Joan Collins Rushed to Hospital Because Oscar Party Dress Was TOO TIGHT!

Talk about suffering for fashion. According to The New York Post, Joan Collins was rushed to the hospital from the Vanity Fair Oscar party because her gown was too tight! 

The legendary actress was watching the telecast at the party when she started to feel light-headed. Husband Percy Gibson then called an ambulance. Collins was then taken quietly to the hospital where doctors told the actress she was fine after running some tests. Collins stated:

We had been there for seven hours, and I started feeling dizzy. I tried to get some air, but I felt really faint. I wanted to leave in our limo, but Percy decided to call an ambulance. We went to the hospital, and they did all the tests before the doctors told me I was absolutely fine and released me.

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    I’m thinking it may not have been the dress, but the Spanx or whatever she has on underneath it to keep “The Girls” up high. Some of those undergarments are really constricting.

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    Sounds like Joan was dehydrated. You know it has been happening to me, and it almost feels like death is evident. Its amazing what a few glasses of water can do in a short time. Poor Joan – Kisses out to you.

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    I can’t help but notice her legs and arms seem to be getting spindley in this photo. She has managed somehow to keep her face and boobs but maybe the camera needs to aim at those instead of a total body shot. Maybe go in something a little less form fitting Joan. Plus one needs to be able to breath. It ain’t 1849 . We don’t provide fainting couches and sulfer to revive the fainting women folk anymore. Corsettes off moomoos on!

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