Pettiness and Cliquey Behavior Still Reign Supreme, Re: Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms

The official website for the popular Blog Talk Radio soap podcast Buzzworthy Radio is reporting the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations are out. If the list below is any indication, pettiness and clique think still reigns supreme, especially on the set of The Young and the Restless. On what planet would Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott and Michael Muhney not have made their respective categories pre-nom cuts? Bull to tha shiz. I mean, so yeah, Braeden is an arrogant, media hog, but he’s also an amazing actor!

I am especially ticked about Muhney. I am sorry, but he and Billy Miller have been carrying The Young and the Restless on their backs for at least two seasons now. Peter Bergman (Jack) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael)are phenomenal actors, two of the best ever in daytime—and I am a huge fan of their bodies of work—but they weren’t leads this past year and everyone who watches this soap opera knows it.

Come on, Michael Baldwin is the textbook definition of a supporting character on Y&R! He supports Victor’s legal dramas. He supports Lauren’s (Tracey Bregman) post-doppelganger anxieties. When did he lead a storyline last year? Bergman’s Jack had bigger story last year, but it wasn’t anything in comparison to Billy’s or Adam’s arcs. Oh well, at least Miller got a Supporting Actor pre-nom.   Check out the picks after the jump!

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series


REBECCA BUDIG, as Greenlee Hayward
ALICIA MINSHEW, as Kendall Slater
DEBBI MORGAN, as Angie Hubbard


MAURA WEST, as Carly Tenney
COLLEEN ZENK, as Barbara Ryan


SUSAN FLANNERY, as Stephanie Forrester


ALISON SWEENEY, as Samantha Brady


LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Corinthos Jacks


KASSIE DEPAIVA, as Blair Cramer
GINA TOGNONI, as Kelly Cramer


JEANNE COOPER, as Katherine Chancellor
MICHELLE STAFFORD, as Phyllis Summers

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series


MICHAEL E. KNIGHT, as Tad Martin


JON LINDSTROM, as Craig Montgomery
MICHAEL PARK, as Jack Snyder


DON DIAMONT, as Bill Spencer, Jr.
JACK WAGNER, as Nick Marone




MAURICE BERNARD, as Sonny Corinthos
STEVE BURTON, as Jason Morgan


JERRY VER DORN, as Clint Buchanan
ROBERT S. WOODS, as Bo Buchanan


PETER BERGMAN, as Jack Abbott
CHRISTIAN LE BLANC, as Michael Baldwin

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series


MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Annie Chandler
CHRISHELL STAUSE, as Amanda Martin


TERRI CONN (COLOMBINO), as Katie Peretti
LESLI KAY, as Molly Conlan
JULIE PINSON, as Janet Ciconne


ADRIENNE FRANTZ, as Ambrosia "Amber" Moore
HEATHER TOM, as Katie Logan Spencer


NADIA BJORLIN, as Chloe Lane
ARIANNE ZUCKER, as Nicole Walker


NANCY LEE GRAHN, as Alexis Davis


ROBIN STRASSER, as Dorian Lord
BREE WILLIAMSON, as Jessica Brennan


TRICIA CAST, as Nina Webster
AMELIA HEINLE, as Victoria Newman Abbott

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series


CORNELIUS SMITH JR, as Franklin Hubbard
JACOB YOUNG, as JR Chandler


TRENT DAWSON, as Henry Coleman


PATRICK DUFFY, as Stephen Logan
RICK HEARST, as Whip Jones


SHAWN CHRISTIAN, as Dr. Daniel Jonas
JAY JOHNSON, as Philip Kiriakis


JONATHAN JACKSON, as Lucky Spencer
JASON THOMPSON, as Patrick Drake


BRIAN KERWIN, as Charlie Banks
MARK LAWSON, as Brody Lovett


DOUG DAVIDSON, as Paul Williams
BILLY MILLER, as Billy Abbott

Outstanding Younger Actress In A Drama Series


BRITTANY ALLEN, as Marisa Chandler
NATALIE HALL, as Colby Chandler


KIM MATULA, as Hope Logan


MOLLY BURNETT, as Melanie Layton
SHELLEY HENNIG, as Stephanie Johnson


LEXI AINSWORTH, Kristina Corinthos Davis
HALEY PULLOS, as Molly Lansing Davis


KRISTEN ALDERSON, as Starr Manning


EMILY O’BRIEN, as Jana Hawkes

Outstanding Younger Actor In A Drama Series


FINN WITTROCK, as Damon Miller


MICK HAZEN, as Parker Munson Snyder


SCOTT CLIFTON, as William Spencer III aka Liam Cooper
ZACK CONROY, as Oliver Jones




CHAD DUELL, as Michael Corinthos
NATHAN PARSONS, as Ethan Lovett


EDWARD ALDERSON, as Matthew Buchanan
DAVID A. GREGORY, as Robert Ford

141 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Smitty

    smdh…Great job Y&R for again displaying your petty bull crap. Jeanne Cooper is nominated for Lead but what story was she lead of last year? SMDH…Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott have been glaring ommissions for the last three years. Sigh

  2. Profile photo of Gimme

    Please tell me what Kelly Monaco did to deserve a prenom nom? Her character was either sitting in a pledge box or on a lavendar couch. She makes a mockery of the system.

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    My first impressions? No Florencia Lozano or Melody Thomas Scott?? Criminally insane!!!

    But I was pleasantly surprised to see Lexi Ainsworth, Colleen Zenk, Finn Wittrock, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Nancy Lee Grahn, Arianne Zucker, and of course, my Susan Luccis of NON-NOMINATIONS (Katherine Kelly Lang and Laura Wright) on the list. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to see Laura get nominated this year. It’s unfathomable to me that she’s been doing such great work in daytime for almost 20 years and has never gotten recognition.

    Rolling my eyes at Jacqueline Wood and Christian LeBlanc (what did he do last year that warrants Emmy consideration?!)!!

    And of course we have those individuals who manage to make it on the list EVERY FREAKING YEAR, regardless of whether they had strong STORIES/material or NOT……………

    I am in a rush right now, so I will return later on to nitpick a little more!!!

    I really enjoyed the outcome of the Emmys last year, for the most part. I just hope they don’t SUCK this year, but some of these names have me feeling DUBIOUS at best. Sigh.

  4. Profile photo of appleridge

    OLTL To Live Has Some Good Nods

    Melody Thomas Should have Gotten It Over JC But Since JC Is A Winner That May Have Played A Part

    Why Didnt Y&R Submit Kevin Schmidt For Younger Actor?

  5. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    Dare I say the Y&R cast really just validated the politics of picking that Victoria Rowell has been ranting about on twitter and in the press. Wow, I am stunned Michael Muhney was not nominated. I was upset that he submitted himself for supporting because he was the lead of the show. Peter Bergman and Christian LeBlanc were nominated as leads for what? Doug Davidson had all but five scenes last year and did not warrant a supporting nom over Michael. C’mon Y&R. And where the heck is Suzanne Rogers in the supporting actress category for Days. I could see Arianne Zuker but Nadia Bjorlin, are you kidding? Stop playing favoritism Days. And I admit I am not a big fan but I know how much this site and other soap press love Florencia Lozano and I was surprised to see that she was not nominated. But the OLTL cast always makes bizarre choices. Wow, this system is not working.

  6. Profile photo of pennywise555

    I hope DON DIAMONT, as Bill Spencer, Jr. wins for best actor he deserves it, and to send a message to the TPTB at Y&R what a huge mistake they made in getting rid of a treasured longtime veteran actor. They didn’t need to go shopping for a Victor Newman successor they had him all along. B&B has smokin Dollar Bill and we have a Tucker who could mistaken as a bum in an alley, he needs a sign around his neck that says powerful corporate raider.

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Peter Bergman and Christian LeBlanc are two of the people I was referring to. They get pre-nommed EVERY year, and like DEATH and TAXES, they are guaranteed a spot, regardless of whether they had strong stories or not. They are both brilliant actors, but this OBVIOUSLY does confirm Victoria Rowell’s claims, although I have been privy to them for years!!!

    And I am tempted to add Michelle Stafford’s name to that list of “sure things”, but Michelle actually did earn her pre-nomination. She has had some strong story over the past year!!! But does she deserve it over Melody Thomas Scott??? Absolutely not.

    We can clearly see who is RUNNING stuff over there……..

  8. Profile photo of goyankees

    Rebecca Budig as the first name up there was bad enough, but….

    Your Y&R Sadness is so justified. But you didn’t jump on the hit parade and point out Amelia Heinle was nominated over MM, MTS and What’s-his-Face.

    Michael Muhney and Melody T. Scott alone have more talent than most of the nominations combined anway. (calm down Michael Knight, Melissa C. Egan, Debbie Morgan and Katherine Kelly Lang fans. I said most. HA!)

    The Awards show is in June, right? Here’s to a nice balmy evening in the North East. I’ll be at my beach club drinking Vino anyway. I’ll read about the awards on DC Confidential when I get home!

  9. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen


    You took the words right out of my mouth. Y&R is the worst when it comes to Daytime Emmy reindeer games. I cannot believe MTS, EB, and MM got dissed this year. Unbelievable! And I love CLB like a play cousin, but what the hell was Michael Baldwin leading this past year? And Doug Davidson? I love this vet that everyone forgets, but he’s barely a 3rd banana on Y&R

    And people wonder why soaps are not taken seriously. Enough with the popularity contests. Daytime Emmys need to become a meritous award again.

  10. Profile photo of Ranae1221

    I freely admit I am not a sam fan, and thus really do not watch her scenes. Can someone please tell me what scenes she had in 2010 that would be worthy of an emmy nom? I mean this in all seriousness. I loved rebecca Herbst during the breakdown scenes and to me THAT is an emmy worthy performance. Can someone please show me a scene by kelly in 2010 that rivals that?

  11. Profile photo of watchingallday

    AMEN to this title! I have been fuming all morning over the glaring omissions. I agree 100% about Muhney, Braeden, and Scott. Florencia not getting the nomination for OLTL over Gina T. is an equally absurd wtf moment. GT did NOTHING last year that was Emmy worthy, or even interesting. I respect the actress, but a pre-emmy nomination she did NOT deserve, and especially in the lead category.

    I think I disagree with at least half of every category from every show. No Kimberly McCullough? No Zamprogna? David Gregory over Nic Robuck? Brian Kerwin? I read this list and I think of that “REALLY” skit the Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers used to do on the Weekend Update on SNL.

