One Life to Live to Rebroadcast Blair and Todd’s (Roger Howarth)’s ’95 Wedding!

Okay, One Life to Live is loving teasing us with this whole "Is Roger Howarth coming back?" bidness! On Feb. 11 the soap opera will rebroadcast Todd (then played by Howarth) and Blair’s (Kassie DePaiva) 1995 wedding. You know, the one where the photo of Blair that TOE-MAS (Ted King) used to paint her portrait was taken.

Sidenote: Why is it everytime a soap vet joins OLTL they bring a goofy accent along with them? First A Martinez, then Kim Zimmer (who otherwise, I am loving), now Ted King. For the love of Donald and Daffy Duck, just talk with your normal accents people! You aren’t performing a period piece on PBS or a telenovela on Telemundo!

Just for the record, I hope OLTL manages to lure Howarth back at some point, because I know it could potentially be ratings gold (I say "potentially" because the returns of Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo and Rebecca Budig did nada for their soap’s ratings), but for my money, Trevor St. John is TAWD and that’s just all there is to it. Oh, and he belongs with Blair!!!!

Elsewhere on the Mouse House lineup that day, All My Children will re-air Jack (Walt Willey) and Erica’s (Susan Lucci) 2005 wedding, which means I get to see my Eden Riegel as Bianca! Meanwhile, General Hospital will be rebroadcasting the Scrubs wedding from ’08. Not exactly "classic weddings", but I’ll cut ‘em a break. Will you guys be watching? Sound off in the comments!

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    Roger Howarth is the only Todd to me, and I am really looking forward to this wedding repeat. I think there is a reason TPTB chose this one. Only time will tell.

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    Trevor could stay TAWD & Roger will return as Todd frackin Manning, llanviews dark prince. I can’t wait to see him again in this repeat & back on OLTL in the future.

    The AMC wedding was one of my favorites of Erica’s & I watched them all.
    The GH one I will watch for Robert Scorpio who should be in Port Charles to give his buddy Luke something to do.

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    I’m not sure how I feel about Roger Howarth potentially returning. Trevor St. John is the only Todd I know. For years I’ve seen him rekindle romances with Blair and Tea–women from Todd’s pre-TStJ history. And I’ve also watched him bond with his kids: Starr, Jack, Dani, and Sam (the only child born to Todd after TStJ took over). To make him not Todd after all this time… I wouldn’t like it. I have no idea what OLTL’s intentions are with this storyline (a twin, perhaps?) but I hope that TStJ remains Todd and doesn’t get shoved aside so RH can return.

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    I was a little green to soaps in 1995, but I do recall this period as being nothing short of fantastic for OLTL. If memory serves, that was when Victoria Lord discovered she had about 5 different alters in addition to Nicki Smith and held Dorian captive in her basement (magnificent performances by Strasser and Slezak).

    Then, later Dorian’s other sisters were finally being used in a Gothic storyline in which Dorian discovered their believed-to-be-dead mother was really alive, insane, and still with her 90-year-old nanny who tried to murder Dorian.

    Both storylines were rehashed by later regimes, using Jessica and Mitch.

    When I quit watching OLTL, Howarth was still playing Todd. When I went back during the “rapemance” storyline, it didn’t feel like it was Todd I was watching. TSJ may be TAWD, but he IS NOT Todd.

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    I sure hope this means REALTodd is back, either as Todd, Walker Flynn, or a new character entirely. Can’t wait for Roger Howarth and Susan Haskell to share scenes again!

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    Michael Malone was still in his first term as HW on OLTL so yes…this was a good time for the show.

    It sank immediately when Leah Laiman, Peggy Sloane, and Jean Passanante replaced him.

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    I finding it rediculous to say that Trevor St. John is Todd. I grew up watching OLTL and to me (and most long term fans) Rogger Howarth is the one and only Todd. TSJ is not a good actor and the writers have completely changed Todd from how he was when RH was playing him. I think if RH was playing Todd we wouldn’t have seen that horrible Rapemance story.

    The best solution is to do like Days with John and Roman. RH will be Todd and TSJ can be a brain washed imoposter sent by Mitch Laurence that way it will undo all the stupid stuff that they had Todd do in the last few years.

