ABC Family Picks Up Pratt’s The Lying Game Starring Alexandra Chando and Tyler Christopher

Looks like Chuck Pratt is back in bidness. On Friday, Deadline reported a series order for Pratt’s mystery soap The Lying Game—based on the book by the same name from Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard—was "imminent".  Today, General Hospital star Tyler Christopher, who is a part of the cast, tweeted the following confirmation:

Finally got the word that The Lying Game has been picked up and will start airing in the fall. Please follow it and help support!

As previousty reported, another daytime alum, Alexandra Chando (ex-Maddie, As The World Turns) nabbed the lead in the series. Chando will portray twin sisters Emma and Sutton. Emma is a foster child who discovers her doppelganger, who was adopted by a wealthy family, has gone missing and decides to investigate. Christopher will play the recurring role of a police detective. 

The project sounds a heck of a lot like Pratt’s 2006 ABC primetime soap project Secrets of a Small Town, which starred Leighton Meester as twins and also boasted Christopher among the cast. It will also likely be compared to Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s much talked about return to TV in Ringer, where she plays, you guessed it, identical twins. Somewhere The Young and the Restless showrunner and lover of all things doppelganger, Maria Arena Bell is saying "In you FACE, critics!" Whatevs.

Pratt has always worked better in primetime than daytime (still trying to forget what he did to All My Children), so this could work. Whaddya you guys think? Are you excited for The Lying Game?

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    I’m happy for Alex. I’ve loved her since her ATWT days. And as mentioned, TC should get out while he can because he really doesn’t look happy playing Nikolas anymore. He hasn’t looked satisfied in his storylines and character since the Liz hookup, and since I was no Niz fan by any means, that’s saying something. Hopefully the series is successful. ABC Family’s good in that department with the teen demo and I’m sure fans of PLL and fans of Sara Shepard’s books will check it out anyway.

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Guess that Christopher won’t necessary leave GH over a recurring gig. Anyway, I’d wish that they could get Stephen Martines back. TC really doesn’t look happy with his part anymore.

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    If it gets picked up, and he gets lucky, it could possibly lead to a permanent gig. Or at least more episodes than originally planned, or something. I hope so, because like many folks have said, he just doesn’t look happy playing Nikolas anymore. I used to be a Nikolas fan, but it’s hard for me to care about Nik or his storylines when TC looks, onscreen, that he’s not into what he’s trying to sell me as a fan.

  4. Profile photo of josser

    Congratulations to Christopher & Chando. They’re both fine actors.

    Leaving GH for a recurring gig wouldn’t make much sense. Both GH and the new show appear on ABC/Disney owned networks. So, I’m sure TPTB will make it easy for Christopher to recur.

  5. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I agree that Tyler looks almost depressed in the majority of his scenes on GH. It has been that way for a few years now. He used to have a lot of charisma on screen. I love Alex and wish her well with this project. She is a star in the making! I think it sounds A LOT like Sarah Michelle’s tv series.

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    I don’t think he should attempt to leave for a recurring gig, no, but he should attempt to get more outside projects if he can. Like Soap_Stud and others pointed out, he looks unhappy playing Nik. I know money talks, but he should do what he loves personally, and if projects outside of GH is where it’s at for him, I say try to get as many of them as you can now, recurring or otherwise. Nothings a guarantee, but this gig could lead to others, and eventually something that could possibly make him alot happier than his Nik on GH.

  7. Profile photo of keanna

    Congrats to both!!!

    Never saw ATWT, but Alex is very pretty, and from the clips on Youtube she’s very talented, too. Good choice!!

    As for Tyler, I agree even it is a recurring role, I still wouldn’t be surprise if he left GH. He hasn’t seem happy there for a while now and it shows onscreen. If he does I hope they do get Stephen Martines, back

  8. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Good for them!! I don’t care about crappy Chuck Pratt at least he’s hiring soap stars who have lost their employment and under appreciated…here Tyler will be up front and center something that will never happen on FronsTV via GuZaVision..GH is the only show I know that hold veteran’s popularity as a curse (that is unless they are on their short list of who they consider popular and deemed worthy of emmy reel material).

    I’m a Tyler fan and watched GH for years soley because of Helena/Nikkolas and Stefan the Cassadine storylines. I re-watch their storylines e.g. now I’m at “The Return of the Cassadines”

    …I certainly don’t blame him for being disenchanted with working for bosses that totally disrespect you as an actor. Tyler has been involved in other projects e.g. plays he recently was involved in a movie in fact I think when he left GH it was to try new things…

    I applaud this Family channel and CW they are gobbling up these soaps stars who are popular but have been discarded; I’m happy for these very talented actors.

