Fake Rafe and Sami do The Dirty on Days of Our Lives!

EJ (James Scott) and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) may have Rafe (Galen Gering) locked up in a cell, but that isn’t stopping fake Rafe from taking advantage of being Sami’s (Alison Sweeney) husband. I understand everyone supposedly has a twin, but shouldn’t there have been some difference between the two men physically? Oh wait; this is Days of our Lives. Storylines don’t have to make sense. Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump!

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    I guess DAYS is still The Ali Sweeney’s Hour? Ugh. Still not watching.

    That said, I don’t blame Spami, Jack Abbott didn’t “feel” the difference between PattyCakes & Boremily either.

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    So, EJ rapes Sami AGAIN?! I am glad I no longer watch this show. EJ and Sami had great chemistry, but the writers ruined it over and over again, what a damn shame.

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    Sounds like rape to me. Would she have had sex with FakeRafe if she knew who he was? I think not. Not a Sami fan at all and could care less who she is paired with but I feel bad for those fanbases because this “writer” and I use that term loosely has no idea what to do with any of these characters. They’re all so unlikable there’s nothing for the audience to cheer for. This is an ensemble cast not the Sami and her men hour.

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    First, they remove the heart of a heroine, LITERALLY.

    Then, they add a doppelganger.

    And now, said doppelganger has sex with his pseudo wife, and you’re going to tell me that she won’t know the difference between peter and his original piper??? If she doesn’t question something after that, I just don’t know what else to say. Then again, if Brooke can sex up her daughter’s boyfriend, having no idea it’s NOT her husband after all the times she’s sexed him up, absolutely ANYTHING is possible. Dena has ruined Ejami for this fan, period. She shoots him in the head, and then he takes her kids, and puts a fake husband in her bed? And FOR WHAT??? I don’t care how much chemistry James and Alison have, there is no way to defend EJ and his over the top, outlandish, sick antics. I tried, LAWD knows I tried to hang in there, but dammit if this doesn’t the cake in my book. Multiple wrongs on both sides do NOT make a right. If this were real life, one of them would surely be dead by now. EJ’s continued obsession with ruining her life in one form or another, without explanation at this point, is NOT what I call love in the afternoon, and does NOT make people want to root for their reunion in the least. Dammit, does Dena even WATCH the show she’s writing for? And these rumors I’ve heard about Taylor redeeming him? Sorry, don’t care. EJami is still one of my top 5 favorite couples, pre-present bullspit served on a silver platter. But at this point, I could give a what if they EVER find their way back to each other. There is no more rooting value here, period.

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    Thank you, gato! I just don’t know how they could expect anyone to root for EJami any longer. We all know putting couples through the ringer is a staple for soaps since happy couples are a death knell, but these two have been literally destroying one another for far too long now. Where does it end? No more rooting value. I’m not sure if Dena knows the meaning of the word limitation.

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    Ghfan-4now, well said!
    I saw this title and the first thing I thought was that EJ is responsible for Sami being raped, AGAIN. I have NEVER been an EJami fan, mostly because of the first rape, and my Lumi love. This is just ridiculous. If the writers hate EJ and EJami as much as I do and are having him do all of these absolutely unforgivably horrible things to Sami to put a stake in the heart of that relationship, then I applaud them. But if they are just doing this ad hoc, and have them screwing each other in a few months, which I suspect is the case, then they are just hacks who need to find new jobs!

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    Thank you, watchingallday, and I suspect the same as well, in regards to them, in some way, finding their way back to one another again. Especially since I have heard that Taylor is supposed to, “redeem” him, or, help him see the light, the wrongs of his actions. Pish, whatever. No matter the outcome, it will NOT entice me to return to the dark side that has emerged from this version of EJami. They shoot to kill, they steal babies and tell the other it’s dead. They lie, they cheat, they send in doppelgangers to do their dirty deeds. Even in soap world, they’ve done too much to each other for me to care any longer.

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    Fake Rafe? are you kidding me? I see Days of Our Lives is still up to there horrific writing. How do any of you watch this show when there are so many better soaps on. What a far cry from Days in the mid 80s. Now thats when it was good.

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    I don’t have a problem with over the top dumb stories about evil twins and hearts being out of a body for hours and put back in (but really?) if that is the world where the Bradys Hortons Dimeras etc live then fine lets have it. But for the last oh I dont know 4 years or better, we have had nothing but boring baby switching and relationship stories. Is this show an over the top fun sci fi show or is it Doctor Phill on sleeping pills? Please figure it out. It can’t be or better yet should not be both. The silliness just looks sillier when junxposted against regular everyday stories. So if we are gonna have silliness, no more everyday relationships stuff please. As I look at the current stories, I can see that it is probably gonna go with the silliness. Well ok go with it. Babies with eye cancer, burried alive villians, supercouples on the run, now evil twins. They have pulled out the stops. But ya coulda warned us first.

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    Unfortunately, Dena Higley lacks the finesse to pull off wild and fantastical stories like her predecessor James E. Reilly. She needs to just STOP. Please replace Pigley!

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