SPECIAL REPORT: ABC to Make “Major Decisions” About Daytime Lineup in Coming Weeks

Don’t shoot the blogger. Remember all those talk shows ABC started developing last year? There were the two from ABC Media Productions (one a Will & Grace-esque talker with Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis, the other a cooking show with Danny Boome) and one, a “male Viewfrom Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie. I’m hearing, in the coming weeks, ABC will be deciding if one or more of these projects will land on The Mouse House’s daytime lineup come fall of 2011.

“They have to make a decision by the end of the First Quarter of 2011 in order to get one or more of the shows on the air by fall,” says a source. “Affiliates are getting antsy with Oprah leaving the airwaves with no clear cut successor. The decisions ABC will be making will have ripple effects throughout the ABC Daytime lineup and yes, the soaps will be affected."

As to what exactly all this means for ABC Daytime’s three soap operas, that isn’t so easy to decipher.

“It’s no secret the soaps aren’t as profitable as they once were,” says one industry insider, “and two of the ABC soaps have been over budget in recent years.”

In the fall of 2009, ABC Daytime decided to uproot All My Children and move them to Los Angeles in a cost-cutting effort, however sources tell me the 41-year-old sudser has continued to run over budget since relocating in January of 2010.

“Julie [Hanan Caruthers, All My Children’s executive producer] just can’t seem to bring it in under budget,” says a source.
Reportedly, whereas most of the soaps left on the air have gone to a production model of getting scenes in one take, AMC allegedly still does several takes for each scene and boasts other financial risk factors that concern the powers that be. Meanwhile, ABC’s most popular soap opera, General Hospital has also run into budget woes of late.

GH, which premiered in 1963, reportedly saw its budget slashed significantly recently, resulting in the firing of actress Rebecca Herbst, a move that has since been rescinded. However, sources say more cast cuts are forth coming.

General Hospital isn’t in any immediate danger,” says a setsider. “It has the strongest brand by far.”

That leaves All My Children and One Life to Live—the latter being the only ABC soap to reportedly come in under budget consistently— for ABC to determine the futures of, and while reps have maintained the shows produced by ABC Media Productions won’t necessarily end up on the ABC channel, numerous sources have confirmed to me that the programs were in fact specifically developed for The Mouse House’s daypart. 

Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops.

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    Looks like everything is about to come to a head real soon. I still say that the cuts were made in the wrong places. Instead of slicing and dicing what is seen on screen, the behind the scenes needs to be examined. Nobody did that, so the same product is being created, and the same money lost. My best to One Life to Live in this battle for survival!

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    I don’t understand why OLTL can come in under budget but AMC & GH can’t. Why not make OLTL’s executive producer head of ABC soaps? He obviously knows how to make a good looking show. Couldn’t he do the same for the other ABC shows? Obviously, the executive producers of GH and AMC just can’t get their act together.

    As much as people admonish Frons for his many faults, he has invested in both AMC & GH. GH got budget to hire to fan favorites, Vanessa Marcil and Jonathan Jackson. Neither one received a great return story.

    Part of the reason why AMC moved to LA was to receive California’s tax credits. Aren’t they helping?

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all three soaps survive.

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    Well the ONLY ABC soap I care about is OLTL. They are the best by far. GH will be the last ABC soap standing, unfortunately, so that leaves OLTL & AMC. Between those 2 I’m not worried about OLTL anymore. It’s the best budgeted & the best written of the 2. Also, OLTL just cast Austin Peck, plus with them consistently beating AMC in the ratings (which OL beat both GH & AMC for 3rd daytime soap the week of 7-11th) I don’t see them in trouble. Not to mention the rumors of RH coming back, & while it pains me to say it (cause I LOVE TSJ) if RH will keep my OLTL on the air then so be it. But AMC just sucks. They’ve gone downhill ever since they moved to Cali & since David Canary left. Oy vey with ABC daytime & Frons.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Wow, I was JUST thinking the other day……”My life would be sooooo much richer with MORE Tori Spelling in it.” (insert not-so-subtle eyeroll here!) :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: ABC Media Productions must be filled with mind readers!!! S) S) S) S)

    (PLEASE note my heavy sarcasm! I can seriously feel the chunks start to rise in my stomach!!!) :* :* :* :* :* :*

    My poor AMC!! It’s basically unwatchable and they STILL haven’t developed the foresight to get rid of Julie Hanan Carruther’s worthless behind??? I just hope that Agnes Nixon doesn’t lose another one of her babies. SMDH! This show is on it’s last leg. I am starting to feel the same gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that I felt just before they announced that ATWT was canceled!!! Get rid of the HACKS that are writing over there, start telling some entertaining stories again and restructure the show, and then MAYBE this show can avoid the guillotine!!! >) >) >) >) P.S–The devil is soooooooo busy over there that it’s not even funny!!!!

    I am thrilled to hear that GH is in no immediate danger. It still vacillates between being my favorite show and my 2nd favorite show (behind Y&R!~). I just wish that Guza would get his ISH together. I know he is capable of doing so much better than he has been doing in the past year, and I would love to see this show TRULY return to it’s former glory!!!

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    Last week’s (Feb. 7-11)ratings, waiting for your take Jamey, showed OLTL coming on strong and GH falling back after the snow increase meanwhile AMC at the back of the six soap pack. I think to attribute RH’s firing to budget cuts is to drink Fron’s Kool-Aid. When budget cuts are announced entire storylines are cut and groups of actors are fired, if and when that happens it will have zero to do with RH.

  6. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    LOL!! @ the first paragraph!

    I think GH has been great these past couple weeks. I’m glad that its not in danger.

    AMC unfortunately is…I am actually enjoying it right now. But I am a newer viewer, so I don’t know the history of the show.

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    GH still holds strong in all the demos. They are averaging about a 2.1 every week, where as about 2 months ago they were averaging a 1.9, 1.8.

    OLTL’s ratings went up because of the paternity reveal, but I have a feeling those ratings will go back down..

  8. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Well, Jlafferty—

    God bless you, but I am just not ready to reinvest in AMC yet! Trust me, if you had watched it in the 80s, 90s and in the early 2000s (up until McTavish left in 2006), you’d see exactly what elements are missing. It hurts me to see this show falling so deep into unwatchability/the crapper!!! My grandmother used to watch this show EVERY day, and I remember having to listen to it outside her bedroom door b/c she didn’t let any of her grandkids watch soaps (for fear that they would be a bad influence on us! :) :) :) )

    And I would sneak and watch the show here and there. Back then, it was MUST-SEE TV. These days, it’s just……….. :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired: for me!!

