Hope Royaltey Launches Twitter Soap

Creator Hope Royaltey will launch the first ever soap to play out via Twitter.  Beginning Mar. 8, a new hour-long episode will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 p.m. EST.  The story of The Passionate and the Privileged follows the lives of the wealthy and powerful Randolph and Logan families.  For soap fans without a Twitter account, they can also get their fix from the official http://www.pandptheshow.com website.  

Photo Credit: Flagship TV


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Very entertaining so far. I wasn't home when the twitter soap began, but the full episode is cataloged on the website, so I was able to read it later. Also, I like that the characters periodically go off script, i.e. tweet at times other than the show, so it's like really following their lives. Really cool stuff.

Go Hope. Smile

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I do like the interactive element, so far the characters are a lot of fun to chat with! And the story is looking intriguing - a lot going on. Grade