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    OLTL and I were both born in 1968 and by the mid seventies I was a fan though Ryan-Scott reminds me that AMC was my original favorite…takes a moment to wipe away tears for the glory that was once AMC…Roger Howarth is the one actor who could bring me back to OLTL for the first time since May 2010, I was burned by the Vanessa Marcil return and am no longer watching GH but I would give Roger who played Todd as a villian who struggled to be a better man which was a performance I loved a chance to bring me back to OLTL.

    just want to add my problem with Todd 2.0 is with the writing of the character more than TSJ’s performance

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    Yes Maxsmom! When Agnes Nixon had total control of AMC was when it was best.

    Anytime an episode opened with the hand opening the book….well….makes me misty too…:-)

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    [quote=6-soaps]Both storylines were rehashed by later regimes, using Jessica and Mitch…quote]

    They should have quit while they were ahead. I don’t know which writer (Could someone help me here?) was responsible for giving Jessica DID, but it’s never been done as well her mother’s original storyline. When this show is good, it’s darned good; but when it’s bad, it makes me want to scratch my eyes out.

    I hear rumors that they’re revisiting the DID thing soon, and I’m really enjoying OLTl right now. So I pray they don’t.

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    RH will always be the only Todd for me! I haven’t been this excited about a potential return in a very long time and I’m enjoying all the teasing of RH. Bring on the REAL Todd Manning!!

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    Ryan-Scott, the best days for me were the Greg/Jenny/Jesse/Angie/Tad/Liza and the rest of the eighties, Peter Bergman celebrated 20 years with Y&R and I started leaving AMC when he left,I was angry that Angie/Cliff was put to rest because even back then ABC was caving in to bigotry, can I get a witness Kish fans? anyhoo in NYC the last 30 mins of Y&R airs opposite the first 30 of AMC so I didn’t go cold turkey but eventually I got to the point where Susan Lucci is the only regular cast member who was there when I started, heck, I remember when one of soap’s all time great villians, Ray Gardner drove into town

    whew, maybe the networks are right, 42 feels really old right now :)

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    In the past I’ve expressed my reservations about OLTL glorifying rape with the character of Todd Manning. However, I only feel this way when TSJ is playing him. When it was Roger Howarth, You could see how conflicted and tortured the character felt about his crimes. TSJ is a fantastic actor; but his Todd is a little too devil-may-care for my taste.

    Another thing to consider here is that OLTL ratings* are not great. If Howarth’s return were promoted and executed properly, unlike VMG’s, it would send them way up.

    BTW, for most of his time as Paul Ryan at ATWT, Roger Howarth was simply terrible in the part. He played him as Todd for a while and then he just seemed to quit caring. During the show’s last year, he got a lot better, giving the character a wicked sense of humor that was really needed. Roger Howarth belongs on OLTL.

    *Jamey, can we get a Ratings Rant, please?

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    Sorry, not interested in this re-run. Been there, done that with Todd and Blair. They long outwore their luster even before RH left the role. I loved RH as Todd. I remember running home from school to watch him and his story even from the beginning when he was with Rebecca. I loved him and RH. In fact, I followed him on ATWT as best I could primarily because of him, despite not liking the show all that much. But time moves on and quite frankly, I am over it. Now, instead of running home from school, I make time at work to watch Todd as portrayed by Trevor St. John.

    Trevor St. John won me over and I enjoy the evolution he was unafraid to give the character. I loathe stagnant characters that act as if they are in some sort of time warp, never growing, never learning, never progressing. I don’t ever want Todd to be your typical good guy but he isn’t. Far from it. He is more flawed than anyone on that canvas but he has chosen not to wallow in the gutter, but rather, to fight for love and his family. This is not much unlike how Rebecca inspired him to do similar all of those years ago.

    I don’t need to turn back the clock. I live in the now and love what I have in Todd Manning. It would be a mistake to replace him. And yes, I’ve been watching this show for 25 years so the arrogant assumptions that newbie, non-Todd fan, non-RH fan viewers would accept/prefer Trevor St. John in the role need not apply. Thanks.

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    I agree with Jamey, I think Trevor St. John is doing an amazing job as Todd. Roger Howarth was great, but if they change all the stories of the last 8 years to make Roger Todd again, it will be a mistake. They should do a “Who’s the Real Todd?” story and promote the hell out of it, but in the end they should keep Trevor as Todd and have Roger play Todds twin. That way he can play out all those old relationships since he would be a lord and would not turn the canvas upside down to facilitate his return.