    But if you are watching, please keep doing so. It needs all the eyes it can get to keep it going until they FINALLY hire new writers! I just can’t do it, though!!!

  9. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    Yes, I have been watching GH for almost 30 years. So I get what your saying.

    As a new viewer, not knowing the history of AMC, I enjoy the newer characters, the dialogue is a bit strange at times and I can’t stand that Ryan/Greenlee! UGHH. but I enjoy it most of the time.Plus that Griffin character is like…sex on a stick! I could look at him all day!

    I don’t want any of the soaps get canceled..who wants to see more talk shows? I don’t give a rats ass about Tori Spellings opinions on life and politics.

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    In AMC’s defence, they are the only Mickey Mouse soap who has soaps as competition, the number 1 and number 2 shows no less. However, whose fault is it that an inept EP is still in charge?

  11. Profile photo of appleridge

    A Male “view” No Thanks I Didnt Like Any Of The Males They Had Moderate Last Year and hey Tried You Know Thats why Tried that To see If It worked. It Didnt. EPIC FAIL

    Tori & Jeff. Sorry Id Just Watch Will & Grace

    Cooking Show, Over A Soap No Thanks

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    Jlaff, the 7th is the week I went back to OLTL after an 8 month layoff and while there are elements I don’t like ie. the Fords, and as much as I once loved Kristen Aldersen, I think they give her too much to do, in a way the Fords, Langston, and Dani were built around Starr, I am sticking with OLTL to see how this plays out. I’m always interested in Viki, Dorian, Bo and Nora, Rex without Gigi, and I love Brody.

    I just returned to GH Feb. 21 after tuning out when RH’s firing was announced and to all those who question how viewers can tuneout when a favorite leaves, I say in whom? am I supposed to root on this show. I like VMG as much as I like RH but this story has not worked in the 6 months she’s been back. I like KMC/Robin most of all and the Fatal Lisa Niles Attraction ran out of steam 6 months ago. Another favorite NLG/Alexis who has more story potential than almost everyone on the canvas combined hasn’t driven story since actually when was the last time and I for one hated the Jerry Jax relationship. My point and it’s in here somewhere is I can’t be the only one frustrated and wanting a change not to every story my way but like OLTL give me something for my vets and maybe I can tolerate the newcomers.

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    If it is to air in the time slot vacated by Oprah and for affilates like the article says, the project would be syndication (like Oprah is). No set network would air the talk show just whatever affilate picks up the show to air in that time slot.

  14. Profile photo of GAgal28

    OK I’m just going to say this. I am in NO way trying to spark some heated/hated debate. I’m NOT that person, but about the ratings…. IF OLTL could get half the ABC Daytime promotion of GH & AMC then maybe, just maybe, they could stabilize their ratings!!! Stevie Wonder in a dark basement could see that OLTL is the least promoted ABC soap. I mean ABC freaking promotes GH on Lifetime & ABC Family!! OLTL’s major issue has always been the ratings & the ratings just DO NOT tell the accurate story of the soap (cause it’s packed full of win & 3 amazing Divas that bring it each time they’re on screen). They are the 1 soap that is continuously fluctuating. A few weeks they’re up, a few weeks they’re down BUT for a long time now they have NOT been the lowest rated. They’ve just got to figure out how to stabilize that & they’ve got to find a way to promote theirselves cause lord knows Frons won’t do it.

  15. Profile photo of appleridge

    AMC Is The Soap Thats Way Over Budget So Hers An Idea, Cut AMC To Thirty Minutes. That Way AMC Could Shoot 2-3 Shows A Day and Have 4-6 Months Off Every Year

    Re Do The line up
    12:30PM: AMC
    1PM: OLTL
    2pM: GH
    3PM: New ABC Talk SHow
    4PM: Syndicated Fare

  16. Profile photo of d_andre

    Okay, I have an idea that might make some fans unhappy but I am going to put it out there anyway. ABC should cancel AMC and move some characters over to OLTL and downsize the OLTL cast as well. First get rid of the following OLTL characters: Charlie, Joey, Aubrey, Richard, Phylicia, Inez, James, Nate, Theo, Darren, Vimal, Rama, Cristian, Marty and Cutter. They are not adding any value to OLTL at all. In fact, most of the stories they are in are boring and I FF through them. Second, now here’s where you can integrate some of the AMC characters: Erica and Kendell decide to move Fusion to Llanfair because it cost effective and Erica. Erica and Clint are attracted to one another which creates tension with Vicki who wants to get back with Clint after her divorce from Charlie. Bo hires Jesse as his second in command which requires Angie to move as well. Richard and Phylica are killed in a car accident and it turns out Shaun and Destiny are Angie’s cousins ( Phylica was Les Baxter’s sister). Frankie moves as well and wants a fresh start after his bitter divorce from Randi and becomes attracted to Vivian which starts an immediate rival with Shaun. Kendell and Blair are both attracted to Tomas and fight for his affections. Ryan Lavery finds out he’s a long lost Cramer and wants his piece of the pie and he and Dorian start to fight. It turns out he’s not a Cramer and starts an affair with Dorian. Tad and Jake decide to relocate to Llanview as well for a new start in life. Tad and Echo start a romance (Michael Knight and Kim Zimmer…HOT)! Jake could pursue Kelly Cramer. And then Adam Chandler comes to Llanview as well! David Canary could come out of retirement!
    I know it’s out there but what a dream cast!

  17. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I respect your opinion, but I simply can’t co-sign on the notion of another soap being canceled. We have already lost FAR too many!!! I have even mourned the loss of soaps that I have not liked or watched. Soaps are like family to many people. Like a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa!!! They give you a certain feeling that few other genres of entertainment can give you, and I can’t rationalize the loss of another soap, even if there could be positive repercussions to it.

  18. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Gotta agree with alston and jockteen. I can’t take it if another beloved show is canceled. It was bad enough with GL, followed by ATWT the very next year. I may hate what they are doing to these shows, as far as writing and characters, but soaps are my heart and I’ve honestly made some of my best friends from watching soaps, because we all discovered we watched the same ones. It’d be a damn shame to see any one of them go at this time.

  19. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    I must agree with alston and jockteen too.

    Sounds corny and stupid, but I’m with these soaps through better and worse (sounds like I am married to them LOL), I don’t want them getting canceled.

  20. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    You can all agree all you want that no soaps should go, but it’s a BUSINESS to the people who make the decisions. There is no emotion involved. To not recognize that is to bury your head in the sand.

    Having made that comment, this is still very sad–if expected–news.

