DC #604: Good vs. Bad Soap

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke, Jamey, Jillian, Regan and Melodie dish the latest All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless storylines and news, including:

Oprah’s must watch Legendary Soap Opera Spectacular episode. What did the DC gang think of Oprah’s guests Anthony Geary, Genie Francis, Susan Lucci, Michael E. Knight, Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams, Jeanne Cooper and Erica’s many husbands? Based on Genie Francis’ comments, does the DC gang expect to see her back on GH? One of the loudest cheers from the Oprah audience came when Oprah mentioned Michael Nader as Dimitri Marick among Erica’s ex-husbands. Wouldn’t it be great if Dimitri returned to Pine Valley?

Last week Luke and Regan weren’t happy with All My Children, but Jamey has been enjoying it. Hear what he thinks about the current state of Pine Valley.

The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates its 6000th episode with a special episode about lung cancer. While the story is poignant and relevant, should B&B be careful of becoming to preachy? Jillian weighs in on Thomas and Dayzee’s budding relationship.

Jamey has been holding in a Days of our Lives rant for a while, but enough is enough. Jamey goes off on the abysmal state of NBC’s last soap. From Jennifer’s organ harvesting storyline to fake Rafe, nothing escapes his ire. Why isn’t DAYS trying to get things in shape now, instead of worrying about it later when an axe is swinging over its head?

Who is sabotaging Brenda and Sonny’s wedding on General Hospital? Last year Jamey dropped hints on the podcast about The Balkan storyline and it looks like they are coming true. Regan comments on the fallout from the revelation of Michael’s prison rape. Lucky is going to be shot in the head, which inspires Mel to start calling him UnLucky.

The Buchanan sister’s wedding was ruined by the revelations of Clint’s manipulations, but not all the DC gang enjoyed it. For the first time in years Michael Easton actually acted. He made us feel sorry for John McBain. Luke is upset that Jack will be revealed as Shane’s cyber bully. How will Farah Fath hold up, opposite of Kassie DePaiva and Trevor St. John, when the boy’s parents face off?

Paul Rauch is out at The Young and the Restless. What does this mean for Y&R, if anything? Wilson Bethel may return to Genoa City as Ryder. Mel comments on the fallout from Cane’s death. Jamey loved Chloe telling Jana to get out of her house. Luke loved the Chloe and Nikki scenes at Glow Worm. Ronan disappeared after the transplant. The DC gang shares their first impressions of Nate.

All this and much more on today’s show.

NOTE: This podcast was recorded before Tamara Braun replacing Natalia Livingston was announced.

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  1. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    The most important to recognize is that Susan Lucci IS daytime. There is no greater and widely known star of the genre than La’lucci. So that’s right Jillian and Jamey, remind people to recognize what the real deal is.
    On the other hand I have a few ideas or 1000 for Y&R. Why not cast Amelia Marshall (Ex-Gilly, GL, ex-Belinda, AMC, ex-Liz, Passions) as a mysterious business owner named Ellen who comes to Genoa City and purchases the rights to sidelined hair relaxer product that Damon and Vanessa had in development. Ellen develops a rivalry with Tucker and lures Neil away to head her own cosmetics company.

    Meanwhile Malcolm leaves town and Damon returns played by Keith Hamilton Cobb and we discover that he fathered Devon with Yolanda and never knew. We can watch the two of them work to build a father-son relationship as Nate Jr. and Roxy begin to grow closer, gearing up for a new love triangle.

    We can send lily out of town as she is devastated by the death of Cain and have her returned played by Daphnee Samuel with some soul and grit to her.

    Those are just some of my ideas to beef up the black cast.

    But my biggest story idea is to have Victor find himself in position where he has to leave town and goes off on a journey. He ends up having an accident and is taken by a nuns at a monastery. One of the nuns whom he always barely misses seeing is Dru whom has lost her memory and now is known has Sister Mary Thomas. We’ll play a lot of near misses that often give Dru some memory flashes until they finally come face to face and Victor discovers who she is.
    Dina H. is bad. Terrible and if they could manage to lure Sally Sussman Morina back that she could write another 700 plus page story bible and get the Carver’s and other characters we love back on the screen played the way they are supposed to be played.
    On a final note. Daytime has got to the point where my interest has waned. I’m about over it and am too the point that if they are going to end it, just end it already.

  2. Profile photo of Dueler312

    Dena Higley definitely needs to be kicked out of the head writer seat on Days.

    And as for OLTL, Aubrey and Cutter have got to go, along with the Ford family. The scenes though at the wedding were intense. And I’m really not sure about Vimal and his wife.