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    Ok Heres my Thought

    RH Could Return and Both Him & TSJ Play Todd

    Follow Me On This
    Todd (TSJ) Starts To Remember How Mitch had him Kidnapped. It Shows RH As Todd Being Put In The Crypt Then Being Beat Up Numerous Times. RH’s Todd finds an article about Walker (TSJ) & Seeks Out A Doctor To Change His Face To Match Walkers. We See All This Happen. RH’s Todd Goes In For the procedure than awakens with TSJ’s face. TSJ’s Todd then vows to make Mitch Pay and heads back to llanview.

    These Scenes Would Play Out short-Term

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    I would love to have RH back as the real Todd Manning. My problem is that I am not the fan of Ron Carlivati that many are, and I shudder to think what he would do to Todd’s return. If he would go back to writing the show the way he did pre-writers strike im in. Anything post has intailed rapemances, 17 again rapes, Rex’s rapidly changing paternity, David’s Rapidly changing paternity, 1968, Tess and the basement and on and on. Give me 2007 RC and man, what an amazing story the REAL Todd’s Return would be. TSJ could play who he was meant to play Walker Lawerence!

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    I’m with those that say that it’s not TSJ’s performance of Todd that is the problem. TSJ is a talented actor when given the material and I have no issues with him as an actor. But the writing for Todd as a character, particularly after the return of SH as Marty and the re-rape has been way off. He may be (or have been) Todd in name but not the same character as RH played him which is telling considering the recent ballyhoo about a possible return and the way Todd’s current story is unfolding. It would be a shame if they shoved TSJ under the bus to make way for RH butI think TPTB don’t really have to do that. They could bring RH back into the fold and keep TSJ front and center with well written material. That said, I think it would be total let down for the RH fans in particular and the way his return has been hyped so recently if he didn’t return in some capacity.

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    Jamey I agree with you. Irrespective of what happens I hope Trevor St John remains as Todd Manning. I also dont like the idea of an imposter story.
    I enjoyed Todd Manning when he was played by RH and I have even enjoyed him even more with Trevor St John. My initial interest in Todd stemmed from the fact that he was a damaged man who despite his horrible past had an opportunity to heal, grow and move on from his past mistakes. Not every convict gets released, inherits a pot load of money and finds out he is related to one of the most powerful ladies in town. The universe gave him a fresh start and it was up to him to decide how he was going to move forward. This is the Todd story I wanted to watch. Both actors have played different parts of this story and I commend them both.
    The Todd I see now, however imperfect, is more of the Todd Manning I expected to see in 2011. While Todd is still self destructive he has undergone some character development. That is what I hoped to see and Trevor has given me this Todd. I expected some changes in Todd over the years. I didn’t expect him to remain the same person.

    I know this is a soap and pigs can literally fly but I find an imposter story insulting to me as a viewer on various levels. RH made a decision to leave and they decided to recast the position with TSJ. The show then embarked on a mission to convince us that this was the same man. I put everything aside and did what the show asked which was to accept Trevor in the role and continue on this Todd journey with them. Thus for them to turn around after I have invested 7 years of my time and emotions in this story and say oops this was never a Todd story because he is an imposter is insulting. I don’t even want to get in to how insulting an imposter storyline is to TSJ and his work because this post is getting too long :)

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    I am really appalled by your offensive denigration of Spanish accents. Can’t deal listening to people with accents? So you want them SEGREGATED to Telemundo only? Shame on YOU! What are you from Arizona now? What happened to your rants that daytime needs MORE diversity?

    For the record, AM was playing a South American Spanish male and his accent was not “goofy.” It was actually a welcome change to see OLTL honor a diverse heritage versus whitewash Ray with some American accent.

    As for TK’s character, he spoke unaccented English just as Téa does. But like Téa, the show is honoring diversity here. The “Toe-mas” you sneered as IS in fact the correct pronunciation of a SPANISH name. TK speaks fluent, beautifully accented Spanish and he can purr that accent ANYTIME into MY ears.

    I hope you take a very long hard look at your words in this post and think about what I said. End of rant.

    As for Roger Howarth, what was a strange episode to choose to “lure” him back. This was the Todd Lord story that drove him to walk in 1995, then give a scathing exit interview about the romanticizing of a rapist and pan this story as one big fairy tale. Talk about being tone-deaf, ABC!

    As someone who loved Roger’s 93-98 Todd, his last run at Todd was pretty awful and his GOOFY Todd panned. I don’t want that Todd back. And nothing he did at ATWT impressed me much. I guess I’m a RH fan who honors his great years but needs to see something this decade that proves he’s still got the will to dig deep and resurrect his dramatic acting chops.