    I can’t believe AMC is STILL over-budget, considering the tax breaks of the move (as joss pointed out), the pay cuts taken by everyone including Susan Lucci, and eliminating David Canary’s and Ray MacDonnell’s salary altogether. Considering the (lack of) quality of the show these days, if any soap has to go, it should be this one. As I’ve been saying since Susan Lucci’s memoir was announced, I think she’s on the verge of retiring from the show, and that would be an ideal time to close Agnes’ big burgandy scrapbook.

  21. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    why can’t they just cut one of the soaps down to half and hour? It’s not like B&B is suffering from being 30 minutes. That would let them fill a 30 minute slot with another talk show…that probably won’t last, its not like “The Talk” is causing waves.

    Also were I live OLTL goes up against DOOL. GH goes up against that talk show that took over GL’s spot and AMC is repeat at 11, new episode at noon.

  22. Profile photo of jdblake5

    I’ve watched all three ABC soaps on and off for the last 20+ years and would be sad to see any of them cancelled, though that day is likely coming in the not too distant future for all of them. Television in general isn’t as profitable as it used to be for a lot of reasons including: production costs, shifts in how and when audiences watch, and a lot more competition from more channels, more channels airing original programming, and aspects of life like the internet as well as the traditional competitors like live shows and sporting events, family time, etc. Perhaps it’s time for Hollywood in general to take a good hard look at salaries, expense accounts, and executive perks rather than just slashing show budgets every year?

    As for DATV specifically, AMC consistently pulls in the lowest numbers, but as has already been pointed out, it also faces off against the number one daytime soap in many markets, though not all. Where AMC isn’t on opposite Y&R it’s opposite B&B, which is usually number 2 in the ratings, or DAYS/DOOL. OLTL and GH do not have daytime soap competitors, but they do have other competition, obviously. OLTL, imo, is the best of the 3 DATV daytime soaps right now and the ratings have been going up the past several weeks. Hopefully, that’s a reflection of fans returning to the show in general and not just about big story reveals for sweeps, but time will tell. OLTL is an example of a show that is doing so many things right, and tapes in an expensive locale too, yet is not getting the ratings it deserves. OLTL is still not as good as it has been in the past, but it’s so much more watchable on a consistent basis than either GH or AMC.

    AMC has its good weeks and bad weeks and perhaps a new show runner/s and/or executive producer would make a positive difference, but that’s going to take time and patience on behalf of viewers and DATV.

    GH has the cast and the script writing talent, they both just need better material with which to work, and a new head writer and executive producer would go a long way towards rebuilding good will with fans as well as the quality of the show. Even the best of the stories currently on GH are full of more holes than a block of swiss cheese, and story problems are not limited to just plot holes either. Plus the same core of characters remain front burnered from story-to-story, year-in and year-out, and the returns of fan favorite characters and actors are all but completely and totally blown in the opinions of a lot of viewers. GH has very little entertainment value to it now and why it gets the ratings it does, is a mystery.

    As for marketing, ratings are down for daytime and have been steadily going down since at least the early 90’s, with some short-lived rebounds here and there yet marketing and promotions of the shows has not really increased. Where are the marketing efforts to promote the shows outside of the traditional daytime press and viewing block? How many times does ABC plug its primetime line-up during its daytime block, and why aren’t there at least some plugs for its daytime shows during primetime? With the internet, there are so many more cost effective ways to promote television programs and increase brand awareness and good will with fans than in times past, yet DATV is not taking full advantage of those either for its daytime block. DATV is really good at exploiting and using some of the newer technologies, but they totally under utilize others.

    Most fans don’t know all of what goes into producing a television show, but that doesn’t mean that fans don’t recognize good tv when they see it. Networks, studios, and show runners and writers can’t and shouldn’t give fans everything they want to see all the time, but listening to fan feedback and responding when it works and is possible can go along way towards building and maintaining good will with fans and keeping them tuned in. There are legal and creative pitfalls here to be sure, but that’s what legal clearance is all about too. Why not let fans vote on one summer story idea when ratings traditionally go up anyway or something like that? Things like that not only pull fans into the show and interacting with the network, but it can give them incentive and a reason to watch. Have contests amongst fans regarding creating show merchandise or for the best fan sites and interns can run and maintain a lot of this or hire third-parties like ABC did with the go network initially for all its websites and like it does for the DATV Insiders club/forum.

    Ultimately show quality has be present for fans to watch on a consistent basis, and the budget cuts at ABC are and have been affecting production quality in many different ways, but the more committed fans are to their shows and characters, the more they tend to put up with and over look too.

  23. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    How in the name of Agnes Nixon can AMC be over budget?

    What is all that money being spent on? The talent is not better than that of any other soap. Many of its veterans are gone. Its production values aren’t superior to any other show’s, except Days. I don’t think they have a bigger advertising budget than GH’s. They’re supposedly getting tax breaks from the state of California to film there.

    Seriously, how is this possible??????

  24. Profile photo of Marezi

    But But But what about all the stories we all don’t like.

    I have seen over and over and over that people aren’t watching because of the stories or they don’t like how so and so is being written or this one is with that person and until they are gone I am not watching. This is what makes me PO’ed. Everyone knew what was coming unless you have been in that lair that Theo has on GH. Now it is like shutting the gate after the horses got out.

    I have been saying close to a year now we , the viewers, are going to get the soaps canceled becasue we think we can dictate the stories. Instead of watching or a least have the TV on and leave the room when the story stinks, everyone just walks away.

    I at least have the TV on in the bedroom on ABC and turn it on in the main room for OLTL and GH. I dont’ know if my one or two little TV’s does any good but I know I am trying to save our soaps. If I dont’ like the show or what is written I put it on mute or just leave it on in the bedroom and I go find something to do. I don’t have to watch but it is on.

    Seriously ticks me off. Now everyone is worried they won’t have their shows. So mad. All the ones with thier little boxes that they are so proud of, they need to turn their damn TV sets to ABC. Seriously ticked and I am not pleased. I am just a swearing unbder my breath right now and it is all for the ” I want, I deserve, I,I,I,I, me, me, me ,me,” generation.

    I am going to go work this anger off outside and try to calm down. because I will say it again >>.I am disgusted

  25. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    When are they going to fire the high salaries behind the camera? I’ve never been convinced that Frons is a champion of soaps I think he’s done a lot to dismantle them in his own special way I’ve always held the notion he wants to replace this line up with cheaper productions and that is the end game when all is said and done.

