Star Jones Responds to NeNe Leakes Drama and Barbara Walters’ Heart Special

Diva du jour Star Jones dished to Black Voices about her  former employer Barbara Walters ABC special report n heart disease. Ms. Jones didn’t seem to like Babs’ lineup for A Matter of Life and Death and gave her take on the program.
Black Voices: Speaking of Barbara, she had a heart surgery special on ABC recently called ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ that featured President Bill Clinton, David Letterman, Regis Philbin, Charlie Rose and Robin Williams. You also had heart surgery a year ago, why don’t you think she asked you to participate?

Star Jones: Normally I would say: "Now, Jawn, don’t try to start anything." However, this time it really isn’t about me, but about the new face of heart disease. This disease is no longer your old white man’s disease. It is the number one killer of women and the number one killer of African Americans. Heart disease kills more women and blacks than the next four causes of death combined. I had open heart surgery a little less than a year ago, and regardless if it was my "heart story" or someone else’s, by not being more inclusive, BW missed a tremendous opportunity to educate, inform and influence the actual people that cardiovascular disease is affecting.

Jones also opened up about her stint on the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice and her feud with The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes.

BV: You are featured on the new season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and the charity that you compete for is the American Heart Association. The show is getting a ton of pre-press mainly because Nene Leakes has been doing interviews about you. What went wrong with you and NeNe?

SJ: This actually saddens me. Black women trashing other black women all for the sake of personal aggrandizement. When the cast was first announced, I was both excited and concerned. Excited that this was going to be the most diverse cast in prime-time reality programming and concerned because the media immediately started the drumroll of "can this many black women get along?" The four of us actually chatted about the unique opportunity we had to influence the perception of black women and the way we interact. We each brought something different to the show, so I had hoped we could avoid falling into the typical "snake charmer in your face loud bombastic black woman" stereotypical box that was expected. Some of us were more successful at our quest than others. I knew I wanted to approach the game intelligently, professionally and strategically, while keeping in mind my true purpose for being there – winning money for my charity.

Keep it classy Ms. Jones!

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    TV Gord

    Oh, Star, disingenuous, as usual. If she had been asked to be a part of the special, all the talk around it would have been about what happened years ago when she was dumped from The View. Too distracting.

    I thought the message got out just fine without Star Jones (and why would Barbara want to involve a woman who bit the hand that fed her for several years). Besides, plenty of people have also had heart surgery (David Dinkins, Dana Carvey, Leslie Ann Down, Michael Eisner, Chuck Woolery, Henry Kissinger, Kris Kristofferson) and none of them were included, either.

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    @TV Gord: I don’t think she was saying that SHE had to be on there, she was just saying that it would have been nice if they had an African American female on there since as she said it is the number one killer of both (AA’s & females). Now I didn’t see the special, so if BW did indeed have someone who represented that aspect of the population, then I will agree that Star was just wishing that she herself could be on the show & did not necessarily care about the message of said show.

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    To be honest, I wasn’t aware of the statistic that Star mentioned, however I did recall seeing the promos for the special and wondering….couldn’t she find any women other than herself?

    I don’t know if the special covered any statistics, but it is rather disingenuous.

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    TV Gord

    The show, which was interesting (but pretty basic in its facts), was a lot like one of her celebrity specials. Each segment was focused on each of her guests and their stories, so there wasn’t room for a whole lot of people. She focused on her friends who have been through the same thing, mostly.

    I don’t recall whether there were any stats by race, but one message the special drove home is that more women die of heart disease than breast cancer, yet many women think breast cancer kills more. She also talked about it on The View everyday that week, and the focus was always on women and heart disease.

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    Restless Vixen

    I’m not even a Star Jones fan and I completely agree with her about the Bawwah Wahwah special. She was asked a question, and she answered it. It’s not like she issued a press release WRT Walters. Speaking of the special, didn’t it air on February 4th? Which was National Wear Red Day? A day that has a red dress pin as the logo? Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and African Americans. Barbara missed a chance to have a female or an African American celebrity on the episode who has heart disease. There has to be at least one from each demo. I think a lot of people still see heart disease as a white man’s disease when it really isn’t. It was Barbara’s show, and she could interview who she wanted to, but I think she missed the boat here.

    On the topic of NeNe Leakes, Star put her on the toast. Good! Again, not a fan, but Star even at her worst is light years ahead of NeNe. Star is also a famewhore (well she became one, anyway), but at least she has enough common sense to act like she has some home training. All NeNe knows how to do is be a reality personality in a the Flavoverse and keep some drama going on in the media.

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