Say What, Say Huh? Tatyana Ali BEAT OUT Debbi Morgan For Outstanding Daytime Actress at NAACP Image Awards!

It looks like the Daytime Emmy selection process isn't the only awards show system in major need of an overhaul. In a move that has me wondering if Mr. Mixelplix has somehow transported us into Bizarro World, Tatyana Ali recently took home the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series, beating out fellow The Young and the Restless 1st and 15th stars in '10, Julia Pace Mitchell and Tonya Lee Williams, The Bold and the Beautiful's Yvette Freeman and shocker of all shockers, All My Children's Debbi-to-the-Morgan!

Uh uh, oh hell no. I need for somebody to show me the reel that Ali submitted as Rhonda, Roxette, Rocky and Bullwinkle or whatever her character's name was, that beat out anything Dr. Angela Hubbard did in Pine Valley in 2010! Now y'all  know I loved Ali's turn in BET's smash web soap Buppies, but I thought she was just so-so on Y&R at best, whereas Morgan KILLED it—per usual—as Angie battled blindness. At least the NAACP had the good sense to give Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama to Morgan's leading man Darnell Williams, but I'm sorry, this is some bull ish regarding the outstanding actress category!

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    I have already voiced my response to this foolishness in the “Daytime Forum” section. I agree, there had to be some sort of an egregious accounting error, or maybe all the voters were just HEAD OVER HEELS for Tatyana’s new BET/TV One show??? (Even though I have heard from many people that the show is not even all that funny, I can’t judge since I have never seen it!)

    As a black man, it irks and disappoints me to see the NAACP make such foolish errors in judgment. It makes it seem as if they aren’t paying attention and it takes away from the merit of the award, as well as the OVERALL credibility of the NAACP!! I know this is not the first WTF decision that they have made in regards to these awards, nor will it be the last, but come on now!!!!! Back in the 90s, people argued that the only reason why Y&R won for Best Show every year was because it was the #1 rated show, and I always argued that assertion because Y&R had the most complexly written black storylines and best black character in all of daytime history—DRUCILLA BARBER WINTERS!! BTW: Victoria Rowell has 12 NAACP IMAGE AWARDS, and deserved every last one of them!!!!!! But now I don’t know what to think.

    Tatyana is clearly NO match in the acting department for Debbi Morgan, which makes me wonder if it was little more than merely a popularity contest.

    We need to get it TOGETHER and KEEP it together!! That’s really all I can say!!

    Recount! Can we get a RECOUNT???!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This just makes me laugh, and proves that the NAACP voters didn’t even bother watching the reels. Aside from showing up to a few family gatherings, Tatyana Ali did absolutely NOTHING on Y&R last year. She was not “just so-so” as Jamey said because that implies she actually made some sort of contribution to the show. No hate to Tatyana, but even she must find the win a bit puzzling!

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    I agree. Debbi Morgan was robbed. This was shockingly absurd! No one must have actually watched the reels, or Morgan picked a terrible reel. Either that or someone really just gave Ali a huge sympathy/nostalgia vote. This makes no conceivable sense. Debbi Morgan is a lead actress on All My Children. Tatyana Ali, although a fine actress, is little more than an occasional day player. I can’t recall any of her scenes from last year. That’s how little impact she has had.

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    Well, if I’m not mistaken, she did have the scenes where she confronted Devon about sleeping with Tyra, didn’t she?? Or did that happen in 2009?? The whole story was so forgettable and ridiculous that I have simply blocked it out of my memory. But that’s the only thing that I can recall that would have given her an ACCEPTABLE voting reel.

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    This points back to the daytime emmy awards as well as any awards program out there. It is totally and completely political. Tatyanna is more well known and has had fingers in many pots. Therefore she is the winner. Debbie Morgan is mostly known on daytime. Awards are not handed out to people who do the best unless the best is quantified. One can recieve a gold metal for running a 500 m race the fastest. Noone has ever quantified what makes a great actor. It is subjective. And being subjective it is then political.
    It does no good to get upset because Tatyanna Ali has more clout than Tonya Lee Williams.
    Again if you want to have a critical award that people are judged based on talent and merrit, create it. That is the only way there will be one.
    Really the Daytime Confidential Awards!

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    I agree, there should be a DCA ~ Daytime Confidential Awards, lol. But I must cosign the previous comments as well. Love Tatyana, but in the end, the win was completely and utterly absurd. If one can scoop an award for getting two scenes a month, hell, I should get an award just for watching, because heaven knows, it DOES take effort sometimes to watch these shows when all you want to do is chuck a remote at the screen. I know she’s more well known in the industry as a whole, but the politics really shone through that night. SMDH. It’s the reason I stopped watching the entire ceremony years back. That, and for some reason, Justin Timberlake keeps getting nominated. I already scrunch my brows at the BET awards… :puzzled:

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    Hey you guys saw my comments on that Daytime Forum Comments yesterday, the NAACP awards are no different than the other award shows, it’s all about politics, and they shouldn’t be.

    Plus, sign me up for a DCA= Daytime Confidential Awards, as well. I see it now, Jamey, Luke, Regan, Melodie, and rest of the gang all dressed up, or we can keep it casual. They get a vote, but so do we. It can be a webcast or a podcast, whatever floats you guys boat.I say we make this happen.

