The Bold and the Beautiful’s Sarah Brown Bumped to Recurring

Sarah Brown has been bumped to recurring at The Bold and the Beautiful according to published reports. It is a crying shame B&B wasn’t able to create a better character for the powerhouse actress.

Intentional or not, Aggie always seemed like a fifth wheel. It was difficult to believe her character would be further integrated into the show after her introductory storyline and the subsequent lack of heat Aggie and Nick (Jack Wagner) generated.

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    This is a crying shame, but expected. They wrote her into a corner from day one, and had her in dead end storyline after dead end storyline. Putting her with Nick was also not smart, considering Jack Wagner was barely in story himself. They islanded her with Jackie M. Personally, I think they should have made her a newGen Brooke, a smart take no prisoners woman who slept and connived her way up the ladder at Forrester, considering there is no ladder at Jackie M. Another mistake was making her related to Oliver and Whip, she has chemistry with both men. She could have even worked for Bill as the fashion director for his mag. I CAN’T believe Brad Bell had Sarah Brown and Heather Tom on the same show and we never had a smackdown? Like I said a crying shame

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    I think AMC should hire Brown as the new Reese. She’d be spectacular. Hopefully, Brown has been auditioning for pilots. I would love for her to get a good role on a primetime series. She’s a brilliant actress.

    Sadly, B&B misused her. Aggie was not a firebrand character that would let Brown’s acting prowess show. She’s a lead actress.

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    Aggie was one of the reasons I stopped watching B&B every day. So boring! Note that the last time I watched GH everyday was back in the heyday of Claudia–I love Sarah Brown but just couldn’t stand this new character.

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    While I don’t watch B+B, SB is one of my favorite actresses, I loved her ad the first Carly on GH and Claudia too. I wish they hadn’t written her so badly as Claudia. I agree with the person who wrote that Franco should have her… he could’ve found her digging her way out of that grave and swept her away to safety to bring her back at a later time, and she could’ve been pregnant with Sonny’s next spawn at the time! Hee… hee….

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    I love SJB, and am praying to the soap Gods that GH brings her (and Rick Hearst, for that matter) back! Please, please, please? They could recast the Lisa Niles character. Done. Brandon and SJB would be smokin’ hot, especially if Lisa lost her medical license, and became a little crime bossette a la Johnny!

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    I am in total agreement. Claudia was the last female “villainess” character that Guza wrote that in ANY way resembled a TRUE villainess. Lisa is just a cheap knockoff. She’s not even in the same ballpark as the Helena Cassadines, Faith Roscoes or the Ryan Chamberlains of the past. Despite Brianna Brown’s best efforts to make Lisa complex and likable, I merely finding myself wanting to swat her like a gnat!!!!!

    Claudia needs to come back and get rid of her, or at the very least, show her how it’s done!!! :p :p :p :p

    And I hope she doesn’t go over to AMC anytime soon. That show is horrible and her talents would undoubtedly be wasted on writing that is sure to be TEN times worse than anything that Brad Bell could come up with, even on his WORST day.

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    Daniel St. John

    And I was so waiting for her to set her sights on Bill so that she and Heather Tom could go at it.
    Hated Claudia so going back to GH wouldn’t work for me. I would do a backflip if she was brought on to replace Amelia Heinle as Victoria on YR.

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    I have been saying that whole claudia digging her way out of the grave thing for months – akin to what happened in The Girl Who Played with Fire -only i want franco to have been playing mind games on her trying to break her. Since that makes her still legally married to sonny, brenda can leave and sonny has to take care of her. Could be good story.

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    I don’t get it I think there was story there but they didn’t write it you put a character in a corner you write them out of it. Its a pattern they aren’t doing much with Rick Hearst either…

    As for SJB back on GH no thanks as her fan I’d rather her go somewhere else

    …Claudia came on strong I thought she’d be a different version of a Faith Roscoe type or like Jamey said a Gina Santangello type (Lucky) character…even with her daddy issues and him calling her a ho’ and a slut every other sentence for months I let slide,

    then next thing I know she’s on the couch whining about wanting Sonny’s baby… after her character went no where with Nik (her and Tyler had amazing chemistry) I went along with the opportunity to write a good mob tale with a mob princess… then they write her a wacko psycho…same ole GH formula bring on a vet then destroy then next thing I look up she’s being stuffed in a garbage bag.

