Blue Bloods Recruits Noelle Beck

Have you missed Noelle Beck since As the World Turns went off the air? If you have, there is good news. CBS Soaps in Depth is reporting  Beck has joined the Tom Selleck cop drama Blue Bloods in a recurring role. Reportedly, her character Sue Connors will work with Selleck’s Frank Reagan as a Deputy Press Secretary.

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    HAIL, HAIL she is one classy dame! I was indifferent to her as “Lily”, meaning I liked her as an actor but I grew up w\Martha and when ATWT announced it had been cancelled she immediately got out the way to bring back fan fave Martha for ATWT’s long time fans. Of course CG made sure that wouldn’t happen because of his ego. Congrats Noelle I wish you all the best and would like to see you again on a soap in the future.

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