Sean Young Enters Celebrity Rehab

The Young and the Restless guest star Sean Young has signed on to appear in the fifth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, according to Entertainment Weekly. Reportedly, "Vh1 is not commenting on the nature of Young’s addiction."

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    The nature of her addiction?

    Narcissism, foolishness………and did I mention being crazier than a soup sandwich???

    On a serious note, I do hope that she gets the help that she clearly needs. We all know she ain’t been right since she confronted that director in the parking lot while wearing that Catwoman costume way back in the day!!! :tired: :tired: :tired: :tired:

    Please get help, honey!!!

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    Dr Drew must be a Y&R fan! Hope he has good luck with Sean. I am feeling somewhat insulted though. Does this mean when a “celebrity” does a soap, they have hit bottom? Next step rehab? If so is Charlie Sheen the next Adam Newman?

  3. Profile photo of met

    Yikes everyone is going into rehab these days.
    Rehab is starting to sound hip.
    too many out of work actors/actresses in LaLa Land so everyone needs to do something to garner attention and if rehab works then I suppose jump to it.
    Then if that dont work, then they can go on a whole lot of rubbish reality shows

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    I still blame Bobby Brown for ruining Whitney’s voice so I would just as soon not have to see him in a good guy role. Would prefer him to be the token black guy on a horror movie. In other words, the first one to die!

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