    I was a bit disappointed TSJ didn’t even submit his name for consideration, but looking at this list, I can’t blame him. They need to fix this process so it is not a popularity contest in each cast. I think the irony is, even though the nominations are ridiculous, with a few exceptions cough*Drew Tyler Bell*cough, the eventual winner is usually the best of those nominated, so if the most deserving people are nominated, then they stand a good chance to win.

    I think Muhney and Lozano are the two that make me the most upset.

  12. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    I personally thought Billy Miller and Michael Muhney should have gone for Lead Actor, but I totally think they knew better. Out of respect for the vets, they went with Supporting, but both of them, based on the material, were shoe-ins for lead actor

    And why do they keep cutting and pasting Jeanne Cooper and Michelle Stafford’s names in the Lead Actress category over and over again regardless of how relevant the Katherine and Phyllis characters are? All the while MTS and SC get dissed every single year. But I guess cramming Phyllis into every single SL automatically makes the actress a lead – SMDH

    This is exactly why TSJ didn’t even bother

  13. Profile photo of othell

    This is why the Daytime Emmys are becoming more irrelevant with each coming year. It is simply a popularity contest, especially in the pre-nom process, where the cliques of each show come out on top. Fairness has gone out the window. Y&R is the worst culprit of this faulty process; Muhney and Braedon and Melody Thomas Scott all deserved a pre-nom. Although she may have done some good work this year, I am so tired of seeing the likes of Michelle Stafford nominated once again, along with all of the other regulars on the list each year (Bergman and LeBlanc). And then they wonder why the audiences for this awards show keeps shrinking — it is never anything fresh or new, always the same old same old. Did not watch last year, will not watch this year for sure. Also, even though I knew Stacy Haiduk submitted herself in the wrong category this year, I was hoping she would finally be remembered for the fantastic work she did, but I guess I am not surprised. I am losing interest in the soap industry very steadily.

  14. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    SMDH. I’ve questioned the Emmy’s for years, as I’m sure everyone else has. But when Drew Tyler Bell won last year, a serious WTF*ck moment was heard all across the web. That’s when you knew in the most blatant form possible that most folks who are lucky–and I do mean LUCKY–to get nominated and even luckier to win are not always the most deserving. And I agree, Michael Baldwin/Christian LeBlanc is CLEARLY a supporting actor for this year’s nominations, if THAT. WTF did Michael do last year besides hold Lauren’s hand and Victor’s a**? I want KKL to get an actual nomination as well as Laura Wright. That woman has been pre-nominated so many times, but has YET to secure an actual nomination for ANY role she’s ever played!

    And I’m not an Adam fanatic by any means but, REALLY??? Michael Muhney WASN’T nominated??? The man practically DOMINATED all of Genoa City last year?? Seriously, what the frack???

    And okay, I’m happy Jason Thompson made the list but, seriously, how the HELL did he make it onto the ballot WITHOUT Kimberly McCullough??? Am I missing something??? Patrick/Lisa/Robin practically held GH together last year when everything else sucked donkey balls, and I’m SURE that’s what he was nominated for, so why the HELL didn’t she make it??? The scenes when he told her what happened with Lisa and her tossing him out alone should have earned her a respectable and well deserved nod. Jeeze Louise. That one just pisses me off, sorry.

    I appreciate SOME of the OLTL noms because I’m loving all things OLTL now. Well, the Fords can take a hike, but otherwise…

    Edited to add: WTF is up with Gina being nominated AT ALL??? I totally missed that one.

    Not the least bit surprised about some of these. It’s the same old, same old every year. Maurice, Steve, Susan Flannery, Stafford… And Rebecca Budig. NO surprise there. I love the girl to death, but honestly, she was getting a nomination just for sitting on the toilet and smiling.

  15. Profile photo of appleridge

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]I guess I’m confused. How is this list any different from the “pre-nom” list that came out a month ago??[/quote]

    That List Was Who Submitted Themselves. This List Is The Cutdown To Two Per Show Per Category (save For a tie) That Was Voted On This Month Industry Wide

  16. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    Since this is all based on one or two episodes, my guess is that Kelly got nominated for either the day she said goodbye to Jason when he went to jail, or one of the days Franco had her held captive.

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Sam, but I would have been ok if she was in Supporting for Kristina’s story. But this just goes to show the ridiculousness of the Emmy process.

    As for my other show, OLTL, Gina had nothing worthy of a nod, in either category. Florencia should be in her spot. And as for Bree, I love her, but that spot should have gone to Melissa Archer or Tika Sumpter. Brian Kerwin, give me a break. That spot should have definitely went to Scott Evans or Brett Claywell.

  17. Profile photo of Trish8148


    No Susan Rodgers or John Anistion for Days (through both Peter and James have strong stuff to summit)
    No Carney or Vincent for AMC
    The YnR triple Threat Snub

    Finally the Alderson Siblings get their love, they can sweep.
    Robin in supporting (Could be front runner with Susan snub and Zimmer not summiting)

  18. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    Can’t believe Michael Muhney, Eric Braden, and Melody Thomas Scott didn’t make the list.

    Glad that Elizabeth Hendrickson made the cut though. Her rection to Chance’s cheating and his “death” were some great scenes.

  19. Profile photo of BFluellen1

    I agree with everyone that Eric Braden, Melody T. Scott, Michael Muhney, and Florencia Lozano should be on the list but mine one is ATWT’s Jon Hensley. Why isn’t he on the list?! I’m sorry but those scenes with I think Lily and Holden was crying — those were phenomenal scenes. I wish that people would put the political bull s*it to the side and vote off talent. I’m praying that this is a year where the deserving wins in each category.

  20. Profile photo of timepass

    I am a fan of Michelle Stafford and JEANNE COOPER but this year they did not have great storyline, espcially Kay who is more like the peanut gallery.

    Christian Leblanc and Peter Bergman are both good but really not over Michael Muhney and Billy Miller.

    With these nominations; we can see how gimmicky the whole process is.

    As for Kemo at GH, she did not lead one story on GH. Seriously! I hope LAURA WRIGHT, get at least on the list she is one of the better actress on GH.

    As for Burton on GH, if barely acting in all scenes makes you nominated, he just did it.

  21. Profile photo of bluelittlegirl

    The actors of One Life to Live have demonstrated that they are jealous, shallow, and petty by prenominating Gina Tognoni, whom I do not think had any story this year, over an artist like Florencia Lozano. (Am I missing any descriptors?)

    Florencia Lozano’s talent does put her in another universe altogether, even from veterans like Erika Slezak. She could read the phone book and be more intriguing and appropriately emotional than any female actor (or male actor for that matter, even including the exceptional Trevor St. John) with the best written scene as competition. Yes, that is my opinion, but examine the evidence.

    One Life to Live obviously does not value the talent or the lovely person they have in Florencia Lozano. However, when OLTL leaves the airways at whatever point, Florencia Lozano will be working in the theater as an actor and playwright, where she receives the respect and care she so richly deserves while most others on the show will be forced to look for infomercials and similar work and will likely be required to move to Los Angeles where they have more competition from other marginal actors for work.

  22. Profile photo of Trish8148

    Lead Actor

    Front Runners:
    Bernard (SonnyThreapy with Kristina)
    Scott (EJ caught/confessions about Syndery’s kidnapping)
    Jerry Ver Dorgan (Not sure want tape let but his buzz is strong)

    Peter Bergman (Not sure want type, he dig something up)
    CHRISTIAN LE BLANC (Same as Peter)
    Peter Reckell (Bo finds out about Alice Death/Dying and Comfronts Hope.)
    Rickey Paul Goldin (Jake’s and Amanda’s Redo Vow’s)
    Robert S. Wood (A number of possible tapes. Most Likely Nora throw him out and Clint takes him in.)
    Jack Wanger (Nick and Bridget sign the dirvorce papers)

  23. Profile photo of baycity

    Eric Braeden has been rather one-note, IMO, I’ve seen him be vulnerable in past storylines. The only glimpse of that we had for the past year and a half was in the Christmas episode.

    Michael Muhney’s Adam, on the other hand, has run the gamut from cartoon villain to tender man-child…..LOVE to hate him. Not nominating Michael is a real asshat move.

  24. Profile photo of appleridge

    First The Whole Daytime Industry Voted On This These Votes Are Not What Each Show Voted

    Second There should be parameters for what makes lead over supporting but until that happens people can submit themselves for what category they want save for younger actor/actress

  25. Profile photo of Trish8148

    To be fair to the Cast I think they Florniza likey got votes from them. Remember it the 50% cast 50% acemdy at large split. Last year she got the cast votes but no the acremdy at large.

  26. Profile photo of Trish8148

    We wait and see want leaks out about the cast votes. Last year a bunch of snubs by cast got put in do to their mutli show carrers. In fact the only ones that got snub by the cast and put in by the atlarge voting was the Kish Actors and the actress who plays Roxy

  27. Profile photo of tedew

    I’m writing this before I’ve read the above comments.

    I’m of the opinion that the only real deserving actor on this list (Y&R) is Tricia Cast for all of the reasons that those who champion her are well aware of.

    But come on Jamie Giddons … even though I agree with some of your consternation, Hans Gudegast? Give us a break! The man has not been acting on Y&R for years now. It is so painfully obvious that he is constantly trying to find his lines on those ever present electronic devices. His performances have be interminably somnolent except when he lapses into the Jeanne Cooper school of wall paper shredding shrieking. Nothing impressive with Melody Thomas Scott either really. I think she could be good if she had better or at least something different in material to work with. She could phone herself in for the most part and I also dislike the phony haughty airs she exhibits.

    I’ve also never figured out the younger acting category because most of them are just not all that young. It’s just another way to get one of those plastic Emmys which really don’t mean all that much considering the method they get them. Also, why should actors continue to get Emmys for scenes that are excruciatingly familiar and repetitive?

    Even so, the actual broadcast can be fun to watch.

  28. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    Rebecca Budig in lead is ridiculous and another sign of politics. What scene could she possibly submit? At least Mathison has enough self-awareness not to submit himself for pre-nom. I think DOOL and AMC’s noms are second to Y&Rs in the WTF category.

  29. Profile photo of

    Thank GOD Tricia Cast got a pre-nom!!! Out of all of Y&R’s pre-noms, she’s the only one actually deserving of being there.

  30. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Gosh, don’t know where to begin with how wrong this process is.

