Ashley Jones and Vail Bloom Attend QVC Red Carpet Style Party

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones and former The Young and the Restless star Vail Bloom popped up at the QVC Red Carpet Style Party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles on February 25. One Life to Live guest star Kourtney Kardashian and Glee’s Jessalyn Gilsig were also among the stars that turned out for the bash. Check out photos after the jump.

Kourtney Kardashian 


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3 July 2008
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Both such beautiful women. Still miss Vail Bloom as Heather on Y&R. Sad This character is just a big waste now...!

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21 December 2009
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Sigh. I miss Vail. COME BACK PLEASE!

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4 May 2008
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The role of Heather has SUCKED since Vail left!! She and Chris Engen had awesome chemistry....*sigh*

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27 December 2009
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Wow, I really miss Vail Bloom. Heather is now useless as breasts on a turtle (and not to mention annoying).

Don't really miss Ashley Jones, lol

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5 February 2009
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Vail Bloom could've ROCKED with the whole drug ring storyline or if LML had taken the time to tell the Macy/Adrian Korbel story, giving Heather an actual present instead of being a waste of space. The Williams were prominent crimefighters in the 80's, so making Paul's daughter a prosecutor was a good call, but they never fully delivered the goods. And I agree, Vail and Chris were smokin. ER and MM don't even share many scenes because they lack chemistry. Shame the devil, I loved me some Bianca Montgomery on AMC, but this child is not the slutty, uppity lawyer of Genoa City. That title belongs to Vail Bloom I'm afraid.

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Heather is now useless as breasts on a turtle


Oh my effing word!!!! Done. I'm dead!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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Ashley Jones looks awesome. Good for her. I TOTALLY miss her on B&B. Vail looks great, too.
I know AJ should be back on B&B, but I bet she gets a primetime show first. She's already done two pilots last year.