As The World Turns Nabs WGA Award For Best Daytime Drama

The 2011 Writers Guild of America awards were held on Saturday and As The World Turns got the last laugh by winning Best Daytime Drama. The writing staff of : Susan Dansby, Lucky Gold, Janet Iacobuzio, Penelope Koechl, David Kreizman, Leah Laiman, David A. Levinson, Leslie Nipkow, Jean Passanante, Gordon Rayfield and David Smilow took home the win for an episodes submitted during the soap's final season.


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And I'd love to know what those episodes were that won the award.

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6 December 2009
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Love this made my day!!

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Seriously, ATWT! That is mind-blowing. The WGA probably felt the show deserved the equivalent of a pity F***. If this was an acting award, I wouldn't bash it because the cast gave it their all. I admit to being a lapsed ATWT viewer. But ATWT was a sad imitation of its former self. I cut my teeth on this show during the '80s and '90s. I also loved most of the '00s. A sad day...