    First, let’s discuss the Emmy’s themselves overall. Now, I’m a HUGE soap fan. I’m currently watching 5 of the 6 still on air and watched ATWT before it was canceled. I have been to the Daytime Emmy’s THREE times myself (1999, 2000, 2001). I have for years been disappointed in the nomination/selection process which is clearly unfair. Last years televised show really disappointed me. When did they stop showing clips of the nominees Emmy reels in order to do circus and Las Vegas show acts? What exactly does that have to do with the Emmys? I really do not like that they cut out showing the clips. For fans rooting for a certain actor/actress to win, it is nice to be able to see clips of the competition in case you don’t watch the other shows, or just to be able to see what clips the nominees submitted since the eligibility period spans a whole year.

    Now, onto this years Pre-Noms. I have continually be frustrated and confused as to how they determine the difference between “lead” and “supporting” roles. It makes ZERO sense to me how an actor/actress that has led the show for the year and been featured in front burner storylines 4-5 days a week can be in “supporting” while someone we have barely seen is considered “lead”. Here’s my two cents on this years Pre-Noms:

    As others have said WHERE IS MICHAEL MUHNEY? He has carried Y & R to the point of me being sick of Adam all year. He has showed range from anger/borderline psychosis to sadness, happiness, romance, hurt, you name it and he’s done it brilliantly. He has taken me from despising Adam and being sick of the character to LOVING and ROOTING FOR Adam! Its a glaring omission that he isn’t nominated.

    For GH, as Jenny and Ghfan-4now stated, where is Kimberly McCullough? I’m with you Ghfan-4now, the scene where Patrick confessed and Robin threw him out was AWESOME and she surely deserved a nod for THAT. And while were talking Scrubs, WHY is Jason Thompson in supporting? The Patrick/Lisa/Robin story was frontburner all last year and is still continuing? Why isn’t he Lead?
    Same with Jonathon Jackson. The Lucky/Liz/Nik triangle revolved entirely around how the affair affected LUCKY. Why is JJ in supporting? I really am counting on him to win regardless of his category, b/c his confrontation scenes with Liz/Nik were some of the best acting I have ever seen PERIOD. I’m also happy for the nods for Lexi and Chad Duell. Well deserved.

    B & B- I’m with you Alston, Katherine Kelly Lang is one of my FAVS and is too often overlooked. Ditto for Laura Wright.

    Y & R- As wonderful as she may be, why is Jeanne Cooper in the lead category? What story did she lead? Uhm, she didn’t. She supported Murphy, she supported Nikki. Hell, she supported everyone that came into the Chancellor mansion needing advice. I’m assuming this nom is for the Tucker storyline?
    I agree with everyone who has said that Billy Miller does NOT belong in the supporting category. He and MM DID carry Y & R last year. If it is like another poster said and actors put themselves in supporting out of respect for the vets, then thats wrong to me. The industry needs to make some clear guidelines as to what qualifies as “lead” and “supporting” and the vets who don’t belong in lead for that year should have the class and professionalism to not nominate themselves.
    And why is Emily O’Brien (Jana) in the younger lead category? Isn’t she like alot older than the other noms? Shouldn’t Jana who was front burner in the doppleganger/Ryder/Daisy stuff have been in another category?
    And where is Stacy Haiduk? Patty RULED Y & R last year. Duel roles no less. She should be on there somewhere. As far as Doug Davidson, I completely support his nomination. I thought he did a great job with the Patty storyline and his worry and love for his sister and his anger in confronting Victor was right on.
    AMC- Explain to me WHY Melissa Claire Egan is in supporting? Same for Jacob Young? Annie/Jr were frontburner. Especially Annie. Who was MCE supporting? She was LEADING the story when Annie married Adam, married Scott, went after JR, went crazy, etc.
    And please someone explain to me WHY Brittany Allen is nominated AT ALL? ALL I have read last year about Marissa and BA was negative but now she is suddenly Emmy worthy for her work last year?

  31. Profile photo of GAgal28

    Wow I just don’t even know what to say. WHY was Gina.T. prenom’d over Flo? Please explain that to me! She had no story, & was chem testing all year with the men cause she has no chem with any of the current OL actors EXCEPT for Kevin (who’s not on contract) & Cutter. Flo was ROBBED plain & simple of this emmy prenom! ROBBED! The same goes for Kim on GH! She too was robbed. Again someone tell me what JMB did to deserve the prenom over Kim? Oh wait…. that’s right JMB who stole the emmy out of Kirsten’s hands that 1 year & JMB who the show revolves around now along with Dante. The same goes for Kelly. How did she get her prenom too… for lead actress, when she’s more supporting at best. And Michael Muhney… How did he NOT get prenom’d? How? I may have a love/hate relationship with Adam, but MM is amazing! He too was robbed! I’m just like… wow! What utter ridiculous, high school, snobbery. My mind is BLOWN!

  32. Profile photo of tylerbo20

    maybe Kristian Alfonso will win and Days will win if they submitt the episodes over Alice’s death. unfortunatly they wont and will showcase Nadia and Melanie and will not get nominated lol….

  33. Profile photo of snizzle

    The YR nominations are always a joke. I don’t particularly believe Eric Braeden deserves a nom but it’s been so political on that set for years and Melody is always getting shafted. I didn’t have to check the list to know Christian, Peter, Michelle, and Jeanne would all be prenominated. They are all very good actors but storywise Christian and Jeanne especially didn’t deserve it this year.

    CBS has been winning most of the emmys recently but I wonder if that changes since they only had 3 shows last year and 2 this year?

    I agree with the previous poster regarding Don Diamont and enjoy his character on BB. He was another one that was always overlooked and then discarded by YR. It would be sweet justice to see him win an emmy.

    Also Florencia Lozano was robbed!!

  34. Profile photo of akbad806

    No Melody???? Oh this is not hat I needed to hear today :(! Nikki was awesome this summer and deserves a nom for the stellar performances given this summer. This glarring omission, along with MM, is another tell-tale sign on Y&R’s cliquish behavior. VR may be a bit fanatical, but she isn’t wrong. Jack and Michael didn’t warrant the kind of attention either Billy or Adam received. In fact, in 2010, CLB phoned it in during most of his appearances as Michael Baldwin. I can’t believe the usual suspects are nominated again from Y&R.

    Also, no Florencia??? I don’t even watch OLTL like that anymore and she ROCKED the brain tumor storyline. I thought she and MTS would go head to head in Lead for sure.

    Jeanne Cooper is a nice nod, but totally unwarranted. What has Katherine done to justify a Lead Actress nod? She’s been on the sidelines since we found out Tucker is her son. However, the scene of Jill and Kay stuck in the restroom after the GCAC explosion might have done it. Those scenes where fantastic!!!!

  35. Profile photo of keanna

    I have a mixed bag as well:

    I understand all of them except Rebecca Buding and Britney Allen. And no Vincent Irrizary and Darnell Williams and I agree why Melissa Claire and Jacob Young in the Supporting acting categories.

    Jerry Van Dorn should be the front runner in the Lead Actor category, all are well-deserved except Gina Tognoni, I mean she just got back I mean maybe next year for sure, but no Florencia Lozano.

    All are deserved except Kelly Monaco ( I know it was mostly for the Kristina abuse storyline), but come on man. And no Kimberly McCullough? And if Laura Wright doesn’ make the final list.

    I can live with all the finalists. I mean you can take or leave all of them.

    I am also very happy for former ABC soapsters, Jack Wagner, Billy Miller, Scott Clifton, Rick Hearst, Amelie Heinle, Elizabeth Hendrickson. and Heather Tom. I am also happy for Patrick Duffy as well.

    Congrats to all the pre-nods, as with all awards they are some that well-deserved and some you say WTH.

  36. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    It’s just amazing that we as soap fans even take them seriously anymore. In my opinion this should of been Tea (OLTL)’s year to win she was amazing but didnt get a nom because Gina T has won before and stans a good chance winning again because of that. Crystal not getting a nomination just means she’ll never be considered a lead at Days (which is why I think she needs to cut her losses and leave) and well we all know about Y&R’s diservice yet I stay awake excited over the prenoms and nominations/wins themselves…I still get more excited over the Daytime Emmys than the actual Emmys and even Academy Awards but over the years they have just became more and more of a crapfest.

  37. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I won’t even comment some of these nominations are ridiculous and the categories aren’t what they should be either…the daytime Emmys pre-nom are political and many have said so also its been said that this year GH selection was different as in previous years something about a “selected list” to choose from so I take it with a grain of salt. I followed the FA storyline for a long time

    and can’t fathom why Kimberly wasn’t pre-nominated but oh well….guess she wasn’t on that pre-‘selected’ list to choose from. All I know is some of these actresses were not “leading” story on GH women rarely do.

    The whole Elizabeth triangle with Nik and Lucky was all about “Lucky Lucky Lucky” driven by Lucky Spencer with little POV from anyone else in that sloppy ill-constructed ‘Oops we did it again’ triangle…she barely had dialog he was doing all the talking and even sat in on her therapy; I thought there was some good stuff re: JJ’s Lucky leading up to and her breakdown storyline was good but I knew she wouldn’t get a nod so I wasn’t expecting it.

    JJ’s Lucky has been leading story not supporting it again these categories do not make a hell of a lot of sense maybe it depends on what is submitted.

  38. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Rumor has it that they did not see a tape of the nominees but just voted. I don’t know if this is true but if it is its mind-boggling how you can vote on a actor and not even look at their work…

  39. Profile photo of maxsmom

    This may be a particularly bad year for the Daytime Emmys but no awards are immune to “misbehavior”. EW has a list up right now with 10 worthy actors who won in the wrong year as a makeup for a previous wrong ie. Denzel Washington’s win for Training Day as a makeup for losing to Al Pacino in the year he should have won for Malcolm X but Al Pacino won for Scent of a Woman because he had lost so many times before for Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon etc so while the Pre-Nom list is esp. bad the Daytime Emmys are not alone in making head scrating decisions in the awards world.

    By the by, I will watch the Academy Awards on Sunday but I hate that anyone who care is pretty sure about the winners, at least Drew Tyler Bell was a surprise, a WTF, but a surprise.

  40. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    You know something is off when Melody Thomas Scott gets snubbed and Amelie Heinle makes the cut. What has she done that was Emmy-worthy? Burn cookies, barroom tattoos, navel gazing and mumbling with awful hair? Without Billy Miller propping her up she would go back to being background decoration. Meanwhile MTS has constantly given good performances, I really hoped it was her year.

  41. Profile photo of

    I am going to have to agree with Jamey on the despicable omission of Michael Muhney (Adam, Y&R) from the pre-nom list. He should have been on that pre-nom and the fact that he isn’t, really sucks!

