SAY WHAT?! Natalia Livingston OUT, Tamara Braun IN as DAYS’ Taylor!

Just what the heck is going on over at Days of Our Lives!? Soap Opera Digest is reporting Natalia Livingston has been fired and DAYS has cast her former General Hospital co-star Tamara Braun to take over the role of Taylor! Ouch, thats gotta hurt… Livingston’s debut on DAYS just started a few weeks ago and Braun, who was on the sudser as Ava in 2008 has started taping today. Co-executive producer Gary Tomlin stated:

 It was decided to take the character of Taylor in a new direction. Natalia Livingston is an amazing actress and a consummate professional. She is a class act and everyone at the studio adores her.

I guess Braun’s pesky Daytime Emmy win on the show for another character is something to overlook, right? Braun’s first airdate is slated for April.

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    UPGRADE! Tamara Braun proved herself as an actress w/Ava and won a deserved Emmy for it. Love the chemistry she and Arianne had, so it’ll be cool to see them play sisters.

    And this is nothing new for this show w/actors playing different characters.

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    Jamey Giddens

    And this is nothing new for this show w/actors playing different characters.

    It’s nothing new, but it’s one of the reasons people see DAYS as a joke. People still aren’t used to Chris Kositchek as Roman, now this. She won an EMMY as Ava. That says that role and character stuck out. Why not bring Ava back and let her mix it up with EJ. This is asinine. Grey’s Anatomy would never bring Katherine Heigl back as someone named Midge and just expect fans to be okay with it. Until daytime starts treating fans like they have a brain, they will keep shedding viewers.

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    Jamey, you do have a good point. I’m so grasping at straws that seeing Tamara return as anyone is exciting to me.
    If they really want to stop shedding viewers they just need to get rid of DENA HIGLEY.

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    Hilarious!!! Just hilarious.

    I like to think that Tamara Braun deserves better. DAYS isn’t on a creatively very high level right now. And to recast Taylor with an actress who was on the show not that long ago in another role, for which she even got an Emmy Award, speaks volumes.

    I love having Tamara back on soap opera, but I wish it would have been Y&R or OLTL. Just not this…

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    One thing I disagree with though is the “mixing it up with EJ” comment. I am SO sick of Days ONLY focusing on love triangles and who is with who. SO tired of it! It’s all DENA HIGLEY knows how to write!

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    I WILL BE WATCHING DAYS REGULARLY NOW CAUSE THIS IS EXACALLY WHAT THEY NEEDED ANOTHER STRONG ACTRESS TO CARRY THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully Ken is Laying the GRound Work to Fill the VOID of that younger set, and Replacing it with strong strong strong vital characters which is what makes Days great!!!!!

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    I agree with Jamey! Tamara Braun is a great actress, but COME ON SHELLY! (MAD TV homage there) That’s the first thought that came to my mind when I read this; it’s ridiculous and an insult to viewers’ intelligence casting her in a different role. No need to be infuriated by it, obviously, but come on! She played a vital role for almost the whole year of ’08. The Golden Girls used the same actors in different roles, as do the Law and Order shows, but those were guest roles.
    And YES, they need to can Dena Higley’s ass ASAP! Tired of the boring and stupid mixed together.

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    I don’t like Tamara Braun, but I did like the Ava/Patch/Kayla storyline. It is weird that she’s coming back in a different role, but Days is notorious for this (see Josh Taylor, Judi Evans, Wayne Northrop, etc.).

    I liked Natalia Livingston and I can’t see TB playing the heroine very well. She’s good at playing a total bitch, though.

  9. Profile photo of Brando628

    Why am I not surprised AlastairCrane doesn’t like Tamara Braun?

    “I liked Natalia Livingston and I can’t see TB playing the heroine very well. She’s good at playing a total bitch, though.” They said they’re taking the character in a different direction. Ever occur they’re going to make Taylor a bitch?

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    Jamey Giddens

    I ADORE Tamara Braun. She is my all-time favorite Carly Corinthos, but DAYS has a way of hiring people, not knowing what to do with them, and firing them. There is no rhyme or reason over there anymore. SOMETHING is up, and I’m gonna find out what that is!