  3. Profile photo of GLTURNS70

    I Wonder Every Day how would Hogan Have Faired If He Had Gotten His Seat Warm over at Days cause the Guy was responsible for a tiny revivial Minus the (SANTINO STORY) should we be pushing him to go back after Y&R lets him go? (which they will by the end of the year)

  4. Profile photo of baycity

    6-soaps, I get your point, but I respectfully disagree. Tyra is the one who is out of place on that list. She was a poorly conceived weakling character who needed to be rescued. The other women, even MAB’s crazy Ashley, are/were all strong and self-suffiient. That’s what Sophia brings to the table.

    On another note, I know I’ve criticized Paul Rauch before and danced the happy dance when it was announced that he was leaving last week. However, as a consultant for OLTL, he might be a shot in the arm for that show. He knows how to get publicity for his show, something OLTL is not currently getting from ABC.

  5. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    Why is everyone so against Jack being a bully? As you guys said, he’s just like Todd, and do we think Todd was a sterling youth? No, he was probably giving geeks wedgies. Even now, Todd is a bully, so why shouldn’t his son be?

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Daphne Samuel?? Do you mean the actress who played Rachel on OLTL, formerly known as Daphne Duplaix??? I have heard other people recommend her as a Lily recast, but I personally think she’s too old for the part!!! I think she’s great, but too long in the tooth. She could play a LOVE INTEREST for Neil, though.

    I would cast someone like Chrystee Pharris or Cathy Jeneen Doe, if they are available, but I don’t think Chrystee is available. Heck, they can even cast Brook Kerr from “Passions.”

    And as far as Sophia not being Neil’s “type,” I feel that she embodies the characteristics of his true love, Drucilla, more so than that Top Model chick and Nia Peeples’ ill-conceived character ever did. Personally, I would like to see them test the waters with Neil and the new lawyer, played by Angell Conwell, but Sofia wouldn’t be a horrible romantic choice by any means.

    Just my humble opinion……

  7. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great podcast, guys!!!!!!

    I think it would be great to have A Martinez cast as Griffin and Cara’s father, I also agree that he and Susan Lucci would have great chemistry.

    On OLTL,
    I actually felt sorry for John as well.

    Unless there’s a regime change, I can’t Genie Francis going back.

  8. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    6-soaps and alstonboy, I think Sophia and Neil would be a mismatch. it would just be a reminder to me of Y&R’s stubborn refusal to bring Dru back. On the other hand, giving Neil this romance might be the only way we get to see him on screen.

    The fact that TPTB keep Darius McCrary on the payroll, portraying this caricature out of Gone With The Wind, as Jamey put it so eloquently, just shows how little regard they have when it comes to writing for African Americans.

  9. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    @gemini If you subscribe to the podcast they should download automatically. If you are waiting for them to show up in the itunes listing and stream the episodes through iTunes…they take longer to appear on the list. If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast feed, try that.

  10. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I am quite enjoying “Crazy Annie” on All My Children, but that’s only because Melissa Claire Egan is really selling it to me. I happen to think that it is lazy and disgraceful that David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski fell back on the “She Crayzay” thing, and could not write a better exit storyline for a character who had previously really evolved and come a long way.

    It is good soap though. Sarah Glendening is NOT a huge improvement over Brittany Allen. Brittany Allen was the better actor in my opinion. Sarah Glendening is generic and brings little to the role. She is good as ‘Rissa’, Annie’s hallucination, but that’s only because it is a campy, over the top, portrayal…which a musical theater actress can do easily. It’s the other stuff, the subtlety, the choices, that Glendening fails at. She could just be an ‘under five’ or a background extra, there is nothing special about her.

    This is a rare time where I have to disagree with Jamey. AMC is NOT my go to soap because if you take away the Annie storyline, there is nothing left. It’s just a story arc, and it can’t make up for the rest of the awful show. It’s like a nice red ripe cherry in a pie made of dog poop.

  11. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Great podcast! LOLing at work got me a few stares and snickers. That said, I agree about the state of DOOL. It’s just terrible and all has to do with the writing. If the show is meant to be pure camp and nothing else, then I can buy it. But they try to mix camp with serious issues in the same episode. There’s no proper transition.

    The only good about AMC for me is Melissa Claire Egan. That woman’s a definite gem. And if, and that’s a big fat IF, Dimitri returned to Pine Valley, THATS something that Jack should worry about. I don’t give one blip about Caleb. He’s boring. Dimitri was always my favorite Erica husband anyway. Jack was always a close second.