    As for Brenda’s return, ABC made a crucial mistake. They were so obsessed with luring back former viewers, they alienated many newer viewers by making it the Brenda Show. Very stupid strategy especially if she leaves in August again.

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    Nope, you’re not the only one who likes both actors in the role. I think they both brought something different to the character and I have enjoyed them both at different times. Most Roger Howarth fans seem to want him back on One Life ONLY as Todd Manning, and most Trevor St John fans don’t mind if RH comes back as long as he is NOT Todd Manning. Personally, I don’t see an RH return as a new character being successful, but it would have to be an exceptionally well thought out and executed impostor story line to keep TSJ fans from open ratings warfare. If TPTB at One Life can figure out a way to make it a good story, and not just a way to get RH back in a misguided attempt to boost ratings, they could have a chance to keep two popular actors on the canvas and keep their loyal viewers happy. But, yeah, good luck with that!

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    [quote=nOva]I feel like I’m the only one that loves both RH and TSJ as Todd, but I am very aware of the differences in their portrayals.[/quote]

    You are not alone, I feel exactly the same.

    Personally, if RH returns, I think I would prefer he play another character. It seems to me that this would open up more possibilities with his character as I can only assume RH would still have issues with playing Todd as a romantic lead.

    Besides, if TSJ turns out not to be Todd, why did the paternity test Tea ran between Todd and Dani match? There are too many false DNA tests in Llanview already!

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    As usual Alstonboy, you’re reading my mind my friend. As much as I like RH in the role, TSJ has DEFINITELY made Todd his own. I wouldn’t mind having RH back, but I would prefer him to play another character. Unless it comes out that they’re fraternal twins or something.

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    [quote=akbad806]This was an awful period of OLTL and I will not be watching. Show me some Paul Rauch era of OLTL to get me excited.[/quote]

    I have the complete opposite thought. I loved this era! Dorian and Joey, Tina and David, Viki’s alters. Blair scamming Todd, knowing he was the real heir etc

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    Trevor St. John has EARNED the title of Todd, as far as I’m concerned. I will welcome Roger’s return as long as it doesn’t mean that Trevor gets tossed overboard!!!!

    I completely agree with you Alstonboy4315, TSJ is Todd Manning. Most of the people that say he isnt Todd are giving reasons that have to do with the stories, not the actor. Trevor has been on during the Dena Higley regime, who is considered one of the worst writers in daytime, and also RC, who is a good writer but also seems to be pretty manic when it comes to his writing for Todd.
    Todd did nothing for most of 2010 so you cant really blame Trevor if Todd sucked last year, but look at his first storyline and how good he was during the whole Walker/Todd story, Margarets’ obsession with him which lead to her raping him, her “death” and Todd being found guilty and given the lethal injection (Considered by many to be some of the best acting of the last decade by an actor during that story), Blair’s miscarriage due to Todd trying to kill Spencer, Tangeline Romance, When he thought his son with Margaret was dead, the whole 2008 year from Todd going insane over his daughters sexuality to his hatred of Cole and his disturbing but still brilliant acting during the so called Rapemance, his suicide attempt over losing Marty and Hopes “death”, his renewed romance with Tea and plenty of others.

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    If they were smart, they’d tease the audience for a loooooong time about who’s really Todd. The way I see it, though, RH will come back claiming to be Todd. DNA will prove it. TSJ’s “Todd” will be kicked to the curb and he’ll struggle with his own identity. And then based on fan reaction, they will either leave things alone or make TSJ Todd again.

    It would be clever, though, if Walker Flynn survived and had plastic surgery to resemble Todd to get back at Todd for doing the same thing to him.

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    I LOVE Trevor St. John! He is so awesome on the show. I think the show will be making a mistake if they spend more budget dollars bringing back RH but then again, if it brings up the ratings, I am all for it. Just don’t let Trevor St. John go!

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Trevor St. John has EARNED the title of Todd, as far as I’m concerned. I will welcome Roger’s return as long as it doesn’t mean that Trevor gets tossed overboard!!!![/quote]

    Well said and I agree!!!

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    I just don’t think this show can get away with having Roger Howarth back on the show and not playing a role he will forever be linked to? I certainly wouldn’t buy it.