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    And I agree with those who say that Days is a trainwreck. It needs a complete makeover. Stop focusing on Sami/Rafe/EJ, et. al all the freakin’ time. I’ve been watching this show for 20 years at least, and I’m sick of the crappy writing at both Days and Y&R. Even though the Tamara Braun situation is not a big deal, it somehow just speaks volumes to me about the state of soaps these days. Could they not have found someone else to play the role? I’m probably wrong, but it reminds me a lot of the casting of Eden Riegel as Heather. Actually, it REALLY does, in a way, because it looks like they’re going to completely change the personality of this character with someone who didn’t necessarily have to be cast in the role. Same thing with Maura West as Diane. Great actress, wrong role. Oh well. I guess if I can get used to Josh Taylor as Roman, I can get used to “Ava Vitali” as Taylor.

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    Yeah, Jamey, you’re right. They’ll probably never even use Tamara. They’ll just keep using only Alison, Nadia, Galen and James. And no one else. I don’t know why I’m getting my hopes up. :(

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    After years of adoring Bonnie Lockhart, I am finally used to Judi Evans as Adrienne even though she’s dull as dishwater.

  14. Profile photo of cokeyloveshersoaps

    This proves that Greg Vaughn made a smart decision not “testing” for this show he might have been fired within a week. They got rid of Lindsey,Mark, and look what they did to Stacy Haiduk even their young cast jumping ship this show is terrible. I love Tamara but i won’t watch this show again not even for her.

  15. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    It helps though that the peeps Ava missed it up with….Patch, Kayla, John, and Marlena are no longer in Salem…so it won’t be as jarring.

    Of course if I had a choice I would like them all back in Salem.

  16. Profile photo of east.west

    See Jamey, you are a sensible person though.

    My whole thing about Daytime is it is never going to change. So in the sea of 1980 inspired storytelling, when news or stories come in like this happen, I welcome it.

    I think this will work. Even though she was on two yrs. ago, the show has become a different and better show (know you’ll disagree) between those two yrs.

    And you know we’ll be seeing James Scott light up w/this development in this insta love story w/EJ and Taylor, b/c now he’s looking like wtf is this.

  17. Profile photo of keanna

    When I read the headline, Jillian took the words right out of my mouth. Yes, there have been some primetime shows that have done this, but Days is the one soap that is notorious for pulling things like this, I remember the Roman fiasco, as kid that made my head spin.

    I like Tamara Braun, she was great as Ava, earned a well-deserved Emmy, but they didn’t give Natalia enough time, and I thought she was getting into it. Will see how this goes.

  18. Profile photo of east.west

    And maybe that “something” being up is that they actually watched Natalia scenes. You are in the know Jamey, but I do think (and call me naive) it’s them going a different direction w/the character in the DAYS way. I tried rationalizing it as her being no different than what the character was originally written as, but I can’t defend anymore. She was awful. And I say this as someone who defends her Emily Quartermaine, b/c I think the writers change that character so drastically from Amber’s version.

  19. Profile photo of Brando628

    All I know is for everyone who hates this idea, there are two or there who love it. I’m barely holding on to Days. I fast-forward through so much of it now that it will be nice to see Tamara back on. I’m just so sick of the love triangles, the cheap sets, the bad music, the terrible writing. I’ve been watching this show for over 20 years. I started as a kid. I don’t want to let go of it. I know that I’ll just end up disappointed when Dena stops writing for Taylor in six months anyway.

    Dena just needs to go. Think about the things she’s done. She can’t even write a decent autism storyline and she’s the mother of an autistic child. The Chad as a DiMera “Storyline” has been going on for months and we’ve only seen like four scenes with Chad and Stefano together. Chad even left town for weeks during the middle of it.

