Y&R’s Kristoff St. John BUSTED For DUI!

Lord in the morning… TMZ is reporting The Young and the Restless’ Kristoff St. John was arrested and charged for suspicion of driving under the influence early Sunday. According to the site, St. John was stopped for speeding on an L.A. freeway at 1:30 AM PST. The police officers reportedly gave the actor a field sobriety test, which according to TMZ,  he failed. St. John was booked then released on $5,000 bail.

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    It’s irresponsible but it happens. I know several people who have been “jammed up” for this as they used to call it on one of my favorite shows NYPD Blue. Glad no one was hurt.

    Pay the fines, do the classes, and don’t let it happen again Kristoff. I still love you. :-)

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    Let’s see how much we see of Neil in the next few months, after everything already filmed has aired. Just the kind of excuse TPTB would love to kill the “black” storyline.

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    Didn’t Shemar Moore also get busted for DUI???

    Must run in the family………. :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp

    Poor man. He must be stressed out by his lack of airtime and his (NO DOUBT) dwindling paycheck. It’s not easy in Genoa City these days unless your name happens to be Christel Khalil or Michael Muhney. Sigh. I hope he will rebound because Kristoff is certainly an irreplaceable part of Y&R’s history and one of the few remaining symbols of diversity that this show has left!!

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    TV Gord

    Why on earth are people jumping to the conclusion that he could lose his job over this? He works for CBS, for heaven’s sake. That stands for the “Charlie ‘Badboy’ Sheen” network!

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    Nekeeta Borden

    Those bama hacks done drove my baby daddy to drink!  Seriously, thank God that no one was hurt.  I think it’s presumptuous to assume someone has a drinking problem because of one isolated incident (people are crying how life imitates art on other blogs).  I certainly hope he isn’t backburnered for this error in judgment.  You know TPTB have been salty about KSJ’s vocalizing his displeasure with the Black story line (or lack thereof).  If DM can shout racial slurs in an on-air coonin’ session and allegedly whip his video vixen bride with a belt, I think this can be forgiven.

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    TVGord do you know how much money CBS makes off of Two and a Half Men, even with paying sheen several million an epi? I heard on the radio it was somewhere in the ballpark of 150 million a season.

    As for the 5K I found this on the internet. I know nothing of DUI bonds, but that sounded high.

    Depends upon whether this was a first offense or not. 1st offense usually carries a bond of $200 to $1000 while multiple offenders would receive a higher amount.

    “The bail in these kinds of arrests is just similar to the other criminal cases. Depending on the nature of offense, some counties have a bail schedule. A number of counties free the suspects at just a personal security, without any need for posting a bail.

    Although a large number of counties free the accused on the personal security and few ask to post a bail. The drivers, who refuse a chemical test, with a blood or breath alcohol level of 0.20% or more, or who did an accident are always set to post a bail. The drunk drivers will be required to post a bail, which would be generally of $100,000 or even more. A bond for such a bail typically requires a 10% down payment of the amount in order to get the driver released.”

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_bail_for_DWI_DUI#ixzz1DK9XNROF

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    Just today, a friend and I were talking about how celebrities and politicians can’t hide NUTTIN these days like in the old days when Kennedy, for example, could run ho’s (yeah, I said it!) in and out the White House or entertainment stars could have all kinds of criminal, personal and other questionable issues in their lives and the media not only ignored it, they purposely ignored it.

    People make mistakes. Everyone just knows about KSJ’s that night, unlike the next person who got written up for a DUI by the same cop.

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    Kristoff St. John is no Charlie Sheen. If he’s got a problem and MAB gets tired of it, this will be the perfect chance for her to get rid of him. Nobody’s going to protecting him over at CBS. Forget it!

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    [quote=RebeccaJ]People are so forgiving of an actor and actress for DUI. I wonder how they’d feel if this was their neighbor?[/quote]

    Actually, I would be forgiving of a neighbor or friend the first time it happens because, again, things happen, people are human, they make mistakes. We don’t know the details. It’s ridiculous to think that every single person who gets a DUI is pissy drunk and is irresponsibly weaving and bobbing and almost hitting small kids and animals. Sometimes people have one glass of wine too many and over estimate there ability to drive. And we won’t talk about certain kinds of profiling that take place with drivers by law enforcement officers.

    Yes, if it was my neighbor, I hope I wouldn’t be all swelled up with judgment on their FIRST and ONLY offense of this nature.

    (And no, I’ve never had a DUI myself. Not even close.)

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    I think that some of you are jumping to some pretty lofty conclusions here and I certainly would not want to be judged by the jury you guys could be on.

    DUI is obviously never a good thing. But we don’t know the whole story here and this may actually have been extremely minor. I know that some of you are going to jump down my throat for saying that but impaired levels are becoming extremely low. I’ve heard some older people from my area sort of complaining that they can’t really even go out and have just one beer without worry. I also have never had an alcohol related offense but that could have been different had the ever decreasing limits becoming law everywhere now had been in effect back when I was younger. I shudder to think of what was going on back in the 1960’s -70’s with my parents and their groups of friends. But they all got home safe because it was different back then. Today it is much more dangerous to drive the current cars on the crowded roads.

    We shall see how this story develops (if we even do hear more of it). I kind of doubt that KSJ will be the type to immediately (if ever) repeat his offense or make it worse.

    But … if he were fired or otherwise over this, then that would be just not right.

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    [quote=jetty]Let’s see how much we see of Neil in the next few months, after everything already filmed has aired. Just the kind of excuse TPTB would love to kill the “black” storyline.[/quote]

    No one is tying to kill the “black” storyline. Get over it and quit playing the worn out race card, it’s tired.

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