  26. Profile photo of jdblake5

    That’s a good point Marezi if you’re a Nielsen family. Watching live only affects ratings if you’re watching and reporting what you watch to the Nielsen company for ratings research. Nielsen’s are making changes that are being rolled out this spring and many networks do other research to gather ratings data because until the changes to the Nielsen’s are made, they don’t reflect online viwership or DVR/TIVO numbers yet. Cable companies can report DVR numbers, but they take a few weeks and the rating only counts if you watch the recorded show within 7 days in most markets, but sometimes only within 48 hours of recording the show. Some networks, ABC included, do pay attention to the number of views their episodes get on their own official sites and on Hulu so that’s another way for fans to let the networks know they’re watching their programming. But as long as the Nielsen’s are the industry standard, only those the Nielsen company select for ratings research can have an impact on official ratings. The Nielsen company does select new households all the time as I don’t believe that they stick with any household for more than a week at a time.

    I agree with you that walking away from a show isn’t likely to have the desired effect fans want, but there have been rewrites made to GH scripts post Jan 1. While an official reason has not been given, nor have the rewrites been officially confirmed even though we know they have been done, ratings since VMG’s return steadily declined and were plain awful during Nov sweeps. Sometimes tuning out and stating why can have a desired effect, or so it seems as Hart Hansen, the show runner for Bones, has said that he will not get the two main leads together until ratings drop. GH has certainly gotten better since the bus crash, but the show still has a long ways to go to become a good show again, at least in my opinion. If the Nov sweeps ratings, which were deserved I think, played any role in forcing rewrites now, it certainly wasn’t a bad thing.

  27. Profile photo of lfad

    [quote=Marezi]Instead of watching or a least have the TV on and leave the room when the story stinks, everyone just walks away. [/quote]

    It doesn’t matter whether you leave the tv on while the soaps or on or not unless you’re a Nielsen family. I’m not one, and haven’t been sent one of those journals for years. The only thing that will be accomplished if I leave the tv on during AMC is wasting energy.

  28. Profile photo of

    [quote=GAgal28]Stevie Wonder in a dark basement could see that OLTL is the least promoted ABC soap. I mean ABC freaking promotes GH on Lifetime & ABC Family!! OLTL’s major issue has always been the ratings & the ratings just DO NOT tell the accurate story of the soap (cause it’s packed full of win & 3 amazing Divas that bring it each time they’re on screen).[/quote]

    :beer: :beer: :beer:

  29. Profile photo of baycity

    I have been a soap fan for 25 years, since my early teens. Two or three years ago I wouldn’t have said this, but after seeing Guiding Light and ATWT go off the air (deservedly so in the case of GL), I don’t have a problem with soaps getting cancelled. Primetime shows get cancelled all the time. It’s only in daytime that we have this thing about “fixing” shows that hardly anybody watches anymore.

    If there are less than 3 million viewers watching a show, that’s not even 1% of the American population. That’s OK for cable where JerseyShore gets 6 million viewers every episode. It’s not a viable model for a network.

    Will I miss the soaps? Yes, but none of them is as good as it used to be. And again, you can’t expect any business to keep offering a product that hardly anyone buys.

  30. Profile photo of keanna

    As usual Alstonboy, you are on the money, my friend.. You’re right as well, Jockteen.

    We’ve lost two soaps in the last two years, I think it would be better served to just make AMC and/or OLTL a half hour, only use cancellation as a last resort.

    I know in other cities, Oprah comes on after the soaps. But here in Chicago, Oprah comes on at 9am, then the View, then our local ABC news, and then AMC, OLTL, and GH.Last week two local reporters ( a sportscaster and a traffic reporter) have been tapped to co-host local talk show that will air on Oprah’s time slot. I’ve always liked Tori Spelling, but a talk show no thanks. I wouldn’t mind a male version of the View, if they got the right mix of guys.

    I just can’t fathom why AMC is still over budget, to me Carruthers needs to go, she seems to be the one constant in all of this. I say if they want to save a whole lot of money, fire her, Phelps, Guza, and especially Frons, and start over. This genre can be saved if they can just get the right people.

  31. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree, Baycity. It’s sad that soaps’ days are dwindling, but it is a reality. It’s sad because people have been watching these shows for twenty, thirty, forty, and almost fifty years. The characters are like parts of their family. The only other show that I can think of that has been on for so long is 60 Minutes. Nobody really has an emotional attachment to that show. :)

    What bothers me is that the soaps are not taking the cost-cutting seriously. If they DO want to save these shows, they need to STOP bringing on more characters when they get rid of some. Days of our Lives, for example, is hiring two (possibly three) actors to basically replace Phillip, Stephanie, and Nathan. To me, bringing on Abby, Dario (another out of thin air Hernandez), and bringing on “Fletcher.” Then they’re going to hire Tamara Braun as a replacement for Natalia. Kind of defeating the purpose if you ask me. The ABC soaps apparently have the same problem. They could get rid of a handful of contract actors on OLTL, GH, and AMC easily, but the producers and writers are too dumb and/or stubborn to do something.

  32. Profile photo of

    dblakes5–any idea just how the Nielsons are going to reach more viewers, and why the holdup? We hear everyday that advertisers don’t want to spend their money in traditional television markets-least of all on us. It seems counter-productive for me, a TV viewer, to give in to online markets.

  33. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    You can all agree all you want that no soaps should go, but it’s a BUSINESS to the people who make the decisions. There is no emotion involved. To not recognize that is to bury your head in the sand.


    There’s no doubt that it’s a business and there is no emotion for the bigwigs in regards to cancellation. There’s no doubt they want to both save and make money and soaps are not as viable anymore. I can’t blame them for that. They have to do what they have to do. There’s no doubt soaps won’t be around much longer for that very reason. I think we pretty much see the writing on the wall where that’s concerned: No one’s watching. They’re going downhill. They’re not as good as they once were. Soaps still exist??? Pay cuts! Firings! Rehirings! Recurring status! BUDGET CUTS! Guza! Phelps! Bull S*** Fronz! Carruthers! Dreck Hackley! Etcetera. Etcetera.

    Believe me, I get it. I know it’s a business, but unlike the bigwigs and maybe a few others, I can’t take my emotions out of something I’ve invested 20 years into. Will I get over it? Sure. I live my life day to day. Soaps happen to be part of that, but I won’t die crying over the cancellation of a show I love, I’ve survived a many wuthering storm. I’ll shed tears and force myself to kick rocks once they dry. Will I accept it if it comes to pass? Of course, I have no choice. Shows get cancelled, it happens, daytime, primetime, online, whatever, and won’t stop happening because we know at the end of the day, TPTB have to make money. If they don’t, pull the plug. I will move on and live my life no different. There is, after all YouTube which provides old episodes galore of so many soaps, I‘ve discovered new faves. However, it doesn’t mean those of us who don’t want the shows to go, say, tomorrow, have to like it; that was the point of the earlier comments. So, I agree with what you say, but I’m also looking at it from a different perspective.