    And enough of Sami’s kids! Johnny and Allie get more airtime than Maggie and Kate. It’s ridiculous. SO sick of ALL Sami’s kids. And I’m so sick of all SAMI/EJ/RAFE all the time. Spread the wealth! Write stuff for other characters! It seems so simple yet must be so hard for Dena, Christopher, Ken, Gary, et al to get it…. SO frustrating!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Alistair Crane, it took me years to buy Judi as Bonnie after seeing her as Adrienne. Adrienne was there first.  I always wanted them to reveal Adrienne and Bonnie were twins. That would have been fun to see and have them both fighting over Justin. Justin could have bedded Bonnie, thinking it was Adrienne, only for Adrienne to walk in on them.

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    The people complaining about Natalia don’t understand the character of Taylor Raines. I loved the original Taylor, Katherine Ellis, and Natalia was doing justice to the role.

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    Jamey, I never saw Judi’s original stint as Adrienne. I mostly remember her as Paulina from AW. I adored her as Bonnie and still can’t get into Adrienne. But they could get Judi a dual role and make them twins! Hogan Sheffer was originally going to have Bonnie and Victor hook up and raise Tyler/Pocket until Mimi left and plans changed.

  23. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Oh I think Natalia is awful too. I saw no need for this character. The Walkers are nothing more than rip offs of the Reeds. Who needs more of them? Nicole is the only one viable. I loved Brandon, but Sami has 75 leading men, so why bring back any Walkers? Nicole was okay as a stand-alone character. I wouldn’t have minded Robin Mattson or Kim Zimmer as Faye, just so they could have had some meaty Ada/Rachel, Mona/Erica style scenes between Faye and Nicole, but the actress they have is a drip. Natalia is a drip. Te first Taylor was a drip. I want more Hortons!

    Tamara would have been perfect (pre-Ava) as Maggie’s angry daughter Sarah. The last time we saw Sarah she was only a few months away from having walked in on Maggie cheating on Mickey with Neil Curtis. DAYS never explored that fully. To have a still bitter daughter return, on the heels of her adopted father’s  death to confront the mother everyone in town thinks is a saint would be better soap opera than organ harvesting and stunt recasting. I am just majorly frustrated with DAYS.

    If they had to bring Natalia on, why not as Jeanie Donovan, Shane and Kim’s daughter. I am so tired of these lame new characters or old ones that never mattered.

  24. Profile photo of Brando628

    I was hoping Ava (Tamara) would’ve turned up in either Nicole’s or Hope’s prison. And even perhaps sparked a romance. But whatever, she’s back and working and am happy for her. She’s got the talent, so she deserves the paycheck.

  25. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I’ve made no secret of my love for Tamara Braun, so I love this news! I’ve been cringing at Natalia Livingston’s “acting” everyday since she’s arrived, so I will not shed any tears over her leaving. I’m wondering what this new direction is that they are supposedly taking Taylor in.

    I know she played Ava before and even won an Emmy for that role, but it doesn’t bother me that she will be playing a different character. Even though I liked her as Ava, she was never a fan favorite so I think bringing Ava back would have been a mistake. Plus, her and Arianne have such great chemistry together that they should be great at playing sisters. Even though they didn’t work together before, I could see Tamara and James Scott having great chemistry as well.

  26. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @AlistairCrane. You should watch some of Judi’s stuff as Adrienne in the late 80’s/early 90’s. She was amazing. A real, classic soap heroine. Poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks, molested by her father, who fell for the richest boy in town. It was so sweeping and romantic. Victor of course hated her and didn’t want her with his nephew. Throw in scheming Anjelica Deveraux (first Jane Elliot, then Judith Chapman) as a scheming cougar who wanted Justin for herself and you had good, good soap.

  27. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    This is so lame, stupid and typical for Days these past months. They really do think fans are stupid. Dena Higley and yes Gary Tomlin suck and their continued employment is beyond mindboggling. But we’re soap viewers so we probably forgot that Tamara was already on the show. This casting and “taking Taylor in a new direction” means she is going to basically play the same character as Ava, a woman obsessed with getting a man at all cost. Gee, isn’t that every female character on Days? I mean don’t all of the women on Days exist solely for a man? That’s Dena’s idea of romance. Arghhhh!

    Oh and Jamey please find out what the heck is going on behind the scenes at Days. This is just nuts!

