General Hospital Spoilers: Lucky is Shot in The Head!

Here’s the Scoop!

Does Johnny think Lisa is the next Claudia in the making? Lord knows the two both share the same psycho-ness. What will the crazy doc do when both Patrick and Terrell are busy singing for Robin? Karma’s a bitch and it’s smacking Lisa in the face. Will Johnny be there for her? Can we get on board with this potential pairing?

Speaking of karma… what will Liz say when Lucky tells her he’s fallen in love with Siobhan? Remember, Brook sees Elizabeth slipping a lab tech some cash. Why? Is there more karma coming Elizabeth’s way? There are RUMORS that when Sam calls for her pregnancy test results, Elizabeth lies to her. If these RUMORS are true, are the writers doing to Liz what they did to Sam a few years ago? Remember, some of Sam’s spotty writing back then was due to Kelly Monaco’s contract status and with Rebecca Herbst being written out, can these writers only write crap for their female characters when they have one foot out the door?

Everyone is so sure it’s Carly sabotaging the wedding, but is it really Suzanne? Sonny’s plan to stop Carly? Have her kidnapped, so she can’t cause anymore problems. Too bad for Sonny, Carly knocks her would be captors out and gets away. The sabotage continues as Sonny’s ring is missing. When Sonny figures out who is ruining all things wedding, will he be able to stop the person with sabotage on the brain?

Will Jason consider Theo as the Balkan? Yep! What has him going off the track? He considers the possibility with Dante and Sam and the Jackal is on the case. Spinelli figures it out, but he may be too late. Molly finds out who the Balkan is and puts herself in danger. Will this give Alexis some screen time?

Shot in the head and who’s to blame? I’m going to blame Siobhan. I genuinely like the character and understand that Erin Chambers costs considerably less, but I will never get over her contract status being announced the same week as Rebecca Herbst’s firing. Lucky is shot in the head… is this a story ripped from the headlines? During a gunfight, Lucky catches a bullet in the melon. I must laugh, as the scoop on Lucky taking a bullet to the head has zero follow-ups.

Uncle Luke has more words of wisdom for Caroline. He believes Carly should take what she knows to Brenda before the wedding. Is his concern more for Lulu? It seems his daughter has repaired her broken heart and relationship with Dante. The pair even sealed it with a roll in the hay. Will Carly destroy it all with one quick reveal?

Brenda has wedding day nightmares. Robin tries to calm her friend, but Brenda is too overwhelmed with the feeling that this trip down the aisle just won’t happen. Jason bails on giving her away and Robin talks Edward into filling in.

The Balkan’s trap is set. Will Brenda walk right into it? Jason and Sam are too late to catch the Balkan.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Kristina invites Ethan to the wedding with her. He must not accept as he attends with Tracy, Lulu and Luke. Patrick makes it to the wedding; Robin is pleased. Sam and Jason discuss that they will be happy when Brenda doesn’t live at the penthouse anymore. Carly threatens Brenda with what she has. Why is Shawn kidnapping Sam? Lisa and Johnny hit the sheets. Brenda and Dante fess up. Will Brenda and Sonny make it to I Do? Can Sam and Jason get Shawn to switch teams? Lulu punches Dante. Maxie wants Matt to help her uncover that Johnny is covering for Dr. Niles. Franco calls Jason. Something about the Balkan just doesn’t make sense. Jason barely survives a gunfight. Jason always survives, what about Lucky?! Geesh! Whose body is that?

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    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!

    Can’t get on board with the Lisa/Johnny pairing, because I want Lisa gone like months ago.

    As for Liz, I was afraid they were going to destroy her as she leaves.There have been so many RUMORS I can’t keep them straight and my head is literally spinning.

    Carly destroying a wedding dress again, that’s kid stuff for her, I think Suzanne or maybe Franco.

    Lucky being shot and in the head no less, I agree didn’t see that coming.

    Of course they’re going to figure out who the Balkan is and it will be too late.

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    Geez. Someone’s getting shot on GH. Could they be any less creative?

    I will be very upset if they do Liz/Becky dirty and trash her character. What does Liz have to gain by telling Sam that she’s NOT preggers? She also didn’t want Jason raising Jake. I don’t get it. Is it just one more person happy in her life and she’s not?

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    And it had been a whole FIVE minutes since the last bloodbath/shooting. I was starting to think that MAYBE this show was embracing more of it’s CHARACTER-DRIVEN side. Guess I was wrong.

    BTW: Am I the only one experiencing a SERIOUS case of DEJA VU right now????

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    The rumor is she wants Sam to keep chasing bad guys and living a physical and dangerous lifestyle so that she hopefully loses the baby. If she was told the results were positive, Jason would throw Brendas butt out of the PH and would be waiting on sam hand and foot to prevent another miscarriage. he certainly wouldnt allow her to get mixed up in this Balkan mess any more than she already is now. I hope if they go there they give us some insight in to the WHY of all of this and show us her POV. I will only say though, that while I feel for Liz fans, the one difference is that Liz DOES have a history of lying and she does have a history of feeling like she wants more than one guy at the same time/being torn about the road not taken, where Sam had a history of reacting in defense of others when there was danger. My feeling on the Jakenapping was pretty much that had they had HER take the baby to raise for HERSELF, I would have totally bought her snapping in that way, but Sam up to that point had been written fairly instinctual, esp. during the MC crisis, and to have her not react in the moment to that woman taking the baby made no sense to me. Stealing the baby for herself would have been a horrible thing to do, but it would have fit with all the pain she went through with Lila and then with Hope. It wasnt that they had her do something unfavorable per se, but rather that they had her doing things that were unfavorable AND were OOC. The 5 old marriages also made no sense with the timeline they had already given us for the character – a timeline that had been checked out both by Jason’s people back when SamSon were together and by the cops that investigated the death of her parents. Had bill monroe’s death really happened, she would have been investigated and would have been picked up on the old warrant. I just hope with Liz they keep things IN character and explain her choices from her pov.

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    Lucky is shot in the head? WTF? Will he be giving birth at the same time? We all know Guza likes to recycle his stories.