  42. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    Maurice Benard better get a nomination, and win that damn thing! He deserves if, 2010 was HIS year. All that stuff with Kristina’s abuse, he broke me down!

    Nancy Lee Grahn should also get a nomination, and win it!

    Laura Wright! Wooo! I hope she gets a nomination.

    Jonathan Jackson will no doubt win supporting actor. Period. If he doesn’t, I will eat my shoe.

    Surprised to see that Dominic Zampronga’s name was not on there, but maybe GH thought “Jonathan is gonna win it anyways” HAHA. But in all seriousness, DZ was amazing in 2010.

    No Eric Braeden? That’s truly shocking, I thought he did great work!

    Love seeing Kristen Alderson up there, hope she gets a nomination, even though IMO that award will go to Lexi Ainsworth

    No Brandon Buddy? What is this? Before he left, he did some great stuff!

    And I know Drew Garrett is gone from GH, but he was still there for some of 2010 and did some of his best work, one scene with Laura Wright really sticks out where Michael told Carly that Claudia was not supposed to die and he broke down.
    Chad Duell? He has been good in 2011, but what the hell did he do in 2010?

    Kelly Monaco, I am a Sam fan but I agree she should not be in the Lead category. She was supporting, and she had some greats scenes during Kristina’s abuse as well.

  43. Profile photo of SC

    I am not up to speed with the CBS shows but the ABC pre-noms have Frons agenda written all over them. Seriously, Sam’s scenes on GH last year amounted to her sitting in a bath tub having phone sex with Jason while he was in prison. That warrants Lead Actress billing for KeMo? The inclusions as well as the omissions from the list speak volumes – it’s why what should be a prestigious award is nothing more than a joke these days. Such a shame that politics determine the chosen rather than actual talent and performances worthy of not just a nomination – but the win!

  44. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    I love DOOL, but Nadia’s work is not worthy of a pre-nomination. I think Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) should have received a pre-nomination. Maggie lost her husband and her beloved Alice. It is so nice to see ATWT performers recognized, though I doubt many make the cut.

  45. Profile photo of Spooks19

    I don’t think Kelly Monaco has a shot in hell of getting an actual Emmy nom this year, but I can understand why she got the pre-nom b/c GH gets 2 pre-nom spots and only she and Laura Wright submitted in the lead category for GH this year. I don’t think she had lead material in 2010 but ABC/GH promotes her as a lead actress and she has been nominated before in that category for GH. I actually wish Nancy Lee Grahn had submitted in the lead actress and gotten that pre-nom which would have opened up a supporting actress pre-nom for Kimberly McCullough who I thought was really snubbed. She probably had one of the best Emmy reel moments with her work during the Scrubs/Crazy Lisa story and I would have picked her over Julie Berman (who I think is a good actress but didn’t have much material last year). I’m fine with Jason Thompson getting a pre-nom but I think it was actually Kimberly that drove their story more than him.

    I wonder if this will be the year that Laura Wright gets an actual nomination? She was good in 2010 but IMO she didn’t have nearly the same material she had the year Michael got shot and she couldn’t get a nom that year. I am really surprised she’s never been nominated.

  46. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I think it was pretty smart for GH to submit Kelly Monaco. She isn’t a very good actress. She certainly was never a lead actress in any story this past year. Jason going to prison was about Jason and Michael. She was supporting. Kristina’s abuse was about kristina and Sonny. She was supporting. If GH were to put a different actress along side of Laura Wright, they would dilute Laura’s shot at the nomination. Kelly is such a WTF option that it only improves Laura’s shot.

  47. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    spooks – The should have submitted Kimberly McCullough as lead. She at least is leading her stories. But, the votes would be divided between Laura and Kimberly.

  48. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    If it is like another poster said and actors put themselves in supporting out of respect for the vets, then thats wrong to me.


    Agreed, beans! It’s just plain dumb. “Oh out of respect for my elders, I’m going to put myself in supporting instead of lead. Even though I was on 7 days a week for 12 months straight and basically carried the entire show on my back, while you took up a total of two weeks last summer and sat in the shade.” Um, okay. :puzzled:

    Which leads me to one of the main gripes: It’s quite obvious to all of us, in other words, it’s a big fat Duh!, that if the right folks were in the right categories, there wouldn’t be so many glaring omissions and WTF jaw dropping recognitions. Aside from the process being biased and unfair, how do we not know the difference between lead and supporting??? Kimberly omitted entirely when she practically drove storyline last year??? JJ supporting for the same reason in regards to Lucky/Niz??? Christian LeBlanc lead??? Melissa Claire Egan supporting??? Someone tell me what Tad did last year to garner a lead pre-nom, please?? And Nadia??? If anything, IF anything, her nomination would make more sense for NEXT year, seeing as how all of Salem is revolving around Chloe Lane now and she’s front burner. She’s like the new Sami Brady with this whole ‘going crazy/I lost my man/I don’t know if my baby’s still baking in the oven next to his bottle or with his daddy, so I’m going to jump into a lake cause I’m so cray-cray’ storyline. I love her, though her acting is not up to par, JMHO of course, but she sure as hell didn’t deserve the nod for this year of all years, really! I agree with other’s that Suzanne Rogers should have DEFINITELY been nominated in her place.

    Same with Bree. She’s a capable actress unlike some on the list, but she deserves a nom for NEXT year. This year? I personally don’t remember what stood out so much for her last year. She spent most of it in bed due to her real life pregnancy. And Melody Thomas Scott being snubbed, again???

    I just had to get that other bit off my chest, but I congratulate those who were truly deserving.

    Side note: OMG, you went to the Emmy’s THREE times, beans??? Jealous! :tongue:

  49. Profile photo of bluelittlegirl

    I know you’re not just talking about this instance. OLTL’s canvas is filled with borderline and horrible actors yet they have the option to use these two, and they choose not to do so. I really don’t know what they are thinking. Florencia could take over the writing, too, and on her worst day, it would be at least 100 times better than anything but perhaps what the Labines wrote.

  50. Profile photo of Dyllan

    My take on the Emmy list. Don’t think Michael Muhney should have been nomined. I think he is completely overrated. It just comes across as a performance. I think Eric Braden is a little one-noted. However, Melody Thomas Scott deserved a shot versus Jeanne Cooper. WTH with Ameilia Heinle up there? She has given tons of bad scenes.

    Florencia Lozano and Susan Haskell should have been given lead actresses for OLTL, IMO. They were the best. Bree Williamson kind of sucked this year and I would not have picked her.

  51. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    So happy for Alicia Minshew (Kendall) on AMC! She deserves it and I would LOVE to see her finally nominated in lead. Her work in November/December 2010 was amazing. Also, congrats to Debbie Morgan (Angie)! FLAWLESS work throughout all of 2010, it will be a damn shame if she’s not nominated. Finn Wittrock (Damon) should be a lock for a nomination in the Younger Actor category, and Melissa Claire Egan (Annie) for supporting as well!

    I could see how Rebecca Budig was pre-nommed, I thought she did some great work in 2010, particularly in the Summer when there was that episode that centered round her & Angie. Also, Greenlee’s reaction to David “dying”, as well as Zach’s death, were both pretty good. I don’t get the hate for her at all.

  52. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    There seems to be a lot of confusion about the categories. I always thought that a character could have a story line that is driven by them and mostly about them and still be a supporting character in terms of how that character fits into the entire ensemble of the show. In terms of GH, if you look at it that way, there are only 3 male leads, tg, mb and sb. Yes DZ, JT and JJ drove story but the show as a whole is about sonny, jason and luke – their children, their families, their pov etc. and pretty much on the male side those are the only 3 characters that are tied to stories throughout the canvas ie: robin leaves patrick and we see her explore her feelings about it with sonny, even though sonny isnt really involved in the story per se. There are only 4 females that are leads IMHO and thats KeMo, KiM, LW and VMG and the latter was not on in 2010. I cant speak to why KiM did not submit for lead, but Kelly did submit for the right category and with only two submitting for that category she got the nod, although as a Sam fan I dont think she has the material, mostly because so much of her story for 2010 required her to give a very understated performance. She had the scenes with jason going to jail, the scenes with franco and the scenes with alexis/kristina/ethan – telling krissy she didnt need to dress sexy, confronting ethan, deciding her own issues were effecting how she saw things etc. And while she did an excellent job with what she was given, she didnt have that standout memorable one scene like Lucky. Remember lulus reaction to the bomb was to be hysterical, Kelly to differentiate had to play sam as strategizing a way out, resigning herself at one point that she couldnt escape on her own, thinking about all the things she would miss out on etc. Even with K, she couldnt show how freaked out she was with alexis, who had just killed kiefer or with Kristina because they needed her calm and so too with Jason going to jail.

    Conversely the robin story had tentacles all over the canvas because her part was the emotional one and because she has family throughout the canvas as well as connections on the mob side of the canvas. She also had two big memorable scenes, the one where she threw Patrick out and the stuff in the well. That said, perhaps Kim decided that since the story lulled for a long time after the well and she could slip into that supporting category, esp. since JT IMHO is def. supporting. She might have thought she had a stronger chance in supporting and it would hurt JT’s chances if she went for lead and he went for supporting.

    If thats what she chose, dont hate on Kelly for it.

    As for the rest, the biggest mistake IMHO was no nom for FL. I actually thought this was her year to take the whole thing. I also was suprised at MEK and RPG for lead on AMC when DC and VI both had better material and did more with what they were given.

    My picks for the win. Lead Actress – Flannery or Wright Lead Actor – VerDorn with Burton the long shot. Supporting Egan hands down and Jackson (with Stevens the long shot) Younger set will hopefully be lexi and either duell (unless the save him for next year) or clifton. I think this will be a great year for GH.

  53. Profile photo of Kallie

    Some of these choices have me shaking my head. I am not a fan of Eric Braeden, but he should have been pre-nominated.

    WTH did Heinle & Hendrickson do to deserve a spot on this list? They should not been on here at all.

    Out of the entire list, the only that I am rooting to move to the next round is Tricia Cast.

  54. Profile photo of Ceridwyn2

    There are some wtf mentions in the prenoms for sure. I only watch 2 shows primarily (DAYS, OLTL) and sometimes GH.

    OLTL: Though I like Gina Tognoni, I felt Florencia had stronger performances, though I think GT’s stuff may have been surrounding the death of her mother, especially in her scenes with Kassie DePaiva and Robin Strasser, those were some of her strong scenes. Congrats for Robin Strasser, also for Kris and Eddie Alderson, and Jerry ver Dorn and Robert S. Woods – they have been phenomenal.