  28. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Wow, I might have to actually tune in and watch DAYS again. I LOVESSSS me some Tamara Braun, and she was my favorite Carly. She was the perfect mixture of Sarah Brown’s ball-busting approach and Laura Wright’s slightly bubbly approach to the character. Of course, I adore all three actresses, but Tamara was the perfect embodiment of the bitch that you didn’t want to fool around with (because she might cut your ass! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ) and the girl that you’d want to go out drinking and clubbing with because you know you’d end up having a freaking BLAST!!

    While I have only seen bits and pieces of her work as Ava, I have heard many critics denounce the character as being poorly-written and developed. But Tamara is the perfect actress to turn BLEEP into sugar!!

  29. Profile photo of Brando628

    Jamey, I was discussing this today! Why bring on all these new characters they can bring on OLD characters with new actors. My examples were:

    Shawn Christian as Mike Horton instead of Daniel.
    Tamara Braun as Sarah or even Kristen Blake instead of Ava/Taylor.
    Ty Treadway as Peter Blake instead of that pointless doctor. Oh well, Ty isn’t a good actor anyway
    The list goes on and on …

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    Tamara Braun would be great as Jeannie Donovan, who’s secretly an ISA agent while maintaining a double life as a waitress at the Brady Pub or an orderly at the hospital. They need more women with spunk! Stephanie started out spunky as a race car driver and then was slowly turned into your typical blah soap girl.

  31. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I see this new direction the same as everyone else, but I have to admit, I friggin FLOVE, FLOVE, FLOVE me some Tamara Braun. She was, by far, my favorite Carly ever and always will be. That said, she’s also one of my favorite actresses in daytime, period. At least in the top five. But I figured as soon as I saw the news myself, after someone mentioned it in another thread, I thought, well, they are definitely NOT taking this in the saccharine direction as had been spoiled before. Tamara playing a sweet as pie I-can-make-you-better-if-you-let-me type with no agenda or personal gain? Wouldn’t buy it if you sold it to me half price at Dollar Tree. Her Taylor will more than likely be clashing with Nicole and going toe to toe with one Sami Brady. Couldn’t see Natalia’s Taylor doing that, AT ALL. I might have to actually tune back into Days on SoapNet again just to see my girl again.

    But I don’t want her Taylor having hard core obsessions over EJ–he’s hot, no doubt, but dammit if that man’s shyte don’t stink up an entire room. Her Taylor should call him out on it, not try and sweeten him up. As much as I’m hating on his actions these days, that’s not EJ. Days is just running around town like a chicken with it’s head cut off. We knew it, but this, no doubt, continues to prove it. That said, I wish Natalia the best elsewhere.

  32. Profile photo of TicToc238

    Yeah its weird that Tamara Braun is coming back as a different character BUT I like seeing her on the screen…And theres no need to bring Ava back if John Black is no longer on or Patch or Kayla…

    Besides I’m use to DAYS doing this kind of craziness. To quote Whitney Houston. ” Its not right but its okay…” for me anyways.

  33. Profile photo of kitali143

    There are actually actresses out there who are good enough, you see them as the new role. Days has done this before with Judi Evans. She started out as Adrienne which is an iconic role you can’t forget the actress in. Years later, she was loud and abrasive as Bonnie Lockhart, and made you see her as Bonnie. Now, she’s back as Adrienne. Now, take Sarah Brown. She was the original Carly on GH. For some, she’s the favorite actress to play Carly. Years later, she came back as Claudia Zacchara and owned that character. These shouldn’t have worked since the actresses were so memorable in their prior roles, but its their talent allows them to become the new character. I do believe there are some actresses who couldn’t pull this off, but Tamara Braun isn’t one of them. Give her a few months, and you’ll have a hard time not seeing her as Taylor.

  34. Profile photo of Chocolate-Mama

    You know what’s funny about this story? The first time I realized what the phrase ‘we want to take the character in a new direction’ meant, was because of a storyline on AMC, that pissed me off and resulted in my never watching the soap again.

    It had to do with oddly enough, ‘Two Taylor’s’. The first actress, a pretty young woman named Ingrid Rogers, played a character named Taylor Cannon-Roxbury(or it might have been Roxbury-Cannon). The character had come to the show as a spoiled, debutante type and had actually grown beyond that.

