ABC Issues Official Statement on Rebecca Herbst Staying at GH!

News that thrilled me broke while I was off for a few days, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital) is staying in Port Chuck! Now, ABC has issued an official statement regarding the star’s status.

Rebecca Herbst will continue on General Hospital as Elizabeth Webber. The show is thrilled she will remain on the canvas to portray the beloved character in many more poignant and emotional stories. Fans will be pleased to see Rebecca continue the role she created.

While the statement does not offer a reason, unlike her "storyline dictated" departure, I commend her fans who were large and loud. Love that Lizzie will continue to be a fixture in Port Charles and most importantly that Rebecca is staying home.

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    Ok So I am thrilled that she is staying. A few weeks ago I was telling my Mom about all the goings on at ABC soaps. Who’s coming- who’s going – bla bla bla. I also told her that I keep reading cancellation rumors. During the conversation, I must have said a few times, If they do this…. Im not watching anymore. I may have said it so many times, and when I was ready to leave, she said to me, by the way – If everyone had your attitude to stop watching, the shows will be cancelled. She said she will turn on all four tv’s between 1:00 and 4:00 every day in support of abc soaps and furthermore, she was telling all her friends and their friends and so on. She said that if people dont watch ratings wont go up, people loose jobs and we will loose history of soaps. Who knows she said, maybe if their ratings really go up, so many people that we loved and lost will come back.I never did stop watching. And as she pointed out to me I got mad so many times in the past, but always remained faithful and interested in these soaps. So I am leaving all 3 of my sets on every day and told my friends to tell their friends and so on and so on cause I couldnt live without my ABC soaps and all the people I have come to love and who are struggling to remain in their jobs. I love these soaps and even tho they make me mad sometimes, I would be heart broken without them.

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    Becky’s fans spoke loud and clear!!!!!!! They should know fans don’t forget and hardly forgive. They underestimated her popularity as an actress and as Elizabeth. They thought they could trash Elizabeth and be rid of her and no one would blink an eye. Well, we proved them wrong. GH has made tremendous mistakes these last couple of years. This is the first step at correcting them. Now, it’s time undo another huge mistake, the deliberate destruction of Jason and Elizabeth.

    Loud cheers to Becky and her fans!

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    Thank God someone over at ABC woke up and caught a clue.

    There is alot of excess dead weight that could go at GH (behind the camera too) if cuts need to be made.

    But to even consider axing Steve Hardy’s granddaughter….for shame!

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    Congratulations, Rebecca. You deserve it. Here’s to looking forward, not backward. Here’s to compelling, touching stories that touch our hearts, and bring us closer, rather than divide us. Here’s to wishing and hoping.

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    No Daisy

    I’m very happy for Becky. Regardless of how she must feel about ABC right now, it has to feel good that her fans support her so much. I just hope GH doesn’t pay her back by putting her on recurring. Has there been any word on her actual contract status? The wording above just says she will “continue on”.

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    Congrats for Becky and her family. Guess ABC had no idea about the backlash for the idiotic decision to let her go in the first place. Now here’s hoping she finally does get a great story and the true character of Elizabeth returns to our screens.

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    Great news! I love the spin they put on it though. “The show is thrilled she will remain on the canvas…”
    More likely they are thrilled that us fans are going to stop bombarding their call in line!! ;-)

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    YYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I can put GH back on my DVR and start caring about the show again! Congrats to both Becky and the character of Elizabeth! I hope the ppl at GH have realized now how important Becky and the character of Liz are to many fans and hope they will give Liz some juicy storylines and start writing her out of the gutter. This also gives me back hope for a LL2 reunion sometime in the future. I’m sooo happy right now!

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    I wish that we could use the same powers of positive thinking, collective prayer and campaigning to bring back Stuart Damon, Billy Warlock and Genie Francis, and to get rid of Siobhan and her equally as annoying sister!!!! LOL!!! :D :D :D :D

  10. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    alstonboy, that would awesome! I would take any of those 3 great characters over Siobhan or any character related to her. She’s soooo annoying! Why can’t they take Siobhan and Lisa off contract and bring back a fan favorite?

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    alstonboy and purplerocks, i’d like to jump on your bandwagon with a tiny switch, can we bring back aj but in the form of Sean Kanan and add Ned but in the form of Kurt McKinney

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    maxsmom, I’m on board for bringing any of the old beloved characters back and getting rid of annoying newbies like Siobhan and Lisa :)

    alstonboy, I’ll drink to that! If they heard us about Liz, I hope they can hear us about this too :)

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    It is amazing to think that the campaign for her worked, so often they don’t. I hear the response was unprecedented, and you helped Regan. I think alot of us are afraid, though, that they are going to keep undermining her character, or sideline her altogether. The jury is out for me still, I want to see her restored to her true self. And if they kill off Jake …..

