Sonya Eddy Taken Off Contract at General Hospital

We’ll be seeing less of Sonya Eddy’s Epiphany Johnson. The General Hospital actress addressed contract rumors via Twitter.

This is for my Twitter folks… there's a rumor out there that I'm off GH. It's true to a pt. I'm recurring now, so we shall see.

She commented further on Facebook.

So, the question has been asked. Here's the answer…. It is true, I have been taken off contract at GH. And so it goes….  

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    She was great at the nurses ball…Love her wit and how she puts people in their place that really need it. I was not watching during the period ablut her son..What happened?

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Dang!! I love me some Epiphany. I do wish the writers would make her more human and relatable, as opposed to making her a pitbull with lipstick on!!!

    But with that being said, I always assumed that she WAS on recurring, you know since the writers REFUSE to give her a storyline of her own and only trot her out to gnaw at people’s genitals??!!!

    Either way, this is not good news. Great actresses like Sonya need to be front and center, not in the nosebleed section!!!

    :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp

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    Delia Diva

    If anything she needs to be on MORE!! She’s great!! TPTB failed in so many ways in developing her character and giving her a storyline. Hope they wake up soon….

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    What the hell ever happened to finding out who killed her son??? Oh that’s right, they don’t know how to finish storylines for anyone NOT involved in the mob. Luckily, she gets primetime gigs as well, so there is a chance somethng can from that, since GH is too stupid to know what to do with her.

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    exactly, keanna, and it’s a shame. OLTL may be hard to swallow at times, but it’s the one ABC soap that incorporates their ENTIRE cast into various storylines, even side characters. GH could learn a few things.

  6. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    They wouldn’t write for her and she went the way of all African American females on this show that came on with the hope of diversity with much fan fare then they slowly become invisible then disappear. I’m not surprised when you got the airhogs it leaves little room for anything else.

    She could have been more involved in the Lisa storyline hell she could have solved it but the only scenes she had of late is behind the nursing station in a very sterotypical role…I wish Sonya all the best but it ain’t happening on GH

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    So now Epiphany is off contract, they want all the actress/actor that can really act off the show. They only write for the mob, Sonny/Jason and the whores Sam,Carly and now Brenda. I’m sorry to said Carly/Brenda can act but Sam is no leading lady but TPTB think she. When the writer could write better stories, they write for the same character over and over.
    TPTB need to change from GH to the Mob and whores show.

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    Now GH has no African American actors on contract anymore. The ones who play Maya, Terrell and Shawn are all recurring. And the news comes out just as we finish up Black History month.

    Ten years to fifteen years ago on GH we had Mary Mae, Justus, and Gia. We also had Miguel, Lily and Juan. It’s sad that GH has actually regressed in terms of diversity. Aren’t we supposed to be making progress instead of going backwards? Apparently GH hasn’t gotten that message.

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    The only way to see less of her is if she is not on at all. How sad for all the above stated reasons. BTW, that color on Sonya is gorgeous, isn’t it? Great picture.

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