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    I am in the RH is todd and TSJ is walker brainwashed to believe he is todd camp and I have been saying that for years. It explains why tea’s todd could never give his heart before but can now (because when she said that I thought BS he gave his heart, just not to her.) It also explains why TSJ’s todd and blair never totally were in sync and it puts the rapemance (and todds sudden hatred for Marty) in to a totally new perspective – RH’s todd sacrificed himself to protect Marty and Patrick back in the day and they reached a detente of sorts, this todd hated her on site and then suddenly loved her. Todds marty conflict could be because his brainwasher didnt get the full dynamic between the two conveyed, so his mind thought hate and his heart thought love. We have 3 powerhouse lead actresses in FL, KDP, and SH, you have 3 powerhouse lead actors in tsj, rh and TeK. Two “todd’s” puts haskell into that mix. Plus I dont think an RH as todd would come back as a romantic lead – this is a guy thats going to be pissed at the world that all these people that should know him well enough to know better didnt. I would FLOVE a scene with RH’s todd tearing into tsjs faux todd explaining how he terrorized marty and created a debt that he could never repay and he wants to kill him for terrorizing her all over again – esp. if that confrontation is overheard by Marty and she breaks it up.

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    I’ve loved TSJ and RH as Todd, and I’d really enjoy watching the two of them battling it out in a who’s-the-real-Todd storyline. This story offers lots of great potential for Blair, Starr, Marty, Tea, Viki, Nora, Bo, Jack, even Jessica and Natalie.

    I also love that ABC is teasing this so blatantly; at the same time tho, they’re building an audience expectation that may backfire if RH doesn’t reappear

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    Romanticizing Todd was the death of the character. Why does every character have to be a romantic leading man? RH’s Todd was one of a kind. Making the character “his own” made that ONCE dynamic character, an ordinary 40 something stud & we certainly don’t have any of those in daytime.

    Trevor isn’t playing Todd, he’s playing Walker, has been for years.

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    This sounds like the Rebecca Budig the Real Greenlee Promos that was what turned me off AMC never watched that show after that and if OLTL pull that BS that will be the end of ABC soaps for me.I loved Roger as Todd so when he left and Trevor came on it took me a long time to warm up to him as todd but i did and now i love him.I don’t feel like he was keeping roger’s spot warm until he came back soaps have really disappointed me alot lately i am about ready to give them up. :(( :((

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    I’ve come to love TSJ in this role, but he’s has been phoning it in ever since Todd jumped off the roof. The return of Roger Howarth is just the shakeup he needs to jumpstart his performance. I doubt OLTL would fire him whether he plays Todd or not.

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    I agree with you 100 percent. I love Ted King. RH just needs to get another job. He left because of the rape story
    line, now they want to bring him back… to do what boot out TSJ? A awesome actor who took on three characters one after other without busting a sweat. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about RH, RH
    Leave Todd with Tea. Let Blair and TO-mas be together.

    I saw RH on ATWT and i wasn’t impressed at all. The character was so child like. TSJ knows how to balance out his character. He is lovable, then he can be a brat and you’ll still love him. If these writers pull TSJ out of his character to put RH back as Todd, that will be the last straw. I will now longer watch that show. And they want to know why they can’t get nominated or win. Serve them right!!!

    TSJ did such a awesome job when he went to death row, I was a nervous wreck lol for real.
    and if they’re bringing back RH we don’t need Ted King, what is the sense. Just bring him back Dah!!!
    I’m just so sick and tired of the games with this story line. And if by any chance the ratings drop lower then there are now. well…

    we need some new writers who will erase the name and thought of RH. Go to GH. There’s no room on OLTL for him.
    And i love the diversity on the show. A mixture of different races and personalities makes a very interesting Show.

    If i sound like I’m rambling… I’m sorry, I’m just tired and tired of hearing this crap about bringing RH back
    it’s truly depressing and just his name being mention is bringing a very bad spirit over the show and i don’t even care to watch it, just because his name is mention.

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    Even if they don’t fire TSJ what part is he going to play? if they’re trying to make us believe that TSJ is not the real Todd, but RH is? So what does that mean TSJ become some old bum that’s a panhandler and RH goes back to being the Millionaire? Doesn’t fly with me at all. Let Rh go to GH and everyone can see he play whatever he wants with Sonny, maybe he can be another son i don’t care. He left so stay gone. He can’t expect he can leave go about his business and now he doesn’t have a job, he can come back and mess up the awesome work TSJ has done to that character. TSJ is more mature, more everything. And to think i will have to watch RH. I prefer to watch that new talk show instead. And i’ve been watching OLTL for a long, LOng time more then 22 years. Like said before just the thought and his name being mention already have me so disgusted, i don’t care if i miss OLTL or not, but
    obviously, the writers doesn’t care about what TSJ fans feels about this. They bring RH, they might get the shock of their lives when they find out that TSJ have more fans and the ratings drop so low.

