General Hospital star Tyler Christopher attached, that has seen problems heading to air in recent years. Somewhere Bob Guza is laughing his mobster-lovin’ arse off.

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    Hurrah to the notion of Chuck Pratt falling on his face, but BOO to the idea of a POTENTIALLY interesting new scripted series not getting picked up. We need all the good scripted TV we can get to ward off the effects of the Snookies of the world!!! Cringe!!!!!!! :X :X :X :X :X

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    Man, I feel so bad for Tyler Christopher because he is so asleep behind the wheel. You can just tell he’s itching to get out of GH even his kiss with Brook lynn weeks ago was lackluster.

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    Chuck Pratt was the driving force behind “Melrose Place,” which was one of my favorite 1990s TV shows, so he is CAPABLE of producing/writing interesting and compelling prime-time material. It’s just that he has proven himself TOTALLY INCAPABLE of writing for daytime in the same fashion, unless he has other BETTER head writers working with him to filter out his bullcrap!!!! When he tries to do it alone, it’s a DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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