Sean Patrick Flanery Heads to The Young and the Restless!

TV Guide's Michael Logan is reporting movie star Sean Patrick Flanery has snagged a role on The Young and the Restless. The Boondock Saints star will play Sam, a small town veterinarian who will enter Sharon's (Sharon Case) orbit. Flanery will make his debut in April.

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    I think that MAb should just go head and make Sharon a lesbian and fall in love with Ashley and they can raise Faith together. What a beautiful love story that would be, but good luck to Sean. Because MAB uses and throws away characters in an instance, LOL.

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    Lame! Another one of these “big names”!?!?!? And why would Sharon need another love interest? Even if she doesn’t get back with Adam right away … can’t MAB let her be without a man for at least little time!? Another man is the last thing Sharon needs … as another one of these “stars” is the last thing Y&R needs.

    Thanks MAB … but no thanks! Try to write for all the main characters you have instead of keep up these awful castings. That should be challenge enough. -.-

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    I really like Sean, Boondock Saints is a personal favorite, but WTF does this mean for Shadam? And if there was a salt of the earth guy that has to come between Shadam, why not Diego Guttierez as played by Greg Vaughan?

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    Oh crap, I am sick of Sharon getting all the love interests. Phyllis is in desperate need of a new man because she sucks with Jack. The writers have turned Sharon into nothing, but a human mattress.

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    I’m very glad, I loved that guy as an actor, and Sharon needs a new love interest, NOT a Newman/Abbot!

    This site is read by actors and when I see people judging and saying “wash up actor”, you’re talking about a person you know. Just saying!

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    This cast is bloated, but I welcome the fresh blood. Anything that will (HOPEFULLY!) keep Sharon from RUNNING back to Nick for the UMPTEENTH time is fine with me I’ll give it a chance.

    I still remember him from “Powder” back in the mid 90s.

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]Y&R casts another washed up “movie star”. Quelle surprise.[/quote]
    One thing for sure, you can’t say the people over at Y&R isn’t predictable.
    They have lived up to their predictable reputation.
    At least they are keeping the “washed-up’ employed during these tough economic times.
    Next stop for him after this Y&R gig, some reality show crap!

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    LOL alstonboy are you kidding? DO you know how much attention that would bring to soaps? hahaha

    Charlie Sheen could probably bring in MILLIONS of viewers. I say he guest stars on every single soap. Make it happen TBTB!

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    Yes, I am aware of the publicity, but Charlie Sheen is an irresponsible douchebag, drug addict (who is not SEEKING help!), liar, cheater, whore (pass the antibiotics!) and overall waste of a human being. I know he’s bound to make MILLIONS of dollars off of his current shenanigans, despite being now unemployed, but I can’t in good conscience recommend that he get hired. I find him to be disgusting and loathsome!! Hell, I’d rather see them bring on Snookie or one of the Real Housesluts of (fill in the blank!) than Sheen!! The sight of him makes me gag!!

    Just my humble opinion!!! :) :) :) :)

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    I’m actually on Team Charlie. Something about Chuck Lorre just rubs me the wrong way. Even Roseanne is on my side!

    As for Y&R, hopefully they gut the cast to make room for this guy. Please start by firing Tucker—he’s just awful and serves no purpose. I’d like to see him killed off because his death could send Kay on a bender, and THAT would be priceless. Plus, Stephen Nichols belongs on Days, and that’s a fact.

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    I fancy myself a pretty compassionate guy, for the most part, when someone is TRYING to help him or herself. But when they are simply hurting others, neglecting their parental duties, breaking the law and trying to think of ways to profit from their hurtfulness, that’s when my empathy stops.

    I know he needs help, but I just feel that he’s taking unfair advantage of the situation and that he’s not serious about getting back to his old self.

    I hope he learns his lesson before he ends up in coffin, six feet deep!!

    Sorry to get off topic. Of course, I respect your opinion, but I just ain’t feeling Mr. Sheen at this point of time….

    And I don’t care if he’s “WINNING” or not…………
    :D :D :D :D

    In my eyes, he’s a loser and a coward!!!

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    From your lips to the soap gods’ ears!! IMAGINE Roseanne in scenes with Judith Chapman??!!!


    That would be toooooo fabulous!!!!