    Bring in Keith Hamilton-Cobb and the actress that played Julia Santos as part of a triangle, and suddenly ‘AMC wants to take the character of Taylor in another direction’- at least that was what Soap Opera Digest, at the time said.

    Roger’s replacement is an actress named Kelli Taylor: pretty, well spoken much like Ms. Rogers, but now the character of Taylor is batshit crazy. Someone Mr. Cobb’s character would be sorry he ever looked at.

    My point is this: I remember what the first Days Taylor looked like, back in the day. Nothing like the actress that plays Nicole, soft spoken and she liked Lucas. The fired actress is soft spoken, pretty and someone that could’ve attracted EJ DiMera’s eye.

    Tamara Braun, while a capable actress, is not EJ DiMera material. There is no way he would look at her, period. So Taylor’s storyline must change drastically here and she’s probably going to be given a different love interest. I guess when shows do this type of thing, it’s easier just to change one of the actors involved.

  35. Profile photo of emblazoned

    Days needs to be careful of the reputation it’s starting to build. A couple of hours ago, I was thinking Greg Vaughan was foolish for turning down an opportunity. Now, I think he dodged a bullet.

    Where’s the loyalty?… There is none. Clearly TPTB at Days have absolutely no problem firing people without giving them a chance or firing people who have helped to make them a success.

    I have nothing against Tamara Braun – I absolutely love her! And my major problem is not with her playing a new role only two years after Ava. BUT, I do have a problem that Natalia Livingston was treated with such poor regard, good actress or not. It’s never good news to hear someone has lost their job – I wish her the best.

    As for watching Days, I’m barely holding on by a thread as it is. This definitely doesn’t help them in my books.

  36. Profile photo of GLTURNS70

    I’m not A Huge Dena, Tomlin, or Tamara Fan But, I Love the rich characters this show has to offer and they need a character like HER to WAKE UP This Generation hope with this new character development it can thrust some go story forward, which is what it’s all about. The last epic story that Days had was the Salem SLASHER, and the Baby switch comeS close but now they are just running off fumes so Please GIVE ME SOME STORY OR SOMETHING TO GO OFF OTHER THAN MESSY PLOTS!!!!!!

  37. Profile photo of bonobochick

    NL went in with a very tall order already considering how Corday was already spinning the love story long before she arrived & I think even if she’d been a much stronger actress, it would not have been easy to fulfill those expectations TPTB were selling about EJ/Taylor. Also, Tamara Braun in no way could pass for AZ’s younger sister. Perhaps TPTB were too eager to get a name in the role to realize that or they just don’t care.

    I still don’t know who I want to smack in that writers office with regard to the fact that we went through all of this with Taylor & this insta-love story with EJ mess… so far it’s not really working but again, that I blame on expectations & bad writing for the flop… when they could’ve just put EJ with Arianna & it still would have been dramatic considering she was Rafe’s sister. And those two had chemistry. And Lindsey Hartley CAN ACT.

    Frakking writers. |(

  38. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    This could be such a blessing in the long run for Natalia.
    Days of Our Lives is like a cartoon compared to all the other soaps.
    When was the last time you saw any actor from Days go on to better things?
    Its almost like an embarassment these days to have Dool on your resume.
    I hope they bring her back to GH as Rebecca, Emily or in a new role.
    I would more than welcome her to AMC or OLTL too.

    Disappointed that Tamara would stoop and go back to Days.

  39. Profile photo of TicToc238

    [quote=Y2Jin99]Disappointed that Tamara would stoop and go back to Days.[/quote]

    Tamara told me to tell you she got bills like EVERYBODY else in America. Say what you want but sometimes money talks and the last time she was their she won a EMMY for Best Supporting Actress.

  40. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    All My Children probably would have hired her back as Reese.
    I doubt this was the only job Tamara could get.

    Tamara told you. Funny

    Well aware of her Emmy win.

  41. Profile photo of Forever8

    Love Tamara Braun although Tamara is older than Arianne. They should of let her came back as Ava . Or have her play Sarah Horton so at least Maggie can have one of her daughters back in town. Even though acting jobs are hard to come by these days . I would have love to see Tams in a primetime soap opera.