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    Why would they kill off Jake? How is that supposed to bring in ratings and make ppl happy? No one wants to see a child die. I guess that’s another way to take a Quartermaine/Webber off the canvas so that there can be more Corithos kids running around. Jake could be such a great character when he gets older. He’s a combination of two great core GH families.

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    I respect your opinion, but I loved Billy Warlock’s AJ. I felt that he played that role to perfection. And I want to keep Sean Kanan on Y&R–he’s got excellent chemistry with Melody Thomas Scott!!! :) :) :) :)

    It’s a SHAME what Guza and Phelps have done to Monica!! They have ANNIHILATED her entire family, bit by bit!! She is now childless and husband-less. They couldn’t even think of her enough to have her present at Luke and Tracy’s wedding. It’s unfathomable to me that they could hate Monica so much!!!!!! Sigh!!!!!

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    Maybe instead of killing off Jake, they can out his paternity and let Monica and Edward be happy for once. Kinda like, they lost Alan, but at least can have Jake to look forward to since he’s Alan’s grandchild.

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    [quote=PurpleRocks]Why would they kill off Jake? How is that supposed to bring in ratings and make ppl happy? No one wants to see a child die. I guess that’s another way to take a Quartermaine/Webber off the canvas so that there can be more Corithos kids running around. Jake could be such a great character when he gets older. He’s a combination of two great core GH families.[/quote]

    So true Purplerocks, the entire idea of killing Jake of all the children—let alone any child–is ridiculous, cruel and stupid. What is it with Guza trying to make the Corinthos swallow Port Charles? And why should the Quartermaines keep losing children only to see Sonny’s spawn increase? More to the point, though, do we really need to see Guza torture yet another child. After what Michael has been put through the past few years, not to mention Kristina, we do not need to see more children in danger so that Sonny and Carly can get their acting reels. Such bad soap writing!

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    Maybe GH needs a female head writer. Maybe then, children will be safe, and women will do the saving instead of needing the saving and looking pathetic. I enjoy the blowing up and damsel in distress every now and then, but with GH, it’s so often that it’s predictable and unnecessary. It actually becomes less dramatic and more annoying b/c they do it so often. But I’m not going to get into all that b/c it’ll ruin how happy I am that Becky’s staying.

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    YES YES YES YES YES! So happy for Rebecca and my fellow Liz fans! I am with many when I say I hope they return Liz to her former glory and give her great storylines to work with! She is such a great actress it is horrible that the writings had been limiting her to scenes where she was nothing but jealous and petty. There are two story lines I hope she isn’t involved in. Jakes death (no child should have to die on the show) and the jasam baby. If they turn Liz into the kind of woman who would willingly put a child’s life in danger they are doing a huge disservice to the character and her many fans! I know I have harped on that a lot, but I don’t want it to happen! If they kill Jake, not only will mothers everywhere who are fans of the show be up in arms, the liz and liason fans (seeing as Jake is the one thing still tying Liz to jason) will be stirred into a frenzy as well. At least thats what I think, I can’t speak for all of them.

    I spent a few hours throughout the past several days going through old Liz and Liason scenes. Not only did they have mad chemistry as a couple, but as friends they were so supportive and loving (plutonic loving) towards each other. I will protest jasam and cheer for Liason until the day the show is no longer on, but even if I never get my couple, couldn’t they at the very least go back to being friends? Being in scenes with each other and talking like they used to? The thing is, and this is directed to TPTB should they ever stumble upon this, Jason and Liz have history. Yet the show has basically tried to do everything in their power to bury that history (even rumors of killing off Jake). Here is the catch, no matter how many people try to claim there is something in history that hasn’t happened- there is always undisputable evidence that says otherwise. So why fight history? They have it, lets work with that in a positive light shall we? :)

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    Yay…I am so happy that they made it official today. I was contemplating being done with GH after she left, now I don’t have to.

    I really hope that they write her a good story now. Nothing dark and depressing at this time. I think the show could do with something fun after this Balkan crap…interesting, mysterious, and compelling would be a better direction.

    Hopefully they will consider writing for her, after seeing just how popular, and beloved she really is. We want to see more of the characters we like, and less of the ones that we don’t. Ok… I know some of the characters will always be front burner, but they could stand to balance out the show better. Saturating the show with the same people day in and day out…is boring…no matter who is being shown. I know plenty of people who would be happy to see her air time increase, as well ending her character assassination.

    I also want to add she looked beautiful today…She is so lucky to be a natural beauty.

