Love This: Lauralee Bell’s New Web Series Just Off Rodeo is Just Fabulicious!

The ever-enterprising Lauralee Bell (Family Dinner) is back with a new web series entitled Just Off Rodeo. Co-created with her hubby Scott Martin under their Martin-Bell Productions shingle, Just Off Rodeo revolves around  Danielle (Jennifer Birmingham), a vapid heiress, whose dad forces her to work at his posh Beverly Hills boutique and Cat (Zoe Taylor), a starstruck salesgirl. Think Ugly Betty, except no one is ugly.

The innovative webcom allows viewers to purchase the apparel sported in the serial on the Just Off Rodeo website. Me thinks Bell’s late father Bill Bell, Sr. (co-creator with wife Lee Phillip Bell of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful) would be impressed, not only with the razor sharp writing, but the smart business model! 

Check out the premiere episode of Just Off Rodeo, where the ultimate divo stylist Rodrigo (Mike Rose) descends upon the boutique, just in time to help a desperate publicist (Gloria Coco) create a look for her hot mess, pop star client (Jordyn Napthal). To watch click here.

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    I justed watched and I loved it. My favorite websoaps are “Family Dinner” and “Gotham”. Speaking of “Gotham” can anyone give any updates on when “Gotham” is returning? PLEASE

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    Oh it’s that Alison girl Kevin used to have a fling with on Y&R. Liked the premiere.

    Maybe Bill Bell’s true heir is found in his daughter Lauralee and not his daughter-in-law. Some more years of writing experience I could see her making it work.

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    I guess I’m not as starved for distraction as some people are. I didn’t find anything funny about it. The gay hairdresser? Gee, that’s not an overdone stereo type, is it?

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