    And like everyone else, and I think I had mentioned it before, I’m liking Nate on Y&R… which means that I’m still hating Eddie Winslow pretending to be Malcolm. The name FauxMalcolm is STILL making it’s round on the boards and the man has been in the role for nearly two years now. The thing is, he’s not a horrific actor, but he’s NOT Malcolm Winters. That, and he’s just ridiculous. Anyone see him being interviewed by Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid from Kid and Play, on TVOne the other night? Oy. I’m starting to wonder if TPTB even knew who Malcolm Winters was when they cast Eddie.

    As far as a go-to soap, I have to say mine is OLTL. It’s the only one where both the storylines and characters have me completely captivated, and I’m eager to know what’s going to happen on each episode. I still have quibbles, but there’s two other soaps I could name with infinitely more problems as far as both characterization and storytelling.

  12. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I dunno. I’ve never considered the character Malcolm to be a grammarian or a scholar, but Keith Hamilton Cobb mumbles a lot. I couldn’t understand him half the time on AMC or Y&R. Y&R would need subtitles.

    He does look more the part though than Eddie Winslow.

  13. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Thanks Ryan-Scott. My knowledge of Keith Hamilton Cobb is as Noah on AMC. LOVED me some Noah and Julia but really liked Noah and Kendall as then played by Sarah Michelle Gellar!

  14. Profile photo of capwell

    Ted Corday won’t step in at Days and fire Dena HACK-ley because he’s a hypocrite. He dogged on James Reilly, but he won’t dog on Dena for the same type of stories because

    1. Dena did scab work during the writers’ strike.

    2. He doesn’t really care about telling good stories. His concern is the ratings. When those suffer, as I’m sure they will, he’ll step in and do something.

  15. Profile photo of cheryl85

    [quote=GHfan-4now]Great podcast! LOLing at work got me a few stares and snickers. That said, I agree about the state of DOOL. It’s just terrible and all has to do with the writing. If the show is meant to be pure camp and nothing else, then I can buy it. But they try to mix camp with serious issues in the same episode. There’s no proper transition.

    Agree! Days should definitely find the balance between the two.

  16. Profile photo of days4ever

    Days is the worst it has been in a long time. Dena is really making a lot of mistakes with her writing. She is not talented at all and should not be writing for any of our soaps. She ruined OLTL when she wrote for them too. She was good for awhile but now she is just a joke and should be ashamed of herself.

  17. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Hey guys, thanks for agreeing with me about Jack being the bully. I thought I was the only one who thought it was lame. Jack has always been a little jerk but he loves his family and I can’t see Blair or Tea *ever* encouraging Jack to bully.
    Does anyone think maybe Charlie was running because he was worried Clint was gonna gun him down?
    Jamey, I love Vimal and Ramma. I think Ramma is like the Kim to Aubrey’s Stacey! But anyway, I’m glad you also don’t care for Thomas. I know tthe actor is great but I just don’t see the point of the character. You’re probably right about them trying to remake the B&S storyline. We’re supposed to find Thomas following Blair super romantic but I just think it’s creepy. I’d much rather see Blair with Lainview’s other hot artist, Cristian!

  18. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Great podcast! I do disagree with Jamey’s view on Vimal and Rama. OLTL is a soap that is supposed to thrive on diversity and it’s refreshing to get some other nationalities on the show. I do not like how they have been bunched together with Aubrey and Cutter, but I like this couple a lot. They are a little refreshing and cute and I am able to understand everything they say.

  19. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    Yeah, I love Jamey, but I don’t know why someone who has been a fierce advocate of diversity and new thinking in soaps is suddenly indignant that “Bollywood” has “invaded” OLTL. That’s great, I say! Bollywood has a huge audience! It’s something different with people who aren’t lily-white.

  20. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Rumors have been running amuck that Tomas may know something about Todd.

    Oh yes, and add me to the list of those who like Rama and Vimal. I think they’re hilarious. And Rama doesn’t take any mess! :LOL:

  21. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    All that rings in my ears with EW’s Malcom is SEW-Fee’-Ah

    I’ll never forget that one; I realize that African Americans have different vernacular but his reminds me of Beulahland those old-school slave dramas. Its terrible.

    The switching of the heart and all that on DOL was a bit OTT it ain’t that hard to tell a good story its pretty basic IMO.

  22. Profile photo of Everett

    This podcast was hilarious! Thank you guys. I am still laughing about Sami dressing up as a man to help out the Taliban. hahahahaha

    Jamey I agreed with everything you had to say especially about Days and All My Children. My shows were Edge of Night, Texas, Another World (my all time favourite!), Santa Barbara and Days. I watch the others that are still on but I care the most about Days as it the one I have the most history with. I still watch it everyday because, as bad as the stories are (Jennifer’s missing heart, Horny Faux Rafe), the vets are still featured. That goes along way with me. The dialogue is also quite funny some days. I think that is the influence of the Cullitons,

    If you guys are ever in Vancouver let me know – drinks will be on me. You are great, fun bunch!