  34. Profile photo of

    dblakes5–any idea just how the Nielsons are going to reach more viewers, and why the holdup? We hear everyday that advertisers don’t want to spend their money in traditional television markets-least of all on us. It seems counter-productive for me, a TV viewer, to give in to online markets.

  35. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree, GHFan. I’m really just frustrated with the lack of common sense in daytime television production. If they really want to save soaps, then they should start by getting rid of the excess fat. It’s endlessly frustrating watching them add useless character after useless character every other month (literally). What’s all this talk about talk shows just because they’re cheaper? It’s because they DON’T know how to run a business when it comes to daytime television. I guess, in a way, it’s like unwanted pest for them. They live with them because they have to.

  36. Profile photo of Saher M
    Saher M

    lmao @ don’t shoot the blogger. I think RH’s firing was more agenda, though. I mean if it was budget, then they should just quit hiring newbies, like Nathang1983 said.

  37. Profile photo of harlee490

    WOW I read all of the comments, because this is serious time for soaps. NBC was the first to truly want out of daytime dramas in the 90s, everything had failed big, anytime they tried to do a new soap. Once the grand dame of daytime CBS finally said ok if P&G wants out and we can save the money on the licease’s to broadcast and did it, the other networks saw and waited to see the back lash, it was time to change their daytime viewing habits with much less soaps. I do feel ABC will try to save their soaps by making them 30 minutes before axing their last trio of soaps.

    The shake down from the scatter viewers of GL & ATWT went in many directions. It has actually helped OLTL in ratings and the casting of former actors of both soaps and OLTL doesn’t have another soap for competing at that time slot. Most of viewers of the P&G’s soaps stayed w\CBS’s soaps, Y&R has gotten a very nice boost in rating since the latter two were cancelled. The Talk is not proving a ratings grabber, they are leveling off and OLTL has the last 3 weeks had beat them in the demos 18-49 and by better levels each week but if any show opposite of OLTL surpasses in the 18-49 demo then worry. Oh, ABC will be cancelling one in the next 2 yrs people to need to be ready and maybe ABC might like the model of NBC with 1 soap and Real Housewives from Hell. So if GH has the best brand out of all of the soaps I guess GH would be the one ABC would want to keep. Personally, not in my opinion I’m not a big fan of GH, they need to start syndicate soaps for more revenue in the evenings.

  38. Profile photo of babyc

    Well, AMC is dead. If GH or OLTL die I will be surprised. GH has better ratings and OLTL is always under budget, so if there is gonna be a big change, the change is killing AMC. I don’t want to think about this right now…

  39. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    I get that its a business. But if they actually had people that gave a rats ass about these shows, running things, than maybe these soaps would still be making the network money!

    Brian Frons is a fool, he doesn’t care about any of the ABC soaps.

    I grew up on soaps, they bring me entertainment that alot of the genres can’t do. Primetime may have better quality and better stories, but there is something about sitting down and watching a soap everyday that brings me comfort.

  40. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    It’s because they DON’T know how to run a business when it comes to daytime television.


    Put that in a pipe and smoke it, put it on a T-Shirt and sell it, Nathang! I think you just hit the nail on the head. And we hear newbie’s cost less, but the problem is at the end of the day, newbie’s are costing the shows their longtime audience when they are featured in front burner stories ad nauseam. Too many of them and we start to wonder if we’re watching one of the six soaps still on the air or a new and improved season of Sweet Valley High.

    Look right down any crowded hall… you see there’s a newbie standing!

  41. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    A first grader could have figured out to fire Phelps and Guza a long time ago. But for some reason, Frons likes them and they continue to suck GH down the toilet with them. Someone needs to fire Frons! He clearly has no idea what brings in daytime viewers.

  42. Profile photo of jdblake5

    Tamela, all I know re the new and upcoming Nielsen’s system is that it’s supposed to come out sometime this spring and it’s supposed to account for online and recorded shows somehow. Nielsen ratings, which are the industry standard, have always been based upon a sampling of households that are supposed to be representative of the US viewing audience as a whole and statistical formulas. Over the past few years more and more networks began doing their own ratings research as it became clearer and clearer that the Nielsen’s were becoming more and more inaccurate as they stood. It’s not that the ratings were/are way off base, but they weren’t/aren’t accounting for many of the ways in which audiences were/are viewing shows now. More will be known about the changes to Nielsen’s as the new format rolls out, but even my industry contacts don’t yet have all the information on how and exactly what measurement changes are being made. From what I understand, the Nielsen at least felt enough pressure from networks who felt pressure from advertisers and executives to get more accurate ratings numbers and that they include online viewings and DVR/TIVO. Again, some of the networks were already conducting their own ratings reserach anyway.

    Someone else commented on online viewing and advertising revenue. At this point networks cannot charge advertisers the same rates for online viewing as they can for broadcast spots for several reasons: online viewers are still a smaller audience than the number of people who watch the “live” broadcast; shows remain online for several weeks, usually, which is not as appealing to some advertisers, mostly local companies with upcoming events/sales; there are fewer commercial spots available in the current online model; etc. So far networks and channels are offering their shows online for free, but that could change as it is expensive to make so many shows available and they cannot yet charge anywhere near as much for online advertisements as they can for those that air during broadcast. This may change if the Nielsen’s do in fact find an effective method of counting online views and reflecting that into ratings, but in the meantime we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s not just daytime that is hurting financially, it’s primetime too. Whereas in the 80’s and 90’s daytime soaps used to generate enough revenue to pay for several successful primetime shows, now they’re all suffering, even the hit shows.

  43. Profile photo of JasamForever

    What else will be revealed in the next coming weeks. I have a feeling the show that will be reduced in the time slot or axed is AMC. Once Melissa Claire Egan last airdate is shown, I think the rating will go down as her character was a fan favorite. Susan Lucci should be close to retiring. I am not a OLTL watcher and never will be. As long as GH is still on the air with the actors I fav, then I am okay. But I personally would not watch a new talk show, and definately not one with Tori Spelling. The View is enough for me. At the end of the day the two remaining soaps in my opinion, will be GH and YR.

  44. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    Funny thing is, they don’t NEED Fronsie! NBC hasn’t had a daytime head for years. I don’t know that they will even replace Barbara Bloom at CBS. I hope they don’t. That would certainly cut costs without that salary.