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    I just have to say Smitty that SJB as Victoria is absolutely perfect. I would so go for Villy if they did that but that just deflates me all over again b/c that isn’t going to happen.

    I wish GH didn’t suck when it came to writing for women b/c I would love to see SB & SJB’s chem again. It was just so…intimate, hot, sweet, magnetic and angsty.

    But one thing I have been saying about GH is that they need a Mob Queen. One that took over daddy’s business, orders the hits and steals the men she wants…Jason maybe? She can even carry out some of her own hits in a trench coat like Carly with her silencer pistol…Lol now I’m just dreaming but damnit if I wouldn’t watch.

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    You all have such great ideas for SJB. I love the idea of Claudia not being dead and Franco and her in cohoots. I want her to come back as a bad ass lady villian like they had her in the beginning before she started to whine about having Sonny’s baby. ITA with those who said she had chemistry with Nik and she also had chemistry with Ric. She had a twisted relationship with her brother. The Zacharra family was so ancient Rome, blackmailing, scheming, sexually inappropriate, and something you just can’t take your eyes off of. I wonder if someone behind the scenes was telling the writers not to give SJB too good of storyline when she was there because I have seen Bob Guza write well for women before (when Kate first came, Kristina abuse storyline, Sam losing her baby, Faith Roscoe etc)

    If SJB can’t be on soaps, some great writer needs to write a pilot for her because she has talent that can’t go to waste. What’s Sri Rao doing now?

    Hey Jamey, you said you used to write scripts back in the day, and from your ideas from the podcast about various S/Ls for different soaps, you seem to have the potential to develop something good for her. Maybe SJB would want to produce it on her own as a TV series or websoap. To keep soaps on the air, we gotta think outside the box especially after two soaps was recently cancelled.

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    I can’t raising Claudia from the dead because of what it would do to Michael. But I agree that GH does need a mob princess, and in that respect, I miss Claudia dearly. SJB played aspects of –eets Lisbeth Salander that I enjoyed–perverse sexual nature plus gun. Everyone else wants Lisa Niles gone. In MY fantasy recast, Johhny sucks SJB as Lisa into his world after the hospital spits her out. A new princess is born.

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    Too bad they didnt make BBr faiths younger sister. Now that I think about it they look alike.

    As for the michael angle, the only way I could see them resurrecting claudia is if Franco really breaks her – if they are going to lead up to sams birth they have nine months. Show us some arm and leg tied to a chair and flashes of francos art flashing in front of someones face with loud music. Show us someone trapped and abused in bits and pieces for nine months and them when they find her she is nearly shattered mentally. That would give michael and sonny opportunities to play off of someone totally victimized and dependent upon them.

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    –eet If Stieg Larsson was alive and could write a Claudia-cum-Lisbeth Salandar instead of Guza, Franco couldn’t keep her strapped to a chair for an hour much less months. The mind games yeah, but give her a smoke, and iced coffee, her weapon, and stilettos tall enough to reach Francos nuts in a low kick, and he’d be her bitch!

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    You guys CAN’T be at all surprised by this. This is Brad Bell’s M.O. He brings someone on with GREAT fanfare (in this case, SJB was coming off of a Daytime Emmy nom as Claudia), he sticks them in one story arc, then they become recurring and then we never really hear of them again. He does this ALL THE TIME!!!! Look at Emmy winner Lesli Kay. He can’t figure out WHAT to do with Felicia Forrester. She would be GREAT going after Bill. Kay vs. Tom would be EPIC soap opera. I just KNEW SJB would be utterly WASTED at B&B, especially after the meaty stuff she had on GH. Why does Brad Bell DO this over and over and over again? I don’t get it.

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    Finally! I never enjoyed her character and hated the pairing with Aggie and Nick. I’m really not a big fan of SJB. I enjoyed her as Carly but have hated all of her other roles. Hopefully now Nick can be paired with a better character. I wouldn’t mind him going after Brooke again.

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