    OLTL might not exist like the rest of the soaps. I’ve seen a few cancelled. And the minute i see his face on my screen and Todd manning again. Goodbye, I’m gone and a lot of my family and friends. It might not mean a lot to most, but their are those that feel the same.

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    oh… really RH made the character but TSJ made it better. No way in hell is RH more sexier then Trevor St. John!!
    TSJ gave that character depth, balance and everything. He played three characters back to back, flynn, Walker Law.
    and Todd manning. Second his death row scene was the height of daytime that bruno said that he was robbed and the show. Rh could never played that part he acted so childish that instead of a father to Starr he was her best friend. This todd is more a father figure to those children then Rh was. period!!

    I don’t know why these writers even mention this RH thing. TSj made that character his own. The mature character. Yes, you’re right RH made it the silly character MR. FRoggy.
    oh my… Let him go to GH and be Sonny’s son or a geek tec that fits him well,

    Let me go, just reading this RH over and over is really making me think i need to stop watching this show. Its going down the toilet. The story leading up to it is so silly that ted king was shown… what three times if that many?

    Heres a story… Blair hooks up with To-mas end of story. TSJ is left alone.

    I don”t need to be on this board. For Real. i just like to read what”s coming up next. But since this stuff started like the plague i could not help myself but sign up and post. But those RH fans have their opinions like i have mind. He shows up. I’m gone. My words just don’t come out right just at the thought.

  38. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    This is why soaps are having problems. It use to be fans loved their show for better or worse, and it took a hell of a lot more than one character or actor coming or going to make people jump ship. I like both actors, but I didnt leave when RH left and they recast with TSJ and I dont intend to leave if they bring RH back and make TSJ back into Walker, esp. before I have even seen more than a snippet of the storyline. there have been many arcs I looked forward to like crazy and then they were crap and plenty that I thought would be crap that turned out to be awesome, but I had to WATCH them before I knew one way or another.

  39. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    This is not y soaps are having problems the hacks that write these shows are the problem i am not going to watch crap for ANYONE i dont care if the soaps are dying not my fault give me something worth caring about.

  40. Profile photo of cher62

    Jamey I’d take A Martinez back in a heartbeat accent (didn’t bother me–I’m surrounded by diversity) and all! He was fantastic with Robin Strasser’s Dorian, who is in need of a love interest. Maybe there can be a Tomas connection. AM and TK crossed paths on GH.

  41. Profile photo of vicious

    Even ES says that it will be good for TREVOR if RH comes back. Why are his fans getting so bent out of shape? LMFAO

    Oh & DEBORAH If not for Roger Howarth there would be no Todd for Trevor to play. You might want to read some facts about OLTL & the creation of Todd & how he became a legendary soap character & who was portraying him at the time. I don’t care if you were watching at the time or not, you don’t know the facts. Opinions are not facts. RH fans couldn’t care less that both will be in llanview. What is the problem with these TSJ fans? This hate for RH is childish.

  42. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    I am a roger fan especially when he was Todd the first time i have my facts straight since i was watching before he even showed up in llanview if i don’t like something i am going to express it. I am sick of people trying to scold others for not liking what they like if u love the s/l good for u if the so called hate for RH is childish then what is the hate for TSJ called.

  43. Profile photo of vicious

    I’ve been watching since the beginning in 68 so what?
    WTH is telling you who to like?

    The childish part is not wanting RH on the show, period. The whining of “it’s not fair”, “I won’t watch” “Im done with the show if he returns” as deborah said ” He shows up, I’m gone” That’s not childish too you?

    Where do you see RH fans saying they want TSJ gone? You call it hate, I call it stating our opinions of who WE like better. The only hate is coming from 1 side. ALL the RH fans i know are looking forward to scenes with both. Should be interesting, no?

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    Don’t worry about that person. It’s called she wants to own the site. You can feel however you want. I know some
    met them all, From GH, Port Charles, OLTL. Just say I know more then this person does.

    You will met those that wants to push who they like down your throat, but you are not suppose to have a opinion, cause your a robot. And they sit up and act the same way they state you’re acting.