    I am so not down with a JoLisa pairing right now. Johnny is too hot to be stuck with Patrick’s sloppy seconds who’s still completely obsessed with him. I don’t want him to be someone’s consolation prize b/c she can’t have what she really wants. Lisa has no personality outside of being cuckoo for coco puffs over Patrick. Hook Johnny up with Maxie or Brook or Lulu or Maya or Carly or Alexis, basically anyone but Lisa.

    I totally think it’s Suzanne who’s sabotaging the wedding. Too bad I don’t give a crap about her.

    Ooh, me likey the Kristina/Ethan and the Matt/Maxie/Johnny spoiler. Maxie needs something to do badly.

    Noooooooooooooo to Franco!

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    The rumor is she wants Sam to keep chasing bad guys and living a physical and dangerous lifestyle so that she hopefully loses the baby. If she was told the results were positive, Jason would throw Brendas butt out of the PH and would be waiting on sam hand and foot to prevent another miscarriage.
    Really? What’s the point of going to an OB/GYN for your blood work if the doctor or her office doesn’t call the patient with the lab results? My OB/GYN has a suite of offices in the main hospital and I have never asked some random nurse to check the nearest computer for my appointment. Only on GH do these weird things happen…

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    My doctors always make me call in for the results, they do not call me. What I dont understand is why it seems like a surgical nurse is playing desk manager? I thought piff was up there to make schedules and order supplies and do admin kind of stuff. Not sure why a surgical nurse hangs out at that desk and that everyone gets calls there – ie: steve asking piff if Olivia called – doesnt he also have an office.

    There was also a rumor awhile back that she pays off a tech for something. If the tech changes the results in the computer then calling Kelly would yield the same false info.

    Also makes me wonder – IF they go there and IF she was willing to change sams results or lie about sams results, is it a stretch to wonder whether Jake is really jason’s? I have asked this since the dawn of time, as Maxie was still invested in wanting Lucky, Ric was confessing at the church about his love for Liz, and Liz sure as heck wanted Jason – 3 major players all perhaps wanting to screw with the results. Liz read the results and said it was what she expected. She never showed sonny the paper, so she could have seen it said Lucky and then changed it in the computer to say jason.

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    EET – I’ve had that same thought from the very beginning. They never showed us the paper so we only have her word for it and that doesn’t mean a thing to me. We know Helena changed Aiden’s results so it will be interesting to see if both Jake’s and Aiden’s paternity ends up in question. Hmmm…..

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    Ok, I’m confused about why Liz would give Sam the wrong results. BUT they made such a point of having Liz be involved at all, clearly she will give the opposite of the real results. Which is just mean!

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    I think Suzanne was who effed up the wedding dress. That woman is hiding something and I don’t know why Jason and Co wouldn’t investigate her. It’s almost ALWAYS someone you know who constantly claims to have your best interest at heart. Yeah. Right. Don’t these people watch Lifetime??

    I guess all cures for a broken heart are sex AFTER the lies. So, where’s the video tape, Lulu??? But then I read that she punches Dante?? I hope it’s square in the face! I might have to fix me some popcorn and a vodka tonic just for that one! :LOL:

    As far as Liz, this show has a history of trashing characters in some form or another before they exit, whether they’re pushed out or quit. And if they don’t get fired or quit, they have to figure out a way to quickly redeem them. Now, if they took Liz in a Clint Buchannan direction, a la OLTL, and she WASNT exiting the canvas, I’d be pissed, but I’d be the first to call it great drama–she’d be the ultimate beyotch hell-bent on some sort of revenge. An unapologetic woman who felt she did what she had to do for whatever reason. But in this instance, I can’t accept it. They’ve taken Liz back to high school, worsening her, and I’m not down with that. Her being involved at all in the Jason/Sam thing just makes me think that all the things I’ve heard about her losing it because all the mens are moving on are getting louder and louder. Lucky loves Siobhan, Nik is digging Brooke, Sam and Jason might have a baby. I’ve heard TC may leave Nik behind, because he’s not happy, and you can pretty much tell so in his scenes. I was never supportive of Nik/Liz, but if they leave together, at least that’s something. Though I have a feeling it won’t happen.

    Yick, and I’m not for JoLisa either. Ick, ack, uck! He deserves better than some wack-job stuck on a married man. I want her to go and play in traffic and if Johnny can’t have Lulu, I want him with Maxie. I thought they sizzled!

    And Lucky being shot in the head??? I didn’t see that one coming, but am not the least bit surprised. You can’t be a member of Sonny and Jason’s Rat Pack till you take a bullet to the head, arm, leg, stomach, or any other viable body part! Look at Dante, taking it in the chest from dear old Dad. Aw. He was automatically initiated that very afternoon. :sick:

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    So glad I’m not giving GH my viewership b/c they don’t know how not to be heavy-handed and biased and it’s sickening. I feel so bad for RH having to say those lines and basically murder a character that she grew up in and captured so many fans hearts. Having a surgical nurse answering phones and giving out fake results. WTF? I really don’t know why I hold out hope the people in charge will get a brain and realize the mob is not the answer and screwing up a character but leaving the door open doesn’t make the show more appealing. Or make the actor or actress want to come back.

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    I had a HUGE problem w/ Liz blabbing to Jason that she had Sam’s pg results. There’s such a thing called HIPPA, patients’ privacy. You can’t even ask a PHARMACIST for info these days w/o going into a separate area to do so. What NURSE would tell ANYONE except the patient that those results were in, or what they were? Jason is not even Sam’s family, so even though he’s her BF, legally she can’t tell him anything. Ugh! I HATE when they play fast and loose with the facts just for the sake of the story, especially when that story serves no purpose than to further trash a character I like (Liz).

    As for the Sonny/Brenda wedding, am I the only one who’s kind of hoping the Balkan succeeds at kidnapping Brenda the weepy silly dishrag and taking her far, far away, never to be seen or heard from again? Remember when Laura was Miss Star Eyes (okay, I wasn’t watching then, but I heard about it)? That title should now go to Brenda as she’s being written as this moony, self-centered, school girl who’s so hell-bent on marrying Sonny that she doesn’t care about who she may be endangering in the process. I think Suzanne is somehow working w/ the Balkan. What do we really know about her? Didn’t Brenda ask her before she came back to PC to do ANYTHING to stop her from seeing Sonny? What if Suzanne took her at her word? I still say all it would take to stop The Balkan is a little germ warfare; he’s such a hypocondriac. I’m also thinking the Balkan mess may all tie in w/ Franco somehow. Remember when Brenda refused to pose for his artwork? He doesn’t seem like someone who takes rejection well.