    DAYS: A huge WTF with Nadia Bjorlin. Seriously? I can understand it for Venice, but not DAYS. Though up against Ari Zucker – Zucker better get the final DAYS nod for Best Supporting. I would have put Zucker even in Lead rather than Ali Sweeney. And why is Suzanne Rogers not on the DAYS Pre-Noms? And before y’all jump on me for this, I LOVE Crystal Chappell’s work, she’s a brilliant performer and lovely and genuine in person. I know that she can usually (to borrow a phrase from Daytime Confidential crew) ‘turn shit to sugar’, but I felt that she didn’t have sufficient good material for Lead Actress on DAYS last year. Most of the year she spent propping up other character’s storylines. She may have been better off in Supporting category. Love CC and can’t wait to see her shine in a storyline of her own – and better writing. Also VENICE ROCKS!

    GH: Omission of Kim McCullough is frustrating – she did some amazing work last year with the Robin/Patrick/Lisa storyline. Really want Laura Wright to get that nom for Lead and Nancy Lee Grahn for Supporting.

    Other than that, I haven’t seen the other shows in order to be able to judge accordingly.

  55. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I would hate to be in the running with Flannery this year. With that said Suzzanne Rogers WAS Days this year. Between the deaths of her mother in law, and husband, she guided the younger actors through the year. To top it off she and John Aniston have started this thing. She even got burried alive for God’s sake! Not only was she a lead for most of the year she was also the primary supporting actress when she wasn’t on the front page!

    Other noms for Days. John Aniston putting in his best work in years
    Joe Mascalo. He has surprisingly brought three deminsional shades to a one d character this year. Definatley should have had a nod for best sup.
    Lauren Koslow. consumate professional, can be a shoulder to lean on, romantic, or a lioness. She bounces back and forth between loving mom and wife to wicked witch of the west without blinking.

    These are the actors that they put the younger cast with to elevate the youngsters acting skills. Surely these people deserve the nod before their students do?

    At least on Y&R the actors nominated CAN act if they actually had any scenes. Many of the actors pre nominated on Days (not all but many), are the ones that I start flipping channels when they come on my screen.

    Predictions of winners
    Park for lead actor ( James Scott deserves it though)
    Flannery for Lead actress
    Cast for supportting actress
    Jackson or Miller for sup. actor (however Doug Davidson deserves it this. its the tough group this year)
    Casey Diedrick for young male
    Alderson for younger actress
    Bold and the Beautiful Best show (The cancer story line will definately give this the best show. Whatever else they have done (or anyone else OLTL people) this year doesn’t even matter. Hollywood loves cancer!).

  56. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    I thought one of Rebecca Budig’s best performances was when she apologized to Kendall while she was stuck in the elevator.
    Anyone recall that scene?
    I choked up a bit and as a male viewer that rarely ever happens. LOL

  57. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Thanks appleridge :)

    I guess I’m just shocked that Crystal’s return to Days and her “Melanie is my child storyline” got overlooked BUT I have to remember that Kristian Alfonso is Hope Brady and well grandma Brady did pass away this year (may she rest in peace) so I’m going with that storyline for her and not that gawd awful Night Hope mess.

  58. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Also it’s a huge shock that Suzanne Rogers didnt get nominated, I have to think that it was based more on popularity and lets face it Nadia is more “known” than Suzanne is…which is another reason why the Daytime Emmys face such criticism its becoming (or has already became) a popularity contest.

  59. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Predictions of winners
    JVD with Burton a long shot
    Flannery but it should be Wright
    supporting actress
    MCE with NLG as the competition
    Supporting actor
    Jackson hands down
    Younger Actor
    Clifton with Duell the long shot. Duell had his best stuff past the cut off so he will win next year if not this year
    Younger actress
    Lexi Ainsworth

    Best Show It will be a travesty, but yes, I predict Bold too. They did well packaging that two episode piece for submission. Who should win – One Life to Live.

  60. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [Quote]Dyllan: Agree with FL. Do NOT agree with SH. As much as I like her work, she didn’t drive story last year. FL did.[/Quote]
    She may have not driven a storyline, but she pulled some very emotional scenes. Such as when she took Liam and started going crazy. That was a lot stronger than Kassie DePavia ever put out. I have never been really moved by DePavia’s scenes, but I still feel she is a good actress.

    [Quote]Some of these choices have me shaking my head. I am not a fan of Eric Braeden, but he should have been pre-nominated.

    WTH did Heinle & Hendrickson do to deserve a spot on this list? They should not been on here at all.[/Quote]

    Not really agree with Braeden at all. He should not have moved up.

    Heinle will probably submit her saying good-bye to Reed. That was a good scene, but she has given so many bad scenes that I would hate to see her get it. Hendrickson’s scene where Chance died and she confronted Ronan and was comforted by Billy was pretty good. She never gives a poor performance. She could get a nomination, but no way in hell should she win. Tricia Cast should win.

  61. Profile photo of Dyllan

    [Quote]Best Show It will be a travesty, but yes, I predict Bold too. They did well packaging that two episode piece for submission. Who should win – One Life to Live.[/Quote]

    I don’t really think it would be a travesty if B&B won. Brad Bell is actually trying and for the most part, B&B is one of the stronger shows out there. Recently, they have done some boring stuff, but it is still a good show. I think it will win, too. OLTL would not be a bad choice. Consistently they are one of the best. I would be curious to see what they submit.

  62. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Another overall disappointing set of prenoms this year. First, it looks like hell is literally gonna have to freeze over before Jeanne Cooper, Peter Bergman, and Christian LeBlanc withdraw their names from consideration in their respective categories. I realize that the cast decides the noms, but it seems as though some of these performers would just bow out gracefully, especially when they’re not even driving story i.e. LeBlanc hasn’t been Lead in at least three yrs–he fulfills exactly two purposes on that show right now, lawyer to Victor and husband to Lauren and nothing in between–and while I realize how beloved Jeanne Cooper is frankly she’s only trotted out when Jill needs a sparring partner or someone in the family dies or goes into a coma. Melody Thomas Scott, who’s been rather stunning of late, should have got that Lead pre-nom over Cooper. And Leblanc should’ve ceded his spot to either Miller or Muhney and shame on him for not doing so. Overall, a poor showing from Y&R.

    As for that other show I watch, OLTL’s list is almost as bad. Gina Tognoni in Lead? Really? She was more Lead on GL and she won two SUPPORTING Emmys on that show for f–k’s sake! The failure of the devastatingly brilliant Florencia Lozano to secure a nom frankly is the absolute biggest travesty on that whole damn list; she’s owned that show for the last year and half at least and now she’s been shut out two years running. The other big mistake was Brittany Underwood over Kelley Missal; Underwood has been underwelming since she cheated on Markko. And say what you will about the Dani character, but Missal’s work is impeachable in my book. And sorry, but I’m frankly tired of seeing Bree Williamson’s one-note performances continue to be recognized; Tognoni(or Susan Haskell) should’ve put herself in that category or the perenially underrated Melissa Archer should’ve gotten it.

    As for happy surprises, TRICIA CAST! I’ve said it once and I’ll keep saying it–she should be on contract and the star of that show. The woman can stand in a scene with no dialogue and still act rings around seventy five percent of the people in the room. If she makes it onto the final ballot, that award is hers to lose in my opinion. Also thrilled that Jerry ver Dorn and Robin Strasser(who had the good sense to submit herself in the correct category this year–veterans please take note)were recognized; hope they both make it on the final list.

  63. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I tried to watch BB for SJB but I find it to be a bit of a train wreck. Yeah they like to give you the shock here and there …omg brooke sleeps with oliver….but aside from shock value, I find it offers little once you get outside the Stephanie storylines and the Bill storylines. Everything IMHO thats brooke and/or ridge and/or donna and/or eric centric is a total mess for me. The characters arent often relatable and unbelivable as successful and wealthy business people. I dont think Ralph Lauren spends is time rolling around on the floor with some young lover on a regular basis. I dont think donna karan goes around waxing poetic about her honey bunny bear. I dont think gloria vanderbuilt was so daft that she slept with someone 30 years younger than the person she was suppose to be sleeping with and couldnt tell the difference. I find all that a little schlocky.

    And I will say this, we had a great epi of gh Thursday and people were really put off by the fact that the show didnt go through the pretense of having food on plates for the reception. That little detail had people going off. meanwhile the clothes on bold, when they do produce any, are butt ugly and we are often asked to suspend belief on a whole RANGE of things like the ridge would feel like oliver angle of the mask storyline. If bold fans criticized the way GH fans pick that show apart you would see it I think in a different light.

    BTW was Haskell with Liam this year or last. I think the stronger stuff may have missed the cut off. As for KDP, her stuff always moves me. I have the opposite sense – i get little for GT and whereas KDP has an energy with everyone she works with, I have yet to see gt really shine opposite anyone since her return (male or female)

  64. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Is there any truth to the rumor that Florencia didn’t put her name in for consideration, like Trevor St John??? That’s what I am hearing elsewhere…

    If anyone knows the real story, please enlighten me!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!! :) :) :) :)

  65. Profile photo of Spooks19

    Oh, I forgot about Suzanne Rogers! That’s definitely a huge snub too. She’s done some great work. Maybe it was too subtle to get Emmy recognition in that she’s not someone that relies on OTT hysterics, but I think she definitely deserved one of DOOL’s pre-noms, especially over Nadia Bjorlin.

    GHvetfan and EET – I know that Kim Mc. drove her storyline but I actually think she belongs in the supporting character. I guess with how mob-heavy GH is, I can’t see anyone from the hospital side being a lead actor/actress. Her story got good air time for about 3-4 months but it was really a B story compared to the A (mob) stories on GH. I suggested NLG for lead b/c I know she’s submitted in that category for GH before, and I believe she’s been nominated in that category, and I know that generally actors don’t like to submit in the supporting category after having submitted in the lead category b/c it looks like a step back.

    And I definitely don’t blame KeMo for submitting herself in the lead category. I’m sure that’s what the show wants her to do and so why wouldn’t she. I think it does go back to EET’s point that there aren’t many lead actresses on GH. IMO, LW and VMG are the alpha female leads, KeMo is still a lead but not at the level of the 1st two, and then all the other women are all supporting. And GH also tends to be a show that focuses on the men over the women.

    Anways, my pics:

    Lead Actor: Michael Park or Jerry Van Dorn
    Lead Actress: Susan Flannery or Debbi Morgan
    Supporting Actor: JJ
    Supporting Actress: Tricia Cast or Melissa Claire Egan
    Younger Actor: Scott Clifton
    Younger Actress: Lexi Ainsworth

  66. Profile photo of sactownfan

    I have four thoughts about these nominations.