    Anyway, I’m writing my second script and I’m going to be looking for female and male actors also for my 2012
    calendar. So if they’re reading this, if they’re smart they can piece together what i do. But they won’t.
    Their mouth is just running. Running out of time. I’m writing like this for i know they will be back to read another response. They like drama. I think they should be a writer, but with that attitude… i don’t know.

    You have a great night.
    and you say what you want and state how you feel. You have every right. freedom of speech as long as you’re not
    going to go crazy…. you know what i mean like this one. LOL
    I have a sense of humor if i didn’t i wouldn’t be where i am

  45. Profile photo of DEBORAH

    Hi Professor-chaos,

    You’re right. The writers changed TSJ character, they made him more calmer now since he’s been with tea, For one i think, making the character always might i say. wicked, which gets tiring. You need to change up a bit. It gets boring. I like this Todd, You get to see the other side of him. Some don’t like the character because he raped Marty, and they feel you can’t come back from that. Yes and no.

    If you put it in a real life situation, people when young does stupid things maybe they want to show that a person can do something as bad as rape and then feel terrible about it afters, which he did- the character RH played when he saved her.

    They became might i say friends. She never forgot and he didn’t either. Now if you’ve read my comments on this board. You will see, that the RH fans wants to kill me lol because i have a opinion about this whole story line.

    For one, I don’t hate RH as one fan stated, that is a little harsh considering i met him and so many soap stars because of what i do. He is a nice guy, he was going jogging with Sam the last one Lawerence Law. I also spoke to him after that. I’ve sat with them at the Emmys.

    My take is-he left because he didn’t like that they redeem his character. He felt rape shouldn’t be a crime that should be shown that a person can redeem oneself from. And it’s not fair that TSJ made that new Todd in my opinion more better. For one his character is more mature. He acts more like a father. The old character couldn’t handle starr. She had Mr. Froggy. She walked all over him. This Todd shows more of a iron hand on his kids.
    and for the writers to even bring him back so they can try to push TSJ is unfair. Rh left on his own, for his reason. If his show wasn’t cancelled he wouldn’t be thinking of coming back, that’s if he wants too.

    And TSJ says he is not going anywhere, and that he loves the knew story line. As long as he continues to be Todd Manning and he doesn’t get down graded to working at some local strip club, I’m cool. but for the RH fans
    it wouldn’t be enough for RH to take a back seat, they want him to be the real Todd.

    So gathering from what i’ve been reading here. No one is going to be happy unless they reopen that soap that RH was on and put him back into the character he chose. That’s my opinion. And most have theres

    Thanks for reading.

  46. Profile photo of DEBORAH

    First of all if i feel i don’t want to watch the show any more because of RH. I can!!! now you’re telling me what i can watch and cannot watch? Or anyone for that matter. This site is for peoples opinions. you have yours and everyone else have there’s. How dare you!!!

    And second of all you don’t know me. Are what i do for a living and who i know. And just to enlighten i’ve met
    RH, Lawerence Law. And I’ve gone to the Emmy’s. NOT STAND OUT SIDE. Sit with them all. Also, Higher ups.
    get it. Catch that if you can

    So the writer above you can say whatever you want. State how you feel. This is a site for opinions. And if people don’t want him on the show so be it. Then let them write a show and put him on it. She can have a scene with her laughing rolling around. Now in your perfect little world of what is childish and opinions will go your way.

    You have a bless night.
    P.S Saw him with the long hair. OH… he was going running with Lawerence Law he use to jog on his breaks- blocking- do you want me to explain what blocking means? Miss know it all. You look it up and you can tell us all TSJ Fans what it means and what we should feel since the message board is owned by you.
    Where can we send our apologizes? In grammar you can understand

  47. Profile photo of DEBORAH

    YOUO MAKE NO SENSE!!!! Oh… let me just finish what i have to say… read the bottom… I hate to tell you cause you’re rolling around on the floor… I’m not going to ask i don’t want to know. ( I’m being sarcastic ) anyway….
    And there’s not hate for RH. You just can’t leave a job, then when someone else comes in and takes over and plays it better then you, you want to come back considering you didn’t like the story line. If every job in the world work that way no one would have a job, or at least it would be called temp, you can work here until the original person who was hire come back. Come on. And to that comment again about research. I was watching when RH was a frat boy and he rapped Marty… OH even when he tried to rape Nora do you want me to go further back cause i can.
    as far as Bo when he was away in the war. Must i go on. Oh stop… do you think I’m some young head?