    I can identify with you, JLafferty. I don’t mean to insult people, but we all know that soaps are pretty stupid and melodramatic, but what keeps us watching and watching and watching for decades is the traditionalism of it, the familiarity, and the core families. I love the tradition of families on soaps. Family is valuable, at least to me, and I love watching the Newmans, Abbotts, Bradys, Hortons, Quartermaines, etc. do what they do. These core families are what sets them apart from the primetime shows (minus Dynasty and Dallas). Sure, you’ll find those random characters that catch on, like Phyllis on Y&R or Nicole on Days, but mostly families are what keeps these shows together.

  45. Profile photo of petitejolie

    I think if they cancel OLTL, I’ll be done with daytime. I started my soap watching about 18 years ago (I’m 30 now) with Days and AW, then GH, then AMC. Over time I dropped Days and move onto OLTL because I was already watching the other two ABC shows. Through out the years, I watched all the soaps canceled and currently on air, but now the only one I consistently watch is OLTL. I’m not being dramatic, but the day it’s over, I’ll be through with daytime drama.

  46. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I can’t watch OLTL lately either, JaSamForever. I find it tolerable when the veterans are shown, but the bully storyline is god-awful. The acting is awful from most of the teens and they annoy me anyway. I have just never cared for teens on any show. I didn’t like them on Days when I was sixteen years old either! :)

  47. Profile photo of BetseyD

    Well, I just have read all of your comments, and it is apparent that everyone here has a well-informed, well thought-out, and mature opinion on this subject. ABC would be doing well to take the time and actually read forum comments such as these, but alas, we all know that will never happen.

    I often times wonder how these people (The Network Executives)ever landed in the jobs that they have; was it personal connections, dumb luck, blackmail, etc…? One really has to wonder. Regardless, it is all truly sickening, and we, along with anyone who works for a Soap, are the ones who ultimately must suffer for their ineptitude!

    Oh – and by the way – I will never, I REPEAT NEVER, watch anything featuring the likes of Tori Spelling in it! Talk about insulting the viewers! The thought that ANY Soap would be canceled and replaced with a show of hers is enough to turn me off to that network altogether!!

  48. Profile photo of baycity

    [quote=Nathang1983]I have just never cared for teens on any show.[/quote]

    Love this…. This is why, as much as I say I do, I never really mind when characters are SORASed from 12 one day to 19 the next!

    When you think about it the soaps ARE really “stupid”, but it takes an intelligent person to really appreciate them. :)

  49. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    I’ve heard this saying a lot and I have found it to be true: When you are close to something (and I don’t mean in the emotional sense) it is hard to see the solution when it is right in front of your face.

    Now with these execs they don’t see the solutions that many of you guys have listed. They see the money they could be making and the money they’re losing sticking to soaps. Now I don’t watch AMC but I do feel for you guys that might lose it b/c I have recently taken on B&B and OLTL so I want OLTL to stick around as long as possible.

    Let’s all just hope for the best!

  50. Profile photo of charleyhorse

    The fact is that when AMC was in dire financial trouble in NYC, they moved it to LA based on the financial model of General Hospital: Night Shift 2…a show that was wildly under budget by all ABC standards. It went to the same studio and the idea was it would benefit from the cost-saving measures put in place by the Night Shift team. The only catch was that they didn’t actually take the architect of that model, Lisa DeCazotte, to LA to make it happen and Julie Carruthers hasn’t CLUE 1 how to bring a show in under budget. It’s extremely sad that TPTB at ABC have entrusted the jewel in the crown of ABC Daytime to a woman who has run it into the ground so badly that it cannot recover. They are getting what they deserve for their idiotic management.

  51. Profile photo of orryk

    These are tough times for the daytime soaps. I don’t think budget cuts ever work because the overall quality of a show suffers. With the lack of sets, for example, several characters end up not having “homes”, or you will have 10 or more living under one roof ( on ATWT, I swear there were at least 15 to 20 people shacking up at Emma’s farmhouse at one point!)or most of them end up living in a hotel room for 5 years! The last couple of years on the once great ATWT were painful to watch.

  52. Profile photo of Llanview76

    I just wanted to take a moment…recently I acquired episodes of ALL MY CHILDREN from 1980. Three of them were Palmer Cortlandt’s masquerade ball held in honor of his daughter Nina; and one involved Erica’s return after a brief hiatus from Pine Valley. While I watched these episodes I took into account the quality of the entertainment at the same time realizing these episodes were painstakingly written back in the day on a word processor not as sophisticated as the Microsoft Word program we have today. Agnes Nixon, Winser Washam led a team of writers who seemed to care about the characters they were writing for, writing them in such a way that an audience in turn cared about them, taking time to understand them. We could relate them to ourselves or to the people in our own lives. Pine Valley used to be so nuanced and a hot bed of romance and social intrigue. It had the courage to tell a story involving the Vietnam War….and then I started thinking, thinking about the AMC of today…the one I left behind in December. When has it told a story that involved today’s world that allowed our lives to be touched? It hasn’t. When have the characters engaged us in such a way that we want to see ourselves in them? It hasn’t. They keep telling stories that undermine the show’s heart. It’s all about whose sleeping with whom, and who’s so mad at David that they want to kill him now, and who will Ryan choose Greenlee or Kendall…when the character doesn’t seem all that smart or likeable to begin with that I could care about him or the women in his life. It’s a shame to think this way, but really I think there aren’t that many pages left to turn in the signature family album.

  53. Profile photo of goyankees

    Well. I’m so thankful, as it now turns out, for the Rylee Bullshit and Crystal Hunt. Those 2 characters (and actors if I’m being honest) and the Non- Actress single handedly prompted turn off ABC for good 3 years ago (I stopped watching GH after the Metro Court)

    So, while I feel sad for any ABC Diehard out there, I will only offer up CBS to you, and ask you to give Y&R a chance.

    And c’mon. You know it’s coming. Soapnot LITERALLY going Soapnot should’ve been your first clue.

    We all know OLTL is a goner. If Cameron Matheson and Mama Theresa Budig resided in Llanview, I wouldn’t be saying that. ABC will have all their soaps aired by 3:00 and then morph into whatever.