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    I have to laugh at your mention of karma. Seems Liz is the only one on the show that karma comes to. Sam committed heinous acts and karma has yet to knock on her door. Nor has it ever bothered with the likes of Jason, Sonny or Carly. Only Liz. Why is that again?

    As for Liz, after years of absolutely no contact between Jason and Liz, other than a lovely scene of her handing her son over to Jason AND Sam for the sole reason of allowing them time with Jake, she is now being dragged into the nonsense that is Jasam, solely for the purpose of propping their asses? Really? The only reason this is occuring is so that she can cause Sam to miscarry. Seriously?

    I love how TPTB have totally forgotten Liz’s history with miscarriages. That history is totally erased, just so that she can be responsible for the murder of Sam’s fetus because that’s just who she is now. And GH expects viewers to believe this garbage?


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    in answer about the Jake paternity test, they did show it. after

    everyone jumped to the wrong conclusion, and seemed to be relieved that it was lucky, the
    showed Elizabeth, on the hospital roof, burning the test results. I would post the scene, but I’m using my phone. its on you tube.

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    I think Suzanne is definately acting with the Bald Man, probably his wife or ex who is the mother of the guy Brenda killed, but I’m not sure if she’s behind all the wedding shenannigans or if it’s Spinelli. Either way, they both dislike Sonny and they are both disliked by Sonny.

    I would like Lisa gone also. The good part of her storyline was over months ago, and this dragged out mess just gets more depressing. And I hate to say it because I try never to say anything bad about the actors, but if her and Johnny get together, I hope whatever’s breaking out on her face every now and then doesn’t transfer over to him. He’s such a cutie, let’s keep his skin clear. I don’t know if it’s the makeup they use or if she has some sort of condition, but it’s been months and it always keeps showing back up.

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    What does Liz have to gain by telling Sam that she’s NOT preggers?
    I have the same question!

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    If Herbst’s firing were a matter of salary, wouldn’t GH have just done to her what Sony did to Eric Braeden? I think Herbst would have rather have taken a massive pay cut than lose her steady job. She’s the primary bread winner in her family. There’s not much chance of her finding another steady gig like this easily. She’s going to have to start from scratch in primetime TV & film.

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    I will only say though, that while I feel for Liz fans, the one difference is that Liz DOES have a history of lying and she does have a history of feeling like she wants more than one guy at the same time/being torn about the road not taken, where Sam had a history of reacting in defense of others when there was danger.

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    I have spent the past 14 months in & out of hospitals. Doctor visits. Tests.
    My experience is that a Dr will contact you ASAP should a test result come back not right. If the results are fine, the nurse will tell you that you will receive a card in the mail.
    While in the hospital, a nurse will give you most information if it is positive.
    The only time I have had a nurse call me, is when she is returning the call from the Doctor to state everything is fine..or the Dr wants to see me.
    I will not get into a debate again about Liz, however, she had no business contacting Jason.
    It was her job to call Sam and have Sam call back.
    Someone like Sam, a high risk pregnancy a Dr would want to deliver the news themselves.

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    I have to respectfully disagree with the above comment, that Liz has lied in the past so this shouldn’t be surprising as to where her character is going now. :)

    Liz waltzed into PC as a bratty teenager…Far from what the stupid writers are portraying her as now. She wasn’t a cruel, heartless b****. :( But tiic are sabatoging her character now and it is beyond ridiculous. Her character would NEVER of done these things…It wasn’t even until tiic decided she wasn’t a use to the show anymore that she turned unwatchable, at least to me. I can’t wrap head around the writers changing up one’s character just to prop up another couple – and Jasam seems to be doing fine on their own, and their drama always stems from mob stuff so why inject Liz into that NOW? I’m trying to be a good sport….I was a fan of GH before Liz was on the show, but I can’t help but be sorely disappointed in where this show has gone.

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    As for the Sonny/Brenda wedding, am I the only one who’s kind of hoping the Balkan succeeds at kidnapping Brenda the weepy silly dishrag and taking her far, far away, never to be seen or heard from again? Remember when Laura was Miss Star Eyes.That title should now go to Brenda as she’s being written as this moony, self-centered, school girl.
    NO you are NOT the only one hoping for Balkin kidnapping Brenda!! I have been rehashing that scene with Laura for weeks now, and I DO see it happening with the great (NOT)Brenduh. My take is this: I can get thru next week seeing her and hearing her screetching voice, if it means the end of this character. And I happen to think it does!

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    Does anyone on here think, that John Z has something to do with the Balkin as well?
    Someone is giving Balkin information. He knows too many ins & outs.
    Maybe I am just hoping for Johnny to have something to do with Sonny, Balkin, etc…as a reason for Johnny getting some airtime!!!!!!!!
    Also, if John was behind Balkin, it would turn into another war between him & Sonny. Which means the rumors of John leaving the show are false!!
    Or am I completely off base with John here?
    Something is up with him. (Besides Lisa)

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    [quote=fshonuff]why inject Liz into that NOW? I’m trying to be a good sport….I was a fan of GH before Liz was on the show, but I can’t help but be sorely disappointed in where this show has gone.[/quote]

    Because the writers are out to destroy Liz’s character before Becky’s exit. Remember, Liz has had minimal interaction with either Jason or Sam for at least 2 1/2 years. Now, out of the blue, she’s going to lie about Sam’s test results? And her reason for doing so is that she hopes Sam miscarries?

    Sorry but this is ridiculous. Liz suffered two miscarriages. She knows first hand what that loss is like. When Claudia miscarried, Liz was the only one to express sympathy to her because she understood that loss. Liz also became a nurse because she wanted to help people. She is now willing to throw all of that out of the window because of a random encounter with Sam?

