Peep This: Season Two Marathon of Teen Soap Miss Behave!

I tell you what, now that we have two sites to cover it means I don’t have as much time to watch all my favorite webisoaps. I just finished a marathon of the second season of Susan Bernhardt‘s sexy, Koldcast TV teen sudser Miss Behave ,and let’s just say this show will once again become appointment web TV when the third season rolls around!

Starring Jillian Clare (ex-Abby, Days of Our Lives) as troubled Malibu heirees Tori, Miss Behave‘s second season follows Tor-Tor’s life in the wake of a shocking death and the revelation that one in her inner circle has stalker tendencies. Check out a marathon of Season Two below, featuring guest appearances from Days of Our Lives’ Eric Martsolf and former DAYS star Patrika Darbo, the latter whom also directs episodes of the series.

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    Dude who plays Christian reminds me of dude who plays Eric Vanderwoodsen (S’s lil bro) on Gossip Girl. He sounds like him & kinda looks like him, at least he did when he was callin that girl a b*tch on the beach.

    I miss you, Nancy! Your daughter Chloe needs you! Bring her back, DOOL!!

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    Yay, thanks for posting these, Jamey! I love this series but couldn’t remrmber the title. :) I love that Season 2 feals with the aftermat of Tori’s exploits from Season 1. I’m definitly looking forward to Season 3.

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