    1) In the wake of the Charlie Sheen scandal, I think some weight has to go to behavior of an actor and not just talent. Would anyone on “Two and a Half Men” vote for Charlie Sheen this Emmy season? Would anyone vote for Mel Gibson again? I’m not saying any of the snubbed people have done anything so heinous… but when you work with a pompous ass or a diva 52 weeks a year – it’s got to affect your vote.

    2) Why don’t the people who don’t have great story in a given year (LeBlanc, Cooper, Davidson, Monaco) be adults and take themselves OUT of the running for that year?

    3) What’s worse? Show cliques? Or industry wide “vote for the biggest name” when there were no pre-nominations and people who tended to have the biggest names got voted year after year, regardless of their story in that year.

    4) Why aren’t more people up in arms about Susan Haskell not being pre-nommed? Crazy Marty rocked my world in 2010!

  67. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I agree, Susan Haskell has been ferociously good in the last few months but maybe her stronger material wasn’t eligible prior to the cut-off date. Frankly, I think she might’ve had a better shot in supporting considering she didn’t really start to drive major story until around the time of Cole’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment(Nov?). Prior to that, she was stuck in a uninteresting, dead end storyline with McSnore. I would’ve been much happier with her or Melissa Archer, along with Robin Strasser, in supporting rather than the blink-and-you-won’t-miss-a-damn-thing one-note work of Bree Williamson.

    Having said all that, I still say give the damn thing to Tricia Cast and call it a day.

  68. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Sac may I point out again, kelly had all the material with Kristinas abuse storyline and reliving some of her own abuse, the stuff with Jason going to jail, dealing with her mother possibly going to jail etc. What she lacked was the one big scene that people remember – where they watch and immediately think emmy reel ie JJ’s Niz smackdown scene. Her body of work for the year was solidly very good. To compare that to the oscars, I think Portman will win because of the range of emotion she had to portray and the physical demands of the role, but it doesnt mean Annette benning wasnt good in delivering with what she had. AB did a great job, the part just wasnt as meaty. I would also add too, please note that she was got the pre nom because she was one of only two actresses to submit for lead. That means the other actresses themselves either thought that none of their material was better than Kellys or that they didnt have enough material to warrant putting in as lead. If she hadnt put in, the second gh slot would have gone empty. Conversely, from what I understand from friends that watch YR michael muhaney had an exceptional year and davidson arguably took the slot from him, when you say davidson didnt have great material. Those two situations are nothing alike.

  69. Profile photo of Smallboy

    My winners:

    Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series

    Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
    JACK WAGNER, as Nick Maroni B&B

    Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
    NANCY LEE GRAHN, as Alexis Davis GH

    Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
    JAY JOHNSON, as Philip Kiriakis DAYS

  70. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Side note: OMG, you went to the Emmy’s THREE times, beans??? Jealous!

    Ghfan-4Now: Yes, I have had the privilege of attending the Emmys three times. I believe it was 1999,2000 and 2001. I was there the year Susan Lucci got her Emmy and it was INCREDIBLE to be there for that. The years I attended where when Michael Lowry played Jake on AMC, Sam Rappaport was big on OLTL, Bo was in a quadrangle on OLTL with Lindsay, Melanie and someone else, maybe Nora? Coltin Scott was Nik on GH and was there with Michael Saucedo and Jacob Young so it must’ve been when Lucky was played by Jacob because I don’t think he had come to AMC yet. Roy Deluca was big on GH as A. Martinez was there with Jackie Zeman. It was an incredible experience that I recommend every soap fan to try to do at least once.

  71. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    [quote=AllmyDaysatGH]. Also, congrats to Debbie Morgan (Angie)! FLAWLESS work throughout all of 2010, it will be a damn shame if she’s not nominated.[/quote]

    I agree AllmyDays..I remember watching Debbie’s scene on the bench outside of Krystal’s when she revealed to Jake that she couldn’t see. I remember thinking RIGHT then, this is her Emmy reel..awesome work by Debbie!

    [quote]I could see how Rebecca Budig was pre-nommed, I thought she did some great work in 2010[/quote]

    I have to disagree with you on this one. I remember the whole time that Rebecca has been back I have been thinking that she is phoning it in. I used to be a huge Greenlee fan but not this go around. She has improved recently. She was really good in the Confusion scene where she went off on Madison and in the elevator scene with Kendall.

  72. Profile photo of Danny Ricci
    Danny Ricci

    Okay. I’m a longtime lurker, first time poster. Here are my thoughts.

    We all know who’s gonna win the categories before they even submit the reels. I mean, really, do we even need to speculate. They’re all stunningly obvious, as much as some of us don’t like to admit it.

    Lead Actress-Susan Flannery by a mile. Somebody said it before, Hollywood can’t resist cancer.

    Lead Actor-Maurice Benard. Those scenes where he was in the hospital with Kristina were very emotional.

    Supporting Actor-Eric Sheffer Stevens. His scenes with Van Hansis on his deathbed alone should win him this award for the next 10 years, but even if he foolishly doesn’t submit that, his combination of wit & talent will bowl the judges over.

    Supporting Actress-Tricia Cast. The moment where she walked in with everyone on Chance’s (presumed) dead body was breathtaking.

    Younger Actress-Lexi Ainsworth. In my opinion, the actor who played Kiefer should have submitted himself as well.

    Younger Actor-Chad Duell. Truly, next year this award will be his for the ongoing prison rape/dating a stripper storyline. But for now, the courtroom scenes with Dante will suffice.

  73. Profile photo of DenverDean

    I’m sorry, but JC for Y&R is an ABSOLUTE JOKE. Is SC not submitting herself for noms? Hello, MS and SC were the top 2 in ep count last year. The MM is a bit ridiculous as well. One of the challenges with Y&R is that they are really blessed with a TON of talent, but it would be nice to see some variety in their noms.

  74. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]There seems to be a lot of confusion about the categories. I always thought that a character could have a story line that is driven by them and mostly about them and still be a supporting character in terms of how that character fits into the entire ensemble of the show. In terms of GH, if you look at it that way, there are only 3 male leads, tg, mb and sb. Yes DZ, JT and JJ drove story but the show as a whole is about sonny, jason and luke – their children, their families, their pov etc. and pretty much on the male side those are the only 3 characters that are tied to stories throughout the canvas[/quote]

    Thats interesting EET and that MAKES SENSE. I think that is how the industry views the categories. That makes complete sense if you look at who is nominated for leading all the time. Not considering this years noms, but just history and you always see the same names. Braedan, Geary, Bergman, Lucci, Sleazak, Flannery. Those are actors/actresses that are the big wig characters/actors on their shows and have LEAD roles on their shows and are nominated continuoulsy regardless of if they LED a story that year. I on the other hand, consider lead actor/supporting actor to be that they LED a story that year or SUPPORTED someone else in a story that year.
    Does the industry have any guidelines or written rules to establish how they nominate and vote? They have to have something somewhere that gives a definition of “lead” and “supporting”.

  75. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Oh and let me add that regardless of HOW the industry views the “lead” and “supporting” categories and the guidelines for who noms where, they really contradict themselves.

    Now, as we all have discussed, there are arguably two ways in which you can view “lead” and “supporting” and who knows for sure which way the industry views them:

    1- That “lead” and “supporting” are based on how the actor/character fits into the overall canvas of the show. Ex. Braedan, Bergman, Flannery, Lucci, Sleazak are LEAD actors/characters regardless of if they led story that year or not. That is one way to view it.

    2- That “lead” and “supporting” are based on who LED the story that year REGARDLESS of how that actor/character fits into the overall canvas of the show. Ex. Geary may be a “lead” actor/character on GH but he didn’t LEAD story in 2010, wheres Jonathon Jackson LED a story, and Jason Thompson LED a story. IMO that is how I view “lead” vs. “supporting”.

    Regardless of what view the industry takes, they still contradict themselves in the nomination process. Take this years pre-noms for instance.
    Say that the industry (which we don’t know) uses viewpoint # 1 above and considers lead or supporting based on the actors/characters overall purpose on the show regardless of if they led a story that year or not. That would mean that Robin Strasser would be in the lead category regardless of if she led a story or not because Robin/Dorian Lord are a HUGE part of the OLTL canvas and history. Yet, Robin is placed in supporting this year. Also if viewing it this way, why would Gina Tognoni be nominated for Lead this year? The character of Kelly has always been in a supporting role. Using the viewpoint mentioned by EET, as viewing TG, MB and SB as the lead male roles on GH, I would view KDP, ES, RS as the lead female roles on OLTL. Kelly SUPPORTS Blair and Dorian as their extended family. So, using that perspective and considering that she is newer to the show, Gina would not belong in lead.

    Now, lets’look at viewpoint # 2 and pretend that the industry bases “lead” and “supporting” not on overall placement on the canvas but on who actually LED a story that year. Again, we see contradictions. On Y & R Muhney and Miller LED the stories all year yet Miller is in supporting and Muhney isn’t even nominated. On GH, Monaco is in lead yet no story in 2010 completely revolved around Sam. Sam SUPPORTED Jason in the prison storyline, she SUPPORTED Alexis and Kristina in the abuse storyline. But she did not LEAD a story IMO. On Y & R, Jeanne Cooper might belong in lead if using viewpoint # 1 but she did not LEAD a story in 2010 unless you consider the Tucker story. But after finding him as her son, they have barely interacted. Melissa Claire Egan CLEARLY LED a story as the entire Annie going crazy story and Annie invading the Chandlers by marrying Adam and Scott and soon JR was all about ANNIE. Yet MCE is in supporting.
    As much as we may say Amelia Heinle shouldn’t have been nominated at all, she is in supporting when she clearly led a story. 2010 was all about Victoria and her cheating on and divorce from JT, losing Reed, falling in love with Billy, fighting with Victor. The entire show revolved around her through parts of the year. Ditto Jacob Young and Jonthan Jackson. The JR and Lucky stories totally revolved around what was happening with them. They weren’t supporting Geary or Canary. The stories were about JR falling for Annie and Lucky finding out about the affair.

    And don’t get me started on the “younger” actor/actresses category. In what universe is it right for someone the age of Haley Pullos to go in a category against someone the ages of Emily O’Brien and Brittany Allen? It makes no sense.