  42. Profile photo of

    Higley and co. seem more interested in creating brand new characters (Melanie, Daniel, Rafe and his never-ending family, etc.) or bringing back useless oldies like Taylor, Carly, and Vivian than bringing back characters with actual connections to current families. I think it’s been mentioned above, but Molly Burnett, awful as she is, could easily have been Sarah Horton. Ditto Shawn Christian as Mike Horton. Eric Martsolf should be playing Eric Brady, not Brady Black. And why they broke up Lumi for “Safe” I’ll never understand.

  43. Profile photo of Carol2

    Reese was one of the worst-written characters in AMC history and probably always would be.

    I don’t get this decision and I think it’s stupid to bring Tamara Braun back in this role but I don’t know if it’s a big example of why people stop watching soaps or don’t respect daytime. Daytime had viewers when it wasn’t desperately trying to earn respect. Many people are always going to look down on soaps. Soaps started trying to knock off primetime shows with location and stunts and took away any heart.

    Considering that Gray’s Anatomy is the show that had Katherine Heigl have sex with a ghost for an entire season, and she spent years blasting them in the press. Bringing her back as another character is small potatoes compared to that mess.

  44. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    Jamey, that’s another way that Taylor is like Heather Stevens on Y&R. There is no need for the characters to begin with, and yet we see the writers focus on them day in, day out, while barely paying attention to the veterans of the show (at least on Days anyway). I can’t see how we have the constant hand-wringing over the state of budgets on soaps and yet they keep bringing on useless characters. It’s so dumb!

  45. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree, Y2J. Yet, for some reason, I keep watching. :) The last time Days was worth watching was last summer for Alice’s funeral. It was so real to me and to the actors too, I’m sure. It was like they were mourning the actress and the character at the same time.
    Anyhow, I feel a loyalty to Days after twenty-some-odd years, but it’s really getting on my nerves. Like I said before, the show needs a makeover. It’s embarassing how bad the writing and frankly, the acting has been the last several years. It’s no wonder they never are nominated for Emmys (at least not for the drama category anyway). Again, I say, why bring on all these extra characters, and also focusing on a handful of characters? They could save money anyway by not bringing new characters on the show every other month.

  46. Profile photo of Miry

    Okay, I’m gonna say it: TB is too damn old to be playing this part! Taylor is supposed to be the young/baby sister that Nicole ‘protected’ from their dad, & so lived a “charmed life” while Nicole didn’t. Um, I do not see TB as the ‘younger by many years’ sister of the actress who plays Nicole (her name slips my mind). They are like the same age & so it makes NO sense!
    I DO enjoy TB though, but you are right, she should have been Maggie’s kid. Maggie needs a kid of her own to deal with instead of all these strays.

  47. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=Nathang1983]Jamey, that’s another way that Taylor is like Heather Stevens on Y&R. There is no need for the characters to begin with, and yet we see the writers focus on them day in, day out, while barely paying attention to the veterans of the show (at least on Days anyway). I can’t see how we have the constant hand-wringing over the state of budgets on soaps and yet they keep bringing on useless characters. It’s so dumb![/quote]

    On a well-written show there would have been reason for Heather. Bill Bell built that story up for years and Heather could have given great drama to Paul. Instead they barely interacted and she was passed around among various sleazy pigs.

  48. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I love tb, I just wish she had gone to a show I watch or would watch. Sorry, I tried the last time she went to dool and just couldnt get into it even though like fan4now she is one of my all time favorite daytime actresses. As for the double character, I agree with Jamey. Kit – you mention SJB – and while I totally bought her as Claudia, the difference is two fold – when sjb was first on gh she didnt know she had celiac – her facial features and her body were starkly different back then and as a result she even carried herself differently. second – it had been some seven or eight years since she was last on. Even with all of that, I still sometimes got a carly vibe from her. I dont know how they accomplish that same transformation with TB – yeah she can dye her hair but she is still going to look like she did two years ago. Its like believing that clark kent didnt look like superman just because he put on a pair of glasses.