    I get the writers are out to decimate Liz. They have been working non-stop on that for the last couple of years. Now they are flat out blatant about it. As a viewer, I’m to now forget Liz’s entire history on this show and just go with the flow? Also, should the writer’s change Jake’s paternity, I will wonder what’s the point in watching GH at all. Apparently whatever is being written today isn’t really occuring. Whatever history that has been built for a character means nothing. The so called love between the couples doesn’t exist. And if a woman has a child and we are shown who the father is, you can bet that paternity can be changed a year or two later on the whim of writers, who don’t give a damm about the product they are producing or the viewers that are watching.

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    Exactly they have kept her as far way from Jason as they possibly can (for years) purposely orchestrated and excluded her from anything meaningful on the show.,..the only artist in town and she didn’t even have a scene with James Franco…

    now all of a sudden she’s involved with something Jason Morgan? Ummm she will be written with a negative focus you can bet on it…

    As for her character “getting ready to be trashed.”
    Umm that has has been happening for “years” and will be it seems as she hits the exit door…Again she’s marked
    1. A vet
    2. not a pet

    of course they can’t respect her in story when they have done nothing but throw her under the bus they haven’t given her anything with a positive focus “in years”…its sad what they have done to her , I can’t imagine why.

    Oh silly me, of course I can ….duh…the order of the day is for Elizabeth to pimp Jason/Sam by any means necessary and they have done so every time she’s involved with Sam (Jason) its to make Elizabeth look weak and/or stupid the same with Brooklyn and/or Shioban … it ain’t that hard to see what they have been doing to her in writing she gets no whitewash she doesn’t get bleached just total and mass destruction of her history with all the mens and write her out as a villain “the biggest loser.” Insiders gloated on how she is being written as “a haters’ dream”
    seems they are correct in their assessment she will be written horrid all the way down to her last air date….just as she has for years nothing will change.

    As for Lucky getting shot in the head
    WoW wonder if he’ll be in a coma…no red eyed weepy (written for) emmy monologues for him until he wakes up which will probably be less than a week.

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    Wow, wow, wow! I knew they were trying to decimate her character but NOW they have her hoping that Sam will miscarry??? Seriously What The F8ck??? This is just beyond, BEYOND ridiculous and completely insulting, to Liz, Becky, and hell, women of the freaking show in general! Do they think this satisfies as good drama, because it doesn’t. Yes, a nurse and mother of three is so desperate and suddenly crazy that she’s willing to lie about test results in the hopes that another woman will miscarry??? Liz was never a cold heartless bitch. She was a hell raiser when she came to town because her parent’s neglected her and her sister was labeled ‘perfect’ by everyone they knew, but she wasn’t downright cruel to anyone, ever. And certainly not in this manner. GAW, this show is literally making me more ill by the hour. As both a Liz and Becky fan, I am WAY past disgusted.

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    GH4 – Who is stating they are trying to destroy Liz’s character??
    The writers or are other viewers are just letting out steam? |(
    I don’t believe the writers are doing any such thing to Liz.
    Her calling Sam was typical Liz.

    I wrote something really great on the forum side earlier and I hit the wrong button and lost everything.

    I was “blown” away yesterday at responses from people who I thought knew better, had more maturity & sense tied to their names.
    EXAMPLE: I LOVE Carly. I think she is not only a great actress, but I relate to her. I am quite aware of her “antics” and I don’t accept her behavior alot of the time. Do I go rip someone’s head off when people talk garbabge about her? I hear that she is a “weekend alcoholic”. Who cares what she does on the weekends? She entertains me during the week! Carly also “owns up” to what and who she is. Not many people do that.

    I feel for anyone who has lost a job in the last 3 years. Do you know how many middle income families, whose main provider was to retire in 5-10 years are not only out of a job, benefits, retirement, but also have gone thru there life savings? I am talking about people who have been working 40 years!
    Do I feel bad a character lost their job on a TV show?? Yes. Of course, however, I know too many people right now who have never made the kind of money to begin with that these actors make, and have struggled just as much if not more.

    So please people, stop with the hatred. I thought better of most of you.

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    JAQ, my issue wasn’t with her calling Sam–I thought that scene was ridiculous because Liz shouldn’t have called Jason to tell him about Sam’s pregnancy results, as he’s not her husband. IMO, she shouldn’t be involved, at all. And at this point, it’s not even about Becky being fired anymore. I hope she finds better work elsewhere.

    My issue stems from the rumors regarding her lying about the test results and her wanting Sam to have a miscarriage, especially when Liz already knows what it’s like to lose a child, and how devastated she was. That’s what I have a problem with, because I think it’s disgusting when your audience is made up of mostly women. It’s more than a Becky/Liz thing for me, it always has been. IMHO, this show has a history of attempting to destroy characters on the way out, whether they leave or quit. Becky/Liz definitely isn’t the first and I don’t think she’ll be the last. I realized that pattern in 06 when they sent Laura to the nuthouse when Genie quit because she admittedly didn’t like the direction they were taking her character. And Rick Hearst, my goodness, the man won two Emmy’s during his stint on GH and the show STILL didn’t know what the heck to do with him. This is a Fronz/Guza/Phelps issue for me, because they don’t seem to know or care what the audience wants to see. One woman wishing miscarriage for another is DEFINITELY not at the top of things that I’m hoping to see. I’m no Sam fan, but that’s just low.

    I can accept bad and even despicable characters, especially if I understand their motivations. They’re usually my favorite type of characters because they’re always so damn broken and there’s always more to explore with them. I was a longtime fan of EJ DiMera on DOOL, even when he was a sick SOB, but now his motivations are ridiculous and unclear, so I can no longer defend him to anyone who will listen. And I have defended Jonathan Randall on GL since his hell-reign on mama Reva when he first strolled into town and seduced his cousin. Like I said, if I can understand the why, I have no problem with it. It’s when there’s madness, but no method or explanation behind it that I take issue with and can’t defend, no matter the character or how much love I may have for them.

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    Why did Sam give the hospital Jason’s number as a way to contact her? Doesn’t she have a cell phone, an office line? Anyway it is what it is in regards to the character of Elizabeth, and I know that it sucks.

    If they want to change Jake’s paternity then why cast the cute blond twins who play him when they look so much like a young Jason? I still remember when Monica struggling to accept the little boy that was Alan’s son, who was also a cute blond boy.

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    GH4now-I was NOT referring to you in my post!!!!!!!!!What I was asking you is this rumor or fact that Liz is going to be written out in that fashion?