    You can tell on FaceBook the many fans of soaps who are sick of how they treat their stars…they have campaigns writing network executives, etc on hiring their discarded soap stars its sad that fans would rather see their favs elsewhere than on this crappy show.

  9. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    Good Riddance I say!
    I don’t appreciate an actor on my TV screen that visibly sighs and looks bored. Act or go home!

    And “Oh he doesn’t get good story” is not an excuse! That’s his place of work, he is there to do a job and work with what they give him!

    I hope he leaves, and they recast Nik. Nothing against TC, i met him at a fan event, he is actually a really great guy, but if he doesn’t want to be there anymore and it shows then why should he stay?

    Hire Tom Pelphrey as Nik, he would play a cassadine so well!

  10. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I applaud this Family channel and CW they are gobbling up these soaps stars who are popular but have been discarded;


    Ditto. Tika Sumpter from OLTL has really been getting it on Gossip Girl and she’s been on The Game as well. She’s basically kicking ass and taking names! LOL

  11. Profile photo of Cyberologist


    and its amazing how talented they are when set loose one of my favorites Lyndsy Foneca (ex Y/R) is something else on Nikita; I had to do a double take is this sweet demure Colleen LoL Her and Thad Luckinbill (JT) still click with that awesome chemistry and he’s been on it for a few eppys. I’m hoping to see more of them. Smart move to re-pair them and take advantage of this

    re: Tika I had to watch 4 seasons of GG to get to the Thorpe’s finally I met Raina although GG isn’t quite my cup of tea there are several characters I really like…e.g. Chuck Bass, Eric VanderWooten (Noah from Y/R was cast as his love interest). My favorite thing about the show is how they write “polar opposites” so skillfully to work e.g. Lily and Rufus…I’ve never seen “The Game” I’ll go to my source and check it out hope its not a lot of seasons to catch up LoL I like to start at the beginning so I can get the feel of the show and not just jump in cold turkey.

    I’m enjoying Bryton (Devon Y/R) on The Vampire Diaries as a warlock.

    Also: my fav Renee E. Goldsberry as been getting some play on The Good Wife and has chemistry with everyone on the cast…here’ keeping my fingers crossed for more but she’s presently on Broadway in the Rabbit Hole so? Not sure but I like these stars branching out..

    Re: As a Cassadine fan from day 1…Pelphrey would work for me as Nik! (excellent choice) and I’m sure they wouldn’t drop as many storylines and regulate him to a certain area of the canvas as they have done in recent years for Tyler.

  12. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Oh yeah, she’s doing fantastic on Nikita! And you’re right, her and Thad still have that same chemistry. There’s rumors abound about her possibly being involved in The Hunger Games films, based on the popular young adult books. I know she at least has the script for the first film in regards to the lead role, so fingers crossed for that because those books have a HUGE following! I love Bryton on Vampire Diaries too. They actually give him storylines and don’t stick him in the corner and bring him out every few months like Y&R treats him, lol. I’d heard about Renee (oh, I just loved her as Vangie on OLTL from day one and was heartbroken when she left) on The Good Wife, but keep missing the show due to work!

    Finally, I love me some Tom Pelphrey. I love him like a fat kid loves cake and then some, and then some. I think I’ve boasted about it so much on this site, it’s nearly ridiculous. If he were to become Nik, I have to say that I’d be one of the biggest Niz shippers you’ve ever seen, lol. If they decided to take Nik and Liz there again, I’d make t-shirts, I’d make buttons, no lie. And I’m a HUGE Liason fan, but hey… I wouldn’t be mad if Liz dipped her toes in some fresh *new* Nik water. I hadn’t jumped on the Niz bandwagon before, but I’d have to say, Tom and Becky would be hawt! And he would make a fantastic Cassidine in general. He’s younger, since Tyler’s 38 and Tom’s 28, but hey, if they can SORAS the hell out of these kids on soaps, they can De-SORAS for the adults, just sayin! I just want him on my screen again. I was talking to a few Y&R folks in the other thread about him going there, too. GH or Y&R would be fine by me!

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Tyler Christopher has been “phoning it in” for a LOOONNNGGG time. And he’s not very good at hiding or even slightly disguising his boredom and disenchantment. I am not sure if it’s just stress or sleep deprivation from having a young child at home or if he’s just counting down the days until his mortgage is paid off so that he can jump ship!

    Either way, I feel that he should ship up or ship out!!! There are MANY actors out there who could and would do a better job than he’s currently doing, and his “tenure” on the show clearly means nothing. If he needs confirmation of that fact, he can always consult his ONSCREEN mother, Genie Francis, who despite being GH’s most popular soap actress ever (arguably!) can’t even get invited back for a GUEST appearance these days!!!