  49. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    I’m torn, I looooooooooooooooove TB she’s MY Carly Freaking Corinthos(even though i adore both SJB&LW) BUT it’s ridiculous to bring her back to Days as a new character.

    I hate that with my girl Tams on the show i now have to watch it and suffer trough The Overrated Miss Ali Sweeney’s Hour.

  50. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    Why do soaps always mention how talented the exiting actor is? If they were so talented, wouldn’t they be able to play any type of role? I am in no way a Natalia hater nor do I dislike Tamara, but it is funny that Tomlin would praise Natalie for being talented, but then fire here?!?

  51. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    They should have brought her back to GH back before they threw away Sarah Brown. They missed a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to reunite all three Carlys and do a QUADRANGLE between the four.

    Sigh. Oh well………….

    It’s sad when you are forced to wonder what COULD have been!!!

  52. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    Bless her heart. I’m sure NL is a wonderful human being…but as an actor, she’s just painful to watch.

    Thank you Days for rescuing me from the potential scattershot of boredom smack dab in the middle of your show every day.

    I’d rather watch Tamara Braun recite the phonebook than suffer through Emilization of Taylor at Natalia’s hand.

    Sorry Natalia fans… :(

  53. Profile photo of miamibeachguy

    The fact that they are alredy taking the character in a new direction is ridiculous. I thought soaps had a plan up to one year in advance. It sounds like something is really messed up behind the scenes of this show, and I feel bad for Natalia for being a victim of this. I hope she finds something even better real soon.

  54. Profile photo of akbad806

    I don’t care what anyone says, the bottom fell out of DAYS when Marlena left. The quality and cheap sets (plus the MASSIVE amount of purple) is annoying, but I just miss Dr. Evans. Sami doesn’t cut it as the lead and I’m bored watching this show now. Back in my day, this was the story to catch. I like Y&R for the charcters, OLTL for the action, and DAYS for the romance. Where is the love? Sami shooting men in the head, Hope trying to kill men, and Chloe lying about the paternity of her baby? Ugh…I think I’ll tune out. I’ll miss good ol Salem though I think this soap is on its last leg…

  55. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree, akbad. John and Marlena weren’t my favorite characters, but I do wish they were back on, even if it’s short-term. I think there’s just a void left where they were. The characters that they mainly focus on now are repetative and boring now, and I’m disappointed that they have made Days the Sami/EJ show for some unknown reason.

  56. Profile photo of

    akbad, I hardly ever agree with you, but I do on this. Funnily enough, Dena Higley’s Days was fairly enjoyable in 2008 when John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla were still on the show. Once those characters left, Higley wrote horrible stories for the leftover losers (and yes, the majority of the remaining cast are looooosers).

  57. Profile photo of akbad806

    What’s worse is Nelson Branco is campaigning for Paul Rauch to come to Days? Oh hell no, that’d be the worse mistake ever. Roach would have Carly and Bo in an underground city, Jude St. Clair returning to rape Hope in a graphic scene and then them falling in love, Caroline stealing Victor’s sperm and implanting it in Maggie, and all kinds of foolishness going on. I just am so sad for my poor DAYS OF OUR LIVES :( :( :( :(

  58. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    So she was one character now she’s coming back as another? Ummm weird I’m kind of tired of all of this switcheroo…

    why not just bring her back as Ava…oh well
    sorry to hear this I am a Natalia fan that was really quick I didn’t even get a chance to get into her character.

  59. Profile photo of syworld82

    Honestly, Tamara Braun is just one of them actresses that can step into a role and EVERYONE is tuning in..This is great for Days…I think they are changing or lessening Nicoles M.O.

    Much like they were doing with Natalia, I think this time around theyre recreating the character that Tamara had on GH and calling her Taylor and her sister (Nicole)who was a cutthroat bitch is now supposed to be warmer,calmer, and will be the one that gets taken advantage of

  60. Profile photo of chiguyD

    I know I am in the minority on this site, but I actually was enjoying Natalia on Days. I think that she and James Scott showed some potential. I feel bad for NL as she was just getting started in the role.

