Chat With GH Stars LIVE During Sonny and Brenda’s Wedding!

How great is this. General Hospital is celebrating the wedding of Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) with an entire week of chats. In addition to Bernard and Marcil Giovinazzo, GH’s Steve Burton, Laura Wright and Kimberly McCullough are scheduled to take part. The chats, which start at 3 PM EST at, are part of a week-long event called “Watch with the General Hospital Cast.” To join in on the chat, beginning February 21, visit

I only wish they’d done this for Luke (Anthony Geary) and Tracy’s (Jane Elliott) wedding. I’d have loved to asked what they think of their character’s rocky, yet loving relationship.

Find out which days your favorite GH star will be chatting live after the jump!

February 21: Laura Wright
February 22: Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo
February 23: Steve Burton
February 24: Maurice Benard
February 25: Kimberly McCullough

The above list of actors is subject to change.

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    ^^^ I read that comment and literally burst out laughing! :LOL:

    I love how the precious PTB act as if half of their ‘stars’ don’t already chat with their fans about the show on twitter on a daily basis anyway. Before, during, and after the show. LOL. I think it’s great for people who are still invested, but for me, eh. My Sonny/Brenda love died for me the moment she returned and made excuses for his all but breathing bullet holes and shooting his son, the cop. And if the rumors about VMG are true, it makes this former fan of the couple care EVEN LESS, because if that’s the case, it’s nothing but a big tease before a yank and snatch. It’s not good soap, it’s annoying. Pft.

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    4NowFan..Glad someone thought it was funny. Those Elton John people really think VGM is a “treat” :Sp

    I don’t follow anyone on twitter. But then again, I don’t “tweet” :O

  3. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    I’m trying really hard to care about BrenDuh and “MY WEDDING/MY DRESS/MY CAKE” but i just can’t. Now i’m just going to wait for VMG to leave and stop eating up the show with her lifeless “performances”.

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    [quote=CarlyCfan]Now i’m just going to wait for VMG to leave and stop eating up the show with her lifeless “performances”.[/quote]

    Too perfect of words not to put into a quote!!

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    JAQ–Oh, but VMG is such a “treat.” Ha, ha! I’m not on twitter, and I won’t sign up just to chat at, but I do have some questions for her;)

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    JAQ–Well, she’s sure not shy about revealing her, “contract stipulations.” Very endearing. Yeah, like I said, I have questions. Lolz!

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    Do tell!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bigsmile:
    I just received a newsletter that said her “status” is up in the air.
    I would like an honest answer when someone asks her does she really want to be back at GH.

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