Erika Slezak Shows Support to OLTL Writing Team at WGA Awards

One Life to Live’s Frank Valentini, Erika Slezak and Ron Carlivati (pictured above), along with the OLTL writing team, attended the 63rd Annual Writers Guild of America Awards this weekend. The awards were held  on February 5 in New York City at the AXA Equitable Center. See more photos of Erika Slezak with the OLTL writing team after the jump!

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Chris Van Ettan, Scott Sickles, Erika Slezak, Shelly Atlman, Elzabeth Page and Jean Passanante 

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    I know him mostly through his 1950s game show appearances (which–until recently–would regularly show up on GSN), but yes, those Clock King episodes were classic!

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