  76. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Honestly bluelittle.. I JUST started watching OLTL about 3 weeks ago for the first time in several years. I would say that FL fits my # 2 category as in she LED story last year with the ross, kidnapping, illness, death storylines. As far as my # 1 category I couldn’t say. Back when Tea was on before and I was watching, I would say NO. But I haven’t watched it enough since she’s been back on to say if she is a lead character on the show on the same level with Kassie, Erika, Robin. I can’t say because I haven’t been watching.

  77. Profile photo of tedew

    I only watch Y&R so can’t comment on any of the non Y&R submissions.

    This system seems to work for them but I think I’d be embarrassed to admit I actually won such a trophy. If someone can win a major award just because they submitted a scene in which they lucked out, I’m not in favour. What about the garbage they submit us to for the rest of the year? In Y&R the only deserving one here (in or out, and I’m sticking with that opinion) is Tricia Cast and probably Michael Muhney. She was a welcome extremely competent return of a breath of fresh air and he gave us a multifaceted character. All of the others most seem to be moaning about have done nothing different at all except recyle their past “performances”.

    sactownfan … however I do basically disagree with your Charlie Sheen comment. If someone does do stellar work I don’t think their “private” lives should affect that. It does everywhere I suppose but it should be separated. For example, I don’t think much of Eddie Murphy, nor do many others but his work in Dreamgirls had he won his Oscar would have been a good thing. But he is an AH and he made a very bad movie in between so that affected that outcome.

    Anyway, I’m sure this thread will continue on and on.

  78. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    [quote=beans4metoo]Side note: OMG, you went to the Emmy’s THREE times, beans??? Jealous!

    Ghfan-4Now: Yes, I have had the privilege of attending the Emmys three times. I believe it was 1999,2000 and 2001. I was there the year Susan Lucci got her Emmy and it was INCREDIBLE to be there for that. The years I attended where when Michael Lowry played Jake on AMC, Sam Rappaport was big on OLTL, Bo was in a quadrangle on OLTL with Lindsay, Melanie and someone else, maybe Nora? Coltin Scott was Nik on GH and was there with Michael Saucedo and Jacob Young so it must’ve been when Lucky was played by Jacob because I don’t think he had come to AMC yet. Roy Deluca was big on GH as A. Martinez was there with Jackie Zeman. It was an incredible experience that I recommend every soap fan to try to do at least once.[/quote]


    Oh wow, that all sounds like so much fun! I’m going to have to make a trip for one before all is said and done. :)

  79. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Peter Bergman is nominated almost every stinking year. I’m so tired of his grimacing and staring off into space when he’s “thinking”. Thankfully Billy Miller hasn’t been grimacing and making faces as much as he used to. And Michael is nothing more than TGVN’s lapdog, so how in the world could he be anything BUT “supporting”? He never has a storyline of his own, he’s too busy running around keeping all of the Newmans out of jail and ignoring his wife/kid.

    They need to revamp the entire “younger actress and actor” category, though. You have actors/actresses in their 20’s in the same category as little kids. That makes no sense.

  80. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Beans I think of a lead, to clarify my earlier position, as someone who tends to have tentacles all over the canvas. On that note, FL not only drove story, but through Dani, her illness and through her role as a lawyer, we saw her interacting with all of the fords, nora, bo, sometimes John, all of her family, blair, blairs family, greg, gregs family. When i say their place on the canvas, I didnt mean just whos the face of the show, because that would be hugely limiting, but other characters too that are up and coming. Thats why I also think there is some overlap – where someone could honestly say their character could be one or the other and in that case the actor would have to decide. If you look at JR, picking a character you referenced, he had almost no interaction with other characters outside of his little chandler bubble and only became head of the family tree when David C. left. Up until then, the person that made the power moves for the clan was Adam. Meanwhile you look at David and his “death” and then his return shook up everyone. Kendall was effected because he put greens on the run with Ryan, all their kids were impacted, his character contributed to Angies blindness. He impacted JRs divorce from Davids daughter marissa which by extention impacted all of their group. He made Liza the DA and she was his attorney which made Liza and ally and stirred up his enemy tad. he owned part of the hospital and through work clashed with jake etc. etc. in other words he has what I call tentacles. I dont know that he is the face of the show the way sonny/jason and vicki/dorian are on OLTL or that he is any more or any less the face of AMC than JR, but he has reach that JRs stories just dont have. With Dorian, I am finding it harder and harder to think of her as a lead since they seem to want to pass that matriarch torch to Blair. She doesnt have a real love interest and hasnt for awhile and while she advises the girls in her family they have really started to transition it so kelly and starr and langston et. al all seek out advice first and foremost from blair. Plus the stuff that she advises them on doesnt impact HER life in any real way – she may tell blair that eli is a good guy and she may react to blair being in danger, but we dont see eli being bad bringing up issues for dorian like thoughts of victor and his machinations. We dont get anything from her POV and it doesnt change her life in any meaningful way. Even Kelly with Joey, DORIANS old lover. She seems to be less and less the face of the show, much to my dismay. Perhaps thats because RC seems married to this concept that David and Dorian are the destiny couple and Tuc is only available for guest runs. I wish they had given dorian and Ray a shot because THAT would have kept her firmly cemented as a lead. Now you contrast that with Sam. Yes she supported those stories but all of those stories also impacted her life and triggered reactions Sam specific to those events. Where Dorian might say to blair that eli seems great, that changed nothing in her life. Sam supported Kristina, but it also brought up her own demons and we got to see her still unresolved issues alexis come up and her going over to ethan several times to either warn him about his behavior or punish him for his choices. The Franco story was drive by JF but Sam ended up on a bomb and we saw how Jason’s choice impacted her. In terms of her being a lead, she had scenes with nearly every character on the canvas at some point during the year, whether it was robin and maxie for the Alexis and Mac stuff, her family, jason, chosing to introduce Abby to Michael, fighting with Carly over that introduction, confronting and comforting Jason about michael, dealing with how Jason going to jail would change her life, Working with Spin, hanging with maxie, even talking to patrick about cheating spouses.

    On a side note, I also wonder how personalities and friendships play into this too. If you could arguably be supporting or lead, wouldnt how you react to the others in your cast shape your decision? Kim M and Kelly are good friends IRL – they hang out together off set. Kim and Jason are good friends. Jason couldnt submit in lead because of MB and Sbu and really in many ways he is in the gray area – yeah he had big story for a time, but his story was mostly about lisa wanting him and robin missing stone and being hurt by his betrayal as well as the conflict between them. So lets say given all those factors, he sees he is in the gray area and decides his chances are better in supporting. How does Kim then put herself in lead? WOuldnt that raise eyebrows? So know she is in supporting. NLG seems to have a great relationship with kelly and they work together on screen all the time. You have two slots for lead, only one nominee, you too are in the gray area – if you are Kelly would you go for the open slot OR compete with two of your close friends (I dont know what her relationship is with JMB) and maybe knock one out of contention. I just think there are a lot of factors and in a nutshell if the emmys cant make clearer definitions, I cant blame the actors for submitting.

  81. Profile photo of Spooks19

    [quote=RebeccaJ]They need to revamp the entire “younger actress and actor” category, though. You have actors/actresses in their 20’s in the same category as little kids. That makes no sense.[/quote]
    OMG, yes, so much! It’s crazy to see actors who are 23-24 competing against little kids and pre-teens. There’s a huge gap in maturity and airtime and material, and all the recent winners have been in their early 20s. I think they should either make the cut-off age younger (somewhere between 18-21), or make 2 categories, a best child actor/actress and a best younger actor/actress category.

  82. Profile photo of MichelleP

    I think Chad Duell from GH should win Hands Down. He has had me glued to every scene he has done since he killed off Claudia, and yes, I know, there was a different actor b/f him but Chad Duell is AWESOME and nice looking too. hahaha.

    Kristina on GH deserves that nom too, for sure. She is annoying at times but can do some really good scenes.

    Michelle Stanford, Christian LeBlanc and Peter Bergman always deserve an award. They are excellent.

    And now, the last. Sam Macall, or Kelly Manaco, is ONE OF MY ALLTIME FAVS, but I don’t see what she did this year to deserve the nom. Carly either for that matter.

  83. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    EET- Now I understand more clearly what you mean by tentacles and how you view lead vs. supporting. That is a good way to look at it. I on the other hand view it as who LED a story that year. I guess we don’t really know how the industry views it because IMO the nominations contradict themselves. Maybe it would be clearer if they do it like the Academy Awards. I was watching last night and noticed that they phrase it like “nominee for outstanding actor in a supporting role”. That to me says that the ROLE in that movie was supporting. So, say Al Pacino who surely would be considered a LEAD actor, could still be in supporting if he had a lesser/supporting role in a movie. To me, that clarifys that regardless of the status of the actor, it is the ROLE (story in soap world) that they held that year that determines their placement. In the Daytime Emmys it seems like actors/actresses that are considered “leads” on their shows end up in categories whether they had a good story that year or not. The way you describe it makes really good sense, but IMO I think it should be if they LED a story or not. Like your example of Kim Mc. on GH. She LED that Robin/Patrick story. We saw how the Lisa/Patrick affair impacted Robin the most at home, with Emma, in her marriage and at work. It was from Robin’s POV that we saw her dealing with her memories of Stone, her lack of support from her boss and husband. Yet, she is in supporting. UGH I give up!
    I’m sure backstage politics does have ALOT to do with it as well. I still think the industry needs to establish some clear cut guidelines for and definitions of “lead” vs. “supporting”.

  84. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote]Michelle Stanford, Christian LeBlanc and Peter Bergman always deserve an award. They are excellent.[/quote]

    LOL!!! Obviously they think so too that’s why they submit themselves almost every year. But what choice do they have the rest of the cast doesn’t have the superior acting talents they possess. LOL!!!

  85. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Js3557 -“I can understand NLG because of the Kristina abuse stuff….but Kelly Monaco? What? All she did all year was follow Jason around with coffee and beer.”

    I just carried coffee out to the garage for my husband. I may put myself in for a nomination next year. I was very subtle.

  86. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=GHvetfan]Js3557 -“I can understand NLG because of the Kristina abuse stuff….but Kelly Monaco? What? All she did all year was follow Jason around with coffee and beer.”

    I just carried coffee out to the garage for my husband. I may put myself in for a nomination next year. I was very subtle.[/quote]

    You will only make the pre-nom list if you did it in hooker boots while waving around your jazz hands and looking up at the ceiling for your lines. You might be ok if instead of looking at the ceiling you rubbed your hands over your face to hide your lack of emotion or interest. ;)

  87. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    What does it say when Kelly with what you claim are her “jazz hands” still produced better performances than gooey lipped Rebecca Herbst whos only claim to acting talent lies in her ability to arch an eyebrow at every prettier woman that crosses her path.