    Nobody at this point knows anything. I don’t believe TPTB knew such an outcry of support was going to be shown for the actor. Because of that, would they diss RH like that? I don’t think so. All I am saying is, Liz calling Jason was something typical Liz would do. I don’t regret saying it because it is the truth.
    As far as rumors that people are “suggesting” she wants Sam to miscarry,don’t suggest I was a part of that. I wasn’t. In fact this is the first I am reading it. I don’t read every post that is posted. Honestly. In the short time I have been on here, I know certain people’s way of writing, and I overlook their posts.

    What bothered me yesterday is how some people behaved (not you) on here toward me. Almost hysterical like. WOW. I expected different from some of the people. Even this morning….some people still had to have the “last word”. Let it go. Liz calling Jason is typical Liz behavior.
    NOBODY said anything about setting up Sam for a miscarriage!

    Once EET came on, read my post, she was able to understand what I was saying and calmed everyone down. Why is she one of the only one that didn’t read more into what I was saying?? (thank you EET)

    People who are mean, I wish they wouldn’t respond to my posts. Unless they truly know what is going on in my mind, its rather juvenille to jump into a conversation and start calling names. Don’t you agree??

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    Sam didn’t give out Jason’s number. She asked Liz to call her when the test results came in. Liz took it upon herself to call Jason.

    You remember that about Monica & Jason!?? Ohh how Monica hated him.
    And now look. She adores him, and they write her out!!!! >)
    That is what makes me mad. How many people know the history of Jason and the Q’s?? Or Jason’s mother?? So much to tell, and they bring on stupid stories.
    Nice post…always fun to go down memory lane. :)

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    LOL, well, I HOPE you don’t consider me being mean, JAQ. I figured you weren’t referring to me personally, but I was trying to answer your question with my own explanation on the matter, if that makes sense. Not just to you, but to others, since that’s what I had heard about Liz–her wanting Sam to miscarry. My post may have been a bit rambling, but I was trying to get to a point. Don’t know if I got there, if not, I apologize. That said, I wasn’t trying to single you out, but answer your question as well as make my “point” a little more clear for others.

  32. Profile photo of aramis270

    My dear GHfan-4now, great posts as usual my friend.
    I totally agree with you regarding Liz. The way they are writing her is pathetic and I don’t get the point of trashing the character when so many viewers are already furious of BH being fired.

    Why can’t they write her brilliantly and as a tribute to the 13 years of the character of the show? I think people who are furious right now would be more ready to accept Liz/BH leaving the show with an open door as it was done for other characters like Ric if her leavng was writing in a good way. That would help keeping viewers to watch the show instead of making people mad and resentful.

    Lulu and Dante having sex… What’s new. Remember that was their main occupation once Dante ratted Michael out. It seems to solve all their problems. I had hope a few days that Lulu had gained back a brain and some self esteem but watching her propping Dante again and again in the past 3 days and organizing him a special V day as if she was the once who has something she needs to be forgiven for? Lulu is a pathetic female character with no spine and self respect but I guess this the kind of girl that Guza wants us to relate to? Doesn’t work with me.
    My bet is that she is going to punch Dante, then she will apologize for it immediately, he will find a lame excuse to explain why he kept lying to her about a dead baby (at least us viewers know the baby is probably alive but he doesn’t even have this excuse) giving her a reason to invite him for instant sex reward and then they will move on to be married. And I will throw up.

    One more person shot in the head-on GH? I hope this is not true. Can’t GH give us sweeps without anyone dying or being shot or some explosions? Don’t remember who wrote about OLTL sweeps but she was right. This is what I call soap sweeps, big secrets out, brother against brothers, betrayals and big love and drama. Everything GH is missing lately which makes them in need of big bad mobsters and violence and guys shot in the end. Why can cops do their job properly on OLTL but all cops of PC except Mac are rotten cops? This is beyond me.

    Finally Johnny… Guza seems so infatuated with Lisa that he is going to use Johnny to prop her and try to redeem her? No thanks. Johnny deserves much better than Lisa please and I don’t get why after being attracted and in love with “nice women” we are now supposed to believe that he is suddenly and out of the blue attracted to the “dark ones”? Since when? Pair him back with Lulu or pair him with Brook, but Lisa? Probably the most hated character of GH in the past 5 years? My guy deserves better, thank you and I feel sorry for Brianna Brown who is a great actress but her character has been written in such a corner that I don’t see how she could get out of it alive and not heading for either jail or Shaddy brook.

  33. Profile photo of Marezi

    fshonuff wrote: I have to respectfully disagree with the above comment, that Liz has lied in the past so this shouldn’t be surprising as to where her character is going now

    I have to respectfully disagree with you also, LOL
    Did Liz lie to Lucky all along that he was Jakes father? She kept it going until Nik and Emilys party where Sam was going to spill the beans and then Jason told Lucky the truth.
    Did Liz swear on the stand at Jasons trial that Jake was Luckys and she had the paternity test to prove it? And then admitted to an affair with Jason
    Did Sonny question why Liz would be honest about the affair but lie about the paternity. and her answer: She didnt lie.
    In fact after the testimony I think she even told Jason she couldn’t even separate the truth from the lies anymore.
    So yes Liz lies. But that isn’t my point, my point is everyone on this show LIES and if we didn’t see it then it will be told via third person to cover what they want us to know. TIIC are sneaky like that.

    I honestly don’t think Liz will tell Sam anything other then her tests are in. I had a lot of thoughts about what could happen but when push comes to shove I don’t think she will lie. I think paying the lab tech off has to do with Aiden and finding out Lucky is his daddy. She probably pays lab guy to do the test without letting Nik know as Nik is on the board and may find out somehow. And she doesn’t need someone messing with the tests until she gets an answer.

    I don’t want to se Lisa and Johnny. There was a rumor that Johnny would tell Ethan that Lisa reminded him of Claudia. has that happened yet? It might have been dropped (hopefully)
    just YUCK

    Lucky shot in the head. hmmmmmm Do we get to see a personality change in him and he will quit the police force? Will he also walk around town thinking he really is Ronan and be talking with the Irish accent? Or is it time for Luke to serenade his cowboy?

    whose body is that?? May be the wedding planner or Claire. But people keep saying Claire and Sonny do the angry sex after Brenda goes boom. Unless someone else got canned and we don’t know it yet.

