Judith Chapman Dropped to Recurring at Young and Restless

Well this is a bummer for fans of The Young and the Restless’ Gloria, such as myself. CBS Soaps in Depth is reporting that Judith Chapman is no longer on contract, but will continue to pop up around Genoa City as story dictates. 

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    Luke, I think you meant to type “fan” of Gloria. You are on that island alone. LOL! Seriously though it is about time someone who needs to be on recurring is placed on recurring. They got it right for once.

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    She should have been on recurring a long time ago. They need to drop Kate Linder (Esther) to recurring as well.

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    Since Gloria will remain on the canvas, I want her to find out that Ashley isn’t John’s bio daughter and blackmail/torment her for a while. Love their rivalry!

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    Thank God. I remember when Y&R was all Gloria, all the time. I would agree taht she is comic relief, but those payroll dollars would be best spent on someone else. Is Trisha Cast on contract?

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    Gloria’s fine once in awhile. I like her, but Y&R needs to reduce the cast, and I would much rather see more Katherine, Jill, and Lauren. Especially since Colin :love: :love: :love: has come to town. LOL

    Jeffery can go, I never cared for that character, what a waste of time.

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    Ghost Of John Abbott

    Gloria is a great character if they would only write for her. She has great interaction and chemistry with Adam. By the way how great was it to see John Abbott on todays episode.The dumbest move ever in Y and R history was to kill John Abbott. Maybe Judith Chapman should go to All My Children as Greenlee’s mother then Luke could have Greenlee and Judith Chapman on screen at the same time.

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    Melody is on contract. She was never dropped to recurring. Was just a speculation/rumor for a while. And Melody currently even has a front burner storyline. ;) So clam down.

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    They actually did something right for once. Now if only they would put some other characters on recurring. It wouldn’t hurt to do this at all the other soaps too.

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