  54. Profile photo of lisastar08

    As a viewer who has grown up watching AMC this article really does scare me. AMC has always been the favorite soap growing up and for a long time…the only soap watched in this house. Liked it so much I tried giving a few others a try a few years back and now OLTL is in the line up. GH is too, but honestly…it puts me to sleep. There’s maybe one scene the entire episode I may actually pay attention to. Just have it on for background noise. It really would be devestating to see another soap canceled, as soaps are a very important part of the lives of so many. They bring families closer together, and you meet so many friends through them. Plus…they employ so many people on screen and behind the scenes. I know AMC is something that has brought my mother and I closer together as she got me hooked (been a loyal viewer since the first episode) and we talk about each episode. I have also met some of my best friends through being a viewer. While I do watch all 3, I know if one had to go, GH would be the one Id be hoping for, but it seems to be ABC’s baby so no chance on that happening. Picking between OLTL and AMC…Id love for AMC to be the one to stay and hope it does whether its cut down to a half hour or some format…any format. Against most opinions here, would definitely prefer OLTL to get the axe. Wouldn’t miss it. AMC…the thought of it even potentially being on the chopping block is absolutely devastating.

  55. Profile photo of 6-soaps

    I’ve always felt that those predictions that each of the six remaining soaps has about five to ten years left were far too optimistic…. My feeling is that within the next couple of years each network will be down to just ONE show (or one and a half in the case of CBS). And I don’t think Days will survive past its current contract cycle.

    It’s all really sad because each of these shows still has a lot of stories that can be told but they Do seem committed to the same old baby stories, damsel in distress, doppelganger, back-from-the-grave, and non-mysterious mystery who-dunnits crap, don’t they?

  56. Profile photo of capwell

    It just seems so wrong to have Tori Spelling’s picture up there alongside Susan Lucci’s and Erika Slezak’s.

    There are some really interesting ideas and comments in this thread. The network executives should really read DC.

    My thoughts on what has been said about AMC: If ABC cuts it back to half an hour, that would mean, I assume, cutting the cast down to a minimum. From the looks of it, they’re intent on telling the Ryan and Greenlee story, so I think it’s a safe bet that those two actors aren’t going anywhere. That half hour show would then basically be the Rylee show. Most fans are not into them as a couple, so the ratings are not going to go up. This could only end in AMC getting completely cancelled sooner rather than later. Tragic!

    Then there’s the idea of bringing some AMC people to OLTL. For one thing, one films in NY and the other in LA. So how would that work? Susan Lucci, a New Yorker, could possibly make the move, but where would she fit on a show that already has Echo, Dorian, and Victoria Lord? That’s a little too much estrogen, I think. :)

    Just my thoughts….

  57. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Oh my gosh…I’m starting to be very nervous/anxious when logging onto DC because I’m afraid of what I’ll read next. I think the headline says it all and I’m afraid its telling us that ABC will be saying goodbye to one of its soaps. I do NOT want to see any more soaps get canceled but if its got to happen heres my two cents. GH is now and always has been and will be my favorite soap. No, I’m not always happy with the stories and sometimes it bores me but it will always be my favorite and I think it has the best acting and dialogue of any soaps.
    RIGHT NOW, storyline wise, I’m really into OLTL and I think its better than AMC right now. That said, IF one has to go, I would rather it NOT be AMC. Even though OLTL might be better right now, AMC just is more home to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the characters on AMC. They are families, friends and characters that I have grown to love and I would hate to no longer know what is going on with Tad Martin or Jessie Hubbard. I have said it before and I will say it again, of all the soaps on air, AMC has the most feeling of a family and a community. Pine Valley residents CARE about each other, they have substance, love, friendship, a sense of community and THAT all makes ME care about the characters and their stories. That said, I would hate to see AMC get canceled. As much as I’m enjoying OLTL right now, I don’t think I’d be as upset to see it go as I would AMC.

    As far as cutting budgets on the soaps, I think many of the posters have voiced some good ideas. I would not mind ALL the soaps being 1/2 hour because I watch so much television it would save me time and allow us to still have them on-air. I’m not understanding why TPTB don’t consider moves like that before automatically going to cancellation. I have said it before, I know newbies are cheaper but tons of newbies=viewers tuning out. I would rather see my vets in stories with newbies SUPPORTING then have the newbies running the show and headlining the stories. How about this? Take vets that are not used as much but that receive HUGE salaries and instead of keeping them on contract put THEM on recurring or put a new type of contract like GUEST STARRING and pay them PER EPPY only when they are on-air. Examples: Tony Geary, David Canary, Susan Lucci. Tony is barely on air and has 2 lengthy vacations per year. Instead of keeping him on a high salary contract, bring him on in a guest starring capacity only when needed. Or if you are going to keep him on contract then USE HIM. I have no problem with high salaries to vets b/c we know they have earned it but if you are going to pay them then put them ON SCREEN. Same with David Canary.. if he was ready to retire then don’t take Adam away from us completely. Bring him on as a guest star. Fly him in a few times a year and tape several scenes while he’s there. Same with Susan Lucci. As WONDERFUL as I think she is and as much as she IS PINEVALLEY, I mean really how much does AMC invest in writing for her? She gets silly stories every year JUST to give her a story and our screen is bombarded instead 3-4 days a week with Kendall and Greenlee. If you are going to pay the vets the high salaries then SHOW US THE VETS.

    That said, it really baffles me how AMC is over budget and OLTL is not. I mean with David Canary gone there shouldn’t be THAT many high paid vets at AMC as compared to OLTL who has Kim Zimmer, Erika Sleazak, Robin Strasser, Kassie DePaiva. The SAME sets are used on AMC in all scenes (Windemere, Cortland Mansion, PV Hospital, Fusion/Confusion and the police station).
    They don’t really do any big budget stunts/shootout/blowing up things like GH. I don’t see new or updated sets hardly ever so where is AMC’s money going?

    It is all very frustrating to this soap fan.

  58. Profile photo of lah_wah

    It seems to me that if the problem with AMC (aside from writing of course) is that it cannot stay under budget, should they not fire the person responsible for the budget (I’m looking at you, Julie Hanan Carruthers) and hire someone who will stay on budget?

    Get on budget, fix the storylines, stop the character assassinations and make AMC an ensemble again and not the Ryan/Greenlee hour.

  59. Profile photo of soapfan09

    Since when has SOAP viewers replaced their SOAPS with a TALK SHOW! In the past 3 years, I’ve seen comments on here when GL and ATWT were getting kicked to the curb, when CBS was announcing they would air “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Talk” over their slots! And I haven’t a comment on DC so far that said:

    “Oh yeah, I can’t wait until The Talk comes on, you know after they can my favorite soap As the World Turns!”