  34. Profile photo of Marezi

    aramis: Lulu and Dante having sex…Whats new???


    That reminds me, the other day my hubby happened to be in the room while GH was on and he saw Lulu and Dante and he said “how can they be having a conversation, that aren’t in bed”

    LMAO even he has seen all they do with these two is throw them in bed.

  35. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Oh, my dear, Aramis, thank you, my friend! You perfectly summed up what I attempted to say in regards to Liz, as usual! :)

    And goodness gracious, you know I MUST agree with you in regards to Johnny, as usual. Why that fine, FINE man is wasted on that wackadoodle Lisa, I have no idea why. What are TPTB thinking? He should not redeem her, she should be back in Shadybrook with an unlimited stay. And you know how much I absolutely, positively, loathed him and Olivia, but I would even suffer through that again over him and Lisa. Like you said, pair him back with Lulu, or Brooke, which is the direction I thought they were going in, until they put her in Nik’s orbit–I was actually intrigued by that paring. But get him away from Lisa. Like you said, Brianna is a fine actress and was great in the beginning of the Scrubs/Lisa triangle. I remember it was all we could talk about everyday in Perkie’s Observations. And it was the one time when many of us agreed on one thing! LOL. But again, as you stated perfectly, they have written Lisa into a corner. She’s no longer a viable villain. She’s a walking, talking, live-action Saturday morning cartoon.

  36. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    To be clear, I have heard the rumors about her lying because she is wanting sam to miscarry. I am not saying I want that to be the story, I am just sharing what I heard. I also heard that she might possibly exit happy with nik. I am not saying I want that to happen or I dont want that to happen, again just sharing what I heard. Another rumor is that Jake dies, again not advocating for that, just a rumor floating around. I think that tells us that at least some of the story may be up in the air.

    And for the record, i DO think the character has a history of lying, but I dont think she would want sam to miscarry UNLESS they really do this in a way that shows that she never ever forgave Sam even for a second for what she did to Cam and to Jake and she is really spiraling out mentally. I cant evaluate a rumor because it totally depends on the beats that play out.

    As for Jake – I thought it was odd that ric was floating around so much, and I could see him wanting to mess with the results. We know ric always had convoluted plans, much like my gal carly, so maybe he figured he could change the results to Jason, Liz would freak at the idea of the kid being in danger, Lucky is an addict (didnt ric plant something in his desk to amp that situation up a bit?) and if liz left him and left lucky he might think that gave him his best shot. Maxie certainly didnt want Lucky to be the father. Liz wanted Jason to be the dad – she all but told Sonny that and Sonny all but told her Lucky would get clean and be a good dad – and while I dont remember her burning the results, when she spoke with sonny, sonny jumped to the conclusion he wanted (I am not sure why Sonny supports JaSam but he seems to want them together – could be he thinks she is best for Jason or it could be because he feels like he owes sam something. I dont know) But I dont remember the audience or any other character seeing the results. Here she is with sonny and she doesnt show him

    She could have read Lucky and on the spot with Sonny went with it and then changed the results after she told Jason the baby was his and he said he would marry her. Spin and Lulu only found the tests online AFTER Liz told Jason, so she could have changed it after deciding to go for what she wanted.

  37. Profile photo of

    I appreciate you listening to my rant. :)
    It isn’t right to predict something negative about our fellow poster’s favorite character’s. My thing is, CHILL OUT everyone. Nothing has happened, and stop attacking people that mean no harm!! >)

    Thank you so much for listening.

  38. Profile photo of

    I don’t trust or care for the character of Liz. Respect me as I respect you for liking her character.
    I wish nobody harm. That is something you can bank on.

    As much as I dont’trust Liz, I don’t see her playing a nasty game with someone’s pregnancy. Not when you yourself are a mother of 3.

    But that isn’t the purpose of the original post by me. I just don’t understand how cruel and mean people can get toward other fellow postings.
    Some of the people from yesterday surprised me.
    Now I think its time I let it go…

    Have a good night everyone…

  39. Profile photo of Marezi

    EET I agree the rumors are running amok. LOL

    Every which way she can: lie, die, fight or FLight, cheat and probably at the least steal on her way out will be talked about.

    No one knows what is going on with Liz and her exit story. I really think they have that on hard lock down. No rumors getting out unless they, TIIC, want them to get out.

    But right now she is more involved with Nik and Brook and Lucky. I am sure Jason will be in there somewhere and I had a lot of thoughts on how that all could happend. But the scene on Thursdays show with her talking with Sam and calling Jason came out of no where so that really makes people (me included) wonder if they are trashing her on the way out.

    If they have Jake die that might be trashing Liz .
    If Liz has a nervous breakdown if and when Jake dies that might be trashing Liz
    If Lucky and Irish get married and Lucky turns away from Liz,that might be trashing Liz
    If Nik chooses Brooklynn that might be trashing Liz .
    If all the baby daddies are with other women then Liz is being trashed
    If Jason accepts Sam having a baby that might be trashing Liz.
    Even though Jason is bound to impregnant someone at some time on this show.

    Every little thing is going to make us wonder if that is what sends Liz over the edge or out of town and if it is going to get worse.

    Again JMO and we just don’t trust IIC to do anything decent. anyway I don’t after seeing other actors leave this show in body bags or run out of town or sent to Shadybrook or prison (Blackie anyone ??). LOL

  40. Profile photo of liason4real

    The last thing that Ric would ever want is for Jason of all people to be tied permanently to Liz via a baby. He would have changed the name to Lucky, and then made sure that Lucky died or ended up in prison. He wanted Jason dead during that silly breaking out of jail nonsense in the Fall of 2006. Besides, Ric taunted Jason while he was on trial with his suspicions that Jason was Jake’s father and not Lucky.