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    Congrats Becky! Now one can only wish that since you are still there that TPTB write an actual story for you. I also would wish that they go back to writing you like the Lizzie that I loved. I don’t know why they insist on making you pod Liz as of late but whatever the case it is not working!

    Good luck on returning, especially since I know you needed the check as you just have had a kid. I hope all goes well with you and much better for you this time around.

    I don’t know why TPTB think that they can only have one or two beloved female characters on canvas at one time. Its like they are always trying to make someone chose. The more talented people the better.

    They need to get that through their thich skulls, at least now they most definitely for sure can see the amount of fans you have and can not ignore it so in the future if they try this they know they do so at their own peril and there will be hell to pay if nothing else in bad publicity if
    they do get rid of you.

    Once again congrats.

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    Congrats Becky! She is so talented and beautiful. She deserves to be a lead on this show. I have never written a fan letter in my life…but when her firing was announced I wrote numerous letters, sent emails, and called the comment lines. I even turned off my tv. I’m glad that Becky Nation fought back and demanded that quality, class and talent remain on our screens!

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    BeckyNation Rocks!

    Congrats to Rebecca Herbst!

    I’m one of those fans that wrote letters, sent out emails, and called the comment lines and even left voice messages for Frons and Sweeney!

    Now, GH needs to stop with the petty juvenile jealousy nonsense and give the fans back their feisty Lizzie Webber with Elizabeth’s compassion!

  24. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    Thanks GHvetfan! I missed you all too but had to take a break for a while. I’d check back here for news but couldn’t stay into the show since I was so disappointed with the current storylines and Becky getting the boot. But now, with Becky back, GH is back on my DVR and I’ll be on here much more now that I have something to be positive about.

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    Congrats to Becky. So glad she is staying. Maybe it’s time to start a “SAVE JAKE” campaign before it’s too late?? The rumors have been that Robin accidentally hits him with her car. Yes, possibly subject to change but it’s still a way to break the Liason connection and kill another Quartermaine.
    DAYS did this storyline with Bo & Hope’s son Zack. Bo’s long-lost and newly found daughter Chelsea ran over Zack because she was using her cell phone.

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    Saher M

    I am really happy that Becky’s staying, I’ve been waiting for an official announcement from ABC ever since the soap media announced it. This really made my day. What really irks me is that this statement does not credit the backlash of the fans and the soap media, to the reason behind the reversal of TPTB’s decision, which is the truth. Their attempt to say something else is ineffective, as we all know this. Aside from that part, good work on GH’s part to at-least listen to the voice of fans. Congrats to Becky and all Becky/Liz fans!

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    Saher M

    [quote=liason4real]BeckyNation Rocks!
    Congrats to Rebecca Herbst!
    I’m one of those fans that wrote letters, sent out emails, and called the comment lines and even left voice messages for Frons and Sweeney!
    Now, GH needs to stop with the petty juvenile jealousy nonsense and give the fans back their feisty Lizzie Webber with Elizabeth’s compassion![/quote]

    I completely agree, liason4real. I hope they give Liz a good storyline of her own, where she is happy for a change. I have seen enough of Liz being miserable to last me quite a while. Now that RH’s rehired, I hope the writers do change the direction in their writing for her.

  28. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    You’re welcome, Saher! :)


    Now, on a separate note:

    [quote] If anyone seriously believes that cutting Siobhan and her sister would some lead to Stuart, Genie, or Billy coming back, needs to come back to reality. [/quote]

    WOW. Wanting a few folks to come back to the show is a HOPE–knowing damn good and well they WONT return is a reality that we knowing fans accepted long ago. I don’t think there’s any harm in making suggestions as to who a few folks might want to see back onscreen in beloved roles. This site is all about discussion after all. We KNOW it won’t happen. That’s what’s real. Won’t take away the hope, nor will it skew one’s true “reality” on what we know to be fact in regards to ALL soaps, not just GH.

  29. Profile photo of ChloeLiz

    I am one fan who is happy that TPTB decided against the ‘storyline dictated exit’ what crap.
    My wish now is for her to be given some sort of storyline of her own instead of sniffing behind Nicholas or getting tangled up with Jasam.

    What about putting Liz and Johnny together and sending Loony Lisa on the bus to nowhere that never stops. Just saying! 0:)

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    Fan Since '81

    I was totally bummed with the news of Becky going. I am loving the fact she is not going. LOVE, LOVE, love her!!!!!! Now if they would stop this Sonny and Brenda show all the time. They need to get rid of all the newbies and bring back the core families. Laura, Monica, and Bobbie where are you??? Even bring Alan back from the Dead!!!

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