    Get it together, Tyler!! There is no such thing as “JOB SECURITY” on soaps anymore unless your name is Susan Lucci or Eric Braeden!!!

  14. Profile photo of WickedThoughts

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Tyler Christopher has been “phoning it in” for a LOOONNNGGG time. And he’s not very good at hiding or even slightly disguising his boredom and disenchantment. I am not sure if it’s just stress or sleep deprivation from having a young child at home or if he’s just counting down the days until his mortgage is paid off so that he can jump ship!


    I totally agree with you. He’s made no bones about being unhappy about the direction or I should say the lack of direction his character is going. Having to pretend to be interested in Brook takes a lot of acting IMO. He and AL have zero chemistry. The opposite attracts rule doesn’t apply here. I’d like to see them make him the dark prince. He needs to live up to granny Hells ideal of a grandson. It wouldn’t take much, he’s got that creepy mansion with tunnels and probably a dungeon just going to waste. Enough with the polite prince routine…Nik needs to get his Cassadine on.

  15. Profile photo of Adora

    Wow, that is far and away the best picture I have ever seen of Tyler Christopher. He looks great!

    It’s almost a shame that his pilot was still for ABC, since he doesn’t appear to have been very well used on GH in recent history, but hopefully he will be a bit more appreciated in this new role. I wish him the best of luck.

  16. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I still enjoy Steve, Maurice and Tony’s performances, so while they might not be giving as strong performances as they have in the past, I manage to overlook their points of mediocrity, which I feel are few and far in between.

    Tyler, on the other hand, is simply asleep at the wheel. They could put a black toupee on a robot and put him on the stage and I’d feel the same thing coming from it as I do from Tyler.

    I guess it just comes down to our own individual preferences. I have always enjoyed Maurice and Tony in their roles. And if Steve has been phoning it in, I can’t tell, because Jason is meant to be stoic and unemotional (for the most part). But Steve still has a smile that can light up a room!!!!!!!!!

  17. Profile photo of ldylkng

    TOM TOM TOM !!!! PELPHREY LOVE HIM!!! But I like TC too! He has not been given a script worth having in a long time , so you really can’t blame him for the recent episodes!

  18. Profile photo of

    Nik doesn’t need to be replaced. At least not for awhile..
    Congrats Tyler…I applaud everyone who tries for bigger & better……

  19. Profile photo of maxsmom

    GHFan-4now-if there is any way for you to catch the Good Wife from the beginning I will tell you it is simply the best, soapy in the best way possible. The regular, recurring, and even the guest cast is top notch week in and week out.

  20. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    See, I’ve been hearing so many good things about it, and I love all of the actors on the show, having seen them in other roles. Your praising the show just makes me even more eager to catch up and watch it on a regular basis, maxsmom! :)

  21. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=maxsmom]GHFan-4now-if there is any way for you to catch the Good Wife from the beginning I will tell you it is simply the best, soapy in the best way possible. The regular, recurring, and even the guest cast is top notch week in and week out.[/quote]

    Surprise maxsmom! I agree with you 100%!! The Good Wife is one of my favorite primetime shows!!! And I would also suggest someone new trying to see it from the very beginning. The first season was dynamite!!!

  22. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    maxsmom -I have been totally resistant to watching new shows because I get attached and they cancel them. It drives me crazy. I have wanted to tune into The Good Wife but still resist. I may have to try it if you recommend.

  23. Profile photo of maxsmom

    GHvetFan: I too have had countless favorites cancelled after one season or two and others which seem in danger of cancellation each season, hello Fringe, but The Good Wife is actually successful and it’s made Sassy and me agree though I wonder Sassy, Will? or Peter?

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I agree about the shows that start and end. I have a few episodes of the Cape on my dvr and will probably delete them now that it sounds like the show wont last. I am still smarting over fast forward, just when it was hitting its stride they pulled it. I dont know if other networks are offered on other cable providers, but one of the things I love about comcast is that they offer many shows on demand -almost all of the cbs ones and many of the nbc ones. I think it helps the cbs shows that if something is a hit you can hear about it six episodes in and still catch up and if you choose something else you in that time slot and decide three episodes in you dont like it you can still “undo” it by catching up on the other show on demand. I think the networks have screwed themselves a little on these recurring storyline kind of shows…they pull them before they fully have a shot so then people sit on their hands when the next one comes out for exactly that same reason.

    If they cancel Fringe I will flip. LOVE that show. Also add me to the list of those that cant say enough good things about The Good Life. I love all the characters, but I am esp. a freak about my gal Kalinda. She ROCKS.

    I am still bummed that the cancelled The Whole Truth. Thought that was the most deserving of time of the shows cancelled this year. I dont think the even tried it on other nights and times. Shame because I like Rob Morrow and I FLOVE Maura Tierney.

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