  41. Profile photo of fshonuff

    I have to respectfully disagree with you also, LOL
    Did Liz lie to Lucky all along that he was Jakes father? She kept it going until Nik and Emilys party where Sam was going to spill the beans and then Jason told Lucky the truth.
    Did Liz swear on the stand at Jasons trial that Jake was Luckys and she had the paternity test to prove it? And then admitted to an affair with Jason
    Did Sonny question why Liz would be honest about the affair but lie about the paternity. and her answer: She didnt lie.
    In fact after the testimony I think she even told Jason she couldn’t even separate the truth from the lies anymore.
    So yes Liz lies. But that isn’t my point, my point is everyone on this show LIES and if we didn’t see it then it will be told via third person to cover what they want us to know. TIIC are sneaky like that.

    Well, that’s what I think too, everyone on this show lies. But I’m saying that while Liz has lied in the past, her lies were based on the INTENT to make things better. At least the lies you stated. Whether that’s what ended up happening or not, that WAS her intent. But the rumors NOW that are out, and the actions the writers have taken with Liz’s character as of late, have been WAY out of her character. That is what I am taking offense to, is the character sabotage of her character. And she’s not the only one. Like a poster mentioned before, the writers obviously don’t care about the product they are throwing out b/c they don’t care about the show’s history at all.

  42. Profile photo of

    Marezi-I can only speak for myself, but when Liz called Jason, what went thru my mind is “typical Liz”. It never occured to me that the writers were “trashing” her or preparing for her departure. Like I said, it was typical Liz behavior. Nothing more.

    (If they have Jake die that might be trashing Liz .
    If Liz has a nervous breakdown if and when Jake dies that might be trashing Liz)
    I will be so mad & hurt >) on so many levels if they have a child die as part of a storyline to write off RH. If that is the best they can do, screw them! I will spend my time doing something else that hour.
    Like any mother would understand, the death of a child could send you off to a mental rehabilation J) center.That is fact.
    BJ died many years ago, and the story and acting was so good people are still talking about it.
    The writers refuse to go back in time with the history of GH, yet they would rewrite that story??
    I am getting ahead of myself.
    When RH leaves, nothing will make her fans happy.
    Though I am not a fan, I think it would be nice to see her leave Pt Chuckles with Nik & kids.
    Liz needs a new beginning.

  43. Profile photo of Marezi

    I really don’t want a child to die either and it really irks me (nice way of saying PO) that there is no reason for it (that we know at this time anyway). With BJ it gave Maxie a heart. With Jake …what? There is no one needing anything to stay alive. If this is suppose to bring Patrick and Robin together, because it might be her that runs Jake over, I call foul. They can get their butts back together by other means. Why use a child. Use Robin and her health or Patrick and make him sick. or hell just let them get drunk and get laid. Don’t kill a child to show them “working together” and finally get back together.

    In my Opinion It is classic Liz. Sorry but I have seen Liz doing this crap for years. This is not “out of character” in my opinion. What I have listed above is just a few of her “acting out” traits.

    I still think they could keep Liz and just let her be herself. LOL ..Sorry but I think she puts on an act to everyone. Let her finally “come out and embrace her inner self”

    But to her fans she is not this way. So it will be 50-50 about what and how we see the “destruction” or is it finally “showing Liz the way she is”.

    Do I want her utterly destroyed as she leaves. NO. Sam was to a certain degree and Sam’s fans still stuck by her as we saw that the real reason was to move Jason and Liz together which is a laugh as that didn’t work nor last so why did they do that (?) but oh well, they did.

    If they write Liz anywhere near like they wrote Sam I think she could survive but not if she is OFF the show. Hell I would become one of her biggest fans if she really went with the Liz I see on screen and the fake Liz that friends tell me about (how she isn’t bad and I am blinded)..LOL. They need to merge and then she needs to portray the two sides of herself accordingly.

    TIIC need to keep her and let us see the recovery. But will her fans stick by her? What I have seen around the internet (I don’t include this group posting here, we have sane posters here) it is a big nope. A lot (NOT ALL OF THEM) of her fans haven’t liked anything Liz unless it is with Jason and since Jason and her split they gave up and that is so sad. Couples are not the be-all end-all but on this show it sure seems to be.

    I don’t want Sam with Jason. I am a free Sam from Jason fan. But I am stuck with the doofus until they split them up. I don’t want Liz with Jason either. I don’t want Jason to have any woman PERIOD. He doesn’t deserve anyone. But Liz awwwwwww Liz has so much story yet to tell.

    I shouldn’t have to say this but I will, this is my opinion. This is not to attack anyone and their feelings. I am talking about a fake character on a fake show.

  44. Profile photo of

    Marezi-This IS classic Liz. And YES it is an ACT she puts on. When Lucky gave her that verbal smackdown, I was so glad that I had perceived the character as the writers wanted us to perceive her as. However, still the fans BELIEVED in the character!! GO FIGURE!
    I do think she has a motive to make Sam lose the baby. I don’t think she would though. Liz has always loved Jason. And honestly, he never recipricated much. Then they agreed to have Lucky raise Jake, only for Jason to turn around and get pregnant with Sam? I can understand Liz’s hurt & anger. But she wouldn’t bring harm to an unborn baby. Would she??

    Should Liz have stayed on, I couldn’t stomach her. I always ff her scenes. However, if they were to change the character, and that was possible, I may have grown to be able to watch her scenes. :)
    Let’s say one of her children get sick. How as a single mother does she handle it? At the same time educate the viewers on the illness.
    So there was something that could have been done with her character.
    TPTB wanted her gone. End of story.

    As far as Jake goes, if he dies they can bring into play stem cell research, or organ donating. There is plenty they could write into the story of a death.
    Robin running over a child, could Robin ever live with herself after that? I am hoping she accidentally kills Lisa and that is why she needs a lawyer.
    I just don’t know if I can watch a show that stoops so low as to kill a child for ratings. And that is what it would come down to.

  45. Profile photo of Spooks19

    I think Liz does have a history of lying and she can be catty with other women and territorial about men she thinks of has her’s, but when she’s lied it’s usually to save her own ass. If she ends up lying about Sam’s pregnancy test, I think that would be OOC because the whole thing really has nothing to do with her situation, and I don’t get what would be in it for her. For a while she’s been shown to be over Jason, and moved on (or back) to Lucky and now to Nik. If she lied about something to try to split up Lush or Nookie, maybe I could sort of buy that, but not this Sam thing. Also, it makes no sense for her to lie about the pregnancy test results b/c it will be pretty obvious in a a month or so what the real results would be. If Liz did try to make Sam miscarry, I would definitely think that was OOC and she was being thrown under the bus, because while lying and cheating are one thing, intentionally physically harming someone is a whole other thing and I just haven’t seen Liz do anything that would suggest she would go to that level.

