Brian Gaskill Surprises Kelly Monaco at Brokerage Comedy Club!

Brian Gaskill and Tyler Christopher


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15 July 2008
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I love BG and i have to say all 3 look wonderful - although I miss BGs blonde locks. The only thing thats missing is a surprise appearance from ME. If he had been there too I would really have been heartbroken I wasnt there.

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24 November 2009
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Love the pictures and I agree EET I miss his blonde hair. Really love the picture of Kelly and Tyler. They did good bouncing all over out there on the coast as they had like 4 to 6 differnet events.

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12 February 2010
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I am so proud of Tyler Christopher!!

He looks so much healthier here!! I guess hitting the gym and taking care of yourself does pay off!! Now if someone could just give him a nudge while he's on camera and wake him up, he'd be doing pretty good!!!!! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

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23 September 2010
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Wow, nice pics! I watched PC and loved it. Caleb and Livvie were my favs, and Rafe and Allison were close behind! I think BG looks better with more hair though.

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19 July 2008
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Aw, cute. PC was my first favorite soap and where my love for Kelly started. And damn, Tyler looks really good too.

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1 January 2009
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Great pictures! They all look happy, healthy and wonderful!!!

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Paging sweetie pie Brian Gaskill back to AMC as Bobby Cortlandt...