One Life To Live Shocker: Jack Is Shane’s Cyber-Bully!

In a surprising twist, One Life to Live’s cyber-bully of Shane Morasco (Austin Williams) has been revealed to be none other than Jack Manning (Andrew Trischitta). TV Guide’s Michael Logan got the 411 from head writer Ron Carlivati on what happens when Todd (Trevor St. John) and Blair (Kassie DePavia) learn what Jack’s been up to. 

TV Guide Magazine: How do Blair and Todd react when they find out their son’s a little shit?

Carlivati: It’s going to be a surprise for them. Though we’ve cast a new Jack for this story [14-year-old Carmen LoPorto has been replaced by 16-year-old Trischitta] we’ve seen the seeds of this problem because Jack has already been a bit of a Dennis the Menace-type character — a prankster and troublemaker but in a humorous way. I think his becoming a bully is a very realistic evolution as he goes into high school. Here he is a popular, good-looking and wealthy kid, and there’s little Shane, whose parents are working hard to put food on the table. Shane doesn’t have the hippest, coolest sneakers, or the best clothes, and that becomes yet another reason to terrorize him. Don’t forget that Jack’s male role model is Todd, who has his own long history of bullying. And there’s also denial there. Blair will not want to believe her sweet little boy can do such horrible things.

To find out what else Jack has planned click here!

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    Wow, shocking to no one you mean! Since they were recasting the teen set anyway, a lot of people saw this coming. Plus, with Todd for a father it totally makes sense. Maybe this will open Todd’s eyes to his own behavior…Wow, I couldn’t even finish typing that without laughing at my naivety.

    Anyway, I do think this is a good storyline to pursue, I just hope they do it at least a little realistically. So far, the “threats” and “bullying” has been very tame compared to what is really out there. I think they should take a page from GH (whose storyline I don’t like but admit that it is being written very well) and go to the edge. Show Shane getting beat up and hiding it; show nastier emails; show semi-graphic pictures and taunts; show the daily torment of what a lot of kids are going through right now. This is a HUGE and UGLY issue and if OLTL can pull it off, it might actually help.

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    So for those of you who saw this coming, well then, pin a rose on your a$$. Seriously, at least the writers aren’t stretching towards the depths of character obscurity and making Shane’s bully somebody who has nothing to do with anybody as most soaps tend to. And let me tell you something else, this storyline could escalate into something compelling.
    Stay tuned…

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    Yeah, this is the complete opposite of a shocker. I mean that in the best way, because I am looking forward to it, and bummed that we have to wait two whole weeks before it starts to come out. The spelling of the bully’s screen name “WhodaMann” was a dead giveaway. Although with the level of awesome that is going on on this show right now, I guess I can wait. I have full faith in Ron and co. to do a great job with this.

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    yeah i guessed this the second i saw the screen name but as much as i’m glad to be proven right i feel bad for poor Shane. this is like matthew all over again. Hopefully shane won’t end up paralyzed because of this.

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    There is also the fact that the two boys are the only two boys of the age on the show. So Not a Shocker!! If this was GH, I would worry about how it will be written. OLTL has better writers. This should be good.

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    IMHO Would Make Better Story If Jack Was Being Bullied

    If I remember correctly, Starr was a little wimp around Britney and company about three years ago compared to how she sassed the adults in her life.

  7. Profile photo of Set

    Still find it hard to believe that Carmen is 14. I miss him.

    But I’m not surprised about Jack being the bully. Jeremy over at Soaptown called it last week.

    Imagine what’ll happen when Shane becomes a Buchanan. One of the few families with more money than Todd.

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    These writers are awesome. I am telling you. All the stories are great. I am confident they will be careful on this story showing all sides. I remember an interview with a cop that was involved in the real life story of the 13 year old that was beat up and put in a tree, etc. The boy was on the View after the incident. In the interview, the cop described how different the parents reacted. Some were very concerned and others just said there is nothing they can do with their child. Some were indifferent. Like others have said, Todd is not the greatest example for a parent. He has that attitude goin on. Blair is wrapped up in herself also. His environment plays a part. I still think environment is one part and inheritence is another.

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    Not shocking at all. I just wish they didn’t recast. Carmen was the perfect Jack Manning & even looked like RH, even had all the same little quirks that Roger gave Todd. There was a scene where Jack is laying in the hospital bed & he puts his hands behind his head & raises an eyebrow, it was as if he was channeling RH. To see the 2 of them onscreen together would have been pure gold. What a huge mistake the recasting was, for both characters..Anyway, I’m looking forward to this story & I hope they give him some old, old tapes to look at to understand who his father is & how he reacts to things.

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    I suspected as much when they showed Jack’s signature icon, skulls, on MyFace. Coupled with the fact that a recast was in the works. Also, I agree with everyone who thought Jack should not have been recast. Carmen kicked ass in the Christmas Episode.

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    I kinda think it’s a little weird to have Jack as the bully. He’s always been a brat but he loves Blair, Dani. Jack and Tea so he has a heart. I’ve never really seen him as a bully.

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