    Aramis – ITA about the JoLisa thing. I’m also annoyed that GH is using Johnny to prop Lisa. If I thought there was something in this for Johnny – more airtime, a meaty story, focus on him and his pov – I might be willing to accept it, but so far I haven’t seen anything except Johnny getting a line her or there about how he like’s crazy. It’s been mostly all about Lisa and he’s being twisted around for her. I don’t care if Lisa sticks around, but if she does, have her do it on her own merits and not off the backs of other characters.

  46. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I just think back to how Sam’s character was trashed and written badly during Kelly Monaco’s contract negotiations. If it happens to Liz as well, then so be it.
    I, of course don’t know how Liz’s character will be written with regards to her upcomming exit, but I have always felt that Jake was not Jason’s. I was not a GH watcher until late 2009, but I did watch the Yutube video of when Liz received the paternity results and burned the info thereafter. Jason just took her word for it and never asked for the information himself. I think he just wanted more than anything to be a father. The results could have been changed in the GH database as well. I try not bash a character or an actor, but as for Liz, she wants what she wants at that time. She wanted Jason at that time, and did everything in her power to make that happen.
    During Friday’s episode, when she told Sam I hope it turns out how you want, I thought the wording was interesting and a little deja vu. She also had a peculiar look on her face. I don’t think it was ever expected that Sam would or could get pregnant. Also when you think about Liz’s chances for a male companion are pretty slim in Port Charles. The relationship with her and Jason did not work out, she lost Lucky by cheating with Nik, but then did not want a relationship with Nik, and now she has no one and no prospects. But all the males have prospects and have moved on.
    I recently read a spoiler that Liz’s action will endanger Sam. I am sure that Liz is aware of Sam’s GYN history and if she were pregnant, it would be a high risk pregnancy from the very beginning.
    My only question is, is Liz actually Dr. Lee’s nurse? The only way that I receive information from my doctor, particularly my GYN is from my doctor’s nurse.

  47. Profile photo of Marezi

    See I don’t understand the going to the hospital to have check ups anyway. I go to my doctors office. I don’t go to a hospital unless I am admitted for tests (or visiting someone LOL)

    Good question, how would Liz see the results of the test. She should just say the test are in and Sam needs to contact Dr. Lee and set up a time for that appointment.

    I say again. I don’t think liz is going to tell Sam anything other than her tests are done. I hope she doesn’t anyway.

  48. Profile photo of lyajoy

    I like Lisa, mostly b/c she’s psycho, but not w/Johnny b/c he deserves better. I don’t like Liz, but I don’t want her written out, either b/c I like how she and Sam interact w/each other. I wish they weren’t dragging out this Jasam/baby s/l, but it’s a soap, what else should I have expected? Siobhan irks me, and I’d rather for her to go, then Liz. I wish Carly would get all the facts b/f blurting out something she “thinks” she knows, and wind up looking a fool for her efforts. And, I KNEW Suzanne was in this somehow! I think she’s the mother of the guy Brenda (ugh) killed, and she’s getting her own revenge. Personally, I’m all for it! Balkan/Suzanne/anyone! Take Brenda, do whatever w/her–just get her off my screen! I can’t stand listening to her or looking at her. I’m to the point where I watch GH online so that I can skip through her scenes. Funny this, I’ve enjoyed watching VMG on other films&shows, but I just don’t like her as Brenda. I’m really liking Shawn, and I hope he starts doing good so he can stick around a little longer. One last thing: Kristina/Ethan…no, NO, HELL NO. He is too old for her. I mean, she LOOKS like a child. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now. No more crushing on Ethan, Kristina! Besides, he’s married now. And Lucky, wow, I also didn’t see it coming, but I’m sure he’ll be okay, after a lot of drama, of course.

  49. Profile photo of Kazy24

    Yea. There was no reason to bring Liz into this jasam storyline in the first place, unless they were planning to further destroy the character- which they have apparently been doing. If Jake turns out to not be Jason’s son, I will be ticked. There is no need to take that away from the Liason fans. We get it, those two are never going to happen again and our girl is on her way out. Why take that little reminder that the show was once good away from us (obivously jasam fans will disagree here lol). I am sick to my stomach with them messing with character history to suit their plotlines that wouldn’t work otherwise and are way overdone in the first place. As for Sam always acting in defense of other people, I won’t deny that, but let’s not kid ourselves into believing that she has never acted selfishly or done something down right underhanded before. She has- just like every other woman on every soap that has ever existed. There are no saints on soap operas. This isn’t meant as an attack on Sam fans or any other female soap character, just an observation.

    I actually thought about turning on GH today to see if I had missed anything, but decided against it as I didn’t want to “boost” the shows ratings by tuning in when it seems to be nothing but crap.

  50. Profile photo of grahamt

    I believe that this is so a Liz thing to do. She hasn’t been that sweet little angel ever since Helen made everyone believe Lucky died in that fire. She started by messing with Jason’s relationship with Carly that was why Carly turned to Sonny in the first place. Then sleeping with her best friend Emily’s husband and conceiving Cam. Then rushing to Jason and getting pregnant with Jake knowing he was in love with Sam. Then sleeping with Nik while engaged to his brother Lucky. I for one will be glad for everyone to see her for who she is, but I think they should keep her I think she could have a lot more to her story. I like the idea of her changing Sam results, I also think they should have Helena just take her off for awhile. I like the idea of Helena finding out that Liz changed Aidan’s results to say he was Lucky’s and in fact he was Nik’s and when Helena did her tampering she unknowingly was righting a wrong and thats why Liz had her breakdown when she was pregnant. She was scared she was gonna get caught and didn’t understand why it didn’t work this time when it worked with Jake’s test results. I want Sam to be pregnant by Jason, Lucky and Jason to find out Lucky is Jake’s father, and everyone to figure out that Liz just wants every man that doesn’t want her anymore and that she uses her kids to achieve that goal.

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