  88. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]What does it say when Kelly with what you claim are her “jazz hands” still produced better performances than gooey lipped Rebecca Herbst whos only claim to acting talent lies in her ability to arch an eyebrow at every prettier woman that crosses her path.[/quote]

    EET – Well said!!! :beer: :beer: :beer: :love: :love:

  89. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]LMAO at the petty jealousy. I guess I should just say nah nah nah Kelly got the nom and becky (well deservedly) got the back burner[/quote]

    What the heck does my comment have to do with Becky? To be clear, once again, I have never liked the character of Sam, and I have always thought that Kelly Monaco is a horrible actress (even from her PC days). She was not nominated for an emmy by an independent board of actors or entertainers. The only people submitted for a lead actress emmy by GH were Monaco and Wright. Monaco took her days as a centerfold and porn star and got a job in daytime. She is riding her looks and when they fade (as they already are) she will be gone. That is my opinion of her. I know that others feel differently and I respect that. I just don’t understand why Becky was brought into a conversation about Monaco’s acting ability. Especially when, in my opinion, Becky can act circles around Monaco.

    The studio did not put Becky on the nomination list and she did not submit herself. If there was a better system in place for nominations Monaco would never had made the list. Would Becky? Possibly. Her rooftop scenes and her scenes from Shadybrook were far better than a lot of other actresses performances this year in my opinion.

  90. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I have to make a comment, In my opinion Rebecca Herbst is not a great actress. During the confrontation scenes with Lucky (Jonathon Jackson), I noticed her limited acting ability as Jonathon was walking circles around Rebecca and Tyler both. I believe several other commentators on articles also noted this and suggested Rebecca needed to go back to acting classes. I have always thought Kelly was a great actress. Her scenes are always on point with the correct amount of emotion even with the little dialogue that she has at times. For GH, there are the great actors, and actresses and there are the limited or mediocre ones. Not saying they don’t have acting ability, just on a mediocre level.

  91. Profile photo of js3557

    FFIT – I know, and I was not referring to the Playboy pics. I was referring to a movie she did. I saw clips of it on another site. Unless it was doctored, she was in a porn flick.

    As for the confrontation scene, both RH and TC have stated that they were directed to act the way they did, and they couldn’t really do much else because the writer gave all of the lines to JJ. TC definitely phoned in the just standing there, but you could at least see the emotion on RH’s face. Had I written the scene, however, it would have gone differently. Lucky had a right to be angry, but Liz should have blown up and gone off on him with all her pent up anger and feelings of betrayal that she was never allowed to express when he cheated on her. It was a great opportunity to truly have the couple get everything out and completely emotionally blow up. It should have been heart wrenching from both sides, but the writers missed a great opportunity. JJ was great in those scenes, though.

  92. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    js – She didn’t submit herself? I really respect that. Why put yourself on a list if you yourself do not feel like you had the material to back it up? It makes me like her more.

  93. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Lucky had a right to be angry, but Liz should have blown up and gone off on him with all her pent up anger and feelings of betrayal that she was never allowed to express when he cheated on her. It was a great opportunity to truly have the couple get everything out and completely emotionally blow up. It should have been heart wrenching from both sides, but the writers missed a great opportunity. JJ was great in those scenes, though.


    OMG, so agree. That scene would have been a hell of a lot more powerful had they had a real, genuine blow up like a true to life couple. Him standing there and blaming her for what she did with Nik, while she stood there just crying and feeling horrible was TOTALLY unrealistic, especially after all he had done in the past, which I find odd was suddenly forgotten. Had it been real, she would have tossed all of his crap in his face too and it would have been a back and forth verbal knock down, drag out fight. Both parties would have been to blame for constant betrayal’s at one point or another. IMHO, that would have been two Emmy reels. JJ was beyond superb in those scenes and definitely deserves the Emmy, no doubt, but it should have been an all out confrontation on both ends, with both parties going in on each other and their mutual misdeeds, past and present. Nik was just better off as wallpaper.

  94. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=GHvetfan]js – She didn’t submit herself? I really respect that. Why put yourself on a list if you yourself do not feel like you had the material to back it up? It makes me like her more.[/quote]

    Do you mean Monaco or BH? I believe that Monaco did submit herself, and then the studio decided on who could be on their in-house ballot. I could be getting this completely wrong, though! My main point is that I don’t Monaco deserved a nomination based her storylines (or lack thereof) and her acting ability (IMHO). As for BH, since she was brought into the discussion by others, I think she as worthy of a nomination this year. I don’t think she had the material the previous award season, though.

  95. Profile photo of js3557

    [quote=FaisonFanInTexas]js~This is the 1st I’ve heard of this. Yikes. :O[/quote]

    Like I said, I saw a clip on another site. If it was a fake then I would retract my statement and apologize. But…it did not look like a fake to me.

    Either way, my point is that I think she got into soaps based on looks and sex appeal (which is fine and typical of many), and that her acting is lacking in my opinion.

  96. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    I for one will be one TICKED OFF SOAP FAN if Jonathon Jackson doesn’t win the Emmy. The confrontation scenes I have said before and will say again are some of the BEST acting I have seen PERIOD. And regarding the earlier discussion some of us were having in this thread about the difference between “lead” and “supporting” and who belongs in what category.. take a listen to the latest podcast. The DC gang seems to be viewing it the same as some of us regarding lead and supporting being who LED story that year. Their WTF moments are the same as mine regarding the noms.

  97. Profile photo of js3557

    FFIT – I didn’t think you were disputing me…and I didn’t mean to sound defensive. I just wanted to be clear that I am not trying to attack Kemo, or make up stuff about her. I actually don’t have a problem with a woman choosing to be in Playboy or porn. I do have a problem with those who try to make the move to mainstream acting when they don’t (again, IMHO) have the chops to do so.

    I said “wow!” the first time I found out too!

  98. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    js- I was referring to Becky. Becky hasn’t had much to do this past year. TPTB have shoved her to the background. I respect her so much for not putting herself in for a nomination when she didn’t feel she had the material to back it up.

    I cannot remember a single scene where Kelly Monaco did much of anything besides bring coffee and nod at whatever fabulous thing Jason had to say. How exactly does that make her a lead actress? Kimberly McCullough, on the other hand, is the lead actress in the only storyline on the show that does not involve the mob. Robin and Patrick are the saving grace for the show. Their story has been the only good part of the show for the longest time. I don’t know who makes the decisions ultimately about which category these actors are placed in. Is the actor or the show runners? Did Kelly place herself in lead because she didn’t think she stood a chance against the actresses in supporting? Did the show put her there to increase Laura’s chances of getting a nomination? Does she really see herself as deserving? Who knows? If she gets a nomination, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to watch the award show. They have been quite a joke for years but that would just be icing on that cake.

  99. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I just have to add that GH is beyond horrible when they have to struggle to find two actresses to place in the Lead acting category. This is daytime which is historically a woman’s medium? Women do not lead? The show really has lost it’s way.

  100. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I like what Robin Strasser said on her line about supporting which is if you’re on only 2 days a week then you’re supporting.
    More than that is lead.

  101. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I like Robin Strasser and all but GH could have Epiphany standing behind that hub 5 days a week and she still wouldn’t be a Lead Actress if she didn’t have story.

  102. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Please note the names in bold were VOTED on to the ballot and the ones not submitted themselves. Kelly was chosen by her peers. I had an entire post but the site got buggy and I lost it. Can I just say that I am beyond tired of the comments about Playboy, DWTS, Peepshow, being a pet and how kelly is either so pretty and ONLY gets airtime because she is more of a classic beauty or her looks are fading. Its like you all have a deck of cards but it only has five cards in it – whenever anything good happens for kelly or sam gets good story, out comes one of those cards. Its fine to say you think she cant act, because thats fair game, but the rest of it is just cattiness. As for the acting all I will say is I think she acts circles around rebecca and at least nelson never wrote kelly had to go back to acting school! The bottom line here is even without a ton of material, kelly was selected because she delivered with what she had. Conversely Becky had the material and didnt bring it.

  103. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Thanks for the link EET. I think that clears up alot of questions some posters had. So, all the names listed are people who submitted THEMSELVES but the bold names are those that after all the submitting of selves were voted on to move into the pre-noms? So that means that Becky didn’t even submit herself and that only 2 actresses on GH (KM and LW) submitted themselves in lead? That answers everyone’s questions about who did or did not submit themselves. However, IMO it also shows that favoritism does exist in the voting process b/c there were clearly some oversights in the nominations such as Kim McCullough, Michael Muhney, Stacy Haiduk, Florencia, that should have won the nom in their categories.

  104. Profile photo of beans4metoo

    Oh and who does the voting as to who gets the pre-nom? Is it cast voting for cast or industry voting? Is it just by name or do they see clips of the year’s material before voting for pre-noms? Then, if I’m thinking correctly, all the bold pre-nom names are then voted on to choose who gets the actual nomination? So, not all the bold names will get a nom? Is it one actor/actress per show per category? How is that voting done? Based on name only or clips of work? Who votes?

  105. Profile photo of js3557

    From what I heard, on GH the studio controlled who was put on the list and actors were not allowed to submit their names. The studio picked Wright and Monaco. What’s described in the article is what was supposed to happen at each studio in the pre-nom process….not what actually happened on the GH set according to insiders I have read. The info could be false, but given the notable absences (KMc for example), I believe the insiders.

  106. Profile photo of js3557

    EET – I had a lengthy post that gave quotes and links to where nelson was catty and rude about Monaco being Frons’ pet and doing naughty things with him, but it disappeared. I won’t re-type it, but if you check out nelson’s old columns, he is not kind consistently to anyone but JJ and repeatedly says catty things about Monaco.

  107. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I am not sure what that link is supposed to prove. Kelly and Laura were the only ones who submitted themselves to Lead? We knew that, didn’t we? That doesn’t change my opinion that Kimberly is more of a lead than Kelly. The link really doesn’t answer whether the show pushes the actor into a category or if the actor decides. I believe Kimberly and Kelly should have switched categories simply because Kimberly as Robin drives story. Sam doesn’t.

    Also, how could Kelly have been chosen by her peers? The cast chooses from the individuals who submit themselves in a category. Each show is allowed two nominees in each category. The GH cast had two to choose from for the two spots. Kelly could have voted for herself and not gotten a single other vote and she would still be nominated. I am not saying that is what happened but it is possible.

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