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    Agree, debbie was robbed. She was the best actress in the category and should of won the award. smdh. Taytana is well known in the industry and maybe the NAACP just don’t care for soaps that much, lets be real here. No wonder we won’t be getting leading black actors and actresses on soaps with this foolish decisions by the NAACP.

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    I think it had a lot to do with her web series “buppies”, and the buzz it generated from BET and such. I don’t think the Y&R stuff factored much into it cause Tatyana Ali was kind of “blink and you miss it” on that show.

    Also Tatyana Ali has more name recognition in the media than Debbie Morgan. But I do think that these awards need an overhaul as well if a top soap actress gets beat by a largely non-soap actress.

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    I’m a fan of both actresses but I didn’t even know Tatiyana was still in daytime. I guess its for 2010 but I only remember she showed up for something I don’t even think she had lines or I can’t recall the dialog and Devon mentioned her name a couple of times. This doesn’t even make sense in this category “what-so-ever.”

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    D Morgan is a fine actress but there are a lot of fine actresses that don’t win all the awards. I just don’t get the thinking that certain actresses are to win all the time and when they don’t, it is a conspiracy or something.

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    Tatyana’s a fine actress as well, but she was barely onscreen as the 1st and 15th DEFINITELY applies to her on Y&R, and I’ll say, she’s lucky if she gets that, since I don’t even remember the last time she was seen onscreen. She had no storyline on her own and does she even have a last name on the show to truly establish her character??? Whereas Debbi Morgan carried storyline on AMC. She had true material that should have won her that award, so IMHO it was total politics. That win on Tatyana’s part was redonk if there ever was one. I like and admire the woman, but, please.

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    Let’s keep it real, the NAACP Image Awards, at some point, stopped being about recognizing black talent typically ignored by the mainstream. The one thing it got solidly right was giving kudos to the movie “For Colored Girls” which had GREAT acting by most of the women and several of the men in that movie.

    NAACP is now recognizing “of color” rather than African-American (which still don’t explain Justin Timberlake being nominated for an acting award but I digress) which means that many deserving black actors will continue to be ignored or fall through the cracks.

    But Tatyana getting an acting award over anyone is just PLUMB IGNIT. No disrespect, but even if her going off on Devon was on her submission reel, so what? Debi Morgan, even with dull azz, dumb azz plots brought the heat to even unimportant scenes.

    Again, if the point is IMAGE, race aside, Ali wasn’t on the screen often enough to portray any image. Hell, Devon, the character she is anchored to on the show, barely had screen time.

    One of my all time favorite TV shows is Dallas. Dora Mae, the sistah girl who seated JR at his favorite restaurant every few episodes had more airtime that Tatyana Ali did this past year.

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    I happened to turn on the Awards for a few minutes and saw the Lead Actress in a Soap announced and believe me there was no one more shocked than Tatyana.

    Soaps are on for 27.5 hours a week, the NAACP could afford to hire someone(Jamey, I am nominating you) whose sole job is watching and writing a blog about the soaps which could be posted on their website. This person would be responsible for creating an honest ballot with lead and supporting actors specified and if there weren’t enough qualified candidates a choice could be made to scrap the category that year or to honor the worthy candidate(s)with the equivalent of a president’s or chairmen’s award for the year.

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    I really like Tatayana Ali from Buppies but there is *no way* she should’ve one over Debie Morgan.* Di the judges just not watch soap oreas at all? Or maybe they think that because Debbie is “only” a soap actress she can’t be very talented?

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    If you go back and look at the shock on Tatyiana Ali face even she was not expecting to win that award. She was speechless so lets do not start throw
    ing stones at her she did not count the ballots. I like her on her new show and I like the show. Whoever said it is not funny is perhaps looking for a reason not to like it. The show is as good as many that are on network tv. We always want to crush the young instead of trying to support.
    Anyways, I think the award programs will someday lose its revelancy because of gross misjudgements like this. . Clearly, I feel she should not have won but she did and that is that. Politics is a terrible thing when you are on the losing end.

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    Whoever said it is not funny is perhaps looking for a reason not to like it.


    No, respectfully disagree. I support any and all shows starring people of color, speaking as a person of color myself. But in any case, it all boils down to personal taste, no matter who’s on my screen. I like Tatyana, but do not find the show funny. It’s one of many that I have tried, but I am not fond of the flavor. That’s JMHO. I appreciate others who do like the show and any other that I may not be fond of personally, but it is what it is. She’s still successful and my opinion one way or another isn’t breaking her bank or award wins.

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    I don’t blame Tatayna for winning the award at all, I’ll bet she was speechless. I definitly think she deserves an award, just not in a category oppisite Debbie Morgan.

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    Whether or not Tatyana’s new show is funny or not is SUBJECTIVE, and is better off left to each individual viewer. What’s funny to one person is not always funny to another. I know PLENTY of people who HATED shows like “Friends,” “Frasier” and “Seinfeld” back in the 90s, despite those shows’ reputation as being among the funniest sitcoms of all time, not to mention their numerous Emmy wins.

    I have not seen the show, but all of the press that I have heard from friends has been negative. Still, I refuse to judge it until I have seen it myself.

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