When Divas Collide: Diana Ross To Appear On Oprah

Access Hollywood is reporting Diana (that’s Ms. Ross to you) Ross will make an appearnace on The Oprah Winfrey Show alongside her children. Ross and the kids will sit down with Oprah and dish about coming from the projects of Detroit to becoming a superstar. Ross’ episode is slated to air on Feb. 25

Diana Ross photo by PR Photos.

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    TV Gord

    I’d rather see Oprah interview Mary Wilson. She’s much more interesting (and much more honest)! I have serious doubts we’re going to hear anything new or revelatory out of the ultra-private and ultra-spin-driven diva.

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    This pretty much shows where Oprah leans on the whole Diana Ross vs. Mary Wilson issue. She’s having Diana on during her last season when she’s only including topics and guests that appeal to her on a personal level.

    I think Mary has been carrying around that huge chip on her shoulder for far too long. It’s way past time for her to be the bigger person.

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    TV Gord

    Upon reflection, SA, I think you’re right. I don’t think either of them would say anything new. I just think Mary has more to say and has had less exposure.

    Considering the great show-stopper, I’m Telling You I’m Not Going from Dreamgirls, was written for the Mary Wilson character, I would think more people would side with her than the thinner-voiced, sleeping-with-the-right-person Ross. In my view, Diana has ridden a wave of better PR and relatively less talent, so I will always side with the Mary Wilsons of the world.

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    Actually TV Gord, And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going was written with the late Florence Ballard in mine, who was an original Supreme replaced by Cindy Birdsong. Mary Wilson was the only original Supreme who stayed with the group to the end. In my opinion, for all of Diana Ross’ fame, and I personally love her, a Supreme reunion would not be considered a true reunion without Ms. Mary Wilson. Again, she stayed with the group from the beginning to the end.

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    It’s kind of amazing that this argument is still going strong after 40 years, but having been born and raised in Detroit with people who actually worked for Motown Records, I’ll put in my two cents by saying that it was Berry Gordy who decided to make Diana the front-woman of the Supremes. And it was he who decided to push Florence Ballard out. Maybe Diana wanted those things to happen. Maybe not. But those were hard-headed business decisions that were made by the head of the record label, not by Ms. Ross.

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    WEll Diana Ross has a kid with Berry Gordy it ain’t that hard to figure out. I was going to the Regal Theatre in Chicago on “South Park now King Drive) and saw the Motown Revue for decades and remember Flo and Mary were always my favorite Supremes I met them many times backstage as my BFF dad was a saxaphone player for a band…also the Temptations, Smokey Robinson/Miracles etc… and found Diana Ross full of herself and stuck up…I was young but I remember that struck me even at a young age.

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    TV Gord

    luverica, thanks for the correction. :-) I apologize for getting it wrong.

    And yes, baycity, it was Berry Gordy who made those decisions. And it was no coincidence that he favored the Supreme with whom he happened to be having sex.

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    TV Gord, I think it’s OK to criticicize her if you don’t like or singing or acting or attitude, but it seems unfair to me to blame her for the things her lover did, even if those things were done to promote her.

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    There is no way I could read a Diana Ross thread without chiming in! :)

    I don’t think Mary Wilson should let a single day go by without falling to her knees and thanking Jesus that she was in the same group as Diana. It was Diana’s voice that propelled the group to stardom.

    Can anybody imagine the members of Destiny’s Child not being grateful to Beyonce?

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    I love Diana BOSS…Although I think she’s a demanding Diva…..The choice to oust Florence Ballard was Gordys decision……But I’m pretty sure Diana played a huge party in her departure….After all Diana was booed at Ballards funeral…..Diana also built a trust of 10,000 each for all three of Ballards daughters back when their mother died…..which the daughters are now in there early 40’s said that the lawyers squandered their money…and now all three daughters is in the projects on welfare. I Hope Oprah ask her/Diana some hard hitting questions about her relationship with Mary Wilson…What caused the rift………Also her relations with Ballard……How did she feel when Wilson wrote the book Dreamgirls………How did she feel when Jennifer Hudson PAID TRIBUTE to Florence Ballard for her work in the movie Dreamgirls when she won her Oscar….And how dose she feel about the upcoming biopic of Florance’s life IN THE WORKS….My god….I need to interview MISS ROSS…LOL.

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