    Do these networks REALLY think that us, soap viewers, WHO WATCH SOAPS, are going to watch The View as a replacement? If they do, they must have the mind of a guinea pig!
    Sorry CBS and ABC, but if you want to cancel something, cancel those friggin shows that NEED to be cancelled (The Talk, The View, LMAD, etc.).
    All I can say about this, despite the madness, at least we’ve got people on YouTube who take the time to upload numerous episodes of soaps from 10+ years! Without them, I would go insane!

  60. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Hpw ,uch do you wanna bet that AMC gets cancelled? And what’s worse, is that I don’t really care. That’s pathetic. AMC was my only soap for eleven years and Brian Frons and company have reduced me to not caring about it.

  61. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I have the feeling when Soapnet is gone, all ABC soaps will be in danger. I think the reason they are all still on is that they make some extra money for Disney on its cable channel. When that becomes the baby disney channel, I look for the soaps on ABC to disapear. Maybe all at the same time. It is a shame but networks are being squeezed out by the competition.
    Cable is where we need to be looking to find homes for soaps. As well as the internet. The unfortunate part of this is that daily soap episodes are just not financially viable. Maybe on radio….. If daytime returned to the original model for soaps when the sets where a little bit of walls with a door and a sofa in the middle of the room, and maybe six actors a day who provided their own make up and wardrobe, then a daily soap could reasonably make some money with a minimal audience. But it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in doing this type of show. Days of our Lives almost started doing this when they cut the budget but the writers didn’t know how to make that interesting again. They didn’t get that the dialog was the key. Soaps have become so plot driven that noone can even have a conversation on a soap anymore unless three plot points are made. Where is the love and the romance? Why can’t someone have a fight with her boyfriend and then go talk about it with her best friend or mom? Why does everyone find out about bad stuff off screen? Howcome noone ever has a date anymore? Why not have some knock down drag out cat fights? These things used to drive a daily episode. A plot was just mearly the thing that gave us an excuse for the two witches on a show to sharpen their nails or gave us a great homily from the shows wise person. A pregnancy or a death could create story for decades. Now days we bury someone one week and maybe mention their death on the anniversary if it helps the current story out.

    It’s time that mob stories and heart removals and putting them back in two days later, and all the over the top stuff goes away and simple heart felt stories with alot of meaningful dialog becomes the staple for soaps.

  62. Profile photo of craigcp

    Well if they start filming in peoples back yards and real towns RIP. It would be funny to see La Lucci dressing in a trailer. Think they are slowly being put to death like ATWT & GL.

  63. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    It’s time that mob stories and heart removals and putting them back in two days later, and all the over the top stuff goes away and simple heart felt stories with alot of meaningful dialog becomes the staple for soaps.[/quote]

    marknspromo- I COMPLETELY agree! As a LONG TIME soap fan, I don’t tune into the shows for the plot points. Yes, I love a good cliffhanger, car accident, explosion WHATEVER like the next person. BUT the MAIN reason that I watch the soaps is for the characters and the dialogue. I have grown to LOVE these characters and want to see what happens in their lives. BUT my main viewing is for the dialogue. I am not one of those leave the tv on while I half listen, just read the recaps, just wanna know the main plot changes fan. I am the fan that has to hear EVERY word of EVERY scene in EVERY episode and will rewind and listen again just to hear the dialogue. Just to hear those well written words that have deep meaning and hit the characters in the heart. Sadly, we don’t get that alot these days because the soaps are so busy going for the shock factor that plots are driven along at too fast paces and too much going on so they can hurry and get to the next big stunt. Its sad because when soaps were IT and when households WERE tuning in is like you said, when the stories were heartfelt. THAT’s when we grew to love the characters and CARED what happened. Now we just see the what happened without seeing the how it happened or how it affects them.

  64. Profile photo of giogio

    I just paid attention to this article, even tho its been around for a few days. Oh Lord, I do not want to see cancellation. I WILL REPEAT THIS AS MUCH AS I CAN DAILY IF THE ARTICLE WARRENTS – PLEASE PUT YOUR TV’S ON AND SUPPORT ABC SOAPS. LETS HELP BRING UP RATINGS.

  65. Profile photo of Purple Crayon
    Purple Crayon

    [quote=Dueler312]If they think the talk shows are going to be better then the soaps, they better think again.[/quote]
    The nets don’t care if they’re better as long as they’re cheaper. Cheaper = more profits.

    Entertainment is a business and the bottomline is what they’re worried about, not quality.

  66. Profile photo of bluelittlegirl

    As others have mentioned, Frons and the rest of the behind the scenes people at ABC Daytime are responsible for the decline of their shows. When soaps are good, they can be among the best television has to offer. Sadly, when they are not good, they are beyond awful.

    In the case of OLTL, horrible writing, hiring and utilizing far too many mediocre or poor actors, nonsensical and random editing, as well as contrived or recycled story lines (that were not worth watching the first time they were aired) have contributed to some of the current difficulties.

    Also, OLTL has Florencia Lozano and Trevor St. John, two of the best actors, by far, in any genre or medium, yet they choose to use actors from ATWT and other ‘headliners’ in a canvas already far too large to sustain, many of whom can barely inject animation into their expressions or demonstrate they have an understanding of the material, let alone turn in a performance that is interesting or emotionally affecting.

    If the objective of Frons and others in ABC Daytime is to be completely unsuccessful in business and to run their shows into the ground (not to mention the impact on working actors and other productions in New York), they are certainly achieving that end.

  67. Profile photo of

    It’s bad enough having to worry about losing longtime favorites. And to add insult to injury, they consider a show with Tori Spelling. Come on guys, Daddy Aaron is dead now, we can forget about her no-talent a**.

    Haven’t watched the entire ABC lineup since my high school years. But remember them all. Can’t imagine AMC without Susan Lucci and can’t imagine OLTL without Erika or Robin. Not even going to think about what might happen to GH.

  68. Profile photo of

    It’s bad enough having to deal with cuts to old-time favorites. And to add insult to injury, Tori Spelling might come back? WTH. Y’all do know Daddy Aaron is gone now, right? NO need to use little miss no-talent. And who do we lose? Erica or Tad on AMC? Vicki and Dorian on OLTL? Don’t even want to think about what will happen to GH.

  69. Profile photo of PMac

    [quote=jlafferty23]You know who they need to fire?


    This man does not care about this genre. The fact that he is allowed to dictate story behind the scenes is a joke.[/quote]

    I could not have said it better!

  70. Profile photo of Dueler312

    If General Hospital the strongest, THey are delusional, but even so, No one is wanting anymore talk shows. We rather keep the soaps and have the stories that keeps us coming back to them instead of one hour talk shows.

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