Is Austin Peck Carrying The Weight of The ABC Soaps on His Shoulders?

Was ex-As the World Turns and Days of our Lives star Austin Peck worried about his first day at ABC’s One Life to Live? Not if these fun photos are any indication. Peck took a few minutes out on his first day of taping the first scenes as the new OLTL character of Rick, on February 3, to pose with the ABC network logo. Look for Peck to first appear onscreen later this spring and check out more photos after the jump.

Austin Peck 

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    He looks great! I am really happy for him. With any luck he will play a gay guy. They keep saying the show doesn’t have a lot of guys like him on it (actually, it currently has no gay guy characters) so maybe that is what they mean but it could be just wishful thinking. Besides, who would he date when they have no others? Oh well, I still love this show.

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    Um, wouldn’t Austin and Terri be more like Brangelina, seeing as how they have more seniority and gravitas than Brandon and Nadia and they got together through an affair? Nadia and Brandon are more known for their looks than their acting. Yes Austin was a hair model for a lot of his Days run, I think he is pretty respected for his ATWT work, and Terri always has been. Nadia started out well at Days, but she has been pretty unremarkable for a long time, and I do not think anyone has ever confused Brandon with a serious thespian. I don’t see how taking a few silly pictures at work is obnoxious self promotion. Its not like they are naked in Italian magazines for no good reason.

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