Tina Sloan Channels Real Life in Happy New Year Role

When Tina Sloan hasn’t been busy starring in the web soap Empire or performing in her one-woman show Changing Shoes, she’s been acting in the Indie movie Happy New Year. In the film, she portrays the mother of injured Marine, Sgt. Cole Lewis (Michael Cuomo), Grace. According to CBS Soaps in Depth, the role has a personal connection.

"My own son had been in Iraq, so all the fears I'd had for [him] I was able to use in this," Sloan confides. "I'd never done work like this in my life because Cole loses his leg, and he's probably going to lose the other leg..."

Watch a trailer for Happy New Year after the jump!


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Looks like she's doing work that mean something to her. Good for her! I hope to see this movie.

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Love Tina! Thank you for reporting on what she is up to post GL. This movie looks very interesting.