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    For me, Stephen Nichols belongs on “GH”. I loved and adored him as Stefan Cassadine. And I was absolutely amazed by any scene he shared with Nancy Lee Grahn. As for Y&R, he really serves no purpose.

    The writers never actually told the big Katherine/Tucker storyline. All emotions and talks between them were on the side. I still don’t know how they really stand to each other. A real shame!

    And that’s why I think Y&R does not need any new characters right now. They should deal with what they have. So much seems unresolved because you see the same five peoples five days a week. Yeah, I might even be a fan of these people that are on … but I still think that soaps are ensemble shows and everyone deserves a real story once in a while.

    Might not be the biggest Devon fan, but why does this kid have a contract if he’s barely on-screen? Why recast Noah and start some kind of a music storyline with him, when he isn’t even near the front burner?
    What about the use of Paul? Does the former leading man always have to be a secondary character? Paul’s still pretty popular out there – specially to longtime Y&R fans from the 80s.
    What was the point in recasting and SORASing Nate Hastings if he’s only seen in four episodes?
    Y&R should do something about that, before they overuse Sharon for another year. She has two leading man on her side! That’s enough … and I say that as a big fan of Sharon.

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    soapjunkie, Stephen Nichols will always be “Patch” to me! To this day I am not comfortable seeing both of his eyes.

  15. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    If this means Adam is no where near my screen then I am all for it! His character had so much potential, he could have had his own cosmetic business by now stealing his daddy’s shine and BON.

    Anywho, I hope this guy is worth the time. But why is he a veterinarian? Why couldn’t he just be a suit? Does this mean Noah’s dog is going to die b/c we don’t see the animal anyway along with Victor’s pup Nikki gave him.

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    Could you imagine Charlie Sheen and crazy azz Sean Young lighting up our screens! Oh baby, hold be back. So, does Charlie Sheen have a mental disorder or is it the crack that is making him wack?

    Roseanne was on GH? Roseanne as in Roseanne Barr? When was this?

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    The new way to revive a dead career….. Get on Y&R and then off to celebrity rehab! Good luck to Mr Flanery in his sobriety! Does MAB go to alot of parties?

  18. Profile photo of goyankees

    What in the hell??

    First of all, Does Noah (I know, who’s that, right?) Still have Fisher the dog? How does that work when the dog should only be about 5, but the boy is aged to 28?? hmmm. And where does a Vet come into play (Maybe Nikki’s horse in the stable? After seeing Nikki and Victor the other day….god, I can’t even go on. I bet her pony’s retinas are burned and THAT is where the vet is needed)

    They could have at LEAST covered up their little piggies under that blanket you know. I found so many things horrid about that scene. Anyway….

    Here’s a storyline. Sharon needs an STD. In the real world, this girl would at LEAST have a minor one. She really is the HO of Genoa City. **I’m assuming she’ll have at least a rebound fling with Doctor Rabies Shot.

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    Sharon doesn’t need a new man, she needs a storyline where she realizes she can be an independent person and doesn’t need to base her entire existence around a man. I was talking about this with some friends, and we came up with an idea: Sharon Case has a jewelry line, and why not incorporate that into the show? Have Sharon run into Lauren at Crimson Lights, and Lauren compliments a bracelet Sharon is wearing. Sharon tells Lauren she made the bracelet herself. Intrigued, Lauren suggests Sharon create more pieces and perhaps the Fenmore’s boutique will carry them.

    This would create character-driven stories. Phyllis, as Michael and Lauren’s friend, is annoyed with Lauren for giving Sharon a business opportunity like that. Perhaps Jill gets annoyed that she didn’t have any input in this idea and horns in. Maybe Nick dismisses Sharon’s venture as a cute hobby, which makes Sharon annoyed with her ex. When Adam returns, would he be supportive, or would he be threatened by her independence?

    See, Show? When the fans can create more interesting stories than you, there’s a problem no amount of meandering murder mysteries and dumpster sex can solve.

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    Roesanne as baby Kay? That would be a lark but Ms. Barr is probably too busy defending her Hawaiian ranch from her neighbours these days.

    Not sure why Sharon needs yet another man falling for her dubious charms. Three men fighting for her just might be too much for us to take. However, Sean Patrick Flanery was rather creepy in Dead Zone, so he might be interesting here except that I guess he will just be a pious vet.

    Jetty … I hope that for Sharon as well (post #35).

    Speaking of Lauren … where is she hiding these days?

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