  23. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    The Best, do you miss the parts of the podcast where I rip The Balkan story to shreds, or take GH to task for their treatment of Liz (Rebecca Herbst), or talk about how horrible Brenda’s return has been? I don’t always give GH a pass. What I maintain is that IMO GH consistently has the best dialogue and acting, and after watching an episode of DAYS or Y&R, I can appreciate that, but I don’t always give them a pass.

  24. Profile photo of Leo

    THANK YOU for your hilarious and totally accurate comments about Days. DOOL is the only soap I watch
    (came to it because of the brilliant James Scott) and it has become a complete joke…the only bright spots being SOME of the actors. We need new writers, KC needs to step back and stop pushing his favorites or spoiling storylines months in advance, we need more balance, less pimping of certain characters, and all things passions related needs the boot, like yesterday (I’m looking at you Galen & Tomlin)

    I can’t thank you enough for agreeing that EJ is NOT “raping” Sami…he never has IMO. Looney fans need to stop pushing their agendas and get in touch with reality!

  25. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    KC needs to step back and stop pushing his favorites or spoiling storylines months in advance


    Exactly! They pushed and pushed for I don’t know how long, pimping out EJaylor as the new IT couple before Natalia was even onscreen! Spoilers were rampant that she was going to redeem him and make him a better man and he was going to see the error of his ways and become the ultimate good guy, etc. I wanted EJ to take a chill pill and stop being such a d*ck to the mother of his children, I didn’t want the man completely neutered! And now Natalia’s out, having been replaced by Tamara Braun, and the character is being taken in a new direction. Days needs to get their ish together quick, fast and in a hurry. There’s clearly too many problems behind the scenes.

    And thanks for agreeing with me earlier, cheryl85! :)

  26. Profile photo of Leo

    I’m a huge EJ fan…I was referring to the never ending pimping of GG/safe…we had a fabulous ejami summer, spoiled by KC’s comments that it was meaningless bc safe would be together by labor day, then the ridiculous plot points of johnny’s eye cancer @ Xmas and Sami shooting a defenseless man in the head, showing no remorse and tptb trying to paint safe as victims. Sami hate is high right now, safe/rafe hate is high…GG can’t act and they think the best idea is to give him dual roles? Dena loves to pimp Nicole too…and let’s not forget their favorite scapegoat, Dimeras=evil, rest of Salem=good. Yea ok days, you could at least watch the show so you can see what the audience sees…or better yet, come over to Sony and browse a few threads…it will tell you all you need to know

  27. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Oh, I get what you’re saying. I’m not a Safe fan and never will be because of that very reason. Pimping and proping, and for so many other reasons, I could go on. I’ve been an EJ fan since the beginning. My issue is with the writing of his character and their attempt to make him so, so eVILL, while Sami and Rafe look like saints. They spoiled months and months of story, trying to pimp out EJ and Taylor, and that flopped before it even began. I’m admittedly a huge EJami fan, but the writers have had them do so much damage to each other that it’s beyond unreal. I just read an interview with James and TVGuide where he said this:

    [quote] TVG: Do you think EJ really loves Sami? Or has it crossed over to some sick place? [/quote]

    [quote] JS: Um, I think EJ does love Sami. I think EJ and Sami need a break from EJ and Sami. They both need to get over this I-love-you, I-hate-you, I’m-going-to-steal-your-kids nonsense. It wasn’t boring for such a long time, but now it has been played for such a long time that it’s not [resonating the same]. It’s like, to what ends will they go to to get back at each other or be together? [/quote]

    Here’s the link: http://tvguide.ca/Soaps/Features/Articles/110216_sexiest_man_2011_NB.htm

  28. Profile photo of luverica

    Jillian and Jamey, CHURCH on all that was said regarding my Queen Diva, Susan Lucci. With that said…

    Jamey, to each their own but I’m not feeling you on Vimal and Rama (even though the ‘Bollywood’ comment cracked me up). I LOVE THEM. Seriously, right now they’re my favorite couple since Fish. What I like about them is that in lesser writers’ hands, Rama could’ve been written as this one-dimensional nagging housewife, always belittling and castrating her man to do better but Rama is written, and acted, where it’s clear she loves her man and just reminding him of what she, and he, knows what he’s capable of. For Vimal, again the writing and the acting shows this man got some major balls but doesn’t always have the confidence to fully believe it. I love that dynamic and I love these two, both characters and actors, and I hope they stick around and become a major part of Llanview.