    And i don’t care what you think either. You don’t matter to me. YOu make no sense. first of all. I can post my opinion just like you are. Also, reading the facts. you came i should then you state you don’t care if i do?
    you sound confused. YOu can Laugh yourself to death all you want… your just a know it all. Did this little fact back reading shut you up? it should now go get another drink.

    I guess your the child here. Stating your so call opinion. who sounds childish your here upset over what i said MISS MATURE.—-MATURE DON’T ANSWER CHILDISH. YOU NEED TO BE PUT IN YOUR PLACE.


  48. Profile photo of got2luvmel

    [quote=DEBORAH]And there’s not hate for RH. You just can’t leave a job, then when someone else comes in and takes over and plays it better then you, you want to come back considering you didn’t like the story line. If every job in the world work that way no one would have a job, or at least it would be called temp, you can work here until the original person who was hire come back. Come on.[/quote]

    ICAM with this. This is exactly what happened with Rebecca Budig and Sabine Singh. RB was a super bitch for what she did to that actress. I will never watch AMC again after they tore that woman down the way that they did in order to get that self-serving twit back on that show. TPTB over at ABC have a serious problem with decorum. Sabine took on a horrible roll and did wonders with it; hell, she made a hater like me even like the character for the first time, only for that fool, i.e Rebecca Budig, to come back on her appointed pedestal and tare down everything Sabine had built. RB threw away her association with the character but when she saw how popular it became again, she wanted back in. Fuck that. It’ll be the exact same way when RH comes. It IS that way with the circumstances of his departure. They’re already paving the way to pimp him out like they did RB’s Greenlee with this “real Todd” mess. It was “the real Greenlee” now its “the real Todd”. It is straight BULLSHIT for TPTB to trash these actors that have worked hard and earned their due this way. If TPTB want to bring back the original that’s fine, but don’t sit here and act like the replacements-and I use that term for lack of a better one-did absolutely nothing in the number of years they portrayed the character.

  49. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I totally disagree. I loved SS Greenlee and havent been a fan of Budigs since leo died, but that story was the RETURN OF THE REAL. This story seems to be WHO IS THE REAL. Thats a huge difference and if in the end it leads to story for BOTH “todds” thats a game changer for the show on mulitple fronts. With greenlee they simply switched out one for the other. Thats not this story whatsoever.

  50. Profile photo of got2luvmel

    I dont see a difference, whatsoever. What it all boils down to is, TSJ’s Todd will be trashed to make RH slither his way back into the role. Who vs. The Return is ultimately the exact same thing because the “replacement” no matter the situation is getting stomped over, and that is my point.

  51. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    It totally depends on how it is written. One story took the actress completely out of the show and negated everything she did with the role creatively. The other story, which we havent seen yet, if written correctly could provide a wealth of material for years to come for BOTH actors having BOTH remain on screen. If TSJ becomes a brainwashed walker then he is a victim too. I am sure whatever fortune todd had has now been grown over the last five years…that triggers a financial battle. Walker would then have to struggle with who he is independent of the guy he THOUGHT he was and he would have to struggle with how much of Teas love is about who he is NOW and who he might become as Walker vs. how much of her love is about her history with the other todd. You also have children involved here whos bonds will be rattled to the core and I could imagine if Rogers Todd is in free fall the kids could well turn to their “father” Walker to help them sort it all out. It also opens up the character for a potential triangle with Marty…that he could do what he did to her because his feelings were genuine and his memories were false. The other part of the story would be walker wanting to uncover who implanted these false memories, which may force him to work in tandem with the guy he THOUGHT he was. IF they go this route, this doesnt negate one moment of the last five years – he still was on death row, the actor still gave those performances, his love for tea is totally genuine (and it explains why todd loved only blair and walker loved only tea – because he thought he was suppose to love blair and he was attracted to blair but she wasnt his sole mate and on some level she never connected fully with him the way she did with the real todd) In fact, I would argue that bring back roger as todd actually keeps tsj’s character far more relevant than he would be otherwise. There are only but so many leads or high end supporting characters and todd either has been with them too many times (blair) is related to them (jess/nat) or victimized them (marty). That leaves him in romantic bliss limbo as we all know happy couple = no story. If not, whats next for him, hijinx with kelly and rex and being jealous over tomas? YAWN.

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