DC EXCLUSIVE: Santa Barbara’s Jed Allan to Play Lane Davies’ Dad Again on The Bay!

The Bay's Gregori J. Martin has done it again. The indie showrunner just cast C.C. Capwell himself, Jed Allan as Harold Johnson, patriarch of the Johnson clan on his smash hit web series The Bay! Harold is the father of Mackenzie Johnson, played by Lane Davies, who portrayed incorrigible, drunken, Shakespeare-quoting, barrister Mason Capwell—son of Allan's C.C.—on my beloved Santa Barbara.  Allan will begin airing in Season 2 this September.

Old school Days of Our Lives fans will also remember Allan's decade and a half run (1971-85) as Dr. Marlena Evans' (Deidre Hall) first hubby and original baby daddy Don Craig (Their boy DJ died from crib death). After SB, Allan recurred on the original Beverly Hills, 90210 as the father of spoiled, rich kid Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering). He also appeared from 2004-06 as Edward Quartermaine on General Hospital

Wishful Casting: DAYS' Suzanne Rogers as the Johnson family matriarch. I think there's still a lot of unfinished business between Don Craig and Maggie Horton, er Mr. and Mrs. Johnson!

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    Daniel St. John

    I would probably be the worst producer for one of these web series because I would just cast people I liked as characters exactly like the ones they played on shows I loved.
    With Jed as Lane’s character’s father I would then hire Marj Dusay as his slightly insane mother.

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    I would like to see Jed Allan back on Days as Don Craig, with Don as a love interest for Maggie. They had a relationship when Mickey was presumed dead in the 80s.

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    For me the day that Jed Allen took over the role of CC was the day that Santa Barbara was exactly right. The tone of the show suffered because noone had set the right balance in the role. CC was both a dictator and leading man. Jed struck that balance and quickly erased the memory of the other actors that played the role. I almost wish they could have started the show over again with him in it. Lane was the quentessential Mason. He created and gave life to this complex individual and his relationship with his father was best shown with Jed Allen. It will be great to see them reunited.

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    Kudos to “The Bay”! This soap deserves to be on television. I agree with marknsprmo that as soon as Jed took over the role on SB, everything seemed right. Jed was superb in the role and the Capwells remain one of my favorite soap families ever on television.

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    OK, I’ve donned my body armor, fans of THE BAY, so here goes. I wish I liked THE BAY half as much as I like the cast. I’m so happy about Jed and the continuing awesome casting. But the show itself has yet to catch on for me. But I’ll keep watching to support the genre and the initiative. There are at least 3 web soaps I like a LOT better.

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    Off topic, but as a guy who’s always found Jed Allan super hot, I would love to see the pictures he posed for back in the day which Playgirl changed its mind about publishing….or at least that’s the story as I’ve always heard it…

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    Jon, I’m going to pretend I didn’t read what you just wrote. :)

    I always thought of C.C. as kind of like the father I never got along with.

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    [quote=capwell]What about Judith McConnell as Mckenzie’s bedhopping stepmother?[/quote]

    Yes please, Judith McConnell (Sophia SB) as Lane Davies mother will be great. We want te reunion of Jed Allan and Judith McConnell after near 20 years since SB’s series finale!

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    Wonderful News!!! :) :) Loved Jed as CC Capwell on Santa Barbara. Now the next best news would be that they have hired Judith McConnel as Mrs. Johnson. Would love to see Jed And Judith reunited. They were and are my favorite soap couple:Sophia and CC Capwell. :)

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