  29. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Well I agree and disagree. I only started watching OLTL again a few weeks ago, but my first impressions of Vimal and Rama are that I like them. And I agree that we are always b**ching about needing diversity on the soaps, so I like that OLTL is recognizing that and using characters of different backgrounds. HOWEVER, I can completely understand and laugh with Jamey’s Bollywood reference because while the clothing worn by Vimal and Rama to the wedding may have been culturally correct for their ethnic backgrounds and for a traditional wedding in their country, it was a bit ridiculous looking in the middle of a Llanview wedding. If Vimal and Rama are living in Llanview and attending an American wedding, I wouldn’t in real life expect to see them showing up looking like Aladdin and I Dream of Jeannie. In that aspect, as a viewer, I almost felt like the writers were making fun of the characters ethnic background and I DON’T like that!

  30. Profile photo of Leo

    Oh, gotcha…that’s kickass ;) glad to meet another EJ fan *high5* lol

    Yea…this rafe2 crap is just another famous DH plot point…the writers are running out of ways to tell us EJ=evil, rafe=good…what a hot mess.

    They have done incredible damage to ejami…they are truly the only couple who have never been given a fair shot. They absolutely need a break.

    I read that article with James! It was fabulous :)

  31. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree about EJ. He used to have shades of gray and even came close to denouncing Stefano (if I remember right), but now they’ve made him out to be a total pr*ck. I’m tired of EJ/Sami/Rafe over and over anyway. I really wish they would give them a rest and get rid of Chloe. This year would be a good time to do so considering that Phillip is leaving and they could fall in love and move away with their baby. I’m sick of Nadia’s constant robotic acting and annoying voice.

  32. Profile photo of Purple Crayon
    Purple Crayon

    [quote=GLTURNS70]I Wonder Every Day how would Hogan Have Faired If He Had Gotten His Seat Warm over at Days cause the Guy was responsible for a tiny revivial Minus the (SANTINO STORY) should we be pushing him to go back after Y&R lets him go? (which they will by the end of the year)[/quote]
    You have to remember that Hogan’s version of Santeen and what was aired were different.

    Corday stuck his fingers in it and insisted that it be dragged out forever.

  33. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I agree with you and Leo, Nathang. I wish the train would pull out of the station for awhile and stay there in regards to the WarPath Trio. Like I said, I’m an EJami fan and always will be, but if that duo is in need of a break, EJ/Sami/Rafe are in need of a vacation! And I’ve read about Phillip rescuing Chloe??? I guess she really goes off the deep end over this whole Daniel situation. Don’t know what is going to happen with them–her and Phillip–after the fact. Honestly, I haven’t cared much for Chloe since her goul girl days. And even then, she could be a bit of a snot! :LOL:

  34. Profile photo of Purple Crayon
    Purple Crayon

    I was literally laughing out loud over the DAYS commentary and I couldn’t agree with it more.

    DAYS has become a shell of it’s former self. If you can see the writers agenda and not a free flowing storyline you know it’s hit rock bottom.

    No matter how hard they try and push Sami and Rafe as the greatest couple to ever set foot in Salem they just aren’t working. Rafe is a bore and I have no clue why he even likes Sami. She’s a watered down version of Carrie except she shoots defenseless men in the head and then has sex with her boyfriend.

    We’re supposed to believe that Taylor is going to humanize EJ, even though we’ve watched EJ show more emotion than the so-called hero of DAYS. We’ve seen who he is with Sami and how he has changed because of her. But now, with just a look he’s smitten with a stranger after years of loving Sami? If anything he should not let one near his heart because love means a bullet in the head.

  35. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    Another great podcast DC

    Jamey’s rant about DAYS being the worst soap was delicious but sadly, so spot-on. I tried to watch last week, but I was so appalled by what I saw. Not even James Scott’s foine ass could keep me watching. The current SLs on Days are what make it difficult to defend your love of the genre because they are so ridonkulous beyond believe. This crap is why certain people mock soap operas.

    I also agree that soaps no longer have the budgets for corporate drama. I have screaming this for years, especially in the case of Y&R. You need multiple sets and extras for corporate intrigue to be remotely plausible. When you have people conducting business meetings and press conferences about Jabot or whatever at Crimson Lights and the fucking GC Athletic Club (I swear, I have come to loathe those sets with a passion), it’s time to maybe consider other settings or themes for storyline. Plus there’s that other little part about viewers being a lot more savvy about the nuts and bolts of how businesses work so that the inability of the writers to write corporate SLs that even vaguely resemble reality becomes glaring. I agree with Jamey, soaps need to go back to the basics with the stories they tell.

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