    Days should have kept her and just brought back TB as Ava or another character..

    Plus, aren’t TB and NL friends? Seems like a really awkward situation…

  61. Profile photo of days4ever

    I agree with Jamey that Tamara is amazing and they are going to waste her and then can her. Look what happened to Arianna Hernandez! They had one actress and then Lindsey Hartley came in and they didn’t know what to do with her and she got canned. They didn’t even develop the character of Taylor at all before just shoving her in our faces. She comes to town with no job or money and no career. Sounds kinda like Arianna when she came and started working at Brady Pub. Maybe Taylor can get a job at the Cheatin Heart and work with Adrienne. Dena Higley really is the worst writer in daytime history. I would rather have Chuck Pratt Jr write for Days!

  62. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    There going to waste her because she isnt part of a core family and she isnt a male “Hernandez” Days does not want to write for anyone that isn’t Sami, Hope, and maybe Nicole on occasion but really its all about Sami and her men. look at Crystal Chappell she has no part, Tamara is an amazing actress which in my opinion makes her a threat just like Lindsey Hartley was which means she’ll have a storyline for a few months and then fade into the background while Sami once again gets EJ wrapped around her finger.

  63. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Since they totally screwed up the Ava story, this can be like a do over. And I don’t quite think this is the same thing as the Roman/Chris thing because Chris and Roman left indelible marks on Days. Josh Taylor’s underplaying the role of Roman who has always been a character with personality did not help the situation either. Ava was just a blip on the map as for the history of Days. They were set with a terrific story with her father and it played out in what three days then Bo came in and killed the man. Then the story she was supposed to play went instead to that insipid Molly. So let’s just pretend Ava never happened and enjoy the new character. I am sure Tamara will knock it out of the park.

  64. Profile photo of rozzberry

    I hope this means they’ll ditch this disgustingly sappy “love @ first sight” this with Taylor & EJ. I want Nicole to keep him. Yes, they have a screwy past, but honestly, this is one of the few cases I don’t care…they SIZZLE & there is so little of that in daytime sadly, don’t waste it! It doesn’t help that NL is bore…sorry, but it’s true.

    As for hiring TB, I’d rather have her back @ AMC, but I’m glad to see her none the less – fantastic actress. I wasn’t watching DOOL in ’08 so no biggie there for me. I do have a small issue, she doesn’t look younger than AZ – slightly older imho. I wonder if they’ll make attraction between Taylor & EJ one-sided(Taylor’s) & have her be obsessed with him.

  65. Profile photo of salem1975

    I have never seen Natalia on GH before, so I observed her with an open mind when she joined DAYS a couple of weeks ago. My honest reaction was, “Oh no…this is not working. This character is not interesting, and Natalia is not making this compelling at all. They are placing the character of Taylor immediately in a front burner story, and there is no sizzle, no chemistry here. I bet she is going to be replaced. They must be disappointed.” I said all these things to my pals who watch DAYS, so imagine my shock to see that the producers were thinking the same thing. Tamara Braun will nail this, I bet, although she doesn’t seem that much younger than Arianne Zucker. Let’s face it…Tamara was in a short-term story that only involved a handful of other characters, most of whom are off the canvas now. We can easily accept Tamara as Taylor.

  66. Profile photo of taramatthew0915

    i think natalia is a crappy actress from what ive seen so far of her performance as taylor. if she freaking grinds her dam teeth one more time when she is going to say something im going to reach into the tv and slap her!! and whats with the dumass expressions she makes all the time its sooo annoying!! im soooooooooooooo extremely happy that she is no longer going to be taylor!!
    big deal she saw ej 2 times and she is obsessed with him and faints at the wedding??? are u freaking kidding me!! what a moron…. over it

  67. Profile photo of justme03

    I can’t stand the new Taylor. It has gotten me to not even watching the show anymore. She is slutty and there is no chemistry between EJ and Taylor anymore. This is a Major disappointment not only for me but for many others that have stopped watching the show also. On NBC you will see how many are disappointed in what has been done. I don’t have any clue as to what they were thinking but I know they have lost alot of people watchign the show because of it.

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